The Vamps - Married In Vegas



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    No good for me
    And my frame of mind
    I think about you all the time
    A pretty little thing could wreck me at 25
    Just say the words and I’m all ears
    Let’s turn a drink in to 5 years 
    Spend my money, oh honey come and bleed me dry
    I came here to be someone else
    I found you and I found myself
    Mr Mr I’m all in
    Bet your house and I’ll call it
    Feels like a TKO
    Feels like the lowest blow
    Under the neon lights
    I think we might get married in Vegas
    Pushing 106 down PCH
    I drink you down the aftertaste
    Tastes like heartbreak 
    And mistakes but I can’t wait
    To walk along that starry strip 
    I feel it all, it feels like bliss 
    I show my hand they look like this
    Mr Mr i’m all in 
    Bet your house and i’ll call it 
    Feels like a TKO
    Feels like the lowest blow
    Under the neon lights
    I think we might get married in Vegas
    For better or for worse
    I’ll be riding high
    Even if it’s just tonight 
    Or the rest of my life
    So come on do your worst
    I’ll stay here all night
    Cash out
    Cards down
    I’ll roll the dice 
    All these things that i’ve done 
    Sin city under the sun 
    I came to win and i won 
    I’ll leave with you sitting shotgun
    All these things that i’ve done 
    Sin city under the sun 
    I came to win and i won 
    Feels like a TKO
    Feels like the lowest blow
    Under the neon lights
    I think we might get married in Vegas
    #TheVamps #MarriedInVegas #CherryBlossom

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    1. Ij. I

      Cool song, cool music video, cool outfits. The way Brad sings the 'Vegas' at the end and the drumming that follows seals it. Great job guys.

    2. DJ7thnz

      The Like to Dislike Ratio is so biiiiiig. This also means that this song is that good!

    3. ta dun tss

      They are still pretty underrated. Aren't they?

    4. Ellie

      They always outdo themselves don’t they? I’m OBSESSED with this song it’s insane I love it ahhhhhh someone help But like what is that weird gold person? It’s kinda creepy

    5. Kopikirstail

      Love this ❤

    6. chou na9ib

      That the best band ever for me guys I always better 😍😙

    7. LYT Lady

      They are so f cking good like they have grown so muuuch but they are still underrated

    8. BlackBerry

      It's so good that my earphones are not enough. Like play inside my head!

    9. Rishika Gajadhar


    10. seb cw

      love the tack piano , it gives me the western vibes

    11. audie143143

      Hot DANG! This song, the music, the band members, the vocals....all new to me and I'm lovin' it!!!! 🎹 🎸

    12. nct s mum

      Brad found his youth potion.

    13. Melanieanne forbes

      How have you guys been through all the craziness ? Is it okay to mention any of you guys in my prayers ? Or would you not like that? Sending lots of love to you from across the world . married in Vegas is definitely different from the other songs amazing as always . 💜💚💙💟 stay safe vamps .

    14. Tyde Gray-Browne

      This song should be in outerbanks

    15. Jhennifer Souza

      Ai, como eu amoooo

    16. HoneyBae

      Why did i heard saturday song vibes when Bradd play that pianoo... Omaygawdh

    17. Domonique Merlen

      They deserve more

    18. Karla Sarai Rodriguez Jimenez

      Me enamore de la cancion!

    19. jonel Noynay

      Lets cherish the song together

    20. Brena Patricia


    21. Amanda Lear

      Always love the vamps, such catchy songs! Plus brad is nice to look at 😘😉

    22. alma

      I did not expect this song to sound like this but I ain't complaining. SUCH A BANGER

    23. Glory Adi


    24. Suraiya Shaikh

      I m just so in love with The vamps😍

    25. Noémie Blais

      Well he didnt lie when he said he was going to grow his hair too long (its beautiful)

    26. Sammy Payne

      Heard this today on Radio 2! Yes....BBC Radio 2. My ears pricked up! At first I thought it was perhaps Twenty One Pilots? (and I love them!) Loving the sound of this new track gents!

    27. イブリン

      いやーカッコいいなぁ❗️ 今までと雰囲気が違って新鮮😎

    28. Freny Babol

      I can't believe that i learned new slang words of poker because of this song 🇬🇧🤘😍🎤🎶


      love you guys

    30. Syham

      this video just reached one million views, I'm so glad to have been part of it. Absolutely love this song.

    31. Aryan Rakhe

      my girlfriend told me the vamps suck, she's single now.

    32. Janielle Ponce

      i'll never get tired of listening to this song

    33. Hyacynth Kimberly

      Damn Brad. Damn. 🌸

    34. Mefiant Zhenschina

      They are getting better! Nice comeback! 💖

    35. Hemmings ss


    36. Hemmings ss

      Yaaas KINGS

    37. awesome yoshifan

      i can't stop hearing this in my head dude they always bring out the bangers

    38. AmyM& Beauty

      Incase no one can find me, I will be here for the foreseeable future. Because well... Brad.

    39. AmyM& Beauty

      If you're not listening to and loving the Vamps, what are you even doing in life?? I mean, just LOOK at Brad!!

    40. AmyM& Beauty

      Just 🙀 This band is so undeservedly underrated. This song is and style are breathtaking. Brad is just a perfect human☺

    41. Ibtihel Benflis

      oh my god this song is an addiction i'm a huge fan of the vamps and i'm in love with their songs 😍🤩😘🥰❤️💜

    42. Nuri

      no one can bet bradley unique voice~~~

    43. Nuri

      i miss their bloopers moment :"

    44. Minal Jahangir

      The way he’s playing the piano so vigorously just gets me

    45. Harry's Wife

      GuYs iTs AlReaDy 1M ÙwÚ

    46. Andrea Figueroa

      Me encanta❤️👌🏻

    47. ¡la gótica!

      1M views! YASSS.

    48. Tuan Izzuddin

      Yeayy 1M views

    49. Luccas canlley


    50. Mollie Amor

      1M in ab a week so let’s try to get to at least 1.7M in a week!

    51. Lenny Ndl

      One million views already 😍

    52. raza dahri

      They've matured.

    53. izumii

      We did it, 1M finally, thank you to all the Vampetts and directioners for str3aming

    54. Alexandra Beatrize

      Thanks to Spotify for recommending this 😭😭❤

    55. Ola •

      Finally 1M views

    56. Angel

      definition of underated.

    57. Darrick Lee


    58. Prempriya Kan

      I will continue to follow your music.

    59. Swiftie Lover

      FINALLY 1M

    60. Miraiyume ༒

      Who's coming with me for 2M views? 💅

      1. izumii

        Me, I'm w you

    61. Miraiyume ༒

      We did it 1M views 💕💘💖😻🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

    62. Lil Picasso

      1M VIEWS BABY 💅how we feelin?

    63. good day freeze

      FINALLY 1M

    64. esma Aksoy

      1 millliionnnnn yessssss ❤❤👏👏💯👏💯💯👏💕💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸🌸

    65. Jerolyn Ohagan

      1,000,602 im impressed with my fellow vampettes rn 😘😘😘😘🌸🌸🌸🌸

    66. Cath

      1 million! Proud of you guys 🥺🥺