Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Sep. 16, 2019



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    WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week's Monday Night Raw to revisit the show's most thrilling, physical and controversial moments.
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    1. Kejo For Life

      who else see big show with rusev in thumbnail?!!

    2. ARENA 51

      Sasha Banks😍❤

    3. Navita Sultania

      I hate this Maria storyline

    4. Janice Smith

      I can’t believe that Kane is a mayor

    5. The Amazing Mr. Shovel Man

      The real dad should obviously be The Fiend

    6. Sabby Sitto


    7. Grace Rocha

      0:56 best moment hands down

    8. John DH

      I wanna see a feud between Maria and Lana 💪😍

    9. Komar Komar

      The fiend is tne next universal champions 👍

    10. jaime michelle

      can not stand the ground baron corbin walks on, but his theme sure is a banger.

    11. Awesome Girl

      You know...the way that R-Truth lost his title is actually something I imagined him doing! XD

    12. Anthony Ferranti

      Rusev looking like he lost some weight.... good for him

    13. Caution Beware

      Street Profits Dammmn

    14. Klevenilson Soares

      Mas alguém do brasil?

    15. David Rosca

      Where is Drew ?

    16. The Lying Triangle

      That Friday Damn reference by Street Profits was awesome

    17. codeman3788

      That camerawork and synchronization with that view of Bray Wyatt should absolutely be praised, phenomenal job

    18. Danny Celis

      Lo ultimo espura mamada

    19. Djarthoun Ahmed

      Maria is a beauty ♥️

    20. Noyce Gaming

      0:14 that selling for the forearm, give this man a cookie

    21. Marni Sumirat


    22. Sebastian Miguel Fajilan

      Ey u got good scrip their

    23. Suman Chatterjee

      A Mosquito bite r-truth, u cover him, u win

    24. Ebk Damien

      Literally rusev comes out looking like alberto del rio

    25. Alix D

      Corbin is King of the Ring.... Switches to TNA

    26. Andres Monroy

      Gran top

    27. Nehemie Mutunda


    28. Nehemie Mutunda

      Ricochet has a girlfriend

    29. Rishikesh Jaiswal

      Rusev looks good

    30. Mohamad Salemeh

      I love Rey

    31. Mohamad Salemeh

      Girl 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    32. Lavontae Martin


    33. Kedrick Smith

      Raw sucks

    34. Zawad Hasan

      WWE should make a top 10 video on Michael Cole ruining great moments...

    35. Tarun Karthik

      What’s Lana doing

    36. James Pyles

      You can do it chase your heart 😅

    37. Jak chesslover

      I feel bad for Dana Brook

    38. No Life Soccer Fan

      0:58 BEST PART XD

    39. sknerus1234

      Maria storyline is the worst thing you gave us.

    40. Matheus Scher

      And Cesaro still jobbing... Sad.

    41. Faraan Babar

      The demon and the fiend have each other's personalities

    42. Nabeel AlMulla

      "I still got it" :)

    43. Adam chambers

      Rusev my fav but s line dead

    44. Maalolan

      I think rusev's been Workin on the child since he left and returned now ..

    45. Seth Bradley

      How many more Rock & sock connections spoofs are you gonno make it’s never been funny, it’s just cringe worthy...

    46. Astros360

      Baron Corbin is 💩

    47. Peyton Ladd

      R truth got ran over

    48. Martin Shepsman

      I wanted Corbin to win

    49. SS-180FanBoy By JMproductions

      Mayor Glen's singing quote "I still got it" lol!

    50. filip. king

      Rusev. Muder. Faker

    51. Omar ahmed allam

      Rey Mistyrio ♥

    52. Omar ahmed allam

      Rey Mistyrio ♥

    53. Muhammad Rizwan

      Lol kane is 24/7 champion and aj styles did well and kane in a football pitch what team was playing

    54. Curtains_ lol

      Isn't richocet gay?

    55. William Gammetto


    56. Cm J

      Maria finna be like "I'm kidding" your new father is HORNSWOGGLE

    57. Dawood Taha

      Real father of Unborn Baby? His name is John Cena 😂🤣😂🤣🇧🇩🇵🇰

    58. Aaron Wilkins

      the divas are more hardcore than the men these days/....

    59. Ray Berlianto

      This is suck. Bring back old masked kane. The Fiend is scary but i prefer old masked kane to the fiend.

    60. caddilac19

      wtf is with this vomit the fiend???enough enough

    61. J Compass

      I remember the first time Corbin did that to Chad, so damn awesome

    62. J Compass

      I remember the first time Corbin did that to Chad, so damn awesome

    63. Liam Shakespeare

      Kane has officially passed the torch to the fiend

    64. Dai Thi Xuan Trang 001040

      Sting vs horsworrle vs fiend vs golddust

    65. Isaac Munoz

      Have 1:19 on subtitles and he said Roman instead of strowman

    66. net sophon

      Wow Wwe I love Wwe

    67. Christian Evans

      You can’t do that what about Lana

    68. SuperKoopALings Forever

      Maria was wrong for that

    69. Rajvir Perhar

      kane and braun for tag champs would be nice

    70. Pizzzaboy26256 Official

      I'm the 1000 comment