The Next Era of Acura Performance Is Coming

Acura Canada

Acura Canada

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    Bringing together styling, performance, emotion. Explore the all-new 2021 TLX here:

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    1. TonyWareOne

      Fix the mentality of your dealerships! They are still thinking "honda"... not Lexus!

      1. Acura Canada

        We're sorry to hear that, TonyWareOne. Please feel free to reach out to our Customer Relations Team at 1-888-922-8729 (Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm EST) if you'd like to discuss further.

    2. Omair Sheikh

      Been a Honda/Acura fan forever, and I haven't been excited about a Honda/Acura sedan in 10 years, until now! I really want this TLX, I hope the pricing is reasonable though :/

    3. Virgil Wyatt

      No more(naturally aspirated) SOHC V Tech Engine?

      1. Tom J

        Omair Sheikh Acura says in their press conference the tlx type s will be their most powerful sedan yet... the current rlx sport hybrid makes 377 hp..

      2. Omair Sheikh

        @Kekistani Refugee If the base is 270HP with a 4 cylinder engine, the Type-S better be at least 350HP

      3. Kekistani Refugee

        V6 with over 350 horsepower

      4. Kekistani Refugee

        type s will be DOHC VTEC and turbo

    4. CurrenZe

      The Type S better have a panoramic roof..........

    5. WFR

      Why keep the old moon ruff it's to small update it before is to late the cars is almost perfect.

    6. Roberto A

      Acura MDX Type-S

    7. TheKingkingg

      Super awesome 👍

    8. Justin Horman

      Now, please put next-gen RSX and ILX for the next generation. Thank you

    9. Ali Farsani

      I really hope you get the pricing right. To be perfectly honest the interior is still missing the luxury touch of Germans. The craftsmanship seems good but the material and busy-design are way behind Germans or even Lexus. If you do not get the price right it is dead on arrival. Please listen to the feedback it is coming from a lifetime fan of Acura.

      1. Omair Sheikh

        Agreed, I want this as my next car but I'm worried that it will be overpriced. I'm seriously surprised that the Japanese are being stingy when it comes to high quality materials, when even Hyundai/Kia's have decent materials now

    10. J Cabrera

      In 2016 when I was going to get a new car I wanted the Acura so bad but when I saw the inside it was just a deal breaker. Not worth the price to me at that time and went with a accord. Then traded that in and wanted an Acura again last year but still didn’t like the interior because it was still ugly so still went accord , but next year If everything is well I think I’m going to go ahead and finally get myself an Acura. Really love the car from what I can see here!! Thank you Acura.

    11. Chengyou Jiang

      Well done Acura this time !! First time truly in love with your Sedan

    12. Satoru Takara

      Very clean ,sharp design front to end also excellent performance ,good job ACURA(HONDA).

      1. Acura Canada

        We're glad you like it, Satoru! 💙

    13. lalaboiz

      Handsome car no doubt but waiting till 2021 spring for the type-s??? Gotta strike while the iron is hot... the competition isn't gonna be sitting idle... This will be a missed opportunity for Acura but hey what do i know, im just some guy posting crap on the internet.

      1. Omair Sheikh

        Yeah I think the tentative release date is Spring '21 for the Type-S. Can't wait to see this in person and test drive it

    14. jeff mlb

      Brother! Glad that we brought it back to the precision-crafted performance engineering !!!