The Street Profits predict Brock Lesnar’s next challenger: Raw, July 15, 2019



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    The Street Profits reveal their picks to win the Cross-Branded All-Star Top 10 Battle Royal on Raw.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Anil Kumar

      I like you guys

    2. Ezzy Ignacio

      bruv i love these guys

    3. Briana Black

      They so goofy and good looking

    4. Jordan Valentine

      Can they get a match on RAW??? Tag Team Champs vs. Tag Team Champs??

      1. Keem KapAlot

        They will destroy the revival hands down

    5. Cloudland 505

      Future Jobbers 🤦🏻‍♂️

    6. Little Miss Baledi

      My El Neegus 😍😍 I hope WWE don't ruin this team guys


      I love street profits

    8. the life and times of Moses

      Ducky and bunny. From toy story 4. Vibes Here. 😂😂😂. I love street profits 😎

    9. David Jones

      It was a no-brainer that Seth Rollins was going to win. Someone different should get a title shot and hold the gold. Too often the same guys hold the same belts over and over again.

    10. Oreofe Ogunwuyi

      Do they 🚬 smoke weed

    11. Zechariah shuman

      We want the smoke we want the smoke😂😂

    12. Viraj Dhadge

      The thumbnail just reminded me of meme

    13. Lee Jizzle

      Can't wait to see these guys in action. And then wwe will ruin them.

    14. Zack Hawkins

      Nikki Cross... Thicker then cornbread and Yams...!!

    15. Tony Sahni

      These guys suck. Bring back shad and jtg

    16. Siddhant Singh

      I love this guy's bring them to main roster for permanent

    17. Angel Adams

      You guys are my favorite tag team now because you guys are funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    18. Faris Gaiji

      Stupid team..

    19. DarkManX16

      These guys are literally the epitome of corniness how in the hell do y'all find these guys entertaining smh?

    20. Tyron Houston

      All I thought of when I saw the thumbnail was “BROOKLYN BROOKLYN”

    21. 7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi

      Disliked that button with Passion .. I'd do it 100x times over again ... 😓😓😓

    22. MROVOXO88

      U CANT HANDLE THE 😤💨💨💨💨💨

    23. Francis Froca

      I like these duo🤣🤣🤣

    24. Evil -

      “Seth wants all...the smoke..!” LMFAOOOO love from the bronx fam🤣🤟🏽💯

    25. Statystyczny Mutant

      So instead of having actual matches. They just talk about other people's matches? What kind of gimmick is that? Are they suppose to be marks?

      1. Sora22 And the gang

        they are already champion at NXT

    26. PIN 'S

      Are they wrestlers or commentators ?

    27. Tinsel-Gaming HD

      They hyper as hell

    28. Guan YouTube

      The street profits rn remind me of the duck and bunny from toy story 4

    29. Jipsu mies

      Prime time and cryme time are gone

    30. Kevin Germain

      I love these guys 😂

    31. Zakk Wylde

      These guys are boring... A poor men's USOs

    32. Johnny Emerson

      Wow the black guy chasing the Becky shocker

    33. Peter Nyangweso

      They're right, btw. Rollins won.

    34. corey walker

      These two need to have their own show.

    35. EnclosureHD


    36. Scott Fillingham

      Why are they even on my screen right now, these guys are NXT tag champs, why aren't they on their actual show, these guys should be called up after they lose their championships because at the moment they are doing nothing but stupid comedy backstage which is doing nothing for nobody

    37. MM MM

      Americans saying "fam" is so cringy

      1. MM MM

        @Johnny Emerson well it's not but stay bitter lmao

      2. Johnny Emerson

        Still saying cringy is just as bad

    38. Heath Stalker

      That Was INTENSE

    39. Asanti Bufford

      There so funnyyyy

    40. TJ Chamberlain

      Montez got his pick right for the br wow

    41. Jason Bing

      These guys are SO annoying. especially the guy who screams all the time and the other guy says fam every 2 seconds.

    42. AbielGotSauce `

      Vince better not screw this up

    43. Mike Mike

      These Muh Fuckas need to get in the ring. Instead of being in the back, all the time.

      1. Mike Mike

        @david le boss achour Aww o.k. I thought they were the New-Comers to Raw. But my bad... Tks. 4 thanks for telling me

      2. david le boss achour

        they re still in nxt but are on raw to get people used to them

    44. 1

      private party

    45. Ghost Rider

      The Street Profits vs The Usos. Book it Vince!!

    46. Ghost Rider

      The Street Profits vs The Usos. Book it Vince!!

    47. Ginger Rob

      Montez = Money

    48. Juan Carlos Rivera

      Why are they on Raw if they are the NXT tag team champions???!!!

    49. dmjinc

      They are starting to annoy me

    50. Rex Ablett

      The Street Profits as a narrative framing device is a spot of booking genius! Their talking is 10/10. Just make certain they job out in-ring for the love of God! Their wrestling is like a 4/10 on a good day. Dawkins especially is trash. Great characters for enhancement matches. Nothing more. Great to see them in Truth’s spot from a few years back.

    51. Ch Ha

      Send these clowns back to nxt

    52. jhbmc1

      Leave it to Vince he may rename them street experience

    53. some8291

      I need a feud between the Usos and the street profits right now.

    54. 41Brother

      Look i like these guys as much as everyone else but why are they here?? NXT is hurting for tag teams and to call them up now is just gonna hurt the division even more.

    55. Pooty Tang

      Am I the only one who thinks Nikki Cross looks like Angela White?

      1. Johnny Emerson

        No Angela looks like she bathes

      2. Pooty Tang

        Yamin Miah look into it, you will NOT be disappointed

      3. Yamin Miah

        Pooty Tang who the hell is that?

    56. Kimi #JB17 #TeamKick

      1:05 Dawkins has a freaking crush on Nikki. I hope Damian doesn't find out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Mark Michel

      Incredibly annoying

    58. ryandika vernan

      Street profits is true prediction rolllins winner

    59. Luca Stefan Sandu


    60. Shaun The Sheep

      Theses dudes have so much charisma

    61. Randy Broadnax

      Book em in a segment with the New Day please

    62. Josh Josh

      One of these dudes has more talent behind the mic than the entire Tag Team Main Roster. Call them up.

    63. Johnny

      wtf are they yelling like that?

    64. Queen Medina

      them against the usos 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    65. King Duvall

      Angelo looking like demarcus cousins

    66. lookatbald

      Montez Ford is pure Championship Material. I expect him to be WWE Champion in 3 or 4 years.

    67. MuaazC

      They are trying to hard

    68. Josh Cole

      They suck

    69. drakeo bloody11

      this is getting ugly and boring pretty fast

    70. Spencer Abstract

      Montez Ford is a top guy waiting to happen