The Viking Raiders vs. Vinny Gruner & Jackson James: Raw, July 15, 2019



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    Erik & Ivar make short work of two local grapplers on Monday Night Raw.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. 吳太賢

      VSK is awesome!

    2. Kamai Williams

      Viking Raiders talk so much smack and wanna be so scary but the only people they face is people they know they can beat like these little wimps didn't stand a chance. They always face easy competiton

    3. MariusS Catalin

      This guys are boring.... fat guys, not getting over week after week..

    4. Penthu 1

      @ 0:38 my new favorite wrestler Jack Tomlinson squashed! ❤️

    5. sun

      does anybody know the red pants guys @ pls

      1. Jack Tomlinson Vlogs

        hey it’s me. Lol

      2. Penthu 1

        Jack Tomlinson

    6. Metallic Twister

      so wen they gonna face main roaster tag teams

    7. Vinxspy 15

      Wait the minute is that Tom Holland in the ring.. Haha that just brutal

    8. WWEFanBoY 24/7

      Damn this match hasn’t reached 100K yet

    9. Chris Safronsey

      Put them back in NXT please!

    10. KWETribute 3

      Wrong, as usual, with the name. Three months in and they are still Hanson and Rowe, War Machine / War Raiders. Nobody gives a f*ck about Igor and Aardvark.

    11. Kalen Hummer

      The Viking raiders suck all they do is face jobbers

    12. Tony Savelli

      What king of a match was this 2 guys that weigh in total ONE tone against 2 guys that weigh in total 200 pounds what's with that?.

    13. shreder75

      You have something like 200 wrestlers on the roster, so why not match up the Viking Raiders vs Joe Paluka and Johnny Nobody? Wtf?

      1. Cestro

        Maybe they got tired of using Heath Slater, Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder as jobbers every night. At least with these jobber matches, the Viking Raiders get to face someone different and if they're going to squash someone, its better to use local jobbers than to bury their roster talent even further.

    14. Adam Garcia

      A.o.p vs viking raiders

    15. Monday night raw could and should book AOP

    16. Brad Zac Evans

      I’d love to see Jackson James (Tom Holland) have a career as a jobber in WWE!!! There could be a great gimmick there.

    17. DJ Glenn

      Squash matches have never built a single star. Epic feuds have.

    18. xxsolid gamez

      A beautiful boy why does this happen to him fuack to wwe dislke this fucak vido

    19. Mike Carney

      Jackson James = the name used by Eric Bischoff's son, Garrett, in TNA.

    20. youtube ki craz ajmal

      Time passes match this

    21. Dereck Vinicius

      The Viking Raiders Will be the future Raw Jobbers Tag Team Champions

    22. Jordan Lovett

      Viking raiders? Erik and Ivar? Just doesn’t sound right

    23. kyle rasquinha

      Jackson James is nice with it!

    24. Edgar Gamez

      Poor kid

    25. THA Runna

      War machine is way better den Viking raiders

    26. Cinque _

      Why is there a child in the ring😂

    27. corey walker

      Its time for them to have some serious competition now. No more locals.

    28. Michael L. Rayner

      Viking Raiders vs Heavy Machinery interpromotional dream match? I wanna see it.

    29. Lo I

      Put them against better team .

    30. r iki

      they just forget about Joe and Viking storyline?

    31. David Garcia

      Sick of squash matches

    32. Rafael Valencia

      They look like Mike Knox and Tyson Tomko...

    33. Connor Fiveash

      Send them back to NXT

    34. Tech rider471

      tbh i think that these squash matches have gotten kinda boring, like maybe 1 or even 2 but like jesus, if WWE keeps letting viking raiders use their huge impactful moves on squash matches, then i think that their matches in the future will be alot less of a thrill

    35. Uncle Jessie

      Soooo they squash indie competitors and all of a sudden they are a threat to the main roster?

    36. Fuk'Copyright Deleted Content

      What’s the point of bringing in local competitors and booking them to compete against wwe wrestlers only to get squashed like cabbage?? Do they not have anyone in the back to face the Viking Raiders?? And to add insult to injury during the match, one of the local competitors in the black tights, suffered a graphic n gruesome injury when his shoulder blade popped out of its socket. Is that supposed to win the fans over and make them look stronger? I’m not understanding the logic and reasoning here on WWE Raw’s part. Anyone want to weigh in on their thoughts?

    37. Ghost Rider

      The Viking Raiders deserves a better opponent..

    38. Imrans23

      Damn. That was so surprising. I simply can’t believe they managed to beat Vinny Gruner and Jackson James. World class booking right there

    39. Teow Hai Way

      So back to wrestler with jobber Huh.

    40. K4 Josiah

      They should start naming the local jobbers "mark and smark" or "dusty and codin" even "ken and bucky" 😂😂😂😂😂😂


      war raiders

    42. Marissa Dworken

      Jack Tomlinson vlogs!!

    43. Superkick party

      They just getting boring

    44. big tox

      New jobbers every week

    45. WALY CISSE

      I wish the crowd would like these guys more

    46. Brien Taylor

      First it was AOP facing jobbers every week and now it's Viking raiders facing jobbers every week

    47. poopikins

      They'd be better in AEW

    48. Odysseus

      The Viking Raiders Experience vs Heavy Machinery🤔🤔👍

    49. Angy H

      Viking Raiders vs heavy machinery yes please

    50. Haagen Neldeberg

      I have been defending using local jobbers to make WWE wrestlers look strong, but this is just getting stale and boring. You are not getting them more over with the crowd by constantly letting them squash unknown jobbers.

      1. Cestro

        They're heels. These matches are not meant to get them over with the crowd. If they were, they wouldn't be doing their job as heels. These matches are meant to draw heat and get the fans to hate them which seems to be working.

    51. Earl Gumban

      I really can't wait to see viking raiders vs revival for tag team championship

    52. theyhatebakegod6

      I just came here to see dudes shoulder get dislocated.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

    53. Abhishek Singh

      I think the jobber in black pants might've seriously injured his neck.

      1. Fuk'Copyright Deleted Content

        Abhishek Singh his shoulder was dislocated.

    54. squash 45

      thanks wwe for jobbers match....please more and for ever like 90's years thanks

    55. drakeo bloody11

      stop saying viking experience !!!!!!

    56. Brandon

      Imagine going from putting on matches of the year tag matches to squashing local talent,

      1. Cestro

        Not every match on Raw and Smackdown needs to be a competitive, 5 star match. Even NXT has squash matches from time to time.

    57. Drew LCH

      So wait, are they Vikings? I didn’t quite catch if that was their gimmick. Maybe if Michael Cole would say “Viking” more it’d be more clear to me.

    58. Chrome Pulse

      Are you sure that wasnt jobber and tom holland vs the viking raiders

    59. Young Knight

      The Viking Raider is the best Team, Summerslam The Viking vs The New Day.

    60. Thy Prototype

      I don't think WWE understand that defeating local jobbers isn't impressive.

    61. KEVIN KASA

      Jack Tomlinson or how ever you spell it and VSK yes

    62. Cosmolore

      Tom Holland sure sold that Viking Experience like a boss , hope they sign him

    63. Niño Rafael

      Just let Sarah Logan join The Viking Raiders

    64. Arturo D'alessio

      Viking Raiders vs AOP???

    65. King Crusty Nips

      That was a nasty landing


      How many pounds on Erik Hanson

    67. Joe Carroll 3

      The Viking Raiders need better opponents, not just glorified jobbers.

    68. Youtuber

      why do they let those unprofessionals compete? they dont even fight back

      1. Youtuber

        @Molly Hastings well i like to see that talent in a match

      2. Molly Hastings

        DE-newsr they are pro wrestlers and the gym they are at they are trained by a wwe superstar. They didn’t fight back probably because the matches are scripted and they were told not to. In reality they are both very talented wrestlers.

    69. Aviastru.

      congrats Jack Tomlinson!

    70. TheMan 122326

      The WAR raiders were brought up to the main roster too quick I mean what was the point in bringing them up when they had literally 0 plans for them