The Weeknd - In Your Eyes Remix feat. Doja Cat (Audio)

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    Official audio for The Weeknd's “In Your Eyes” Remix feat. Doja Cat - available everywhere now:
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    1. Azizah Clement

      there are 6.9M veiws and 6.9K dislikes rn

    2. Enrique Banuelos

      Sorry I haven't been on the internet. Why do he hate Doja cat ?

    3. Logi Karaoke

      Karaoke video:

    4. Minh Trần Trọng

      I hope

    5. Minh Trần Trọng

      The Weeknd ❤️Doja Cat

    6. Philo Math

      So many comments are about Doja getting "cancelled." Just don't pay attention to these people. The reason this shit is getting traction is because people actually take it seriously.

    7. raghavendra kamble

      Please remake the song Jonathan murrill catch me please 🙏

    8. raghavendra kamble

      Wow I liked too much 👍👌😘😘

    9. DT Drakes

      I can imagine MJ dancing to all the songs of The Weeknd

    10. Duy Hoàng

      Best intro feel

    11. Carolina Torres

      1:31 I love it

    12. Natalie Oates

      I swear the weekend is a different person everything he come back

    13. Brad Myers

      Man this is a really great song I fuckin love every thing about it

    14. Dom Frank

      This grew on me pretty fast.

    15. Germán Ricardo Bernal Godoy

      this song reminds me to the tune they put in this lacoste commercial

    16. Leandro Dos santos

      Sou do Brasil 🇧🇷,parabéns pelo sucesso continue assim 👏👏👏

    17. XS_st3ph4noC7

      Shit fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    18. alicia rafael leyva

      Amoooo, the weeknd el mejorrrrr

    19. Kuro

      Idc doja cat is still cancelled or whatever iM STILL VIBING TO THIS

    20. marko polo 2


    21. Mico Bruce

      In my eyes

    22. Christian Follower

      Are both versions supposed to be available? The "extended version" is the only version I see available. The shorter version of this song is nowhere available for us. Only on DE-news can you hear the "shorter version" Thanks.

    23. Steve Powers

      These vibes 🔥

    24. Charmela Janvier

      Idgaf if she cancelled she still my queen 👸🏽 and watch her new live it explains everything😂💗

    25. Iwona K

      Piękna super 😁💗😘♥️

    26. ROBØJAK


    27. Cilly Hale

      Doja is so talented. At first I thought she was just good at rapping but she also has a killer singing voice😍

    28. Sofia Falcón

      que hermosa canción me la dedico a mi mismo

    29. James Massachusetts

      Wtf the weekend fine ass liked her comment.

    30. leo imran

      Oh doja cat ❤❤❤❤

    31. MiMiQueenz

      Please make a music video for this song 🙏😍

    32. ivan

      nice dude

    33. pure vocalś

      I was never there cover

    34. la bête ;

      Koba t’écoute ça ?? Ceux qui ont la réf très fort

    35. tenshi Garcia

      La canción es buena, me hace sentir tanta nostalgia :c

    36. Zohra Khatoon

      Congrats abel you hit 19 million subs we love you and support you I love you ❤️

      1. Zohra Khatoon

        Thank you for the person who liked my comment finally someone who realised he hie 19 mill

      2. Zohra Khatoon

        Honestly ain't know body gonna congratulation him 😇

    37. Patrycja Gebala

      [Intro: Doja Cat & The Weeknd] Oh Ooh, yeah [Verse 1: The Weeknd] I just pretend that I'm in the dark, and I don't regret 'cause my heart can't take a loss I'd rather be so oblivious I'd rather be with you [Pre-Chorus: The Weeknd] When it's said, when it's done, yeah I don't ever wanna know I can tell what you done, yeah When I look at you [Chorus: The Weeknd] In your eyes I see there's something burning inside you Oh, inside you In your eyes I know it hurts to smile, but you try to Oh, you try to You always try to hide the pain You always know just what to say I always look the other way I'm blind, I'm blind In your eyes You lie, but I don't let it define you Oh, define you [Verse 2: Doja Cat & The Weeknd] I never lied when I cried for you And I know you cry too (Know you cry too) You're reading minds, just couldn't deny you do Always hard to say bye to you (And I taught myself to say) Love the way you're talkin', love your style, but, ooh, babe We know that you got it from me And it's haunting you deep, too hard not to see it Hate the way I feel love, only hurts with real love And it's taking every part of me, when you look, I could see love One day, I'm giving you space And the next day, you're giving me faces And I like parties, not this place It's comin' out of my bag for you to get wasted I (Can't stop staring at you) It's like I forgot that staring is rude And that's what five shots could turn me into (Oh yeah) But you've done most things that gentlemens do, so (Oh) [Pre-Chorus: The Weeknd] When it's said, when it's done, yeah I would never let you know (Let you know) I'm ashamed of what I've done, yeah When I look at you [Chorus: The Weeknd] In your eyes (Your eyes) I see there's something burning inside you (Inside you) Oh, inside you (Oh, inside you) In your eyes I know it hurts to smile, but you try to (Try to) Oh, you try to (I try to, babe) You always try to hide the pain (Oh, oh) You always know just what to say (Oh yeah) I always look the other way I'm blind, I'm blind In your eyes You lie, but I don't let it define you (Oh) Oh, define you [Outro: Doja Cat] Oh

    38. SuPerman

      Can you look me IN THE EYE and tell me this song isn't good?

    39. Victor H.

      80's hitting hard

    40. Duy Phúc Trần

      This song is like a fire in these cold days for me

    41. Gyan Shah

      the weeknds songs sound like they're from the 80s

    42. SRISHTY kaur

    43. Iwona K

      Super 😁

    44. Lloyd Fortune

      What do you guys think about Beyoncé's younger brother is he good?

    45. KeeKeeNice

      I was hesitant on what her sound was gonna be for this song n doggggggg she NEVER fckn disappoints lol omg!!!! Bae for life, fa real. She got The Weeknd a new listener lol

    46. ark venancio

      "YOU LIE BUT I DON'T LET IT DEFINE YOU" i remember doja's mistakes here in this line

    47. B.u.g the gr8est

    48. WonderWoman

      Why does she sound like Selena Gomez? 😂

    49. Alizon2933 R.A

      Que hermosa canción ❤️

    50. FHD yukihira


    51. Emily Gissell

      I don't care if she is cancelled, I still love this remix. It's a masterpiece. Period

    52. ronni Quezada

      The wekend el mejor saludos desde republica dominicana

    53. Cam Alex



      everytime i see and hear doha, he looksnand and sounds different, like different person

    55. Riley Simmons

      at first i thought doja cat was ok, like she was just a rapper and i liked say so, but this song made me love her sooo much more. I like how she isnt just rapping and her voice is just so pretty!!

    56. Brianna Vasquez

      then cancel culture gotta stop we cant be canceling talented artist like Doja and the fact she made a song with my favorite artist is amazing

    57. Frivvifox2019 FrivvifoxLauren7Billieeilish


    58. Frivvifox2019 FrivvifoxLauren7Billieeilish

      #selenagomez 👱‍♀️😏💍💎💍😏👱‍♀️#selegomez

    59. Frivvifox2019 FrivvifoxLauren7Billieeilish

      Good shit love this song

    60. Hector Peña

      Damnn why she have to get cancelled not saying what she did was right but damn I liked her

    61. S G

      My god this woman is so talented. Her voice is just amazing and her words so powerful and nostalgic but the girl needs to work on her personality.

    62. Eliezer Marinez

      Que masison está la miusig

    63. Xjdididjd Dieowoa

      MDS eu amo este homem 😍😍😍😍

    64. Brunna Rodrigues

      Melhor cantor de todos os tempo 💕

    65. jabasto

      Am I in the 80s again?

    66. Mii QR Codes Unofficial

      When You Thought The Nicki Manaj Remix Was It...

    67. Mahir Gautam

      this song can make even a handicap dance.

    68. Farid Tzub perez

      Esta musica me encanta like si crees lo mismo