The New Day vs. Randy Orton, Samoa Joe & Elias: SmackDown LIVE, July 16, 2019



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    WWE Champion Kofi Kingston & SmackDown Tag Team Champions Xavier Woods & Big E take on the nefarious trio of The Viper, Samoa Joe & Elias in a star-studded Six-Man Tag Team Match.
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    1. Keling Kenyalang Production

      This is what Orton do RKO to Kofi as a cheating when Kofi try to cheated and lose Orton at SummerSlam by double count-out.🐍👹🔥

    2. WoflScorpion33 WolfScorpion33

      10 Mitzvot. Salmo 58. Mateo 4. Emet. Torah Kadosh.

    3. RU5TR4X B.B


    4. rock star

      after seeing hhh and chyna vs rock that heavenly music heavenly pyros heavenly atmosphere this is nothing attitude era heaven ruthless rare watchable this era worse than a garbage

    5. Tom Akil

      I like Randy Orton ,the great plyer

    6. taroa hagarty


    7. Rex Ablett

      Who wants to see a solo feud between Joe & Langston?!?! I can’t be the only one. Couple of big guys with all the fight and skill in the world. Would be awesome!!

    8. Moha GamesQ8

      2:28 WTF Randy!?

    9. Off Hills

      This match script is so old

    10. Clemens

      Randy Orton😍

    11. Badon Nongkynrih


    12. Quincy Jones Faceboy9gaming

      2:28 what was that with his arms XD

    13. Johnathan Allen

      If only Orton called him STUPID! After that RKO

    14. luis felipe salazar goytizolo

      Rko vs resuelve problemas en el paraíso

    15. Legend SA

      Randy orton 14 time world champion summerslan2019

    16. la loba Feroz

      Detesto a orton, elias y samoa 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    17. Kdine Cowell


    18. prince vegeta


    19. Dieter Du Preez

      Randy is a-rocket

    20. Adam A. Henderson

      Can’t stop watching the rko

    21. The H Sisters

      What happened to the randy orton that could rko people whilst they are in the air?? Tho he is still a superstar.

    22. Aman Moh

      Randy vs cofee 2019 sumerslam tittle match best h

    23. Shubam Charak

      Don't get surprised if Randy wins 14th title at SS

    24. Jared Land

      Randy Orton needs to be WWE Champion and also SmackDown Tag Team Champion with Kevin Owens they could be called Team RKO.

    25. nana sam

      It would be funny if Randy gave Kofi the RKO and he called him stupid🤣🤣🤣

    26. Berreta Escueta

      Kofi vs randy orton rivalry 2019?

    27. Hope Adams

      Randy vs Kofi would be a great match . Randy deserves the championship he been without one for too long 🖤❤

    28. U Varddhamaanan Jain

      Rko after a long time 😍😍

    29. Jameel Far

      the unmessible,the viper,the legend killer and the RKO master RANDY ORTON

    30. Fahrul Rahman

      The Best new club orton,joe,elias

    31. Ellafunt

      You can obviously tell Big E goes down early and doesn't actually get hit with the knee at 2:15

    32. Janaina Pereira

      I hear voices in my head and they say Randy Orton is going to be the new wwe champion at summerslam.

    33. Michael Williams

      Need to make Joe wwe champion dude will b a great heel champ

    34. Ugur Altan

      Summerslam orton vs kofi wwe champions ..match

    35. Metal_head Izzy

      Randy Orton is getting that championship back can’t really remember the last time he had it honestly lol

    36. NA CA


    37. Thayne Quiroz

      I thought kofi Kingston will be a fighting champion defending the title every week but no He only defends the title only in PPV

    38. Ziah *

      Elias Elias Elias Elias


      2:29 Yup. That's me!

    40. Ann Jezleign Luriz

      Randy for champ

    41. martha pilar moreta frias

      Like kofin

    42. Wrestling Desire

      Randy Orton i want to see your success ....

    43. Omar ahmed allam

      He is the Viper.

    44. Рэнди Ортон

      Finally Apex Predator is back.Wish to see Orton taking the WWE title from Kofi at SummetSlam and have a NORMAL title reign that he truly deserves.Then before ending his great career he must become Universal champion for once and end up with 15 world titles behind his shoulders.If Orton leaves i’m done with watching WWE cause noone interests me like him.

    45. waffle kitten

      the RKO is a legend killer and a career ender

    46. Felipe Asenjo

      RKO :)

    47. sreeja kr


    48. Christian Sontz

      Randy should be wwe champion Eric Bischoff

    49. Raphael Nahon

      This should have been the main event.

    50. Raphael Nahon

      Randy should win the WWE championship at Summerslam.

    51. k.owens a

      I love how Xavier hurt Joe so badly with the jump to the outside

    52. Prashanna Ghimire

      @WWE please make a Fatal 5 way match in summer slam for wwe championship title including Roman Reings,Randy Ortan, Samoe Joa and Elias

    53. mohanad alfaatix

      rko means real killer orten and return the chump again✌

    54. OneVision2010

      I do not wanna see Randy as a heel.

    55. OGB!

      2:16 deadly one

    56. Night Hound

      Kofi should at least hold onto the title up until WrestleMania 36 and then have Randy Orton take the title.

    57. Luis M

      Give a chance to let randy orton hold the wwe universal champion 😭🐍

    58. Bryan Robinson

      Stupid Kofi. Lol 😂

    59. David Wallace

      That’s the Legend Killer we know 👏🏽👏🏽

    60. g33k707

      All I remember is Orton saying. Stupid a bunch of times the last time they fought.

    61. Jack and Jeff Hardy

      been awhile Orton welcome back to the top

    62. Burkay Başormancı

      The viper

    63. arthur morgan

      Bit sad that kofi hasn't main evented a ppv this year as champion

    64. Chase Wynkoop

      Randy Orton better win the wwe championship at Summerslam

    65. Depessemier Brandon

      Allez Randy Orton redevient champion de la WWE

    66. Industrial Technique

      I can’t stand how every commentator has to RAISE there voice EVERY TIME some Hits a CLOTHESLINE, you just know McMahon is screaming “enthusiasm damn it enthusiasm” Rene young’s contrived “ohhh awwww Hhhh aoohhhh” is painful

      1. Industrial Technique

        I meant offensive move, clothesline is just an example the worst is that all of them Say ohhhhh! At the same ime sometimes because they forget who’s turn it is lol

    67. Allan Montes

      I’m realizing now the story, what they are gonna plot to do is give randy Orton a wwe championship match and have him win the championship. Then have another tag team face the new day for the tag team championship. Honestly it’s all added up in one if you think about it.

    68. oyunlar diyarı


    69. Zack Harlow

      Orton vs Kofi will be awesome...i think that match will really cement kofis chances for future main title matches if he can put on a good show and match with a legend like orton. Hes doing a wonderful job so far with what i believe is middle upper card talent but Orton is probably one of the top stars in the whole company and a match with the belt on the line could be a good test to see how kofi handles being in a high profile match. K.O, Dolph, Joe...there all good competitors but not on Ortons level good.

    70. Saul Ramirez

      Wouldn’t be surprised if they do a fatal 4 between randy, joe, Elias, and kofi