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    Directed by Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
    Produced by Nathan Scherrer, Randy Donaldson, Sam Lecca
    Production company: Freenjoy
    Travis Scott online:
    (c) 2019 Epic Records/Sony. With Cactus Jack.

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    1. kamran khan

      "I'm the blindest in the room" -helen keller

    2. Gtr Gtr

      This song makes me wanna fuck the World

    3. Scott Sublett

      This is considered good music? It sucks. Objectively. Only low I.Q. people find this compelling. No offense though

    4. Pedro Martins

      So many jokes whit "in the room", I can't even find the fkcing lyrics...

    5. jen kera

      Travis : is high in the room His view : RHise and sHine

    6. Ssk Ade

      Travis scott “Im doing a show I’ll be back soon That aint wat she wanna hear” SOMEONE WASNT HAPPY😏😂😂

    7. Pramita Pradhan


    8. Arnaud

      1:05 megalovania on the sweat

    9. rumich hg

      "Is that a tranny ? I cant assume."

    10. young olew

      mnoo si grozen e

    11. Şaja Nazgylyjow

    12. Amir Mahmudi

      The beat is made on fire

    13. His royalty Ridge Gloria

      What is the message behind??

    14. Wanderson Luciano

      Cadê os BR ?

    15. Edwin Andres Santos

      1:44 when u eat halls and drink water

    16. I N T E R S T E L L A R T R I P P E R

      I just came in the room

    17. Laurenzo Thomas

      nobody: killer queen:hi how are you

    18. 𝕷-𝖃 𝕹𝖔𝖔𝖇𝖘 ✓

      ,,I’m the highest in the room’’ -ceiling 2019

    19. Sher Ibrahim

      I'm the highest in the room KEINE SCHWÄCHE ZEIGEN

    20. Pontsho Cordy

      Can’t lie the visuals are dope asf

    21. pratik ganatra


    22. Water Drip.

      “You can’t see me in the room” - John Cena 2019

    23. reet yeet memes

      "I'm the highest in the world" -God 2019

    24. Reaper

      Me: *takes a joint* Also me 10 min later: "I'm the highest in the room"

    25. Innocent Person

      "Sorry , wrong room" - Someone was having fun in hotel room and get disturbed by hotel service dude

    26. ab soultde

      Travis Scott been fighting his lungs snice(insert year.......

    27. markel aranbarri campo

      This video is a description of travis' everyday life

    28. Idiot fish

      "this video needs a better comment section" -me 2019

    29. 999K views

      "I'm The Fat in The Room" - Juicy WRLD 2019

    30. Vito

      when u highe but u still love a shoe

    31. Tech Hub

      '" I play fortnite in my room" Travis Scott 2019

    32. ZoegoCrazy


    33. Rocker 33

      Director: How many times are you gonna swallow the camera Travis: Yes

    34. mfanelo the great

      Another one we knew was going to be just as lit. And that outro got in me in a trance

    35. Venylts

      How pathetics people nowadays only listening to these kind of musics and easily get top on chart.

    36. Rinti Biswas Biswas

      My comments in 2019.

    37. recs


    38. Eric’s Gaming videos

      Make this blue or else you will be gay or lesbian like to undo 👇🏼

      1. Twitch RIZZER

        Eric’s Gaming videos ur actually so homophobic. Reported


      The beat dropped so hard that: One direction went the other direction Taylor swift fell off her treadmill Alan walker stopped walking twenty one pilots lost a pilot Chainsmokers stop smoking England became a city Panic at the disco stopped panicking Snoop dog stopped snooping And my hotel isn't trivago anymore

    40. hki hillerød


    41. Molto 1

      What's with all the shit comments?

    42. Zero SpeedFactory

      stupidest 'music' in the room. is what it is.

    43. musante mucimba

      ladies and gentleman this is perfect art.

    44. parkour assta


    45. AyyOne Capone

      notice how everybody looked past him when he was on the bottom then he got to the top they fighting over his shoe lmfaoooo and the girl in the elevator made him a God lol

    46. Infinite Jex

      lit vibes

    47. Collins wanyang

      who else things it should have more views by now

    48. Insert Name Here

      Room: *exists* Kylie: RiSe N ShInE...

    49. The unknown

      "Get out my room" -Travis 2019

    50. Ethan Smalling

      My only question: Wtf is going on in this video?

    51. Drew Gsell

      wow this is boring

    52. Doge Doge

      This beat tho🔥🔥🔥🔥

    53. paree y

      i’m room - travis scott 2019

    54. ntr13creathorboy

      No,me is highest in da room Me-2019

    55. Rafael Calander


    56. Kxdak - Minecraft & More

      this shit is pure anus

    57. Robby Monty

      I see nobody notices the intro is a gremlin singing...🤩

    58. Mira David

      0:56 “you say u love me don’t u lie” - stormi to her parents

    59. Ainsley Buamim

      We aint stressen bout the loot

    60. Gomito

      if he didnt make beef to x ill leave a like


      Bhosdaa chhaap song, bakchod travis

    62. Faded

      Watching this in my room ~Me 2019

    63. jey shook

      "I'm the shortest in the room" @jessicabecerra

    64. Kevin Velazquez

      currently jamming to this on the way to get some milkshakes while a tornado is happening

    65. lilbape17

      This is a pretty good Halloween song because of the very SPOOKY melodies the song has🎃

    66. Person62


    67. Brother Rafael

      it sounds familiar of that sound in the end. Locked out of heaven by bruno mars

    68. Goku Trippin

      "Frieza smoking crack with Appule"

    69. Assoud Muhammad

      “Im the highe-“ 6ix9ine- i know one or two of those kidnappers

    70. Zlaqr

      This is the number1 song in the world rn