The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid - ANIMATED MUSIC VIDEO by Studio Yotta - Starbomb



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    Animated by Studio Yotta
    Neon Starbomb Intro created by Nic Vaughan
    It's super simple isn't it?

    Am Vor 4 years


    1. Dark Reaper

      The kingdom hearts joke was the best joke of kingdom

    2. Yeastus Feetus

      Imagine if they did 1 more but with tomb raider (aka) Lara Croft

    3. TheCreeperBoss

      Please tell me I am either the only person or not the only person who pauses immediately as soon as Merrill comes on screen (I have no idea if that’s the right way to spell her name)

    4. Magius

      This has aged very well.

    5. Arkantolas

      "i hit a light"

    6. Liza Brown

      Persona series:Am I a joke to you?

    7. I Animate

      I just love how this is animated

    8. Vigi1antVort3x

      It's funny because Snake and Cloud met eachother in Smash Ultimate.

    9. Daniel Jones

      Chef Peter Pepper to be precise.

    10. Sofia Alves

      beautiful animation

    11. douglas mcfarland

      This was a great job. Arin and Dan you two are a fantastic team.

    12. Nox Ferrarius

      "Hi, i'm Samus Aran from the Metroid series"

    13. MW 15

      0:40 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    14. Stein

      Imagine knowing how to animate, having good gaming and speech skills and a good singing voice.

    15. Sam

      i don’t even know the game MGS but i loved this song and i learned every word- and i now know it off memory

    16. Waday

      Danny: Freddy Fazbear I don't see you on the list Ok this isn't funny but atleast it's true

      1. Mac Is underrated

        Dude I literally have a comment like this right under

    17. Mac Is underrated

      This could be extended so much Cod zombies Sonic the hedgehog F I V E N I G H T S A T F R E D D Y ‘ S

    18. TheJege12

      This and the Smash Bros music video has some of the most detailed and beautiful animation detail I've ever seen, Studio Yotta is a gift!

    19. Marshmallow Vlogs

      2:23 FUCK YEAH DAN

    20. Kamal Simmons

      This should 100% be remade including the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Tacticle Espionage Operations storyline as well. The song would be like 20 minutes long 😂😂


      gungeon fan but the missile breaking into a bunch of smaller ones looks like the effect of a thing called "the exotic"

    22. Thesuperant 41510

      1:23 I know this joke is old but baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

    23. Godd Howard


    24. Murkorus

      Snake actually told his whole plot in less than 3 minutes, im impressed

    25. Jared Spencer

      Is it just me or does that last scream sound like markiplyer's scream

    26. Ian Janetzke

      I cannot tell for the life of me what Dan is saying in the chorus, but it sounds great

    27. LuigiOAFN

      *metal gear*

    28. Jose Chavira

      IM A CAR

    29. Nathan Nishimura

      2:10 "uh elevators"? Just that face though

    30. TNTTurtle 2007

      The simple plot of Reddy Fazbare

    31. AnnaGrace

      Which Metal Gear Solid game is this based on? I haven’t played any of them and I know nothing about the series. I’m thinking about playing one of them tho if it’s a good game!

    32. jimbi 076

      rip sora 2:45 - 2:48

    33. Kailynn Hernandez

      It never gets old that the gun comes out of his hair at the end.

    34. David Martin

      Can't make out the words for the music

    35. Shizuko Moonmark

      While the lyrics in these songs are all amazingly hilarious, I have to admit, the keyboard during Danny's parts is AMAZING

    36. Owen Glenn

      Did anyone else noticed how snake literally killed bomber man in the beginning

    37. Green Seagull

      Compared to FF7, mgs sounds simple. Hell even Danny could sum it up in a sentance.

    38. Mymy Rose

      Nice Jojo reference. Snake eating multiple cigarettes at once.

    39. GhostCell47

      2:47 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😭😭😭😭😭

    40. MW 15

      0:40 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    41. Lucas [ssbu]

      Let’s all be honest The burger times sounds like Mario

    42. A Watermelon

      I want to 1:23

    43. Slendy

      curved pots.

    44. Piscespuppy

      The harmonies are **chefs kiss** immaculate

    45. wishfish

      "Hi I'm a Pokemon Trainer. I catch and train Pokemon." Mario: "It's-ə me Mario! I jump on enemies and savə the princess!" Link: "Hello my name is Link. I'm also..." Dan: "(thinking) Oh god here it comes!" Link: "a hiker, explorer and seafarer." Dan: "(normal) Wait, that's it? Aren't you some all-important hero..." Link: "Pfft! Details details."

    46. John Alcala

      AWW poor Bomberman and he was smiling so innocently

    47. Jebaited_Joestar

      It finally all makes sense now,which is great

    48. M N

      Still need Sora annoying him😂

    49. ThatOne Fangirl

      This, children, was the first time I got goosebumps from Danny's voice and harmonies

    50. The Furnace

      Burgertime is Mario and Luigis distant cousin

    51. Paxtan Jones

      It sounds so good tho

    52. Sophia Lee

      Why is nobody talking about how amazing the animation is?! It's so satisfying! And smooth!

    53. The green one !

      Where is part one to this?

    54. ばろさBalosa Blitz

      Snake Killed Bomberman to get on this show (Did you even see the knife???) (Edit: I just noticed that both Cloud and Snake are in SmashUlt.)

    55. Thomas B

      Metal gear solid

    56. Liyan Haroun

      *"I've been through this before with my boi Cloud Strife, he talked so long I contemplated ending my life"* XD

    57. Yoshifan33

      Danny: "Why can't I just have a single panel of guests who can say their plots in 40 fuckin' minutes or less?" Snake: _takes less than 2 minutes to explain his game_

    58. Jaedan Hills

      Did anyone else hear markaplyers screan at the end

      1. Jebaited_Joestar

        You spelled a lot of words wrong there

    59. Kevin Kenealy

      Dan has an amazing voice, it sucks that he is not as famous as he should be, cuz he displays nothing but true talent.

    60. Oliver Regis

      0:36 that’s when the song starts😁

      1. Jebaited_Joestar

        Who cares? The intros great

    61. GamerNub-2000


    62. GamerNub-2000


    63. hyperblaster X

      i looking for a comment that basically is the simple plot of jojo . i read it some time ago and i would like to read it again

    64. Zaucy

      Pac-Man next please

      1. Jebaited_Joestar

        They stopped making Starbomb

    65. MyName Jeff

      Wassuh Dude

    66. Major Ghoul

      He didn't even mention the insanity that was Psycho Mantis

    67. Chicken Master

      Me when I see a non video game commercial 0:56

    68. Comet

      this is great re-watching a few years later, but i can't help but point out one little mistake that's been bugging me for like 2 years.. in the final boss of mgs snake didn't have a shirt unlike the music video. sorry that's it. great song tho.

    69. Xeno-Keegami

      So basically, the entire plot of metal gear saga : In the Cold War, a guy named Snake go to Russia to save a scientist that work for a bad guy who can make thunderbolts. The scientist created a tank named Metal Gear that Snake will have to destroy, but the mentor of Snake who is a sexy woman betray him and give a nuclear warhead to the bad guy that do thunderbolts. Then Snake become friend with a very sexy girl who use a bike, then they destroy the Metal Gear, then kill the bad guy that make thunderbolt and learn that he has one hundred billions dollars on a disk. Snake kill his mentor after looking at her breasts and take the one hundred billions dollars. But it turned out that the US just wanted the mentor to steal the one hundred billions dollars, but didn't realized that the bad guy would use the gun she offered him, so they had to kill her. Snake create a group with all his friends, but one guy decide to create clones of Snake. Snake then decide to not be Snake but be Big Boss because why not and create a giant army to destroy the group he created. Snake, the weaker clone of Snake the Big Boss, go after him and kill him, but it was not Snake the Big Boss that got killed, it was Snake, a brainwashed soldier of Snake The Big Boss that was thinking he was him. So Snake the weaker clone kills Snake the Big Boss a second time. So after that he go to a island to destroy a new Metal Gear and kill Snake, his stronger clone that is thinking he is the weakest clone despite the fact that he can survive to a helicopter crash without any damages. Snake the weakest become friend with a sexy girl and a nerd and they all destroy Metal Gear and Snake kills Snake thanks to a virus that killed basically everyone in the island because this virus was inside Snake the weakest body the whole time. After that, Snake the weakest and the nerd are going after the Russian cowboy that was in the the group created by Snake the Big Boss and a friend of Snake the Strongest. But because his hand was cut down by a cyborg ninja that was a old friend of Snake the weakest and the apprentice of Snake the Big Boss, the Russian cowboy decided to have the hand of Snake the strongest. The soul of Snake the strongest take possession of Russian cowboy body then steal another Metal Gear. A blond boy with a sword then have to stop the Russian cowboy, destroy the new Metal Gear and kill the old US president that is another clone of Snake the Big Boss. But we learn that the whole time, the blond boy was in a simulation the whole time run by the group that Snake the big boss created a long time ago and is forced to kill Snake the US president despite the fact that he want to save the world. In the end, Snake the weakest become old and have to kill the Russian cowboy who is now Snake the strongest. The blond hair boy become a cyborg ninja and help Snake the weakest who is old to destroy the Russian cowboy and the group created by Snake the big boss who is now run by IA only because everyone else is too old or dead, and they succeed thanks to a 5 years old girl. Then Snake the weakest who is old decide to kill himself to not become a chemical weapon because science but Snake the big boss tell him not to, then explain him that the Russian cowboy was actually pretending the whole time he was Snake the strongest to have a good reason to destroy the group of Snake the Big Boss. Then Snake the Big Boss die of a heart attack and it's the end. You see, it's very simple (sorry if my English is weird by the way)

    70. Mars Cassidy

      This art style looks like a lost Eddsworld episode