The UpUpDownDown crew is in shock over a moment in the “Game of Thrones” finale



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    Xavier Woods, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and Cesaro cannot believe what they see in the “Games of Thrones” series finale.
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    1. Penelope Frulla

      everyone’s reaction to sans in super smash bros ultimate

    2. Nicholas Hartenstein

      I thought this was their reaction to Moxleys aew debut lol

    3. Ian Nedved

      Their reaction when Jon Moxley debuts in AEW.

    4. Allen DJCap/Agent Allen

      That’s me when fairy tail final season is crazy

    5. iGaveLisaHIV

      Freeze challenge. Xavier Woods failed

    6. Aye you Gonna eat dat

      This is there reaction when Jon moxley joined aew

    7. Alanna Wightman

      Why are they Frozen

    8. Manish Manish

      Hmmmm what just happened

    9. P K

      0:04 when my parents tell me Santa’s not real

    10. Antoinette Okala

      How everyone felt when Brock Lesnar broke Undertaker's streak

    11. The Perfectkillerkid

      0:02 When Dean Ambrose Joins AEW

    12. SB_Alpha Yt

      I thought my screen froze

    13. Cokitos Mojica


    14. Edgar Jimenez

      When Jon Moxley showed up to Double or Nothing

    15. Jacko Macko

      Lol in the chat

    16. Jacko Macko


    17. Jacko Macko

      That is the reaction of Jon Moxely AEW debut and iron man dies

    18. JackMorgGAMING👌

      what happened i don’t watch GOT

    19. chirag talreja

      I think this is also scripted like wwe

    20. Game Master

      When moxley appeared on aew

    21. Pmcthe1

      The reaction when miz got cheered

    22. Breeze Dorling

      Their reaction watching AEW Double or Nothing PPV

    23. jaat 123

      or they were watching aew double or nothing😆

    24. Daniel Barua

      This is actually their reaction to aew don

    25. aedywhuut

      reacting to jon moxley debut on aew

    26. zain imran

      When BeAsT Won Money in the bank Briefcase 💼

    27. Tanayy D

      'They kinda forgot' to put what exactly the moment was.🙃

    28. Aidel azhar

      Wwe superstars reaction to Jon Moxley's AEW debut

    29. Axel Nuñez

      Champions League semifinals final minutes in a nutshell

    30. Hyppolite86

      Fake reactions this why AEW WILL PUT YOU IN PLACE

    31. Fatimzohra Belgherib

      Moxly début with AEW réaction 😂😂😂

    32. Loran Mustafa

      I never watched game of thrones lol

    33. LKO

      I thought I clicked on the stop button🤣

    34. Mahbub Hasan

      The moment when jon killed Daenyrs😰😰

    35. Dark Whiskey

      When they see Jon Moxley at AEW DoN

    36. Dan Chaparro

      This was their reaction to Jon Moxley showing up at Double Or Nothing.

    37. Josh Silva

      I didn't know Aiden English was related to Eddie Guerrero

    38. melvin jackson

      So what the hell are we looking at

    39. Farshad Wazed

      Oh when John Snow killed Danayres

    40. Edward Balcera

      This right here is meme material.

    41. Maucham Talukdar

      Is this a picture or something????

    42. Neil Obaña

      0:10 all of them got their mouths open wide while freezing except cesaro

    43. Anas Ahmad

      The thing I loved most in this video was .......... Pizza Only 1 piece left lol😂

    44. Anselm Carasco

      Over acting


      When your parents comes to know that you are having a party with your friends late at night

    46. BloodLad 25

      Its amazing to see that two of the top champions of WWE are just sitting on the bench watching GOT eating pizza

    47. lordjenn A

      Me when I saw money in the bank mans ladder match

    48. Andrei popa

      0:35 i literally thought my video paused

    49. Marilena ________

      That was my reaction when the streak ended

    50. Catlin Whiteside

      Where, Edge & Christian at? 😅 15sec pose

    51. A N X E R R


    52. Rene Ramos

      I actually thought my video froze there for a second. Lol😄

    53. Salman Khan

      Mannequin Challenge

    54. ole kristian ruud

      Did i pause it?

    55. Sunny Benipal

      no sound of got

    56. mark kaufman

      dany......burned it dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.

    57. Michael Cline

      Cesaro is trying so hard not to smile.

    58. Mahissimo

      That time our two main champs sat together and none of them cared about Brock Lesnar.

    59. Mahissimo

      That's when they realize that Tyrion will never finish his joke.

    60. James Gatz

      Did my screen freeze

    61. Kurt Davis

      😂 Looks like someone pressed pause mid reaction


      Up up down down Austin Creed I challenge you to a Mortal Kombat match on the PS4 will you accept my challenge

    63. Taha Hadi

      Mannequin challenge winners

    64. Baylor Barrett

      What happened, I haven't seen game of thrones, I just want to know what's the big deal

    65. Aniket Mukherjee

      Xavier's still a filty c***!

    66. Rottz112

      Let's be real there was only 1 moment in the episode to warrant that reaction STAB the like button if you know it

    67. جنون الا انمي

      ترى مافهمنا شي

    68. Atish Dhargalkar

      Probably they saw the khaleesi what😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    69. Beowulf !

      When jon killing khaleesi ?

    70. nik maknojia

      Overreacting at cringe level