The Return of Eugenia Cooney



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    1. shane

      This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :')

      1. Ariyah Walton

        Happy birthday Queen!

      2. Lucu Martin

        @Emilee Autumn reported😊

      3. sister mermaid

        @Emilee Autumn fuck you, why the fuck would you say that , if you're gonna insult her why the fuck would you even watch this video, you are such a bitch! Jesus what's wrong with you

      4. yikes ._.

        Love you Shane ❤❤❤

      5. Flashy DARIO

        Do more conspiracy theories

    2. La Reina 301

      Eugenia, honey, you’re doing great


      Eugenia know that every breakdown is a setup for a breakthrough. Don't let anyone's drama, negativity or ignorance stop you from being the best person you can be. Put your crown on and own your life like the queen you are.

    4. Camila Aviles

      Happy birthday💕💗 I love the series

    5. Ellie Boldy

      this makes me so happy

    6. Sabrina Barreras

      Happy birthday Shane!

    7. LEELUvs KPOP

      I’m at the beginning of the video btw Of course everyone wants to be like her everyone wants to be skinny even me I’m a little bigger than I should but ... why do they hate on her ?

    8. gg gg

      yes !!!

    9. Ella Gorrell

      she’s so genuinely nice/wholesome 🥺

    10. Callie Paige

      “gonna need that number.. just go there.. give me fries” LMAOBSHSBAB

    11. Aliyah Vidal

      This gives me so much inspiration and hope. I struggled with anorexia starting at the age of 7 and am still not fully recovered but I am striving to be as positive about my situation as Eugenia. Eugenia, if you are reading this I want to say that I always knew you could change for the better. I never gave up on you. I knew you could become the best version of you. I'm so happy that you're still the bright and bubbly person we all knew and loved. With so much appreciation and respect, I wish the best for you💓😚

    12. Makeup with Nevaeh


    13. mei nard

      "Oh you're drinking flavored diet coke? Something must be wrong." LOLOLOLOLOL

    14. Will Mettlach

      Eugenia is such a gem to this world who went through hell and back. If she came back she would inspire so many people. Shane you truly are doing wonderful work

    15. jalynn marie

      she’s so sweet i’m so proud of her

    16. shooky or nah

      I love her so much

    17. Olivia Kline

      her energy is gorgeous

    18. Amber Huntsman

      So proud of her! So so proud! Shes amazing at makeup and she should follow that! Would love to see tutorials from her!

    19. Frederick Alexander

      @shane If I'm being honest, I love these videos, but I could do with some of the older style videos, like going to haunted places with a Garrett, or just being with your Mom. As much as I love these movie-style videos, I miss the personal videos, I miss the connection I felt to that content. I read your books and I feel like I have a personal connection to you when you tell your story. I don't want the old Shane back, I don't want a new Shane. I just want Shane. As much as I love watching you be the Ellen of youtube and telling all these people's stories.. I miss you telling your own story. Maybe just, in between these huge projects, do simple 20-30 minute videos of you just, doing fun stuff, being you. Playing with the dogs, going with your Mom to do stuff, updates on the wedding, or just hanging out with friends. I love these videos Shane. I love hearing these people's stories. But I miss *your* story.

    20. Love Vee


    21. onlyangcl

      she is so sweet and kind. she has such a beautiful soul and people have the nerve to send her that shit? disgusting. if people truly cared about her health, they wouldn’t say such things. i’m so hurt and i’m only 5 minutes in. i love you eugenia. ♡ stay strong. we believe in you.

    22. Denisse Quirazco

      She is so cute it’s ridiculous I love her she’s such a sweetie

    23. Jessie Lee

      Happy birthday QUEEENNNNNN😘👏👑🙌🍵💕😎🤠

    24. shɑne Giveaway

      Done ☑️ 🧐👌wᴀɴɴᴀ_sᴇ¢ɾᴇt?🎁👀 ɢo_ᴛo_ᴍʏ_ᴄhᴀɴɴᴇʟ...❤❤❤265

    25. tiff hut

      she has such a beautiful smile omg I’m in love

    26. Cat Hepburn


    27. Luca Christina

      Such an amazing video, both of you are incredible. I'm so happy to see both of you laughing and smiling so much, it's honestly infectious!! ❤❤❤❤

    28. fuzzy sharks

      i am so surprised she didnt lose hair.. the last year i have been recovering from my ED i am a healthy weight, i was 89-95 lbs average and now i am 120 something. i still am sad about it but im trying everyday to love myself. my hair fell out a lot back then and it still falls out so much.. im sure i have a vitamin deficiency i dont know about cuz it happens when i barely touch my hair or when i swish it in water :( im going to the dr soon for it tho. but i am so proud of eugenia, i am smiling and so happy for her

      1. Caribbean princess

        Yesss hunny.... im proud of u too..... stay positive❤

    29. Kelly Andres

      I love her videos I care about her she is a great person she can do it

    30. CamilaChaos

      oh shit

    31. Allyson S.

      Two beautiful souls starting a conversation. I love this. Shane, thank you for showing Eugenia such love and kindness. Eugenia, thank you for opening up and sharing your journey. We support you and love you 💜

    32. Dupe Cat

      Onision is going to be so mad

    33. DoughFarts

      Ok so the real question is, what's the song at 18:11?? cuz I'm obsessed and can't find it 😭😭

    34. Peksyk

      Omg I didn't know that she is so cuuute! Beautiful girl. Glad to hear that she is doing well. ❤️

    35. EpicMotherHen

      She's so kind and gentle. Like a fairy. Such a wholesome video

    36. Cas Argent

      i fuck1ng love this(your videos not the disorder)

    37. Rudy Ramirez

      She's so nice 😊😊

    38. lillis Lillis

      She seems so bright! Looks good

    39. justanotherpiccplayer

      Aaaaa she’s so much happier!! What an amazing girl! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


      Eating disorders are horrible and scary. I remember when I used to weigh 250 pounds and I used to get bullied all the time. So it started to get to the point where I just stopped eating. Over the course of a year or so I got to 139 pounds. It even got to the point where I stopped drinking liquids to lose weight faster. One day my mom told me I needed to start eating more and I just cried uncontrollably because I was so afraid to gain weight back. I now weight 155 pounds and I’m better than I used to be. But to this day I restrict a lot of what I eat. And gaining weight is still constantly on my mind. Eating disorders never go away. I just want to let everyone know that if you are suffering from an eating disorder... Try to get help. I know it can be scary and hard at first. But it could save you.

    41. David Vilhena Flores Horn-Marquez

      I’ve watched it now and you handled it amazingly. And I’m so glad that she got the help, I’m over weight (morbidly) but I have lost a lot and have a lot more to lose, this video will help people that are over weight or under weight (if that’s a word) so god bless you for this video.

    42. black Jack

      She looks so good shes hot ,glad shes getting better

    43. Brunette1994

      Yesss!! So excited!! THANK YOU FOR UPLOADING SHANE!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 You made my night!!! 😊

    44. Courtney Nunez

      Oh myyy Godddd!! I was talking about her all day yesterday!!

    45. Sarah Smith

      Thank you for doing this video of Eugenia! Very unexpected!!! 🖤

    46. Baby Valentine

      I remember seeing the “you’d be prettier if you weren’t dying” video and I wont lie I laughed pretty hard, mostly from the boldness and shock...

    47. Carly Woodson

      One question I have is how did she seems so confident showing off her body? It seems so many people with eating disorders would try to hide just how small they were but she was always taking pics and showing off her legs and belly. I love this video though! She is so brave and it will help so many people!! 💗💗💗💗

    48. Mary Sutton

      Can you do more of those dumb life hack videos or the dumb DIYs. Those were my favorite! Then you started not making videos and I was sad :(

    49. Caleb vibes

      if you think I'm gonna sit through a one hour video and start crying. Then you are absolutely right.

    50. Brayton


    51. Leneria F

      I’m glad he’s back 👽💗

    52. Lama omar

      People can't understand that there are thousands of people like her in Africa ......

    53. .

      Shane needs to chill with the song choices 😭😭💀

    54. T


    55. ItsBeta

      Eugenia, you sweet soul!

    56. morgan franzen

      The little montage of Eugenia showing Shane how to do eyeliner like hers was so cute :( I’m in luv, I hope they become great friends

    57. Risingofthephoenixx x

      Yes Shane it is a miracle

    58. The_Hermit's Perspective

      They finally meet up at 22:00.

    59. K W

      Sorry shane explaining and I oop- gives me LIFE

    60. Nathan Crossan

      Shane nailed the “and i oop” bit

    61. jamie woodard

      Omg Bruce's song!!! 😆👏👏

    62. Amy

      What’s the song in the mark 18:05??

    63. kris p.

      I never watched her that much but she was so sweet and it was so sad how people treated her

    64. Rogerina Taylor

      27:15 Meanie: I think u would look prettier if u werent dying. **awkward panic** Eugenia: uh ok uhm...

    65. Sunnyday Sunshine13

      Asking her when the last time she was angry was spot on. She's anorexic because she won't allow herself to feel anything. She's completely disconnected from her real self. She's like an emotionally numb 12 year old girl. Her thinness protects her from the world.

    66. Gucci Mama

      I’m so happy for her 🤗

    67. María Paula Nava

      Shane is the best thing that has ever happened to the world

    68. Amber Ross

      I’m just glad that she finally got help and is getting better