The Time Russell Westbrook TRASH TALKED Steph Curry and INSTANTLY Regretted It (Ft. NBA Defense)



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    Russell Westbrook tried to trash talk Stephen Curry and insult him, let’s just say it didn’t workout out and Curry got him in the NBA #Curry #NBA #Trashtalk
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    This would be the 73-9 season, the season that Curry would win unanimous MVP and change the league forever. Also keep in mind that Russ hasn’t won any MVP yet and the Thunder haven’t made the finals since 2012.
    This all leads to the 2016 western conference finals between the two powerhouses. And so this series starts off with the Thunder jumping out to a 3-1 lead. After the first game, it was just blowout city with Games 2,3, and 4 being decided by an average of 26.3 points. The Warriors would fight their way in Game 5. Durant would drop 40, Curry would have 31 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists with 5 steals to lead the Warriors to a 9 point lead. The victory was anything but pretty. After the game, a reporter would ask Westbrook and KD about whether Curry was underrated and this was their response. Yeah, Westbrook laughed at Curry’s defense. So yes while KD gave a more diplomatic answer saying the Warriors have other pieces, he said that Curry doesn’t guard the other team’s best point guards. Curry led the league in steals, but Westbrook obviously thought that Curry’s defense was a joke.
    The funny thing is that Westbrook was actually one of the best on-ball defenders on Russ and throughout the first 4 games, Curry was the primary defender on Russ. Throughout the 5 games, Westbrook was averaging 28 points and 11 assists with 4.6 turnovers on 41.3% from the field. He was doing Westbrook things and you couldn’t complain with the results. This graphic actually says a lot. Westbrook was nowhere near dominating Curry. Along with shooting 32%, he also committed 7 turnovers when guarded by Curry. Is Curry a lockdown defender? Heck no. The stats might say so. In Game 5, Curry had the highest defensive ratings of all players who played 30+ minutes, but Curry isn’t better than Klay, Iggy, or Draymond and that’s the point.
    And so now we head to Game 6. Most people remember Game 6 for Game 6 Klay dropping 41 points hitting ridiculous threes, Klay hit 11 threes and dropped 41 points, but the Warriors were down for most of the game. Klay was keeping them in it with Curry dropping 23 points through 3 quarters. Klay went off in the beginning of the 4th to prevent the Thunder from extending their lead.
    With 5 minutes to go, the Thunder are up 7 and this is where Curry starts to take over. Klay hits this ridiculous three over Westbrook, and then Curry loses Westbrook with a screen and hits this deep one. Later, Curry provides excellent help defense on Durant who throws the ball away. Curry hits the three on the other end and now the Warriors are back in it. Westbrook can’t buy a bucket, Klay hits another 3, and now it’s time. A shot here could really seal the deal and Klay misses it, but the Warriors get another shot. Curry hits the tough layup with Westbrook switching off. He holds 7 fingers to say it’s Game 7. This whole time, but Durant and Westbrook have been choking on the offensive end, not really able to buy a bucket. The Thunder call timeout with Westbrook to inbound the ball. That defense that Westbrook was saying was overrated, the off-ball help defense that led to steals just ended the game. Curry ended the game with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists shooting 43% from 3. Klay was the reason the Warriors kept up, Curry was the reason why the Warriors closed. Westbrook ended the game with 5 turnovers.
    Game 7 was the Curry show. I mean pure off dribble domination. On Westbrook on everyone, it didn’t matter.
    I think this summed it up. And as the Thunder were closing in Curry shut them out again and the Warriors went on to win the series, coming back from 3-1, only to lose a 3-1 lead. But honestly, this series is forgotten because of what happens next. Curry ended Game 7 with 36 points and 8 assists with 7 threes, Westbrook had 19 and 12 on 33% from the field. Since that comment, Russ got completely owned by Curry.
    Since then they haven’t seemed to be cool, Russ doesn’t like Curry but I don’t know how true that is, I don’t wanna pull a Chris Broussard and say according to multiple sources. Curry picked Harden over Westbrook in the MVP debate in 2017. Westbrook said (who is he? Clip large room). Steph showed up and of course he didn’t make a big deal out of it in the press, but knowing from his history, Steph definitely used that as motivation, but what do you think? Where does Curry rank in point guards and all time? What about Westbrook?

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      Where's Curry rank all time? Westbrook? NEW CHANNEL RUN IT: Tik Tok-

      1. Aadi Loonawat

        Curry = 2 best point guard

      2. FTL

        Curry is undoubtedly Top 20, it’s down to preference if you include him in your Top 10, Curry 2nd best PG behind Magic - 6’9 skilled 2-way playmaker 🤦🏾‍♂️ Yh can’t beat that at PG

      3. Maxime Lamadeleine

        jamar reuben russ averaged’like 37% fg percentage and 5 turnovers lmao

      4. Keymuandre Abdallah

        @IAmWiNG but wasn't LeBron also on a stack team?

      5. IAmWiNG

        Keymuandre Abdallah I’m not even a lebron fan I just talk about stats for all players

    2. Ligmany Y

      Kook at curry man

    3. Joseph Amato

      Did this guy really just say Russ hasn’t won an mvp yet

    4. L A Nation For LIFE yy

      Westbrook who is he . Curry I am a 3 Times champ 2 time MVP and you are Russ

    5. mr.c.p. brown

      I give Curry the BEST shooter in the NBA as of now, but that's as far as it goes. Reggie Miller is still the BEST clutch shooter ever in the NBA. The league has shown favoritism towards players they want on top for years. & Curry fits that profile. Westbrook is the better all around player that puts up #s in all categories. 2 years averaging a tripple double. Steph becomes first ever UNANIMOUS MVP ever, over James Harden who's stats were higher than his that season in every category. Harden's put up crazy #s 4 seasons straight, that if Curry had done it, he'd have 4 MVPS. Nobody's doing what Harden's doing that are clearly MVP statues & by far more Unanimous than what Curry was. Mr Unanimous MVP who can't lead his team to a championship. Weren't from opposing teams injuries & Durrant joining a team with 3 allstars already he wouldn't have a championship. & that's the REAL REASON why he didn't play this year, because he was bout to get exposed, proving he can't lead a team to the playoffs with just 1 all star player playing by his side. Harden & Westbrook has done it without another all star player on their team.

    6. mycontrol30

      Curry is an All -⭐️ 🔥🔥

    7. Jay Five

      Wait Westbrook has a MVP THO

    8. ImPeaks

      well its July 15th and um

    9. Lionel Taylor


    10. YDK_ Tank


    11. jakeup 6663

      west brook is straight ass against Stephen curry

    12. Stoned Soul

      Westbrook is hilarious and very entertaining... thumbs up if you believe he deserves more credit for that.

    13. Sachin Playz

      Who's Curry? 2 time MVP, 3 time champ, 6 time all-star.

    14. ItsVirus

      Look at curry man

    15. MaratinsPlayz

      look at curry man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Tony Khan

      Nobody likes to play with Westbrick he’s trash !! Curry is just a pure sniper!!

    17. Ken TheGoat

      Westbrook betta than curry tf

    18. Errol WATLER

      Again curry is in the top 5 all time pg.that other guy?????? Curry has 3 championships !! That other guy....?so pg magic, elgen Baylor, Tony parker, maybe Isaiah then curry!! All time curry is in the top 12 to 17 of all time . That other guy 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 oh yea he avg a triple double one year . But still NO CHAMPSHIPS!!!

    19. Donnie Thoburn

      Thumbs down.. keep trying

    20. Reyes Gonzalez

      1v1 I'll take Westbrook. Curry is a better player for 5v5 using screens, ball movement, and letting Klay hold the better players.

    21. Camo xiii13

      We gone skip pass this nigga sayin Westbrook hasn’t won a mvp. I was on his side till he said that 💀😂

    22. gabanna_ gwuappp

      July 14 idk if it’s coming back

    23. Omegus prime

      Well we can tell he's on Currys nutz hard. Is he currys spokesman or talking like russ isn't one of the best players to play the game. This man average a triple double 2 straight session. He's also a MVP. But maybe im a few year to early on his stats. But still don't hate on Russ. Curry did that to alot of players even once who didn't talk trash. But curry is going to go down as one of the greats of all time no matter what lame ass Jordan says. Curry is magic in a bottle

    24. Faze Nash

      Russ has won mvp

    25. vFrikkz

      I forgot to sub and now i did😎

    26. Agent Manny

      The NBA might be returning tomorrow ayyye

    27. KEVIN PH

      For me curry ranks no.1 at pg and west brook ranks like the 15th pg

    28. Justin justintheman

      I like westbrook as a player but his attitude problem is really his down fall and he's a selfish player but a good athlete

    29. SynixWired

      Was that the Zelda song not sure lol

    30. JaronJacob Yt

      This guy is extending a 30 second brawl to a 15 minute video.

    31. LG3

      Curry is the top point guard in history and westbrook? Not sure

    32. Luciano Simmons

      Curry is a killer lol. Hannibal Lecter was charming too... :P

    33. GokuHitEm

      Did dunkin get slapped in his head 😂😂😂

    34. GokuHitEm

      Curry a goat man gotta give respect

    35. Xd Jacky

      Russ is trash

    36. Sam Chiang

      “dee dunder”

    37. SoSleepy Cha

      Anyone else see that kid is the red who got pushed my security for standing up

    38. Laandyn Cole-Lock

      Everybody : Flight: look at curry man so inspirational

    39. DM4MVP

      So we just gonna ignore the fact that he just said Russ hasn’t won any MVP awards?

    40. Justin Riray

      Lmfao - no sound effect. Just pain. Too real.

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    42. 2K Kay

      You lost a follower cause you a curry bragger

    43. 2K Kay

      Curry got broke

    44. Outdoors Guy

      He took flights line

    45. DeanDean Garcia

      Well basketball is mental game for the most part. If someone got you in the head you dead

    46. Peace & Quiet

      Curry dont get respect because he look soft but hes one if the best shooters ever

    47. Zedge digzz

      Westbrook's is jealous that's all, he just jealous

    48. Shane Lightner

      Russell Westbrook: Who is he Steph Curry: I'm just over here with my three rings and back to back MVP's you don't worry about it

    49. Owen Williams


    50. lucky yeet

      2:19 Me:yes

    51. yxng_ad4m

      If only curry and tompson didn’t get injured they defo would’ve at least made the playoffs

    52. Domaneia Pro

      Westbrick: *LAUGHS* Curry: *7 fingers*

    53. N.A. Jean

      Curry don't work for stats, Westbrook does, that is why he is not a fire player anymore, back when he first started he played the game, not work the stats

    54. Freeman Gibson


    55. Stephen Curry

      Look At Curry Man 👀

    56. Mr Code1O1

      Westbrook: Idc, who is he? Me (a warriors fan): Westbrook? Who is he? Sounds like a b- that takes things personal, a ball hog, cocky man. Yeah bruh. Who is he?

    57. Ian

      curry 2nd westbrick 1000th

    58. Eman Brutus

      The moment he said Russ hasn't won any MVPs yet I turned this bullshit off, and he takes forever to get to the point + his voice is annoying

    59. 펠루시

      Westbrook fan is like cry baby!

    60. callmecash __

      Curry owns russ lol

    61. king of fortnite

      Stephen curry All time point guard=2 All time players =15 Russell westbrook All time point guard= out of top 30 All time players out of top 100

    62. BecomingEnoch

      Who is he?

    63. Ghosty Plays

      Curry has been my favourite ever since I started watching the NBA. He really was one of the best things to happen to the NBA and more importantly, the Golden State Warriors.

    64. Phavour Davidson

      Its Facts that Curry > Westbrook

    65. That Guy That Plays Games

      0:44 Did he really just sarcastically ask who is steph curry? He’s a bigger name than you.

    66. GameTimeTray

      This video was ridiculously long for no reason at all. Dude get to the point. And there wasn't a point.

    67. Jayden FitzgeraldBoes


    68. Cole Pence

      Curry ranks at like top 5 Russ hmmmmm top 50

    69. KuhIifa

      4:08 that is PG13 not Westbrook