Tie-Dying My Clothes With Bleach



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    1. Cassidy Smith

      Jillian's flexing his muscles-

    2. Glitter Queen of Spades

      Please come back, we need your Sunshine, YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    3. Benjamin Schaetzle

      4:00 be a gogo bitch!

    4. Decent Parks


    5. Василина Марцепанова

      Hello, I'll take a couple of minutes, I'm from Russia, or rather from Moscow. I am an aspiring actress, there is a lot of negativity in my life, at first I took everything to heart, there is always one person in the audience who will be dissatisfied with your performance , but you should not take everything so sharply. In Russia, we all love you very much, but you are very famous here. When it's difficult or sad, I watch your videos, I see how strong you are and I keep going forward, I am often humiliated, work in the theater is difficult, my family also has a lot of problems, but I see that there are strong people like you, you are my inspiration, thanks to such people I continue my journey. It is impossible to please everyone! We love you very much. I love you very much, don't pay attention to rude comments about your work, listen to agrometerology criticism. Keep doing what you love, good luck to you, with love, Vaska from Moscow

    6. Ann Chen

      The purple rochester hoodie looks like it has a giant lip 💋 mark on it.super sickkkk

    7. Fiona d

      i miss you already

    8. Alexandria

      hang on did julien say "just fold it into a...like a treble clef"?? 3:29

    9. Rina Dem

      JENNA PLEASE COME BACK #RussiaLovesYouJenna

    10. Drawing With Jubs


    11. Christina Hingorani

      Hi Jenna I love you..you're the best!! Screw what any hater says...its like you can't make any video or comment these days without someone psychoanalyzing it and finding a reason to be pissed. Everyone has the right to feel the way they do but still at the same time some people are taking all this way too far. I think it's a combo of quarantine and extra time on people's hands plus a whole anti racist movement randomly starts in the midst of it

    12. Nakita Raulerson

      I hadn't even read the title, just seen the shirt and said damn I want it.

    13. lacey and jadyn shared channel

      Am I the only one re-watching Jenna's videos after she quit DE-news? I support her decision, but I miss her so much.😢😭

    14. Fierce Kitten

      15 minutes of Julien being nasty.

    15. Racheal Whitlatch

      Come back to us. I need my mom.

    16. Giiing Ging

      I hope you are coming back jenna i love no no no we love you i hope your mental health is getting better and I hope you see all the support love from everyone

    17. Jaelene Arteaga


    18. Andrew Awesome

      Is anyone rewatching her videos after she quit 😢😭

    19. Brody Fulton

      omg the st.louis sweatshirt 🤓😣😩😭😢

    20. Grace Paul-Moore

      jennas kids r gonna love her, shes cool but also hella safe. and julien will just be julien with them which is what i love abt both of them.

    21. lady okuni

      I love you Jenna, please rest well

    22. Eva Orszag


    23. sarahchristine617922


    24. Christa Payton

      I love y'all!

    25. Klaus Baklaus

      Russia loves you 💖

    26. Meadow Salinas

      Come back🥺

    27. Sandra Wallace

      😂😂😂I like tie dye, because there are no rules, and that’s how I like to live my life! Lmao I knew there was a reason I’ve always loved tie dye. 😀

    28. oops

      who's also having a jenna breakdown marathon

      1. Mackenzie French

        wow... soul sisters

    29. Anny Kautzky


    30. Face 2 Face

      03:44 🤣😂😅❤️❤️❤️

    31. Chase ☑️

      Are we all skimming through this video trying to find reasons to complain? Let’s see, Jenna’s bun is crooked and that’s racist. She needs to apologize. Let’s cancel her for literally zero reason because we are a bunch of whiny little cunts with no lives!

      1. oops

        cancel culture is bad because it makes people think that their past mistakes define them and that they can't educate themselves and CHANGE.

    32. Emma Rothe

      She looks so happy and then now... :(

    33. Brittany Denson

      You should definitely resort to a craftier channel and do more of this!!! Y'all did a kick ass job!

    34. kaosz7777

      I need to do this ...

    35. Luis Castillo

      who would have thought that st.louis hoodie would go down in history

    36. Nastia

      I'm from Rochester NY and about 8 years ago I met some friends of friends from out of state and they told me I sounded like jenna marbles. I looked her up and loved hearing a WNY state accent 😂😂

    37. Reed Seeje

      This video offends me and makes me feel bad, please private or delete.

      1. Arath Alvarado


    38. J Zorro

      i miss her

    39. Kate Marincovich

      Jenna you are and forever will be my absolute favorite DE-newsr. A fun channel to watch to just chill. Hang out feel at home, random fun things all the time, nothing but laughs and positive vibes. Like many I grew up watching you and I look forward to your videos every week. Please don’t go ❤️ your extremely loved and one of the most real people I’ve seen.... petition to keep Jenna marbles here on youtube with her internet family !

    40. Rosa Larz

      Taking away humor and comedy is once step closer to censorship. It's the fascist attacking everyone NOT JUST JENNA to control the masses. I wish Joan Rivers were here to give her some advice and encouragement. We miss Jenna and you already and want y'all to know You did nothing wrong and don't regret any joke. Tell her we love her and are sad she left and we want her back. I feel like I lost a friend and now have no one to laugh with... I know you probably won't read this but just in case

    41. Vasiliki

      I MISS YOU

    42. Taylor Colleli

      My heart hurts watching her videos after her goodbye youtube video, ugh Jenna we miss you already come back

    43. Keelia Riley

      Jenna we love you! 💕💕

    44. Viktor Aeyra

      I thought this was the lass from love is blind. Also do t cancel yourself gal.

    45. Ry Rabelheart

      Yo Jenna! I frigging love your videos! I had a couple years where I wasn't watching many youtube videos (just being busy) but I've picked up watching your videos more again in the past couple months because we're still somehow insanely similar xD (One of the many things I'm doing during the quarantine AND summer break from vet school) Thanks for posting about cool shit! My faves lately have been your plant tour and went back to some oldies I watched back in undergrad (like 2012 I think) because I wanted to show my friends :D The ones that came to mind were the OG "How to convince people you're really good looking" and a couple others but we were laughing too hard at your shit and our own comments (maybe some good drinks) that we only watched so many videos. One of the other things I've taken up has been posting to my own youtube channel (something I also haven't really done in a long time). If you're interested hit me up or check it out, otherwise hope the stay at home is treating you well! You great :)

    46. Uni Horse




    48. Rene Hope

      I just had to redo this and try to get a cloud hoodie just like you I even filmed it and uploaded it. I hope you don't leave youtube you are what's inspiring to so many people, very much including me.

    49. Renee Piccoli

      I miss her :'(

    50. Karina

      i miss you

    51. Randy Ramirez

      She said "black" shirt canceled!

    52. Erin Panto

      I am going to try this! Everything came out so cool!

    53. Kary Suizel

      who would have known a month later one of these pieces would be used to deliver one of the saddest news of 2020

    54. Ania Beech

      I just miss you, already 😔

    55. The.Salty.Sarlacc

      Now it hurts my heart to see her in that blue hoodie 😭😭😭😭😭

    56. XOXOXO


    57. North Georgia

      The Maoist Block Captains that appointed themselves Sheriffs over what we can say, watch, and think will not win in the end. Lawyers...

    58. Tessa Lazzari

      I already miss Jenna

    59. Shannabella Watt

      I love you 🥰

    60. Tiffany Patricia

      Anyone else see a dog in Julianne’s witch had shirt? Like a dog wearing sunglasses with 1 ear showing.

    61. Bikash Gautam

      I just realized that your personality is just like Phoebe from Friends lol 😆 just an observation

    62. Isabella DeJesus

      I wasn’t born anywhere 🙃

    63. Michael Jay Wayne

      .... Missing you.... And it hasn't even been a videoless Wednesday yet.... Is it weird that I'm genuinely scared.... And like heartbroken... 💔 Ilysm Jenna!!! 😭💚

    64. Puffley

      I miss you already Jenna. Know you are loved and accepted

    65. You Toobe

      OLD AF

    66. Варвара Кондратюк

      Russia loves you

    67. Christian Tuckwell

      where can I get that blue ST.Louis hoodie !!!!

    68. Molly Hamilton

      horse people energy