The sharkboy and lavagirl sequel that no one asked for

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

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    this movie was made for nobody.
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    1. Tim McGrath

      You're wrong on this on drew dont come for sharkboy and lavagirl

      1. Tim McGrath


    2. ThatFandomBoi

      Can’t believe he forgot to mention that the kid in the wheelchair was named “Wheels”

    3. The Panty Donation Foundation

      i don't know a single person who hated the movie..

    4. Liv Car

      Yeah everyone hated on this movie, but it's literally a kids action movie, so obviously it's gonna be bad. The audience that watched spy kids and sharkboy and lavagirl aren't kids anymore, so duh it's gonna be kinda stupid. Besides, has anyone told them about other high budget kids movies? "I have an idea! let's make a movie where newborn babies are secretly business people and don't age! that'll be popular with the kids!" "Yeah! and then let's make an even worse show about it, completely ruining the already terrible plot! that sounds like what smart people do!" We can be Heros wasn't very bad, it was just made for kids, and maybe it's cause I grew up with this kind of stuff, but I thought it was charming, in a for-young-audience way.

    5. dr pill


    6. Alxir a

      About hello fresh: my mom uses it and its amazing actually (;

    7. pop rocks

      I saw the ad for this and I was like why the fuck

    8. miniluv73

      Hey Sharkboy who’s your favourite DE-newsr 2:20 / 7:47

      1. Hai Nguyn

        Ok that checked out

    9. Sam Vousden

      I think we should dive deeper into the whole dictatorship in the spy kids universe

    10. Knick Knack

      Drew sounds like Carol Baskin from The Tiger King.

    11. Theo

      Wym everyone hated it?😭 I mean yeah it was ugly but as a kid I loved it

      1. Hai Nguyn


    12. Jonathan Arth

      Spy kids president isn’t a dictator, by god he’s shooter mcgavin

      1. Flying V

        A golfer with an arm growing out of his ass.

    13. Janae Johnson

      Dude no. I love this movie lol ❤️

    14. Flamgo

      Close your eyes shut your mouth dream a dream and get us out. Funny how it’s a dream in a dream and they are trying to dream in a dream in a dream COOL!

    15. Nobody Important

      You remind me of a roach

    16. 2021 Trooper

      If Sharkboy is his full name does that mean lavagirl is now Mrs. Lavagirl-Sharkboy

    17. Franches Frotto


    18. sanjay nagarimadugu

      I watched we can be heroes a few months ago with my young cousins and at points I had to cover my ears to stop hearing the horrible dialogue

    19. Gordon Ramsay

      Him: Can you smell that? Me with both nostrils clogged: n o . . .

    20. TimeLord

      We Can Be Heroes isn’t a Sharkboy and Lavagirl sequel...

    21. Mijuna Blue

      Shark boy and Lava girl was my fav movie when I was 10 :’) it do be ugly but I’ll be damned if I didn’t watch it 20 times

    22. StarScreenStudio

      they should be called shark man and lava woman man thats old

    23. Eden Moore

      lava girl was lowkey my gay awakening

    24. Eden Moore

      I just realized how much of this movie my brain refused to let me remember in an attempt to protect me.

    25. Arfan Eka Diandra

      Weird Fact: The actor that plays Wheels, the kid that has his feet too strong his bones can't support it, his real name is Andy *Walken.*

    26. David Ostrowski

      what about lava woman then?

    27. lex

      i actually really like shark boy and lavagirl. like that movie was my entire childhood

    28. P does stuff

      finally a new Danny Gonzalez video

    29. Cordelia Thompson

      I am POSITIVE the Superman character is supposed to be Homelander. The hair, the armor...the giant H. He looks more like Homelander than Superman.

    30. Asmr Artist

      Some People might think shark boy and lava girl is cringey or bad. But these movies are mostly for kid’s and as a kid I loved this movie. Of course now I think it’s cringey and bad editing because I’m older. I thought this was the coolest movie but obviously to an adult this movie is gonna look and sound horrible like duh.

    31. Aberama Gold

      I asked for it...

    32. Mono gameplay

      Ah yes spy kids use to be the stuff back then lol

    33. shannen cj 22

      I used to like shark boy and lava girl lol bcs everytime i watch it i mock how bad the animation is

    34. Dillan Collier

      Why did click this?

    35. Femo Memo

      it makes me so sad how ugly it is

    36. demonkiller8

      7:02 I literally died 😂

    37. Jessie Curzio

      Someone put this film on, and I watched like the first 20 minutes of it before remembering this video existed, so I watched this video instead lmao. now that I have finished watching this video, I do not know what to do. H E L p

    38. RetroFalconPilot 23

      Can you imagine being a parent and taking your kids (who may have constantly begged) to see this movie when it came out in theaters...

    39. E S

      Are you seriously dissing on one of my favourite movies from my childhood? I don’t like you. Sharkboy and Lavagirl is awesome and you can’t change my mind ✋ Bye 👋

    40. Siferon

      sharkman and lavawoman

    41. BrokenDesktop

      I just have to painfully accept that this is purely an opinion because I will never stop loving sharkboy and lavagirl.

    42. Ishanaa Sundarrajan

      Wth Priyanka Chopra is in this movie lol 😂💀

    43. Luke Wood

      6:40 kid talking about Biden?

    44. Maxwell Owens

      where pinned comment

    45. Eli Draws

      Shooter mcgavin became....... PRESIDENT Edit:95% sure I spelled his name wrong

    46. Robyn Runestone

      Literally the only reason I watched this movie is because Pedro Pascal was in in.

    47. Michelle Jackson

      Wife?! Wth are we on a date then?! Ugh

    48. Theatrekid- Hi

      If these kids were 4 years older those tears wouldn’t have been so hard to shed🥲

    49. LaShan Da

      It was really cringy for me watching this and I haven't even seen the actual movie

    50. Lenci Lenci

      Where is the bad pinned comment?

    51. bunny_ boi


    52. Autumn Cherie

      umm yeah but what about lavaWoman drew lol, im sorry i couldnt help myself

    53. Paige Gray

      I watched this movie as a kid and liked it but just like spy kids, even at a young age, I absolutely hated the background and visual effects. They made me uncomfortable

    54. Reynolds Reels

      you’re the only content creator i can think of whose videos’ sponsor portion i’ll watch

    55. jenna peck


    56. Destdrom

      I was the ONLY kid that hated shark boy and lava girl along with spy kids because it made my head hurt. Safe to say why.

    57. ii_ClayBee

      Mmm box

    58. Bandit

      bad movie but ur wrong this movie was beloved

    59. Colin Stephens

      Shark boy and lava girl is easily worse then the room

    60. Paper_Eats_Paper Paper

      nice storkes vinyl

    61. adele atkins

      ok i agree but they are also in another movie called we can be heros

    62. Ruby

      I thought shark boy and lavagirl were siblings

    63. Ruby

      Why'd they make shark boy and lavagirls kid so little I know they're young so they wouldn't have a teen but why did they make her like 3

    64. Lulu N.

      No it's not just you Im a kid and hated it but for some reason I love the older series like spy kids

    65. Aj K

      *Drew its time you only spoke for yourself. This movie was a masterpiece.*

    66. Mekenzie Brown

      Nice video Danny

    67. Georgia Overdrive

      They bastardized a David Bowie song for this abomination of a movie.

    68. Nim Belina

      damn, this whole time I thought the main girl was Alexa Vega.

    69. Sofis skter Roksana1254**

      The afraid mother morphologically injure because interactive bareilly time modulo a draconian italy. homely, ugly flame

    70. Mclemoon

      I watched this when I was young and I honestly thought it was fever dream