The truth about the BREAK UP...(Part 2)!



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    about the BREAK UP (PART 2)!!!
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    1. Tay&Jass

      We wanna thank each & every one of y’all for the positive energy & support y’all been showing us ❤️ but watch at your own risk 🤧

      1. Priscilla Casanova

        @Shaqq Babyy why you willing to buy it ??? Then be quiet damn is that all you care about

      2. Priscilla Casanova

        @Janay Clarke same here

      3. Shacora Grace

        Tay&Jass I think Tay might need to seek professional help. It’s nothing wrong with talking your thoughts out with an professional.

      4. Life As Bray

        Tay you are in my prayers🙏I hope you get through your depression because I don't want to see you like that I can feel that you are going through something by the way you talk it's like I can feel it. Love you my brother❤😍😘

      5. Life As Bray

        I hope you guys work through you guys😘😘

    2. Tiffany and Chelsea

      The way Jass was looking at him I was like omgosh😩🥺

    3. Mercedes Williams

      No matter what I will always be a supported 💕you guys are are still my favorite 💯everyone’s not perfect ‼️and everyone haves there days . But I will always support u guys on everything snap , Facebook , DE-news I love you guys and you guys are really strong and u guys are going to get through your pain and ❤️💯I am just want to tell i I am 16 years old and I been in this place in life and I am still in this pain . Tay Ik how depression feels it can really take over your body and it’s really hard to fight through it but I AM FOREVER GOING TO SUPPORT YOU GUYS ‼️🙏🏽I am still praying for u guys, I watching this video for the three time because I can relate love u say stay strong 💯

    4. Princess Voni

      Do not let the devil win Tay❗️❗️I love you two keep God in yall circle 💕💕

    5. Deslond Thomas

      Right right i had the same situation with my ex when u got a bestfriend u feel like u can wear what ever with out them judging you.

    6. Mrs Shatasha Carr

      You have to seek God he has all answers you need try him and watch how things will change for you!!!

    7. its thatkiidmikey

      Tree days ago

    8. Quierra Sharlaye

      I felt what Jas was saying about opening up

    9. Yolanda Autrey-Keen

      I am going though it I am 54 abd have had it for over 40 years! Now that I think about it and it will cause you not to be able to 'focus'

    10. Yolanda Autrey-Keen

      Depression is real I work in psychiatry and you have probably been depressed since you were a kid but this 'break up' made you notice that it's real; see a psychotherapist

    11. Yolanda Autrey-Keen

      The devil is real!

    12. LonniVibes

      i appreciate y’all fr. i wanna make a ya channel bc of y’all. y’all inspired me 💛

    13. Deanna Smith

      Tay, stand still! The devil is attacking a lot of people because he knows he lost the battle . Keep talking and bringing the situation to light. Write it sing about it but don’t give up. You and jass can help a lot of young couples... everyone goes through this but not everyone makes it through. Stay strong but stand still. That means don’t let the devil make you back down and talk to someone about depression... that is also a spirit

    14. Laderika Hubbard

      as i am listening to y’all talk in this video i think that y’all should go to chruch and pray give it to god cs god want put nothing in front of you that you can’t handle

    15. Veah. Poppin

      Y’all are amazing and honest DE-newsrs ❤️❤️ god bless y’all and I hope y’all can make y’all relationship work ❣️ nobody’s relationship is perfect 😩❣️

    16. Lola Dunbar

      I'm late watching these two videos but thank you two so much for these videos because it helped me look at my relationship differently because this might sound crazy but this is exactly how my relationship is now my boyfriend is battling with depression bad and I feel like it's more I could do to help it ease up the pain for him but you two helped me realize that maybe we need to take a step back and find ourselves first because how can we make it work when we dont know we are or why we love ourselves thank you so much tay and jas

    17. Marshea Torres

      Yall should get back 😔

    18. Neraina lawrence

      God stop letting that wicked one play in your mind . I will be praying for you Tay and jass

    19. Neraina lawrence

      I pray that you find strength in the lord , do what you need to do get healthy.

    20. Outside Is So cool

      Keep doing DE-news please for your supporters

    21. Tiny's Life

      Leave it in Gods hands everything will be alright both of you all are strong!!!

    22. SnG1

      When we as so called black people stop competing against each other in our relationship with each other and learn through the Most High how to work in harmony we as a family will never be a family. If were not competing against each other man/women women/man, we're trying to compete with the next Hebrew couple. Return to the Most High YAH and allow him to show us what love is according to His laws statutes and commandments.

    23. Ms. sulaniChang Kuach


    24. Ms. sulaniChang Kuach

      Our bodies are made up of 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. 666=YOU Its SPIRITUAL.

    25. Maddie Doll

      Nothing is possible without god , put god into y’all relationship pray before y’all go to sleep ask god to give y’all the guidance and wisdom ask god for forgiveness y’all not doing it for y’all do it for the baby because she deserve both parents and y’all have my support ❤️

    26. Angela Cox

      damn, I know exactly what you are saying. I was so happy with my ex I just didn't have no guards but and that's when I feel like the enemy came in and just started planting seeds. I got chills listening to you. I believe you. But God is real, he can get all that off you. God is your joy. He is your protector. I'm praying for you bro

    27. Tia Joy

      Tay fall on your knees and repent and call on Jesus.... The name of Jesus is powerful... He will bring you through it and out of all the darkness... I love you and I don't know you. God is moving through me and speaking through me to give you this message... Son I did not leave you I am waiting on you... I love you and you matter... Thank you Jesus... Father he is your son and you are able to bring him out of it... Amen

    28. April Butler

      Jazz please help him get through it and get some help.. He needs to speak to someone and just get it out.. It’s a lot of people dealing with that and he is not alone..

    29. April Butler

      Y’all still young and it takes time.. y’all have to work on that shit... It’s all about communication and y’all need to start there and go back to being friends..

    30. Babyy _km

      he just said he lost all his feelings for her n the relationship and homegirl and even looking upset .

    31. Tiffany Syokau

      Y'all are speak up and say stuff like that is deep...Jay all you need is Jesus😊trust me it worrrks miracles...not only find Jesus but actually be intentional about your relationship with Him👑😊...I can seriously relate with Jay....but I'm different now....Jesuuuuuus💯💯I promise you

    32. Bankroll Joey

      Tay bro quit beating yourself up over little shit you and jass is a good couple and y’all have a beautiful daughter and y’all gone be good frfr

    33. Simplyme

      Is Tay is a Scorpio ? If so that’s maybe the reason why he can’t express his emotions bc Scorpio struggle with that a lot. Also seeing the number 666 has nothing to do with the Devil 😂😂 in fact it’s a numerology/Angel number. 666 numerology/Angle: Seeing 666 is a wake-up call for you to re-examine your current situation and change the direction of your thoughts (Since you’ve been feeling down this number is telling you to pick your head up and start thinking positively) so you can raise your vibration to a more positive frequency. Another meaning for seeing 666 is that your day-to-day thoughts are illusions based on the fears and worries of the physical world. If you want your life to get better, you have to get better too. In other words, your outer world mirrors your inner world. If you want your life to improve, you must improve who you are on the inside. In matters of the heart, if you want to have better relationships, you must become a better person. For example, when you fall in love with who you are, you awaken this love within you, and you naturally attract and experience more romantic love in your relationships. The next time you see 666, it's a sign to raise your vibration by choosing positive thoughts. Remember this: it’s your attitude that determines your direction in life.

    34. Dominique Nicolas

      The only person that can save you from this tay is JESUS!!!

      1. Tia Joy

        Thank you Jesus... Yes I agree😊❤️💯

    35. Sêptëmbėr Jãį

      This ALWAYS happens whenever these unmarried DE-news couples have babies...

    36. thaykravveeus HERE

      Omg im so happy

    37. thaykravveeus HERE

      Omg yall back finally

    38. Tyrone Jenkins

      Just go back out already

    39. sandeline aristil

      Is you guys really broke up for real I still dnts believe it. I love u guys😍

    40. Se’Ara D’Shay

      I dead ass love y’all 🙁❤️❤️❤️❤️

    41. Kayla M

      I am here for yall

    42. Miniimah Cook

      I had to stop the video to comment cause I just love y’all ❤️❤️ I’m subscribed twice just know. Real niggas really out here supporting y’all ✊🏾

    43. Tyrea Nobles

      Hello, I just have a few things to say. For those of you who don’t know depression is a sunken place. It takes every bit of energy leaves you with negative thoughts, and most people isolate themselves so that they won’t bring down everyone else’s energy! To:Tay nobody can pick yourself up but you!!! You need to fight this off I know u have the power to do so. Take little steps to help you. Little progress is better than none! Do what use to make u happy try different approaches u got this man I want so bad for you to WIN!! To Jass: the situation is not fair, however you have the most important job right now and that is to keep encouraging him and be nothing more than there for him every step of the way!! I feel for you because there’s nothing you have control over I know it hurts but you have to stay strong for all of you! It’s hard enough to deal with depression alone but having a family there every step of the way can heal the brokenness all around. You’re a very beautiful young lady and seem like God is putting you up against you’re test , in helping this man remember what happiness is like. I’m such a fan of you guys and want the best for the both of you , Just always remember God will NEVER PUT you through anything that you can’t handle . Thanks for putting yourselves out there and letting the world see. This video will impact a lot of people who are going through similar thing . Be blessed -Tyrea’❤️❤️

    44. Tasha murray

      i have friends that suffers from depression and its not a easy road sometimes they isolate themselves but that only made things worst. however they are doing better now because of support from friends and family who cares and love them. i got to understand its not something u can get over on your own. think about what or who makes TAY happy? mend things with your girl JASS, let her in, let her be your strenght and u be hers. teamwork makes the dream work...your gonna be happy again tay. Pray Tay.....u guys are beautiful and a lot of people are inspired by u

    45. Shanydra Campbell

      Please get back together but take your time I want y’all back together y’all just having a rough patch but if you can still create a bond with someone it’s sum there 😍❤️🥰

    46. Shanydra Campbell

      I love yalll so much together ❤️❤️😍😍🥰🥰

    47. clarence ray

      I hope and pray I’m a do everything I can just send up a prayer I’m sorry you are going today I know a lot of families we all go through things please don’t give up and we appreciate y’all for opening up and talking it out like you all is talking this out this is a beautiful thing you always talking this out on DE-news to you all followers and subscribers is helping other people situation so please don’t don’t give up I love both of you all so much

    48. LaAndrea Hill

      Y’all should get back together look how many years y’all been together now y’all just gonna throw all of it away ... I love y’all being together I Hope y’all can work something out

    49. Esther Toussaint

      Omg i feel you tay even tho im not in your shoes I completely understand what you go through 💯💯 its not a phase i promise you. You gotta talk to a professional i feel like it will help you but its okay if you dont ❤️ and watching this makes me realize that im not by myself 💯❤️ and that i need to get myself back right. I love you guys ❤️ man this touched my heart cause i FEEL YOU TAY i feel like its a battle for me everyday 😩

    50. Arianah Janae

      But if you realize people around you aren’t receptive of your feelings , then maybe it’s your delivery that’s not clear. Stop pushing people away who care , Jass reminds me of myself . Being in a relationship with someone who isn’t emotionally stable can be hard on the other person. Best advice go to counseling by yourself and try to work on yourself .

    51. Carolena Nelson

      They are crystals with different meanings to each one of them wish I can tell you but I don’t remember it’s so cool though & Mine had different color crystals and my mama knows she’s into researching that type of stuff. I think it’s a energy bracelet & Let me tell you it’s amazing!

      1. Carolena Nelson

        p.s I don’t think you suppose to wear it in water

    52. Carolena Nelson

      I got that same bracelet it didn’t bring nothing but positive energy & I felt Good every time I wore it especially to school it got me through the days. When exams creeped up on me I was so scared bc I didn’t have it with me bc a friend broke it but I passed & here I am passing on to the next ! My mama got me it for Christmas last year and it was special to me... She reminded me to wear it every day sometimes I forget it but I miss it so much 😩 I hope it do the same for you. Bring nothing but positivity, I hope you well feel better !

      1. Carolena Nelson

        Priscilla Casanova Of course I got mine off Amazon for $14 dollars I think ! I got mine for Christmas last year

      2. Priscilla Casanova

        Where do you buy that bracelet and how much are they I really need one asap please lete know

    53. Ja'Myera Taylor

      Definitely can relate I wouldn’t wish this pain on nobody I’m currently fighting depression and it’s kicking my ass

    54. Kimberly Thomas

      Depression is a mf. I promise

      1. Priscilla Casanova

        I have it I know its kicking my ass and I have a man who doesnt make if any better I can barely get out at bed at times I'm losing alot of weight this is no phase for anybody who has depression

      2. MIMI101

        Kimberly Thomas true da

    55. Kimberly Thomas

      5:33 💔

    56. Mya’s World

      How my friends were back in 2013 on the bike 4:23

    57. Dede N Treyy

      Y’all got this❤️❤️

    58. Jadaaa jada

      💔 dang I’m still gonna be here for both of you guys no matter what this is so heart broken to hear 🤧

    59. Crystal Wells

      Im still here y'all.

    60. Life As Bray

      Y'all should do what y'all hearts tell y'all to do...Tay I really feel that you are hurting 😭because I hear it in your voice and it literally made me cry when you was talking about u like wanting to quit and stuff like that and people would never think u are going through that because I didn't and I'm so shocked and if y'all think quitting DE-news is the best thing for you guys then I think you guys should do it even though I'm going to miss you guys. I hate that you are going through this Tay...bruh I feel so bad for you😭😭Tay I hope you get better. You are in my prayers Tay and Jass u are in my prayers🙏 too...I love you guys so much ❤😍😘😘and I don't even know u guys like in real life but I know y'all from DE-news and I just feel the vibe with you guys💯

    61. Lyric Wisdom

      I would suggest you try counseling bc yes you love Jas but she can't pull you out of this. Try a professional and really sit down and talk to someone who would understand you. All love im sending my prayers to you and your family❤️

    62. Angel Insight

      😢I hope you get better both of yall

    63. Angel Insight

      Go to God I know there a Good trust me There's A GOD🙌🏾🙌🏾

    64. Angel Insight

      🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Prayer for you and Jas

    65. Katoria Gillison

      God is going to give you something good you just gotta believe in him and yourself to allow him to just pray and pray again you gonna get your blessing 🙏🏽

      1. Priscilla Casanova

        And even after you get your blessing keep praying never stop praying

    66. NYC ELI

      I pray your relationship and mental state gets better especially tay I feel like your in a dark place but hopefully you get better and back in to a happy relationship for your child

    67. Itsss. TJAy

      remember god gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.

    68. Rashaun

      Broken up or not I still fw y'all

    69. Shanice Mckenzie

      Pray..pray pray you can never go wrong an get back together an pray together it take time but trust god

    70. Danielle Davidson

      Im dealing with depression as well. And it is not easy, alot of people dont understand depression. Its the hardest thing i have dealt with so we have some of the same i understand what you going through. I just want people to listen and i hate judgement! Best of wishes!!!