The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured (Official Video)



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    Director/Animator - Christopher Wilson
    sweet & sour motivation
    wish i could keep concentration
    ive been gettin high
    keeping me low now
    doin it alone now
    think i gotta slow down
    & i know i
    gotta take control now
    but i sold my soul
    a long time ago
    feel like a ghost now
    cherry flavoured conversations
    got me hanging on
    down to earth from all the waiting
    take me somewhere beyond
    i’ve been gettin high
    but i don’t ever stay up
    feel like i’m fading
    gimme stimulation
    gimme to the next level
    gimme levitation, god
    slow dancin with the devil
    sent my soul on a vacation
    ive been gettin high
    keeping me low now
    doin it alone now
    think i gotta slow down
    & i know i
    gotta take control now
    but i sold my soul
    a long time ago
    feel like a ghost now
    #TheNeighbourhood #ChipChrome #CherryFlavoured

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    1. kim d

      Brand new?????? Nobody told me this

    2. Ever Werther

      I think, he changed his mind in other dimensions, ok that's so good man, fliying inside

    3. sel W

      You guys make me so happy

    4. ᴅ ᴀ ɴ ɪ


    5. Emma Peers

      If you don’t get the reference from this video don’t talk to me

    6. Chunks :0

      i’ve found two new songs out of the eleven going in the álbum if your interested in listening to the new songs check my youtube page

    7. angeliqdray on yt :00

      am i the only one which saw the BLM stickers at one moment??

    8. Davin Carboni

      Best shit they've put out in awhile

    9. Jormes

      Used to listen to sweater weather with my family in the car. I thought it sucked. I came back to the song now that I am a teenager. It is a really good song! I checked out their other music, and I found this gem. The neighborhood is really good apparently lmao

    10. Icy Skies

      Amazing love this group 🤍✨

    11. Centelred

      I can't wait to add a new album to the shuffle that i've been playing all year of the Neighbourhood.

    12. João Vitor Selymes

      mui bom minha momolada me mostro

    13. isaac Lepper

      this music video reminds me of the intro to grease

    14. pia

    15. chifi

      #BLM at 2:00 ✊🏼

    16. Fatin Nur shahira

      this mv reminds me of grease

    17. McKenna Syd

      i love this

    18. Carolina Magnano

      Omggggg. Who's high ?

    19. Em jay

      Damn .. Jessie and the boys are tremendous..... Another great song !

    20. Zavarious

      For a second, I thought that little orange blob meant that this was made on Nickelodeon... Then I realized it said Neighborhood. That had me spooked!

    21. Sapna Gaikwad

      The Neighbourhood is like a whole therapy session, I love it! :)

    22. omega xl oppar

      1:59 pole with 'black lives matter' stickers and graffiti

    23. Laura Barbecho

      J o y i t a

    24. Angela vR

      This song + night drive = ✨magic✨

    25. bearface

      plastic beach vibes, i love it

    26. Fernanda Gutiérrez

      The Neighbourhood salvando mi Cuarentena 🥺😭😭🤧🖤🖤🖤

    27. Olga Young

      I like this its chill and it's cool ye

    28. Débora L.

      Cada música que lançam é uma nova música favorita pra mim. 💜

    29. chel honeywater

      NICK?!?! wait what *mathmetician lady face *

    30. Caitlin Jolly

      Please come to Australia so me and long distance best friend can see you in Sydney please

    31. Loganator Tot

      How did my suggestions know I just smoked? 😂😂

    32. M EE

      free beats ....EKAJ colorado, united states......soundcloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. jpg_adrian

      this sound sounds like wiped out and i loved every second of it, made me remember why i fell in love with the nbhd 🖤

    34. Yamilet Verdejo


    35. joelia is dumb

      Chile that’s so underrated

    36. -Ellise

      poxa the nbhd nenhum defeito....

    37. Maya Meltz

      This song makes me forget about Covid-19 and the fact that the summer is ruined. That's exactly what I needed thanksss

    38. Joshua Boyes

      This is so needed in my life right now. Probably needed in a lot of people’s lives...

    39. Jéssica Aguiar

      I am addict

    40. Alex Risolvo

      This is so fucking good like what. Missed these guys so much

    41. Derik Gregory

      The NBHD is so unapologetically themselves. They make what they want to make with every record and it’s absolutely incredible.

      1. Cyan Mellow

        That's how you good music

    42. Gato Piola


    43. Isabella Brownlee

      This music video had big Gorillaz vibes

    44. J G

      This group is the business. California grooves that can't be beat

    45. coffee please

      i never knew i needed this until i heard it🍒

    46. Alexander McInnis

      Adrenochrome and the Mono-Tones

      1. Alexander McInnis

        @Rocket_Bear it's a joke about a conspiracy

      2. Rocket_Bear


    47. Shoaa X

      2002 vibes

    48. Roshaan HB

      The video producer, graphics artists on this are next to none. They made this work with colour choices and drawing styles that most would not expect to work out

    49. 리디아•Lydia

      at last. 2020 is saved.

    50. Razeena Mackie

      I've been waiting for this moment a LONGGGG time

    51. Dorn

      This song's too short

    52. Lia Texas

      Não usem drogas

    53. Lisa Bravo

      Jessie is smoother than ever! I love every single sweet beat!

    54. Nicole Vera

      Con ellos hasta el final.

    55. Shaloma Aroma

      I missed you guys🥺

    56. Brittany López

      Its 4am and this is all i need...

    57. ruth villalba

      maaaaaaaaaaaaan it is impossible that they throw something that is not a jewel

    58. Adenisio Junior

      Nunca decepciona!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    59. Marco Antonio

      Lucía vazquez perez t o t extraño

    60. maleah sumner

      anything you guys make is literally perfect i swear

    61. don't mind me

      I love the Grease into vibe they put into this video 💕💕

    62. hey it’s mel

      I can’t be the only one not digging this whole “chip chrome” persona Jesse has going on... like we get it you’re trying to be the tin man from wizard of oz...

      1. don't mind me

        It's not my favorite either, but I love him nonetheless.

    63. sami


    64. Miss Viper

      I think I found a new song to get stoned to

    65. Caio Andrew

      Deus existe😫😫😫

    66. onerta.hyseni

      Ok but the 651 people who disliked this song,they are not ok

    67. jasmuhnxo

      lets be friends if you listen to: tame impala the weeknd joji lil peep boy pablo no vacation cigarettes after sex ig: 4jas2min0

    68. Diego Gonzalez

      I can’t lie. I’ve loved almost every single song since sweater weather. Something about their style is just amazing. Great music.

    69. Mila Santos

      Caralho que música perfeita ♥️😥

    70. ACS kitsune

      Is like see Grease animation