Tire Flip Challenge: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History



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    Brian Shaw and Nick Best go head-to-head to see who can flip a 900-pound tire the fastest in this clip from Season 1, Episode 6, "Strongmen Go to Vegas". #StrongestMan
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    HISTORY's new series "The Strongest Man In History," will send four of the world's leading strongmen;-Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst and Nick Best-on a journey across the world to seek out history's most legendary titans of strength, celebrate their feats of fortitude, immerse themselves in their history and attempt to break their long-standing records, some of which have endured for hundreds of years.

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    Am Vor 6 Monate



      I just realized how different his son looks from that one video on IGN about this family

    2. Jordan Pacheco

      Well Brian is very humble, when he said “you think you can beat me?” Just showed he knows his strength and how powerful he is

    3. Dylan Colombana

      it’s enjoyable hearing these guys cheer my name :D

    4. John Marin

      Somebody should follow them around in a food truck and make bank lol

    5. Sean Ross

      Man, Brian really does not like to lose

    6. Parent of Twins

      Nick is 300 years older than Brian. He gets the W just for being close. All kidding aside that dude is very impressive.

    7. Addi B Sigurdson

      2:00 the way Brian says "you think you can beat me?" hahaha

    8. Reverse Card

      Nick looks like a really buff version of Rick from PawnStars

    9. Scrum Tubler

      I live vicariously through these guys as a skinny soy boy.

    10. wes234566 wes234566

      Dylan has grown soo much sense the family episode

    11. rajinbin

      Son feeling his oats, needed a gut check lol so pops show him that his pops still the has the stones to be the man of the house. Great stuff.

      1. Derek McAdams

        I remember going bowling with my dad one day and he wasn't doing well at first and he said that he just got to get back in the groove of things because he hasn't bowled in awhile and I was messing with him and was like you ain't got nothing old man, then he bowled strikes everytime lol.

    12. Chad Butler

      I can’t believe Dylan has grown so much in a little while. (years) When I grow in a few years, I barely grow

    13. MPK Edits

      There all very very competitive but so nice and good with each other

    14. Hellsing's Pyre

      Aren't buses supposed to ride on tires, not flip them?

    15. Aron Mac Fhíobhuí

      Any1 else remember Dylan in the worlds strongest family video

    16. Kev Dawg

      It always ends with I’m hungry and let’s get some food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. Kev Dawg

      This is my new favorite show

    18. Roshan Jafri

      they literally have slow mo cams and are debating whose hit first lol

    19. AverageSavage

      Brian's tire hit first both times

    20. Silverce

      bro nicks son an adult now wtf i just saw the video of the strongest family when he was like 9....

    21. dari_ m

      Haters: "bUt tHeY dOnT hAvE aBs" Me: if your as strong as these guys abs are meaningless

    22. Nibba sHüshii

      " That was a good training session" *Alright then*

    23. bigroy38

      That’s a FedEx IC workout.

    24. Adriana Perezz

      Omg I remember watching an old video of Nick and his family and Dylan was a little fetus😂

    25. Jeudy Guzman Hernandez

      Do not let anyone finish before you Nick.

    26. resmus

      Respect for a 50 year old able to lift like that still and i gotta say brian is something else man JESUS

    27. Cerberus Leviath

      3:17 was a tie

    28. Jacob Hays

      Who else didn't know that Nick and his family was from worlds strongest family?

    29. Xavier Gatling

      They need thor here

    30. R P

      They are strongest and also the coolest.

    31. hadhad129

      nick won his hit first based on sound even watching again at 0.25x speed.

    32. David Rigg

      I'm getting hungry just watching them!! lmao. I think nick won the first one.

    33. Dominic Selleck

      wonder what happens to the person who trys to rob one of these houses and gets caught by one of these guys

    34. BeLRus IndustrieS

      0:45 Nick in his head : i'll eat you ! 😡

    35. BigPapaDave

      Nick being 50 and keeping up with Brian is impressive

    36. BigPapaDave

      Being 18 and not that big is impressive for 600 but also 900 is impressive af for a 50 year old

    37. Eric Chen

      that's the same boy from the world's strongest family video.

    38. Elias Mannen

      Dylan looks so much different since the TLC thing

    39. Michael W.

      brian is just on another level from the other three little fellas. he is a real giant. the other guys have to eat like crazy and exercise like crazy to just be competitive with him. they might actually die from heart attacks in trying to compete with brian. only thor can beat brian in a consistent way.

    40. Luke Thomas

      I love how u can see nick actually wait for his son and let him tie/win

    41. Cooch Killer69

      Cr1tikal needs to make a video about these beasts

    42. romanteni

      The guy is like 240 years.... Insane...

    43. Medo779

      Okay 6 years ago dylan was soo small while now he is like mannn

    44. MrBigbenny23

      i slowed it down,nicks tire settled first,by a quarter of a second or so

    45. Gabriel Martinez

      Imagine getting punched by Brian or any of them

      1. William Levy

        There would be some force behind it. That's why you keep quick on your toes against big opponents, because they only win if they catch you.

    46. I don’t have one

      1:36 what everyone says when they lose. But I do think that he let him win.

    47. Eric Li

      Nick is such a great dad.

    48. Jordan Patterson

      Nick is just an awesome human being.

    49. Sean Mulligan

      I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Oberst without his strong but pretty shirt lol

    50. MidnightFUn12

      Nick is beast. Actually still healthy and living being a strong man at that age is a feat itself. Most of them die early lol.

    51. Roy B

      Dylan has grown since his tlc video

    52. Brax Butt

      Brian won the tire flip

    53. TSM Onepunchmanboss

      Cam newton sucks

    54. TSM Onepunchmanboss


    55. TSM Onepunchmanboss

      Can newton sucks

    56. a bug in a pug in a mug in a rug

      Lol all the ppl saying these dudes r roided have never been to a gym in their life

    57. paskavittu vittu

      This 18 year old is the little dude from that documentary "Strongest family in the world"

    58. mormen the ramen king

      This show was made to make fun of us

    59. ZK clips

      No one: These guys: IM HUNGRY

    60. Grant White

      2:02 yeeaahh I lost it

    61. Adrian Montoya

      They always are up for food

    62. Sean gabby Baldecasa

      Reminds me from baywatch movie

    63. Juan Eduardo CG

      Brian: Looser cleans up 😂 En realidad en la primera Brian fue normal pero Nick quiso tomar ventaja en el flip 5. De eso se dio cuenta Brian y en la segunda fue con todo 💪💪 Igual nick tiene Nick tiene mucho mérito, la edad y la estatura. Hay que sopesar

    64. Ak Ar

      Why dont they cast any of these guys as some monstrous villains. Like Kingpin maybe

      1. Federico Palacios

        They cant act

    65. physic Fitness5000

      I wanna BE

    66. Tony_The_Tiger

      so what im getting out of this is if u become a Elite strongman u get a stunning wife WERE IS MY NEAREST STRONGMAN GYM!

    67. Aaron McDaniel

      I remember the tlc episode with nicks family. They grew a lot

    68. AstonishX yT

      Dam feel kind of bad for that old man they left him and let him put the tires away

    69. JJ

      That is a good way to have some fun with your old man

    70. Noah Colberg

      The amount of respect each of these guys have for each other is amazing🔥👍🏽