Tire Flip Challenge: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History



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    Brian Shaw and Nick Best go head-to-head to see who can flip a 900-pound tire the fastest in this clip from Season 1, Episode 6, "Strongmen Go to Vegas". #StrongestMan
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    HISTORY's new series "The Strongest Man In History," will send four of the world's leading strongmen;-Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst and Nick Best-on a journey across the world to seek out history's most legendary titans of strength, celebrate their feats of fortitude, immerse themselves in their history and attempt to break their long-standing records, some of which have endured for hundreds of years.

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    1. Andrew

      Lol brian gets so butt hurt

    2. Z Truth

      I’m going to hire all 4 of them to train me. I’d learn so much

    3. Cupcake Twins

      On the first tire flip with nick and brian NICK NICK WON

    4. Colton Boyd

      Dude I would have helped nick with the tires man 😔poor nick

    5. Dave zombie

      Incredibly painfully obviously fake and scripted

    6. Alexander

      i love this crew all really great guys much respect

    7. Nima Hanna

      The restaurant they went to made BANK

    8. Harry Kourm

      Ya lets go get some food....they clean out the nearest grocery store

    9. Jacob Siegfried

      I work at that shop they did this at

    10. Kristian Rasmussen

      Like sometimes i think we take Nick for given. Guy is like 50 and he’s still going strong

    11. Smarty The Pants

      Relative to age last race was a tie. Got to give it to Nick. 50+ keeping pace with Shaw is a feat unto itself.

    12. Filippo Fuschini

      I mean, just make them roll

    13. joseph harry

      Nick won the first time xD

    14. Cole McMahan

      Brian is low key kinda annoying. Competitiveness is good, trust me i´m competitive. But he needs to chill a little.

    15. Adam

      Brian is a beast! He makes it look so easy.

    16. Adam

      Who’s the hot blonde chick?

    17. LifeLongStrong

      Nick Best, is.

    18. Seb

      Yo nicks son from the viral Tlc episode is so different

    19. Jason Gill

      No disrespect but i believe nick is on PEDs sometime. As well as the others.

      1. Jason Gill

        @James Bowen you're right

      2. James Bowen

        Jason Gill of course they are, they are literally amongst the strongest men in the entire world. That is not possible without PED’s. Nearly all pro strongmen are, they can’t compete if they’re not. Doesn’t take away from how impressive they are

    20. JackCarregan

      That’s a good father

    21. David Gutierrez

      Watching them all walk out from that garage is insane... so much meat

    22. rdxut

      Couldn't they replay the footage in slow motion

    23. Pambos Anastasiou

      why is eddie getting food at the end. I didnt see him do anything.

    24. Ninjareaper357

      It’s incredible seeing Brian Shaw move something twice his weight so easily...

    25. BU𐍂AGØ

      Weight to strenght Nick really isn't weaker...and plus the age difference...brian wouldn't be stronger if he was 50 and the weight of less than 350lbs

    26. David Lanteigne

      BEASTS !!!

    27. mrburns805

      Yeah right he was trying to let his son feel good. He was trying to show off and got tortious and the hare’d lol

    28. Galactic Gamer

      I remember the world's strongest family video Dylan was 12

    29. Liam Andrews

      Please make a show called "The Giants"

    30. Hi Hu

      A father son bonding experience as mom looks on is priceless.

    31. Frontwardcube

      You slow the video down you could really tell that Brian won the first tire flip race

    32. Logan Rustin

      Absolutely love this show. These guys are nothing but motivation

    33. I’m a goat

      Dylan really grew up from TLC

    34. F.R.E.S.H. ひ

      With the shades on Ya Nick😂😂😎

    35. Tan Autry

      Crazy had no clue who nick was but he’s my fav now

    36. QUEENSLAND salt

      Nick is a beast

    37. Derick Chen

      Omg it’s the kid from TLC

    38. Joshua Brassard

      I like how they run it back like there's no video footage they could have reviewed to see who won 😂😂

    39. Soundwave Superior

      Brian is way younger and can recover faster. Second race wasn’t fair

    40. MTG Micheal

      I remember when Dylan was 10 and was saying how he needs coffee in the morning

    41. Baris Cankaya

      I've figured out that by watching your videos i wanna workout as well so when i don't want i just come here. You guys are awesome you should do this forever. Keep it up.

    42. marlattusmc

      Nicks a awesome Dad. I work out so when my sons ready he's going to have to earn his earn his win.

    43. Luisrules4ever

      The Worlds Strongest Family is all grown up : )

    44. Connor

      600lbs is pretty good for an 18-year-old. Then again, so is 900lbs for a 50-year-old

    45. Ocki

      Do they just revere Brian as like a god cuz everytime I watch this is always saying brains on top and it would be great to beat him

      1. Malachi Dienekes

        He is by far the strongest out of the four of them and they know it. Watch his viking ship pull for example.

    46. GamingFinatic

      You could say Brian was on a ROLL

    47. apatheticAnxiety

      Nick is a good dad

    48. kamdaddypurp

      Fun watching these guys

    49. King Kunta

      If you really let him win, then you wouldn’t have said anything

      1. Malachi Dienekes

        He literally waited for him to catch up.

    50. bamadeadhead

      Alright guys ready to eat?👍🏼😂👍🏼

    51. John Mayer

      Starting not to like Brian. Fake modesty.

      1. Seagoer

        Watch his youtube, he's certainly a humble and nice guy. They're athletes, of course they're gonna want to win and exchange some banter.

    52. Legendary King

      I'm hungry, lets grab something to eat

    53. Shaheer Rehman

      I just love how much they respect each other...

    54. Kyle Smith

      “Woah woah! Safety-first!” Modern-day cowboy draws

    55. Sweet Tart Tartin ass

      I love these guys.

    56. Noah Glick

      imagine getting robbed by these guys

    57. Sleazy Challenger

      Nick’s son doesn’t look 18 at all. He looks mid twenties at the least

    58. vgamer 342

      3:17 same time

    59. Explanation YT

      501st comment

    60. Justin Seow

      I just realise Nick is in the video The strongest family in the world😱😱

    61. EthanGamer

      Woah Dylan looks way different now

    62. Lazy Fingers

      Bryan sneaker game is always on point .

    63. tyson robinson

      brian beat nick but im still a fan of nick

    64. bry guy gaming

      He sat there and watched him

    65. Assmondbald

      Great serie

    66. Varinava Vatulawa

      Nick looks awsome in sunglasses 😎

    67. Haha 99

      I wonder what would happen if all four of them were involved in a bar fight

      1. thelittefox 45

        That would not end well

    68. Kiwi Maori

      I wonder if they know they can just roll the tyres. It would be so much easier

    69. cmoneytheman

      how that young dude can do that dont look like he buff

      1. cmoneytheman

        @UncreativeFun thats not right he must workout I can see he got muscle just maybe he prob a powerlifter instead of builder

      2. UncreativeFun

        cmoneytheman genes

    70. Gigglyash56908

      Nobody: Strongmen: lets get some food