1. Legend of Pual

    Look at the saliva Batista prodiced at 2:50

  2. Daniel Sandoval

    The Most Hilarious Promo in WWE History for Batista. GIVE IT TO ME!!! GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!!!

  3. Daniel Sandoval

    Batista would've won against Triple H at Wrestlemania 35.

  4. Arath Vega

    Ya es pura jala...puro pinche espectaculo....pagas por nada...y pasan todo eso en Tv...??..para que ya ni luchan ni nada ..

  5. Parag Kakati

    01:01 batista seriously felt smile somehow he control his laugh

  6. • OFFICIAL A9 •

    Y does Batista spit on his mic so much it pisses me off 😂🤦‍♂️!

  7. Tino Tse

    No Holds Barred. My type of match. No rules. No Referee. No Consequence. & No Remorse.

  8. Fitness Lyam

    Triple H eating the Mic, and Dave spitting onnthe Mic.

  9. ᄋ?

    American bonobono batista comes

  10. Qusay Alshorman

    batista's microphone took a shower while batista is talking

  11. Xavier Thomas

    This was a good scripted conversation from the heart

  12. M.A. Zaki

    2:09 Guardian of The ImpendencyLMAO Hahahha

  13. Justin Gunn

    It hurts that Batista wanted to retire on the last match at WrestleMania on his terms

  14. Starscream91

    Shame Batista retired so young.

    1. Dylan Melia

      +Starscream91 Most people do. I mean braun strowman is 35 I think?

    2. Starscream91

      +Dylan Melia Oh. Well it is a shame that Batista started wrestling so old.

    3. Dylan Melia

      Starscream91 Hes like 45 + isn’t he?

  15. Kommando Hurricane

    2:11 "Guardians of the independent scene or whatever they are" -HHH 😂😂😂

  16. AJ Ward

    Batista is still owed a one on one championship match - he'll make another return someday

  17. Eddie

    Why Gamora?

  18. Rebecca Greenwood

    Guardians of the Independent Scene. Get James Gunn on it

  19. Walkerman404

    And on this night, a meme was born.

  20. Rïnør Franku Skr8 Papa

    Give Him The Damn . Happy meal! 🙄🙄

  21. Aditya More

    *Drax vs Obadiah Stane*

  22. Kevin Fox

    Batista vs Brock Lesnar SUMMERSLAM 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Eimantad Kundrotas


  24. Hanjo

    Why is Drax in the WWE now

  25. Brandon Coates

    HHH looks like kratos

  26. Any Hud

    Sounds like someone fighting with there child

  27. ??


  28. MR. LOL

    Batista Is King of WWE

  29. Qamar Tarar

    Batista 💗💗

  30. MineCookie


  31. B. Revae

    Bautista Is going to lose

  32. lyhthegreat

    Funfact: The band that sang bastista's entrance music is called 'Saliva'.

  33. The Best

    3:25 how white kids talk to their parents in the supermarket

  34. chriscool 365

    can't believe it... old school legends are gonna go at it in mania 35

  35. solidsnake4214

    I just realized one of those bodyguards was my friend Laszlo Arpad

  36. xxx boii

    I love drax

  37. Jun Keat

    Never get bored on watching this

  38. Dean Hepple

    I'm sure I heard breeze and woods YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

  39. ford mustang


  40. Superdup Erk

    How can drax be so cool:))

  41. Monstro

    0:44 is that bodyguard dean ambrose?? It looks like him but with less hair

  42. Fred Fisher

    Who wants to see Drax Batista bomb Thanos in Avengers Endgame

  43. Fred Fisher

    Why is Gamora

  44. Mashi Q


  45. Otter Empire

    GIVE ME WHAT I WANT *WWE calls up the War Raiders, but renames them The Viking Experience* THATS NOT WHAT I WANT

  46. EZRAEL Valerozo

    Rex storm I agree Batista is like a strong tank that is like Batista is like invincible and incredible and Batista is the best

  47. tyf phan

    let’s not forget that batista plays our favorite guardian drax. thx

    1. I hope they remember you.

      tyf phan Drax is garbage.

  48. Abiel Alvarenga

    Hearing Batista’s intro brings it all back

  49. Bill Will

    What an Filty&discusting scumbag animal batista is. Yelling and spitting all over the stage lol what a looser

  50. Alan Saju

    I don't the rest of you. But that was literally w The worst and childish trash talk ever.

  51. Michael Knorr

    This was great!!!

  52. Alexandra Hubert

    The wrestle mania match on raw is now official and Triple H will end his in ring career on the line that's just sad



  54. Holy

    i thought it was a good promo for this PG stuff we have

  55. Mohamad Rizal

    Maybe In a few year later that security will become a WWE superstar

  56. Martez Govan

    The best thing out this fued is ...GIMMIE WHAT I WANT 😂💯

  57. Anderson Tenecela

    Batista: Me Triple H: Square Enix/Nintendo (Me begging for Tidus to be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

  58. Eren Gafar

    I miss Batista😭😭😭

  59. john cena WWE fan

    the animal Batista retired from pro wrestling😫😫😫😣😣😥😥😖😖😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😟😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  60. Adam Leslie

    That Mic Dave used is soaked

  61. ArtOfWaveTv

    Batista looking like the final boss on GTA

  62. Straight Edge

    BATISTA: I bet I can spit on my microphone more than you! TRIPLE H: I bet I can kiss my microphone more than you!

  63. Eugene Let's Go

    Damn those spit's are lit

  64. First name Last name

    Batista will win Triple H is a poo poo face and big bully

    1. Dragonime 1

      Im sad batista lost imma kill that H

  65. Muffin

    They’re trying to hype it up but just doesn’t work anymore ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  66. Ultra Lungs

    Been gone for a while but now I see this is where the meme is from 😂😂

  67. Medication_memez Rulez

    R.I.P mic wish I never drowned

  68. Carlos L Ray

    They could have gave him more lines then GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. I feel so bad for that poor Mic.

    1. Adam Leslie

      It had quite the shower

  69. talentedpigeon

    Did they switch writers at some point or what gives? FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN GIVE ME WHAT I WANT scene

  70. Asstrologist

    What did Batista want?🤨 a kiss?😁

  71. Phillip R

    I hate how they make Batista look now

  72. andré mauricio lasso valencia

    After Triple H continue his career ?

  73. Dank Potato

    This soo badly written Guess wwe is failing

  74. Dank Potato

    Now that's just lazy writing

  75. MuikuliWander

    Makes you wonder how Bautista cut it in the acting business.

  76. Gotu Umraniya

    GIVE IT TO ME, no, I SAID GIVE IT TO ME, no, I SAID I WANT TO LOSE TO YOU, ok i will use the sledgehammer and beat you and you will be thankful for that opportunity

  77. Your's truly, John.

    Soooooooooooo I'll tell you want I want, what I really really want. So tell me what you want, what you really really want.

  78. Wayne T

    This was painful. I thought Bautista was supposed to be good at improve. I guess all those funny stuff in Guardians and Infinity War were totally unintentional.

    1. Wayne T

      +Dragonime 1 pew pew pew pew

    2. Dragonime 1

      +Wayne T 👎

    3. Wayne T

      +Dragonime 1 The reason Batista lost was because he was written off. Because he is a dreadful wrestler, gave terrible promos and has no future in the WWE.

    4. Dragonime 1

      That damn mentor of Tripple h gavr him the hammer, and thats all the reason batista lost😢

  79. mr. syamsyi

    i want it... gimme what i want.. you dont get what you want.. gimme what i want.. repeat from beginning

  80. Gladlee

    2:18 triple h is bad word

  81. Reece Greene

    WWE is fake hahahah low life sad ppl watching this

  82. Cameron Dean

    And Dwayne probably thought hed be the only one to leave the business to become wildly successful in hollywood while periodically returning to WWE just to earn a fat check and sell tickets, Batista is literally doing just that. I wonder if Dwayne is kinda jealous or threatened, he seems to ignore Batista and his success despite Batista tagging him in social media posts, plus Dwayne having already openly acknowledging Cena and his acting Career but not Dave's.

    1. Mister Who

      Yeah that is what i'm noticing, some wrestlers in WWE are often mentioning Dwayne Johnson or Cena especially pointing out their hollywood careers, but to be fair, several other wrestlers including Dwayne Johnson himself praised Dave Batista on his role in 007 Spectre in WWE does mention about Dave Batista, Vince McMahon, Seth Rollins and Triple H acknowledged and recognized Batista's hollywood career

  83. thebest


  84. casualkennan

    Lol he’s spitting too much when he yells haha

  85. Wilbert Parel

    2005-2019 Batista won

  86. Wilbert Parel

    I Walk Alone Security

  87. Hunter Stanford

    The wrestlemania back ground shot behind hhh

  88. Drop Beat

    Thats how PIMP come

  89. Imhotep

    Pause at 2:53 & 3:55 to see spit spray..........I bet the mic had probably become a Tsunami victim at the end of the promo :P

  90. Naughty  Gamer

    Batista is spitting on mic 😂

  91. Wilbert Parel

    I walk alone

  92. Matt Mccalla

    Lmao " no holds barred match " ok

  93. Qihong Cheng

    I love the blue shades better then the red.

  94. Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    Batista wants his 100 bucks

  95. 95mjl

    As soon as he said no holds barred I already know this is going to be a walk and brawl match 😂

  96. fbi taha


  97. enkadu007

    Going for charlotte, gonna be boring tho lol.. female wrestlers are beyond boring.

  98. Jin Dafeng

    Why is Batista always mumbling before he speaks, that's just weird lol

  99. David Rivas

    Super dramatic