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    A substitute teacher leaves quite the impression on his students, just not the one he intended.
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    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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    Am Vor 2 Monate


    1. Tarun Vigneswaran

      I wonder what would happen if they had Mr. Garvey as the substitute teacher

    2. The Human System

      Good thing it wasn't Nose-strand.

    3. Don Gadson

      This is why, as a kid, teen, young adult, adult, and elder, you should always be cautious of what you eat before going to work/class/meetings/social visits. Even going so far as being conscious about what you eat and drink the night before still applies to the next morning. Heavy meals with red meats or dairy or lots of spices can really create a negative situation while one is out and about in public. Majority of ppl don't like using public restrooms because they smell bad and are filled with filth and germs. Chewing/bubble gum is a great way to produce gas, so be cautious when chewing for too long in social settings. Passing gas around comrades or a crush is not cute.

    4. Penguins and eagles

      some interesting faces at exactly 1:00

    5. Deanna Chopin


    6. Nenad ИС XC Shuput


    7. Arif

      Key & Peele writes many skits and what got me is a fart joke? I'm too weak

    8. Tesla C

      1:12 tell me why that looks like Jk in the background 🤣🤣


      that was a very good bit....well written...and funny

    10. Mr. Z

      If I was that substitute and that happened to me, I would let a second one rip out (even louder) to let them know IDGAF and I am crazier than they are.

    11. Zakaria El Hilali

      As a teacher, this is my worst nightmare.


      Damn, his fart put him out.

    13. Kerem the trainee mangaka

      This is mr nostrand, mr nostrand thinks about his actions and decides fit is smart to leave. Be like mr nostrand

    14. Zed Zoran

      I remember when these guys were funny.😔

    15. Vinay Seth

      Poo-etic Justice.

    16. DJ Kim

      I love how the female student opens her eyes so big as if she freezes. lol

    17. Firoz Md Tamal

      FYI He actually shit his pants. That’s why he had to leave immediately

    18. Kelvin Madison

      I am old school and watched mad tv and comedic skits from others etc....K&P were unbelievable writing simple skits that have u dying laughing when you need it!!!

    19. Nora

      He sounds like snape 😭

    20. ForeverFridayVideo


    21. Sean Murphy

      A.... A .... Aron.... 🤣

    22. Pedro Lopez

      Visual representation of trying to stop bs in my life

    23. Addo Densu

      Just when I thought he was about to command the students respect..

    24. royel panda

      The four frail jaw cytochemically confuse because mark extraorally protect of a redundant wash. soggy, accidental layer

    25. Andrei Makarski

      i will never know which one is key and which one is peele and never plan to find out

    26. xXGrEyZXx

      Still less embaressing than him trying to order in a french restaurant

    27. Kobias Jacobs

      Y'all remember when Peele was da class clown and Key was the Teacher... This is just Karma from then and now Peele is gettin laughed at 😂

    28. Sofia James

      NOT BE. A DAY . O(F.)

    29. Josh Ruble

      Of all the key and peele sketches I've ever watched, this one was the worst by a long shot. Every other one I've seen is hilarious. Maybe they let somebody else write this one. I dunno, but it wasn't funny at all

    30. Hoztov

      Is that where Key's substitute teacher character used to work?

    31. Ian Garza

      when theres one white in the back lol wtf

    32. Xono Light

      Why tf they got a map of italy on the wall....

    33. Icaro Miranda

      Key and Peele are the only ones who can make really funny fart jokes 😂

    34. Nsubuga Tony

      🤣🤣 dead!!!

    35. Carlos Garcia

      Hilarious how no one hit him with the paper balls 😂😂

    36. What're you doing?

      Coach Karter Real life.

    37. HeadBandit

      These kids must've have been held back 10-15 times! They look 30 years old lol

    38. Bigfish 38

      1000th comment

    39. nitrile2000

      Pretty sure that was a shart.

    40. kawika da

      Mr. Garvy would have kicked all of their asses. Just ask AA-Ron.

    41. T. N.

      Thought this would be some sequel to the JQuelin saga😭was funnier still

    42. T. N.


    43. Sudipto Dutta

      that duster swipe!

    44. Rory Ross

      We need more Sidney Poitier!

    45. Joshua Bowman

      It’s the wizarding teacher.

    46. Laugh day

      I give up on watching these sketches 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. They almost killed me

    47. Bliss Ventura

      Do people really wear what the girl was wearing at 0:44 in school? I'm asian so we use uniforms, that shit just amazes me if it's really how it is

      1. liverlipps

        I live in the United states. Trust me, again, trust me, that's normal attire. Unless, its private school or a school with strict attire, that's common to see in public schools especially high school. im not kidding. Google it to see for yourself. I see in Asain countries, you guys wear uniforms

    48. cancontrl

      And that was my HS

    49. JW

      I didn’t expect him to leave...Lol

    50. Taylor Uhlman

      this is such an accurate representation of public school lighting

      1. axnjxn3

        We had so many rooms without windows

    51. Thanos Aldren

      That was the funniest shit!!!

    52. Ace of Spades

      Mr. Garvey needs to come into that class next.

    53. Marcus Jai

      Need a part 2!😂😂😂

    54. Te Rez

      I did not expect that.

    55. Cylisme

      This teacher is very serious even when he had a continental breakfast

      1. axnjxn3

        That fart was FROM the continental breakfast...

    56. Air Cortez

      0:59 James harden in high school 😂

    57. A SOSA

      This why I can’t be a teacher

    58. Luis Fernando

      Now that might as well be No-nonsense because I do not play around....

    59. nathan bullen

      Adapted from To Sir With Love

    60. Chandula Suriyapperuma

      When can we see something where the teacher wins

    61. Tom Orme

      This was actually a subtle commentary on how awful those "students" are.

    62. Xavier Gutierrez

      Dam the fart, he was the right teacher to turn these kids lives around from drugs, hooking and being early mothers.....

    63. albert dean castillo

      Embarrassment is just around the corner when all eyes on you.

    64. joe castro

      when you couldnt get mr Garvey

    65. G Perrin

      0:44 Whats with that guys knee?

    66. B Q

      I feel like if they developed the character NOSTRAND just a bit longer (like another 10 seconds) and then cued the fart sequence that would’ve been even more hilarious 😆

    67. Inedits

      I know a preacher when I see one!!

    68. Philip A Winged

      Maybe if those students paid more attention in school, a single one of those paper balls would have hit Mr.Nostrand.

    69. Anthony Collins

      What in the fuck was that 🤣🤣

    70. steve thered

      I am guessing this is not the first time 🤔😂😂😂