The Water-Cooled Overclockable Server! What??

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips

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    Am Vor 50 years


    1. Mr Dykof

      Whole server room water-cooling, I AM CALLING IT

    2. Arturo Tabera

      In 5 years everyone will have this power in a standard laptop.

    3. Jay Time

      south bridge ???? what is it 2009 lol

    4. Jakub Matusek

      linus activate windows

    5. Walter Magnum

      "That is so statically safe. Wood is an insulator." Static actually ONLY builds up in insulators...

    6. Brandon Greene

      Gigabit ports are disappointing... #firstworldproblems

    7. macstmanj3

      If it was an AMD CPU you could use ECC and overclock

    8. Cv Smith

      Some one please tell me what that headless hdmi adapter is called and where I can get one !!

    9. overclock1993

      Pump dies. Server is down. Stupid idea.

    10. Gio has ligma

      How about server cooled overclocked water?

    11. neojack333

      maybe you could build a 2U cooling box for this server, where you put slim rads. and use a low profile waterblock, and quick disconnects adaptors. oh and remove the stock radiators and fans. (or undervolt the fans)

    12. Stagger Lee

      So uhh... can it run Crysis?

    13. Noah McKee

      "it's only a $1,000 CPU" ladies and gents, this youtube channel has officially become too large for its own good.

    14. Trevor Rea-Stewart

      because you have room why don't you just open it up and put a real radiator with your own fans that arent 21000000rpm

    15. allan gaikwad

      If there's a solar flare 6:50

    16. William Sherry

      lol bit coin server

    17. Isaiah Birch

      If and/or will the jacket Linus is wearing be available? I would so buy that.

    18. David C

      I have pants on, just no shirt

    19. Gregory Panic

      Linus for the love of god where do i throw money to get that jacket? I don't normally buy branded stuff, but oh my goodness I have to have that jacket.

      1. Chris Nielsen

        Is it in their store?

    20. sebastian dobek

      He believed

    21. David Doevendans

      Why are you using a door as a table?

    22. Blind Bob

      beeee casue dumb asss it is 1100 W peak & it is specifically designed by professionals with proper tuned switching semiconductors. not like that fucking black masterbation box from some cheap assed Taiwanese provider, cos like that's why server tech is more expensive..... they use better parts.... Oh and it is basically FUCKING USELESS for high frequency trading. Why ? BEcauuuseeee HFT is about latency...... or lack of it.... why the fuck would you use a fast CPU for HFT? when the latency is gonna be induced by your fucking 1G network connector (the bottle neck) and as a result your fucking software stack BEFORE you get to your overclocked masturbation CPU?' If this were suitable for HFT it would be using 10G/40G optical connectors. some of the BEST HFT systems have custom FPGA AT THE CABLE IMPLEMENTING THE NETWORK STACK...... LOOKING AT THE BIT TRAFFIC AS IT COMES OVER THE FUCKING WIRE..... the data does not even make it to the "CPU"

    23. Mr. Rich B.O.B

      Me before this begins: This is stupid, dangerous, and no one would buy it; just do air cooled and get a faster CPU. Me after seeing it's only 1U: Oh, well that makes sense. Wow, what a great idea!

    24. Vader_Mester

      LOL, talking about static, and touching eversthing bare hnds, in long sleeve jumpers, well... you can kiss the server by-by from ESD in months.

    25. shay Dave

      8:25 what was that Israeli thing?

    26. Scychotic97

      is the "jacket" linus is wearing, for sale?

      1. Scychotic97

        oh nvm he mentioned it in the last part, cant wait!

    27. Rean

      i7 7900x.. ??????

    28. M eh

      For the 8 pin 'issue' this could be because in the past this thing has not really been used in a server. So it could be legacy

    29. AxXeNiCe

      "I think I'm in" - Linus 2019

    30. BIll Geo

      Where is the model number of this thing? Why not put it in the dublydoo???

    31. Cuby Hielo

      why is this video taking so long to load?

    32. I ASMOROFF

      Pulseway actually works pretty well, i like it.

    33. Filip Posa

      Is that Terraria music in the background?? xD

    34. Chris

      Wow, the AV is in sync!!

    35. LeRareTerr

      How'd you know that my pants are off

    36. IssacSun

      Linus please build an active noise canceled server room!

    37. Ash

      8:57 awkward..

    38. ne0tic


    39. Skutov R

      Best sponsor segue ever...

    40. the V air

      כל מי שישראל יגיד היי 8:25 say hi if you live on israel or I am the only one whose watch you guys :>>>

    41. marcus dewhurst

      Jake is so innocent he thinks they can upgrade an ltt server one does not simply upgrade an ltt server

    42. Graham Clowes

      I'm jamming with the Terraria music.

    43. Luke Wyn-Harris

      Apple had dongles on their servers last time!


      The cooling system is pretty cool if you know I'm saying where can you squeeze that in

    45. I'll Build Anything

      If hard drives are hot swapable, then they are SCSI, or Scuzzy, not SATA.

    46. Trent Osgood

      my i7 8700k got a score of 399 in cinebench extreme with an air cooler and it isn't overclocked.

    47. Aron Septianto

      Jake, why are you giving apple ideas

    48. somedude

      I like the idea of a water cooled server, If you remove the heat exchanger from the inside of the server case and pump the coolant to a external heat exchanger it would solve the noise and give you a significant of real estate inside that server.

    49. Willis Cooper

      Add GPU to a water cooled server....oh jesus Linus stop, just stop. Bashing the 1U riser card, which seems foreign to him, because you have to use a half height GPU....The server wasnt built to expect a GPU. Those slots are most likely and almost certainly meant for PCIe network cards or HBA SAS to connect to back end storage.

    50. Willis Cooper

      Why does Linus jack look like it has shoulder pads in it?

    51. Lewis Jones


    52. Chris Knox

      6:25 he almost pulled a linus

    53. Yohanes Adi P

      build full RGB server

    54. Bad Bob

      Why not rout the water cooling outside of the box to quit it down?

    55. HikKi

      Where's the hoodie on the store?! D:

    56. oicfas4523

      Jake is sooo much better since that video where he was savaged in the comments. Keep it up!

    57. darkmadrap

      FYI linus , OVH does liquid cooled overclocked game servers for heavy game server workloads :D , also a few other companies does that too ;)

    58. wpgspecb

      @14:21 I lost it. Anyone who has read the book "the big sort" or "flash boys" by Michael Lewis, will shit their pants. F**K HFT. They are whats wrong with capitalism.

    59. FPCG LeviathaN

      Jokes on me, I'm using Pulseway for years now. Actually pretty good!

    60. David Howes

      But why?

      1. David Howes

        Oh I see haha Trading

    61. ImAManMann

      Two things: > They haven't seen the inside of a server.....? > This is basically a desktop machine in a rack-mount case. >> Not all servers are rack-mount >> Concurrent power supplies do not a server make. >> Workstation RAM and CPU WHAT IS THE POINT?

      1. wpgspecb

        Because views... don't you know anything ? I will say this, I was hoping for enterprise grade stuff and not gigabyte

    62. Bill Gilbert

      Obviously, Linus has not heard of Ciara Orion servers - I've serviced those for about 2 and a half years.

    63. Bobinator

      15:00 $100,000 cpu is in too left corner

    64. Paul Klijnstra

      Jake, whaha dongle server 😜

    65. Richard Hacker

      Are you not the one that watercooled and overclocked a server already? so... you really cant say why.

    66. Simon Steffen

      lol, inb4 trying to use pulseway as a non business owner… RIP

    67. knyte6426

      I need one of those PSUs for a custom ITX gaming build. 1100w in such a small form would be useful.

    68. renderdreality

      There is a new Cinebech 20

    69. Jacopo Ricci

      What is that HDMI thing Jake plugged in the back of the server?

      1. James Mckay

        Hdmi dummy plug. So people running no displays can set rdp resolutions higher

    70. Isaia M

      Jake was actually very pleasant in this Video. Normally he annoys me.

    71. Maker's Muse

      I really really hope that sweet new hoodie is going to be available for purchase - my WAN hoodie has done me well but I've worn it to death. XD

    72. Jarrod West

      I worked in HFT software for a bit and I can tell you that they care about MICROSECONDS, so if you can get milliseconds of difference from something as easy as a one-off hardware purchase they're going to jump at it. These are the kinds of companies that fight over rack space so they can reduce the length of their fibre lines by a few centimetres,.

    73. 麦

      Overclocking is pretty stupid, even in gaming CPUs.

    74. FDN

      more jake please

    75. Lou9896

      And I thought my 900p laptop with a nvidia 660m 16gb ddr3 and Intel i7 gen 3 was a good machine lol

    76. Brunauss Testburn

      I can see the business logic behind the creation of this server. They can simultaneously broaden their client base and create a better served for elite business clientele. This in turn means much more money for developing high end gaming hardware, to make themselves more competitive.

    77. Blackheart

      I wish LINUSS READ THISSS I really want a gaming pc for my birthday I'm turning 19 this APRIL I would appreciate even spare parts from himm

    78. elrabin

      Pretty major downsides compared to other systems on the market designed for HFT. A few companies already have systems designed to "pin" clock speeds at a specific frequency with no jitter. Officially supported by Intel, you're disabling cores and increasing clock speed with the gained thermal overhead. No need for liquid cooling, more robust storage, networking and management options. I don't see this having legs in HFT

    79. Mike Loeven

      Is this the final production server or a prototype ?

    80. Devildriver187

      You can double up your drywall in that server room then do the sound deadening material over that, it will Dramatically help

    81. Marioo Kasiorek

      End more fukin bull shiet , ok Sebo , this serwer rebulding to wery power full pc , no fuckin serwer only gaming , next my idea , mayby 10 ventilators or castom very high perfomance water cooling , en sli grafics only cross , ?please test it , this .,

    82. Matthew Bartlett

      "Realistically, you're going to drop it anyway." ROFL

    83. Lawton Wacker

      Is it just me or does Jake only own that single sweatshirt?

    84. Yellow Squirrel

      15:08 Why not just build a room - in - room construction for your servers? You know, like the ones recording studios use. With your Server Setup you don't even have to worry about the size.

    85. Dom V.

      why don't you guys just get some old 4U or 2U server and rebuild it into that? and add some RTX Titan or RTX 2080Ti, that would be very sweet for Adobe ME :)

    86. Dom V.

      When I was working for Inventec, I sometimes tested 1U servers with 4 xeon cpus :) it depends on what you want and how much you can pay for it, it is possible to make small server powerful, just not cheap

    87. Ketz

      The Ryzen series is great.

    88. pr0xZen

      Get paid! By PIA....D. Oh. No wait.

    89. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

      Considering how the absolute high end must feature something quite awesome such as watercooling these days (they are probably being maintained a lot on a daily basis anyway) to be interesting, this wasn´t all that extremely outlandish to appear.

    90. Matt G

      Ghetto tech tips

    91. PooP LooPS

      What is a server?

    92. Rockman

      I realised you guys change the title or thumbnail??? Come on, at least make a guide on how to make home server using "JUST" old laptop. no squarespace or diveplane and stuff. JUST OLD LAPTOP i dont mind buying extra hardware for wireless feature. Im not tech student, but im interested with this networking and stuff.

    93. YoungTube

      Лайк бро,го ВЗАИМКУ ПОдписывася

    94. The EpicSlayer7 SSS

      if they would move the PCIe Slot for full length cards and the extra PCB board, they could put full GFX cards in there and it would work for your purpose! tho those fans sounds like 90DB lol (as loud as a popping balloon!)

    95. ICEMAN GT


    96. MrSilverMo

      you look a bit like the 11th doctor :D

    97. John Galt Line

      No point in using a 1u design where space isn't a concern. They are always too loud to be in the same building as humans. Given LMG's use case, just buy a 4u chassis and build whatever water cooled system you like inside it. You have the room in your rack. 1u only make sense where you have a specific task and getting the most systems capable of that task per cabinet is the most important factor.

    98. Paul Campbell

      Them jumpers shoulder pads man, remember the 90s

    99. Brandon Walker

      South-bridge architecture went away with the i-series. Just an FYI.

    100. Dan C

      If you were going to have water cooled server components wouldn't it be easier to set up the racks with quick disconnects to a master loop that goes down to a bar fridge holding multiple radiators and a pump (thin Honda Civic sized radiators and Davies Craig EWPs). Then there'd be less weight and noise overall and a more consistent temp control while also having enough head room to be expandable.