Top 10 Funniest Things to Ever Happen in the Background of Movie Scenes

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    Check out our featured song: "Oh No!" by Riddle feat Robby Hodgey!
    Look a little closer and you'll laugh that much harder. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best intentional jokes and gags that’ve been left in the background of films by filmmakers. Our countdown includes "Hot Fuzz", "Avengers: Age of Ultron", "Men in Black", and more! If you think we’ve missed a good background gag, be sure to let us know in the comments below.
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      Check out our featured song: "Oh No!" by Riddle feat Robby Hodgey! If you think we’ve missed a good background gag, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

      1. Rokkudaun

        Transformers has a lot of funny background scenes. For example at transformers the last knight there was a scene where Bumblebee and Crosshairs randomly started fighting in the background while the main focus was on Mark Wahlberg in the foreground. Transformers has a lot of scenes like that

      2. A J

        Now do one for TV scenes!

      3. Vinny H.

        It remenbers me THE BACKGROUND GUY portrayed by Jim Carey in The living Colors.Very funny.

      4. AFC TILL I DIE

        Fight club all of it

      5. CaBobo I.

        What about the 2017 IT movie where Richie was trying to play that instrument 🎷 in the background if y’all know what I’m talking about?

    2. guedmaga malgar

      You should do this list but for Bojack Horseman or Rick & Morty

    3. Brendan Richards

      I'm surprised you didn't include the court stenographer from _Kentucky Fried Movie._

    4. RACHEL02189

      I love this part in men in black

    5. Xtreemo Gaming

      A few Q-Lab scenes from James Bond movies would actually fit on this list as well.

    6. Tony Leon

      Im sure you need a couple of Mel Brooks film scenes there. Those movies are comedy gold

    7. Travis M

      "We're not including easter eggs" Han's full name is a nod to Han Solo. That's an easter egg.

    8. Paul Cooke

      "Han" or "Hans"?

    9. Thomas L

      Fun fact: In Harry Potter, when shooting scenes involving doing homework (such as lunch scenes in the dining hall), the reason many of the kids were acting so well like they were stressed or confused when "doing homework" it's because they weren't acting and the directors had them working on their actual school work

    10. Muhammad Radhitya

      Watchmojo: we exclude easter eggs for upcoming lists Also watchmojo: *includes two easter eggs in han's name and the newspaper in HP which the narrator himself calls it an easter egg*

    11. Sarah Kinsey

      I feel like Mel Brooks and Monty Python movies should be here somewhere

    12. Duane Ashwell

      I wish they had put in the scene from Emporer's new groove

    13. That Guy

      What no cheech and chong. Up in smoke the wellfair scene. How about mel brooks.

    14. George Hays

      WTC twin towers behind agent J being flailed by tentacled alien. How bizarre.

    15. Katherine Deshaies

      Victor/Victoria: the scene where Julie Andrews and Robert Preston escape the restaurant without paying.

    16. Barry Garrett

      I would have included the scene in Office Space where the banner that says “is this good for the company?” Hangs above Milton.

    17. Christopher Ressler

      To anyone who tells me they thought MIB was stupid I say and look what Tommy Lee Jones did with what could have been a pretty weak script & story line . Say all you want about Will Smith but Tommy Lee Jones made that film . "Did anything about that seem seem unusual to you?" . Lol

    18. Trilaanus

      Ah, love that little squidbaby.

    19. cas48spyder

      I can't say men in black as number 1, the scene wasn't just something in the background. There were interactions and the scene lead to him with the baby. 10-2 were something sneaky where you had to pause to catch it almost.

    20. Captain Jack Sparrow

      Mines Bruce Wayne not Tony Stark but to each their own! lol

    21. umesh singh

      Bhai aap nob hoo

    22. Dominic Counts

      Scary Movie 3 has a litany of hilarious background scenes.

    23. wuraola olagunju

      The lack of Airplane and The Naked Gun trilogy is really something

    24. Aman Goyal

      How I Met Your Mother: Robin delievers a baby, saves a choking man and puts off fire in background on tv.

    25. Patrick Landon

      Good thing a Han Solo cut away was included. Otherwise I'd have never known.

    26. Justin Streim

      Hot Fuzz could fill this entire list

    27. Frikn0by

      Bruh in the thumbnail I see the word trade center

    28. Korcsmaros

      What about the ZAZ movies? (Airplane, Naked Gun, Top Secret, etc.)

    29. Alessandro Damiani

      In Despicable Me 2 there's one hilarious background moment many perhaps haven't noticed: when the Minions are helping Gru producing jams with every kind of fruit, one of them to amuse another wears a fruit crown doing a Chiquita Banana dance, but behind them there are 2 other Minions arguing with wooden hammers, the 1st hits the 2nd, then the 2nd hits the 1st, but the 1st doesn't answer so the 2nd becomes desperately worried and checks if he's alright, a normally tragic event that in this case becomes hilarious.

    30. Melvin Keller

      Turn it off because of the crappy song in the beginning

    31. depalma13

      The sign in front of the church in The Muppet Movie. "Lost? Have you tried Rev. Harry Krishna?" Old woman slapping a cat against a wall in Monty Python's The Search for the Holy Grail: Bring Out Your Dead scene.

    32. Bella Maz

      Harold and Maude, tho it’s pretty dark , should’ve been here.

    33. Michael Bauduin

      I dont know from your perspective but i read "Han Seoul" for F&F and not "Han Solo" as mentioned...

    34. Richard Blain

      One of my favorite background jokes was in Body Heat. William Hurt had just, apparently, violated the prohibition against perpetuities in wills for the second time in as many months. As he and Kathleen Turner are talking in the foreground, his competitor attorney, Ted Danson, pirouettes across the parking lot in the background. A marvelous display of schadenfreude.

    35. ladyvader139

      Bigfoot dancing through the background in A Goofy Movie kills me.

    36. Carey Lee

      It’s an older movie, but the movie “Rabbit Test” with Billy Chrystal has my favourite background scene when he’s in a restaurant talking with a young woman, there’s an old woman in the background being beaten up in the background by the cook because she can’t pay her tab.

      1. Brian Lorenz

        Stavi in The Ringer.

    37. X_BeePrime_X

      You forgot groot in the breakout scene in guardians of the galaxy.

    38. abita3086

      There seriously hasn't been but maybe one decent song that you all have chosen to advertise since starting it. Please, please pick some artists with some actual talent....

    39. Seiferboy Gaming

      Wait, no Airplane movies? No Police Academy movies? What about Beetlejuice? 😵☠️

    40. Don Valdez

      In the MiB #1 scene it is the baby who has the tentacles and is beating up Will Smith lol

    41. Vapaman Gaming

      Sorry you missed one the best ones. The one where the guy is throwing the dog in the water in one of the Hulk Hogan Movies.

    42. Lost Pieces Gaming

      Abed birthing a baby in the background lol Community

    43. Tristan O'Flaherty

      In Shaun of the Dead, Shaun tries to jump over a lineup of fences just like at 6:12, but ends up smacking into it.

    44. Kat Satava

      What about the background in Rat Race and the minivan getting pulled over....

    45. Michael Rae

      "L.A. Story" has the hottest restaurant in town called Pollo del Mar, which means chicken of the sea.

    46. Arachno423

      I know it's an unpopular one but what about Double Dragon? There's literally one PowerCore fight sequence that has the original arcade cabinet right behind Billy. It's split second timing though.

    47. Kathleen McCarthy

      I liked in Men in Black after that scene K asks J-did you notice anything strange back there? -Hysterical.

    48. Alexisa N

      Four Men in Black it was the baby alien puppy dog eyes. It made it so cute

    49. Joshua Reyes

      Iron man is everyone's favorite billionaire? Bitch please.

    50. Stephy The Bride

      I am simple.I see Men In Black on the thumbnail,I click!👍

    51. matsujonen

      So no mention of the Mad Magazine reference in the Harry Potter one....8:15

    52. mfauz96

      Ohhhhhhh I always thought those tentacles were from the baby and the mom was human 😳😳 makes so much more sense now that I know the mom was also a tentacle alien lol

    53. NomadSkout

      It's a pity Ace Ventura pet detective isn't on here. There's a scene where ace found Einhorn's "Captain winky" all the cops she made out with starts spitting on the floor if you look closely behind Sgt. Aguado, there's a female cop also spitting on the floor.

    54. Wayne V

      You missed every background scenes in all on the Naked Gun ( Police Squad) movies

    55. MomBlk332CN

      I remember seeing MIB in the theater as kid definitely noticed what was happening to Will Smith character in that scene. An Gorman is my favorite movie and I never noticed the name of the restaurant lol.

    56. Qassayuli John

      The MIB scene is my most facorite

    57. Samuel Kraus

      You missed the first scene of guardians of the galaxy volume 2 with baby groot dancing while the rest are fighting a monster

    58. Matthew Smith

      I liked in Mr Nanny how someone threw a dog in to water behind Hulk Hogan while he's riding his motorcycle

    59. Miki Aibres

      No hot shots part deux monk scene?

    60. Arthur Sherrill

      They didn't include anything from "Airplane?" That movie has so many background details that make it such a funny movie!

    61. IDub

      Who else expected something else

    62. GrieverSSBU

      I think you should have mentioned Han's name is actually spelled "Han Seoul-oh" its definitely a nod to Han Solo but just saying Solo even if it was spelled Seoul-oh in the script doesn't really get the point across. Well made video though.

    63. N7 Chano

      Yeah you guys totally missed almost any Pirates of the Caribbean movie . Best pick would prolly be Jack , Will and The commandant were fighting in the back ground of Elizabeth throwing a fit

    64. Shane Alvey

      In the Haunted Mansion Disney movie, in the scene in the mausoleum, one of the zombies is walking with a cane.

    65. [*- s ë n t u r y -*]

      That asian guy who was in Fast and Furious, use to be my moms bosses friend who use to hang out in her office a lot. To this day he is a actress. Noice

    66. MMF387

      i thought u will mention The Naked Gun 1,2 & 3 i am so disappointed

    67. Marques Rodriguez

      I remember watching Men in Black on a loop because it was so funny

    68. Alon Ragozin

      Wow, you are running of an ideas

    69. Mel 21

      Everyone in the comments: airplane Me: y’all watch crap like that 😐

      1. Ironcity418

        What crap you watch? Someones garbage is another’s gold

    70. Bill Fritz

      Kind of disagree with your #1 pick, as the background happenings interact with the characters in the foreground. Saw several suggestions in the comments that better fit your category (ie. Airplane).