TikTok's Toxic Diet Culture Needs to be Stopped

Natacha Océane

Natacha Océane

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    I've been asked to take a look through the diet + weight loss content on TikTok so many times recently. Social media is full of scams and hearsay and I hope this video's a little reminder to show love to anyone online who might be struggling and point them towards qualified voices: Registered Dietitians and Medical Doctors.
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    A few of my favourite papers assessing the impact of undernutrition on health and the effectiveness of a highly restrictive diet on long term weight loss (there are lots more but I am hitting DE-news’s word limit! ☹️)
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    If you’re interested in the interviews with RDs and MDs about lemon water, ACV, cayenne pepper etc below are some examples (I haven’t found any rigorously conducted and peer reviewed scientific literature into this, which says something already!)
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    1. Natacha Océane

      In case it helps, Britain’s NHS shares that 2,223 calories is the average estimated energy requirement for a 13 year old girl. This only increases through adolescence (it’s nearly 2,500 calories for 17 y/o girls) and bear in mind that this is assuming an average level of activity which realistically isn’t going to be that much. Growth and development have significant energy requirements and we shouldn’t just take them as assumed ♥️ I hope it helps, love ya 💛 www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/childrens-health/how-many-calories-do-teenagers-need/

      1. Delruiz

        Honestly this video and all the studies you reference have really helped me to shift my mindset towards more healthy eating habits (i.e. reducing food restrictions that result in weekend binges) which is a great step forward on my health and fitness journey

      2. Maria Clara Martins

        i’m 14 and 5’4 and when i used to eat about 1900 kcal daily, i gained weight like crazy :( now i eat around 1400 and am maintaining - even losing a bit. should i eat more?

      3. Mariana Paredes

        Yess please do a video for teenagers of 14-17

      4. Chelsea Leigh

        I started using mfp a while ago and to lose weight they recommended I eat 1220 calories! I dumped that shit so quick when I was so tired I could barely get through the day. Seeing these figures is shocking and made me realise I'm still seriously not eating enough

      5. Angie

        @Hannah Pernía it depends on your height. Not everyone should eat the same. I eat 1600 to maintain my weight as I am 20 and 4'11. 1600 maintains my 115 weight

    2. klyse16

      That wink after extra Guac is honestly so relatable and this is 100% if I’m getting a burrito. (Also Arbonne is a multi level marketing pyramid scheme thingy which is why people in those comments are cranky about it)

    3. Gurpreet Sokhi

      you are literally my idol!! I always try sharing this information with a lot of my friends and I'm so happy you made this video, this is so so important

    4. Assia EB

      thank you for making this! many teens need to know this and start taking care of themselves

    5. Aoe aoe

      me consuming only 460-470 cals a day lol

    6. Hazo DIY

      Hiii 💛 hope you’re well 🙈 I want to ask you where you’re necklace is from 😍 thank you so much

    7. kyramischelle k

      thank you!

    8. Roease

      The k. E y to good eating and healthy eating is balanceee! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it’s all about what your body needssss it’s also about something you can keep consistent like think of it this way o h I had a lot of sugar today won’t put some in my iced coffee. Or I haven’t eaten much veg I’ll make a salad for dinner

    9. Sophie Sanders

      But like if you don't eat less you won't lose weight? So what do I have to do then to lose weight?

    10. Mara Baker

      this NEEDS to be seen

    11. Christie Chisholm

      I appreciate you and what you put out into the world SO MUCH. Thank you for this!

    12. Danielle De Martin


    13. MaKayla Childress

      i like how you incorporate legit research

    14. Jessie Enriquez

      Thank you for this! I appreciate you digging deeper into this. I went through a traumatic event and I completely lost my appetite. A lot of my meals would only consist of watermelon and brussel sprouts. I ended up losing 40 pounds (18 kilos) in just 2 months. I ended up getting very sick and after 2 weeks in the hospital, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I am here to testify that undereating is NOT the key. I am convinced that between the stress, trauma and SEVERE undereating, this is what got me sick. It has been 3 years since this event and I am now eating clean and eating well. I listen to my body when it's hungry and feed it a beautiful variety of whole foods (not processed) and I feel better than ever. I am not in remission yet, but I have faith that I could have that some day soon.

    15. Erick Martinez

      5:23 is me at every Chipotle and Qdoba

    16. Gabriela Vilches Rivas

      My sister actually follows tik tok advice, she began drinking "weight loss" drinks and they only caused her to have diarrhea for a week and somehow the skin of her face broke, still she doesn't want to blame it on tik tok.

    17. C VH

      This is all so true. I've had terrible digestive problems for years, but was also undereating and messing with food for years. This eventually developed into anorexia, which made my digestion the worst is had ever been, but I am now, almost 3 years later, pretty much fully recovered. My digestion has never been better (still some minor problems, but it improved so much), movement feels GOOD now to my body, instead of terrible (which I thought was normal), and I'm happier then ever.

    18. dudie

      There was a time I was so stressed out I completely lost appetite and was forcing myself every day to at least eat something... Not fun I can tell you. On top of that I got the flu. In less then a month I dropped 10kg and felt so miserable but at the same time I was kind of happy that I finally lost the weight I wanted to lose for years but then in a healthy way. After I got rid of the stress and started to feel better I gained it all again. I was a bit sad about gaining it back but I rather be fat and happy then skinny and feeling miserable. Right now I'm on a weight loss journey and I'm taking it really slow and make sure I do eat enough and not starve myself.

    19. sisilcutee

      Couldn’t agree more! This is so insightful!❤️💪🏽

    20. Simon Dahl

      those people have mental issues and this comes from someone loosing 100 pount over few years! control food, go gym few times a week and walk allot and i can guarantee u will lose weight safe and good! best if u lose 2-3 pound a month and dont set to high goal's because you can lose hope and give up, eat around 2000-2500-3000+ calories depending on ur activity, "from modorate to very high" DO NOT HUNGER UR SELF IT-WILL-NEVER-NEVER-EVER-WORK, been there done that and i did not work longer then the time u did it and u gained everything the same week u went back to eatting like normal! stay focused stay positive and do not weight ur self and think u weight the same and i did not work. UR BODY CHANGES AS U EXERCISE AND GIVE UR SELF 6 MONTHS MINIMUM AND U WILL HEAR PEOPLE TELL U HOW MUCH U CHANGED, DO NOT LET THE SCALE DISCURAGE U! sorry my english is bad!

    21. Ab Cd

      I'm currently trying to lose some weight and my calorie intake is about 1,200 maxxx. But since I'm in middle Europe, it's like, normal to eat low calorie diets. like a typical breakfast is cereal, then a big lunch, and a small dinner, like a salad. So it's super confusing to know I could eat 2,000+ calories on a normal day.

    22. Cecile Ledesma

      Appreciate what you and Mr. Greg Doucette do on this platform. DE-news needs more people like you who know their stuff!!!💕

    23. Emily Shervey

      natacha could u pretty please discuss the science behind intermittent fasting? like 12-36 hours fasting. i really appreciate ur inclusion of real scientific articles!!

    24. Akanshya Shoes

      just as an experiment try creating multiple accounts on a platform and use all of them will the recommendations be any different?

    25. Sahar B

      You’re wonderful! You helped me so much

    26. kordulus

      Hey i've been losing weight by following your videos on running techniques..That or i have stage 4 cancer and don't realize it...Hmm.. i think i just thought of a new tiktok idea.

    27. Andrea Kuftin

      Thanks for putting up content that challenges diet culture. I deal with anorexia and this video was really refreshing and supportive to my recovery process.

    28. Nikhita

      Commenting so this gets recommended to the ppl who need it most

    29. zy

      lol what i restrict at 700 calories

    30. Brittany Johnson

      This video was so triggering for me, but I’m so happy you’re putting this information out there ♥️ teenage me needed a DE-news voice of reason like this

    31. Nidhi

      Tik tok banned in india!

    32. Starlight.Studio

      don't have tiktok and dont want it. glad my girls are too young to see this stuff.

    33. Brawny Oatmeal

      I don't even believe that girl's a doctor of pharmacy! I myself am a doctor of Pharmacy, I studied five years and I wasn't taught about this bullshit with vinegar and lemon and pepper lmao I wonder where she got that from, I don't think it's from university! We need to study plenty of biochemistry so how can she think that will work. Sounds more like "alternative" medicine and pseudo science

    34. Pelin *

      they actually lose the bloated water on their body by consuming that much of cucumber-water thing (which is not bad as long as you eat too) and they think that they lost fat :)

    35. Heyhey Zz

      I‘m eating like 600-900 calories a day and I’m trying to be healthy and eat more BUT I’m really afraid of gaining weight after eating more . I feel like I will never be healthy again !

    36. FlameMonarch

      Is 1400 cal really undereating, though? That's what MyFitnessPal says I should be eating to lose 1.5 lb per week.

    37. Pnina Smith

      I just discovered your channel recently and I'm totally obsessed with all your videos!!!!

    38. Gina Horváth

      I was a teenager when such harmful information and posts went around on Tumblr with hashtags like thinspo. Posts telling people not to eat at all or ridiculous meal plans where you eat only fruit for a day. I am happy that now it's easier to get informed about the dangers of these things for example in Natacha's videos. I just hope that those kids look these things up before doing anything stupid.

    39. Britney Krausman

      This video is amazing. I know so many people who struggle with the exact things we are seeing on this platform. You are the only person I have ever heard who has explained health in a truly healthy way. Thank you so much for being a positive voice!

    40. Jordi Elvidge

      you're so good! i love these videos you do!

    41. elaine hong

      tiktok was created and is still run by a chinese company, and is overseen by the chinese government. their whole point is to make money, and to make money, you have to make people use your app. unfortunately, they don’t care about users’ health, they just want people to spend more time on tiktok so they can earn profit

    42. Aurelia

      I feel like i always learn sth new everytime i watch ur videos love them

    43. Clint Patterson

      15:23 I got a bit defensive on this one for the apple cider vinegar. I'm not disagreeing on the metabolism, serious fat loss, or looking like an instagram model. But I'm in the US where diabetes is terrible. There is serious implication from many research studies that vinegar used with meals can help to manage blood glucose and insulin levels. It's such a strong effect that the one MD who you quote in that section of the video cautions people with diabetes on using vinegar due to the impact on insulin levels. Just like with a serious alteration of diet that influences insulin secretion, people on medication for diabetes may need to have that medication altered due to vinegar use. It also is implicated in reducing diabetic complications with the liver and other organs. The blood glucose and insulin control suggest to me that if someone is already overweight with prediabetes or diabetes, they should expect to improve their health and reduce diabetes complications with vinegar. I'm not sure how much of your audience has this type of issue or amount of additional body fat.

    44. Recovery Giraffe

      I was Malnourished a few weeks ago and I’m trying at a healthy weight to get nourished because my heartbeat isn’t pumping like it used to

    45. Maja Zoch

      This sums up gen z humour: dark shit covered up with lmao and using it as a coping mechanism......lmao

    46. Alva

      Tip! If you press on a video on tiktok that i promoting a unhealthy relationship to food or just something that you don't want to see on put for you page you can choose "not interested". This will make videos similar to these disappear from your for you page. Also start following body positivity and good dietitians on tiktik because there are a lot! For example: Saomaile, brittanilancaster, mikkazazon.

    47. Eleanor P

      Wait but I dont get to 800 cals in a day and I'm in my teens, is that bad...?

    48. Eleanor P

      TikTok isnt new, it's been around for years. It used to be called musical.ly which is my people think its brand new. Oh and it's an app for teens mainly so there wasnt supposed to be this toxic diet stuff on there in the first place x😂

    49. No ThisIsPatrick

      I still maintain my opinion that the fitness community on all social media (with very few exceptions), is toxic and should dxe

    50. Geli Productions

      Tik tok is fun for music and creative videos to dance to but I would not take any real advice from it when it comes to workouts and eating right

    51. Geli Productions

      Extra Guac.. Wink.. My type of girl! Love extra extra guac

    52. Lisa Rrr

      Lol my metabolism was speeded up when I was in thyroid overfunction and that was not fun at all. No energy, constant heart race, constant diarrhoea, headaches every day, constant dehydration from overheating... I have no clue why someone would want that :'D

    53. Laurel Roney

      Peer-reviewed research!!! If only every fitness influencer actually had good evidence for their claims. Thank you Natacha, you're the change we need in the world.

    54. Laura Guzman

      I really like the straps of the bra Natacha is using lol, does anyone know what brand it is? I want one!!

    55. Ulo Hun

      As a woman with a sedentary lifestyle, I stop eating when I'm full and ending up eating less than these what-I-eat-in-a-day video.

    56. shameera -

      This video made me feel more comfortable about my body luv u😤😤🥺

    57. lolly poppy

      i dont think acv speeds metabolism, i think its just good for topping up the acids in your stomach which helps in digestion - heard this from marcus and cara raw vegan couple on youtube

    58. Elena

      lol arbonne is a pyramid scheme

    59. Alibekka

      How do you keep a fast metabolism?

    60. emily lindtveit

      I do know there is one tik toker that does a "what I eat in a day recovering from an eating disorder" and she has a very healthy view on food and I think you guys should check her out if you are recovering from an eating disorder or just want delicious recipes❤️

    61. Diana 00

      Thenk you so much for this video💖

    62. Lucy Marshall

      I just want to say that I'm so proud of everyone in the comments who've overcome or are recovering from an eating disorders, and even those who are still struggling, but recognize the necessity of enough food. You are all so strong and I believe in your journeys♥️

    63. Atheria PsychicGal

      Add to all this, TikTok is a VERY dangerous app that no one should be using. I actually posted about it today...an essay from a guy who reverse engineered the scary app. instagram.com/p/CCGmzXmlRiY/ -- Regarding eating low calories, I'm middle aged and it's very hard to not gain weight in your 50s. It's upsetting, but I do have to keep calories too low...and try to exist. Regarding tapeworms, I've had them, and you do NOT want them! OMG!

    64. ni as

      Tiktok banned in india

    65. Jawad Lajami

      How many meals do you eat per day?

    66. YourRegularAngel

      i used to diet so bad doing water dieting for weeks and then not eating, eating too much, and getting digestive issues. Now I just knowingly eat a mix of healthy food and junk food a day making sure I hydrate myself with lots of water and taking some vitamin c but if that's bad please let me know - I still get bloating a lot

    67. YourRegularAngel

      subscribed when she was talking about her burrito experience that made me laugh xD nice

    68. Shannon Morrissey



      U just reached 1 million subs!!! congrats

    70. Jack L. Gansner

      I want. that cookie dough recipe