Toxic - Britney Spears / Mina Myoung X Gosh Choreography

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1MILLION Dance Studio

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    Mina Myoung X Gosh teaches choreography to Toxic by Britney Spears.

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    1MILLION Dance Studio

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    1. Hey Amy!

      What a duo

    2. Dracosexi MALFOY

      Ебать пацан пластичный конечно😏

    3. Gothic Orange Juice

      Britney would be proud

    4. Giselle Perez

      no one: me: vibing with the dude behind the glass with the dog👁👄👁

    5. farikha zamzami


    6. Pain Is God

      Why is everyone watching at the door? Sad day for short people smh

    7. Hey Amy!

      I think it looks better when you dance it with less energy and more charm

      1. Pain Is God

        True! It's too hyper and over the top Britney does it so damn goood

    8. Shanik Hernandez

      Viendo esto en cuarentena y preguntándome porque hay un bien de gente junta, hasta que vi la fecha de publicación 😂

    9. Aubrey Cummins

      Everyone crushing on the red shirt but I'm over here dying with gosh's moves, too sexy for my eyes

    10. Bulka_Booo babin

      Мне кажется пацан проспорил и его заставили танцевать этот танец😂😂

    11. Smriti Mathur

      I m pretty sure the floor is clean now

    12. akeelah

      omfg Gosh is killing me rn i love him ❤💕✌😣

    13. _ NIKO


    14. chitwan chauhan

      good day to be bi 👁👄👁

    15. im a weeb


    16. Snowlitude

      У парня жопа больше чем у доски этой

    17. Nicole Planco

      This is 🔥

    18. 최정빈

      처음에 팔 돌릴 때 잘못하면 얼굴 맞을 거 같음

    19. 천성민


    20. John Ares


    21. 正宗麻辣火鍋底料

      that man is stealing the show holy

    22. La'Erica Smith

      The first group were showing so much energy and pass on and the last group the guy with red shirt showed passion and he was comfortable in his own skin !!! Was a great performances☺

    23. Gord Morris

      ok another video with 2 girls in

    24. Kim Seokjin

      0:03 me and my crush looking at each other while I pick up my pencil

    25. Liv__


    26. Paola Signorelli

      O como se diga jijijiji

    27. Paola Signorelli

      Siempre bailo cuando se me da la gana gracias por los videos los amamos o mejor dicho theinks they love❤

    28. Sky The Alien

      3:10 He blink *I die*

    29. None for All

      Us Asians be shaking that 🍰

    30. Kambri Wallace -_-


    31. DOKIDOKI

      What a blessing to be bisexual

    32. Клуб Дорам

      Как по мне такой танец не для мужчины

    33. Tik tok Monkey

      The dude in the yellow shirt just be vibein

    34. sandra plitt

      The third group of girls looked like they were 12-13 Y’ALL I’M 12 AND I CAN BARELY DO THE RANEGADE

    35. Ka Dol

      did he really just slap her ass?

    36. _milk n shooky

      mina x gosh is my fav

    37. siva sandhya

      This comment section is hilarious😂😂

    38. Sofia Petseski

      Why are they only wearing black converse shoes

    39. Hanuka May

      Блин, парень вообще такой эластичный!

    40. Ivo8x

      am i the only one that only that watch the first one?

    41. arpana yadav

      No one can beat sensuality of boy in yellow tshirt..

    42. Eloá Rocha

      Mano, o cara mandou mais do que a Mina no começo. VÉI, QUE DEUSO. (Sem nada contra a dançarina, ela fez melhor do que eu faria.)

    43. Lilly Louis

      I know the lyrics of this song but never realized it was THAT sexual😂😂😂😂

    44. Светлана Самойлова

      Почему я с начала слегка охрннела

    45. ᄅᄂ

      가쉬 볼 때마다 조권 생각나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 심지어 춤 여자보다 잘 춰ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대박이다 오 마이 가쉬

    46. Joey Dawn

      All very good dancers. I was a bit busy staring at the guys though.

    47. Corn Flakes

      @0:21 me tryna swat at the mosquitos

    48. Marbles Grande

      0:19 that waacking is so underrated and underappreciated.

    49. Julieta Domínguez

      El chico es re perra para bailar esa coreografía

      1. Alexia Maldonado

        Toda una diva

    50. angel hana

      3:17 i want his energy

    51. Shadow Creature

      Middle guy of the last group has a great smile

    52. elena ovalle

      anyone else notices shawn in da back giving at the beginning

    53. •pojeвana_ѕтoĸroтĸa•

      all i can hear is toxic bad flute version help I'm crying 😂😂

    54. Asia Borriello

      Sorry but I could only focus on the guy in the back and his cute little Deutschound. o(〃^▽^〃)o

    55. Chimiko_San

      0:24 *when a guy has a better ass than u* :

    56. Carlos Eduardo Viana

      Hyojin outside the door with the dog is the best thing hahahah

    57. Camila Vanilla

      gosh is literally a gum

    58. Kim Seokjin

      I'm over here still trying to learn the hand movements

    59. •ʜᴀʀᴜᴍɪ ᴄʜᴏɪ•

      0:34 "Amiga o crush ta vindo aja naturalmente "

    60. 이름

      뒤에 효진님 아닌가?? 시강 쩐다

    61. beybijhay uv

      Try with high heels with that song ToXiC its more amazing 🙏🙏

    62. Shraddha J

      Is that hyojin choi sitting outside? Behind the glass door😂

    63. MAK B

      The guy in the first one, damn he is sexy. Knows how to move that body👏🏻👏🏻😍

    64. WARRIOR 919

      Some of y’all need to stop relating dance styles to sexuality and I know their stereotypes and he is giving a lot of gay vibes but I won’t automatically assume he’s actually gay he may be by he may like me or more or he may like females more or he can just be going with the dance in the energy of the dance don’t assume you know his sexuality and I’m talking about the dude in the beginning because everyone in the comments is arguing it’s none of your business if he’s gay or not it’s a dance love the style of it love how aHe’s dancing to it he might’ve even liked the choreography and asked if he could do it I don’t know how they do things I don’t care about sexuality it’s his life don’t really a DNC did to sexuality that’s like saying if a girl is wearing a hoodie and jeans or something boyish she’s lesbian or the girl did some thing that like a masculine dance she’s lesbian which is wrong she could be a tomboy or she could just like the dance style so some y’all need to stop. I’m using the microphone because I am way too lazy to type all this out so there will be grammar mistakes but I don’t care because I suck at grammar anyway. By the way this has nothing to do with what I just said but like he slapped her butt in the beginning did anyone else see that Lmao. and everything I just saidApplies to anyone doing any sort of dance whatever the sexuality none of your business whatever the gender doesn’t matter it’s a dance enjoy it and the dance was great they danced amazing I love watching these because it’s so lively and you should too and not care about if they’re gay if there by their lesbian if they’re straight just enjoy the damn dance

    65. Qᴜᴇᴇʀ

      Okay, but like, hello? Can we just address how the first guy has a nice ass? Like, geez. 0:40

    66. alex paws

      So nobody is gonna talk about Hyojin Choi at the door with a Dog in her arms?

    67. Petite Mafia

      Gosh said "YA'LL GON SEE THIS ASS"

    68. Anastasia

      Его жопка покорила меня!

    69. Alex Cayabyab

      The guy's butt... WTF!!😐

    70. PaffyDesmond

      Love the fact that when Gosh and Mina are dancing, hyojin choi in the back is LIVING!!! 🤩