The Odd Number Rule



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    Am Vor 16 Tage


    1. Priyanshu Jaiswal

      Vsauce : Science :: Comment box : Comedy

    2. zergoXD

      i love the beard

    3. geen

      18:05 OMG ARE YOU ALSO TALKING ABOUT RAIDS? ooh, Nevermind ;-)

    4. albert.

      that beard

    5. Blu___________

      Anyone else think he had a bunch of joints on the table a minute into the video or was that just me?

    6. Kyle Olson

      Would 0.0 Be bigger than 0? Or would they be the same?

    7. Violet Mirrors

      “A spooky coincidence, if you will” Pulled a sneaky on us didn’t you Michael

      1. Imagination

        Do you like Science and Tech?

    8. D K

      2:11 next video in my recommended is 'spooky coincidences?' mad

    9. Sean Gagnon

      So awesome he is making videos like his old ones. Best DE-news videos ever... Anywhere.

    10. Kumari Raskoti

      How dose a H2 taste like?!

      1. Imagination

        Same like water,Without the taste of oxygen

    11. Sean Gagnon

      His segways are like watching a conspiracy theorist connect the dots.

      1. Imagination


    12. pureburntt

      The king is back

    13. DiamondMetal

      Vsauce first word: today Vasuces last word: watching.


      Shirts..good for brain

      1. Imagination


    15. Frogbert The Creator

      how did we go from air bud to ww1

    16. Meta

      One of the answers in the 8 ball should be "it is, right? WRONG"

    17. Cloacked Beast

      "Im leaving you at a velocity of 2ms-¹" Vsauce 2020

      1. Imagination

        do you like Science and tech?

    18. Sheela Tripathy

      Please, tell me : What would happen if we keep on heating water for infinite time to( infinite ^n)°C, which temperature can't be measured by any instrument, then what would happen? Can it further give rise to another state of matter of water?

    19. Jakob Thompson

      Michael, how many times have people hugged you then suddenly ran away?

      1. Imagination


    20. Ahmad Hadyan Bayu Rifki

      So the facial hair indicates his sanity. So we need a perfect combination of not bald Vsauce with some beard to get the knowledge and the nonsense

    21. Rohan Natraj

      he managed to connect all the three dots in a single stroke. 10:39 !!

    22. Mmm Interesting

      Vsauce just something that I have been wondering and interested about The current coronavirus has been acting similar to the WWZ is this once of those spooky Coincidence cuzs like I found this out recently and it looks similar but it events are edited in some form

    23. Rock girl

      We can see that Michael hasn't lost his ability to cause 30 plot-twists in 3s of video

    24. tt2806

      Micheal just records a video, then leaves for 5 months+. Micheal really doesn’t remember his password.

      1. Imagination

        😂Ha ha ha

    25. its porridge

      its been so long since ive watched a vsauce video

    26. JustTomers

      i paused the vidoe on the moment he said odd numbers and looked at how deep in the video i am i was at 2:22 odd

    27. Napalmbats music

      and in the adam and eve story eve was the second being created, how bout that you just streangthened the ligitimacy ofit being true and it is

    28. 69Gaming

      Terminal velocity.

    29. VB Legend

      Who the hell calculate velocity of hugging? Bc😂😂

    30. VB Legend

      My gf having break up: I'm leaving! Me: pls tell me your I'll know how far u are .. blah blah😜

    31. VB Legend

      finally Michael is back...OR IS IT?

    32. Rushikesh

      Reiman integrals!

    33. Cats rule so get over it

      Micheal should explain the dreamcore aesthetic stuff. I’m really interested in why the pictures make people feel the certain way they do. I think it’s because certain pictures remind us of our childhood, and different memories you have. Like for me, the familiar feeling of walking out of a store and it’s gotten dark out, so a picture of a storefront at night would make me feel nostalgic. Just a theory. Yeah this comment is kinda random... 😅

    34. Bambina Saldana

      The three Horsemen of quotes from smart DE-newsrs: *"Or is it?"* *"It is actually surprisingly simple."* *"To answer that,we need to talk about Parallel Universes."*

    35. Nicholas Hopf

      6:09 The Lick!

    36. Imppy Plays

      Hey Michael, Vsauce here

    37. Epicdragon 5006

      He boutta start casting spells

    38. DarkPortal

      don't worry michael ily ill never leave you

    39. BoltiGun

      Could you please make a video of what human were possible of with a IQ of 2000 or higher?

    40. ايمان th

      Please add Persian language

    41. CancerProductions & Co

      I always have the urge to watch u when im shitting Dont know why🤷🏻‍♂️

    42. Soren Vermolen

      Michael: "VSauce magic eight ball-" Me: "What makes it a VSauce magic eight ball?" VM8B: "Answer is Yes, Or is it?" Me: "Ah, there it is." Honestly, I died at this part, though.

    43. Zak Attack

      During the ad, I was actually in the bathroom, and my headphones died exactly at the end of the video. Haha.

    44. hi hi

      Hey Vsauce micheal here,why though ? I swear thats the quickest micheals ever gone fucking exestential like he always does lmao,good to see hes back though

    45. 159Fender159

      1:00 “We have begun” 20:49 “We have arrived”

    46. PUNISHER

      Michael here Or are you ?

    47. Darren

      8:05 I cant stop laughing

    48. Alfred M. S.

      I do prefer 3blue1brown over this for calculus class.

    49. Ghassan Afara

      Wait so thats his look now 😂

    50. TR3X_76

      Vsauce is actually my daddy

    51. Code Ten

      welcome back

    52. Dim Rube

      Wasnt it important to address the acceleration is at a constant rate because force of gravity applies as a constant because its a very weak force? If the force was strong G will be felt higher as the object becomes close and acceleration will be exponential.

    53. Euan Munro

      Though Michael was top less for a second at the start

    54. Brycen Claywell

      Buddy can start talking about space and end up taking about lights in our bedroom

    55. Warzel1

      Because Google no longer sends email alerts for new content on this channel i unsubscribed from the channel, I will not go and be logged in 24/7 to get notified, they had to just make it opt-in.

    56. Elijah Rowland

      Teacher: can you name a shape? Class: square! Me: hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon!

    57. Jamez

      Michael: *talks about air buds death* Not even 2 seconds later: “Let’s talk about world war 1.

    58. Beacon Blaster

      Michael:"spooky coincidence" Me: looks at the video 'spooky coincidence' Coincidence?

    59. S2BprincessZERO

      Ugh the backing sub audio is too loud, making me feel ill

    60. UglyStru

      this man has lost his damn mind

    61. Tyron Bei

      My dog ate my swatch🥺

    62. Its Shatter

      Wild Michael appeared! Michael used “hey vsauce, michael here!” It was super effective!

    63. Jonathan Nivar

      how fast can something spin? btw luv ur vids

    64. Rick Tesno

      This makes perfect sense... Or does it?

    65. Anakin Rogers


    66. Jamie Nielson

      2020 just became a good year

    67. RJ Crimson

      Well I just went from learning about gravity to what a centipede is and then to hugging...

    68. EndeRedCreeper543

      All of this to say whether or not a dog can play basketball in school

    69. Grant Valente

      At 6:53 you say centipedes can have between 30 and 345 legs. This was likely a typo where the intended number was 354, the maximum legs a Himantarum gabrielis specimen may have. There’s an even number rule in effect for their leg number 😉

    70. Canal Change

      Chanel Change