The Porsche 968 Clubsport Is the GT3 You Never Knew About

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

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    The Porsche 968 Clubsport is a rare and unusual car -- and it's unknown to most people, even Porsche enthusiasts. Today I'm reviewing the 968 Clubsport, and I'm going to show you all around the "GT3" version of the Porsche 968. I'm also going to drive the 968 Clubsport and show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. Jonee Tiedemann

      I think you are most likely an obsessive-compulsive oversized car geek.

    2. i, Scotticus

      Good god, it's basically an El Camino... Das Kaminau?

    3. Keith Freeman

      Cool car. Just hideous. 951 all day.

    4. Pandes Mandes

      Red on red is terrible styling...

    5. Charles Courser

      Something isn't right with that driver side headlight.. it's got a twitch...

    6. DEVILTAZ35

      Who on earth would buy a red car with red wheels. Even back then this was ugly.

    7. 01V70T5 4LIFE

      really it's just the last evolution of the 924, the 4 banger turd poor mans Porsche. Yuck.

    8. BetterThan Expert

      Doug, a few other items that were unique to the 968, but not specific to the CS version, were Porsche's first use of variable valve timing known as Variocam. You should of felt that change in power at higher rpm while driving which coincides with the intake cam changing position (only on intake). Also I believe the 968 was the first production Porsche to use a 6-speed manual in 1992. The 911 didn't get one until the 993 in 1995 and also used the same variable intake cam tech. These are fairly important details in Porsche's history and helped drive the tech into theirs cars in the later 90's and beyond. One final thing is the high performance of the brakes that at the time were tested and allowed track use without fading in stock form where most other performance cars at that same time faded badly (aka BMW M cars and the like). I prefer the 968 brakes to my modern BMW anyday. If I had let you borrow a car that was anything unique, I would of informed you of these important details. Now if you could find a 968 Turbo S to review that would stack up better with modern cars or even a Turbo RS if you're lucky enough to find and drive the 1 in 3 made.

    9. shazboz

      Why does it have an aerial if it doesn't have a radio?

    10. Albert takizawa

      Funny how theres plugs and cheapness all over the place, he calls it weight saving, but the Japanese or Koreans do it, he calls it, "cheaping out"

    11. K H

      They made a 'Sport' model sold only in the UK which was like a Clubsport with some trim bits added, the usual seats and a bit more comfort but still some of the weight savings and the chassis/suspension mods. They also apparently made 15 or so with a turbo. Also 70-80k USD is ridiculous as the fetch 20-25 UKP in UK.

    12. Danijel

      It's not a Porsha... it is porschE

    13. rkl08551

      -93 red cs$ in sweden...

    14. Woobiru

      I thought it’s higher than 911 when I was 10🥺thanks

    15. Blaise Truesdell

      Those are the same headlights the 928 has.

    16. John S

      Although it is a collector car, when your out in it you must be like "crap!" when a Cayman S 987.1 which only costs 15-20k comes up behind you 😂

    17. mclaren viper

      Thanks for your efforts... great review 🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍👍💙💙💙💙

    18. Why G

      Doug wanna review my 911 996?

    19. Neil Taylor

      own the regular 968 back 20 years ago and just loved the handling! Went to many Porsche track days and the car was so much fun!

    20. King Louie5th

      Always liked the 968’s, but those wheels really didn’t need to be painted to match the body color! 🤢

    21. mark hurston

      yo my gee ...I know about that car ... dang bro ... that's cool but ... that 924 Carrera road/race car now we talking review that buddy ... curb side conversation Harlem New York ... cool show bro ...

    22. azwris

      I have the impression that this Porsche was a massive failure commercially in Europe..

    23. E S

      When you imitate people it’s reminds me of of the wicked witch from the wizard oz. it’s disturbing

    24. doomguy10011

      Now that you've reviewed the 968 and 928, I hope you could review the 944. I've seen at least 2 in La Jolla.

    25. 3aboodation

      Idk why dude's surprised that they wrote "CS" instead of club sport.

    26. Aernoudt Bottemanne

      This video misses an important point: this car is a transaxle; which makes it corner better then normal rwd cars with the engine upfront. (particularly on track this has great advantage) Other then that fun video.

    27. Pandamasque

      F40 2.9l V8 was big compared to what Ferrari made in the early-mid '80s, when for certain markets they produced the 208 GTB/GTS with a 1990cc V8!

    28. Pandamasque

      "CS" is not uniquely abbreviated on Porsches. They also have "GT" for Grand Touring, "T" for Touring, "S" for Sport and "RS" for Rennsport,

    29. Dethmeister

      9:30 The 928 had headlights like that for years. 12:57 The parking brake location is carried over from the 924. 13:16 The 924 and I'm guessing the 944 had the key ignition to the right also. 14:21 The rear seats in the standard model fold down flush and give the same amount of cargo space. 15:47 There's been many 4 cylinder Porsches. Not unusual.

    30. packrcch

      if i saw this car from a distance I would think that someone did a rattle can paint job on their old porsche and sprayed the rims to match .

    31. Max Power

      The paint looks pretty cheap for such an expensive car

    32. Keith Fox

      In the interim the average American is now 100lbs heavier so with a passenger there goes all the lightness

    33. Rui Cameira

      the 944 body,but never saw one

    34. Cold Beer

      The original buyer went cheap and didn't color match the brake calipers.

    35. Nikolay Tanev

      With all the miles,gallons,pounds and etc. without presenting them in metric,liters,nm and etc. u loose European viewers

    36. instantwagner

      I like your hunched back

    37. Brian Haughey

      Doug's the kind of man who wears undershirts bigger than his regular shirt.

    38. Simone Pecchenino

      why.. why use pund/lbs ??

    39. jetfueljp4

      This is the car I wanted in 1995. At least it's more reliable than a 924.

    40. Jose Masangkay

      doug you never mention in your blog that porsche DNA VW { porsche is glorified VW} you are very bias about japanese cars specially lexus .I know made by toyota company . I hope you change your perception about japanese cars. in my opinion you don/t much about the history of all cars . my advice to you as friend do more research.


      They should remove the engine to save weight!!

    42. Zyrus Bagay

      My grand fathers jeep doesn't have speedometer or rpm gauge its really savin g weight it only weights 2100lbs hahah

    43. ManiaMusicChannel

      Weight saving, and they have motorize headlights 😑

    44. Deangelo Vickers

      My '85 944 has the exact same trip odometer reset button. Drove me nuts trying to find it!

    45. Jorn Navarre

      Its amusingly cynical that most of Porsches "weight savings" are also money savings for the company. Then they charged a big premium for stuff they left off the car ! It's a poverty pack car and Porsche fooled the buyers.

    46. Jorn Navarre

      If you ignore the hatch glass, it looks like a Holden Ute in profile ! lol

    47. Sasha Bernaz

      Lol there is one full of dust in my parking garage

    48. Prehistorik Caveman

      Its not a PORSCHA 🤣

    49. Omnipitous

      Why does it have an antenna if it doesn't have a radio?

    50. Alex Ander

      Nice thing. There’s the antenna but not the radio! 🤣🤣

    51. fun bros

      Um what about the fb!?

    52. DuffMcDraw

      Some BMW’s in the 90s also had the key fob with the light. Don’t know if that was an option or standard for certain models.

    53. Munshat Rahman

      Bro this thing looks weird af with those color matched wheels

    54. Steve Whyte

      $70-80,000 ? Wow I wouldn't expect to pay over $40,000 tops for this, shows how inflated the Porsche market still is!

    55. Steve Whyte

      It would be good if you have some external B-Roll shots of the car being driven, I think thats the only thing missing from your videos!

    56. Steve Whyte

      I remember playing with my dad's keys in the 80's with that light lol, it seemed so high tech at the time and digital clocks! So futuristic lol.

    57. Steve Whyte

      Do they advise you to drive it in the nude and shave your pubes to save weight? lol

    58. Callen D Bott

      Why do I love watching dougs videos and laughing lmao funny shit

    59. DB Shepard

      Might as well take out the engine to save weight too

    60. Flying Machine

      Actually Porsche thought of removing engine to reduce the weight.

    61. Iwan Van Merhaege

      Design is magnificent. Greetings from Flanders.

    62. speterbilt

      All that stuff removed for 200lbs. Smh

    63. Arnaud Sprenger

      How can you discuss the popup headlights without mentioning the 928 which had that since 1979 (including the easteregg which keeps them up, while turned off). The 928GTS you reviewed in 2017 had it too. Just like the parking brake location to the left of the driver, the ignition key to the right, and the dimmest flashlight ever on the key.

    64. Alex Russell

      The doug score is the dumbest part of the doug demuro channel putting supercars against regular cars same scoring is absurd especially throughout several decades

    65. Siriax

      But can Doug fit inside the boot while in full Scooby Doo cosplay?

    66. Timmi

      Both headlights are wiggly and creepy! Left is more.

    67. Maryan Mykhaylyak

      Please make review the Subaru crosstrek

    68. Nissan370Z Glass

      Those wheels are awful. Looks like someone painted them with spray cans of paint.

    69. higgsy43

      Worth mentioning too that the 968 motor was the first Porsche to use the variocam variable valve timing

    70. Leroy Brown

      Boy, is it red Doug!! This dropping features to make cars lightweight is getting ridiculous, especially with the engine power cars are packing nowadays. Wanna lose real weight? Exercise more and get rid of the passengers. This car isn't as sexy as the 928S4 or as iconic as the Type 993. Good review Doug, as always.