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Triple H and Batista agree to a No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania: Raw, March 11, 2019



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    The Game and The Animal will settle the score on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
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    1. Saucey

      Anyone know why that suit is floating?

    2. Marius Banut

      Hawkers Rubber Black Sky ONE LS 😎

    3. mhelski 9

      poor microphone

    4. pav_s2003 pavan

      Gimme what I want, this can be the best meme of 2019

    5. Aaron Turner

      Drax is gonna just stand still. Hunter has no chance.

    6. Jijo Mathew

      batista is going to finish off hhh at wrestlemania for good

    7. Shyamal Shil

      The animal spit like animals he is guardian of the animals 😎😎😎

    8. fayaz shaikh

      Mix match hai

    9. Sangit Assam

      Drax's part time job

    10. Alexandru sava

      Like ;) :* Love wwe please come to Romania Tv

    11. Kenard Myers

      Dave would kill hunter 🤦🏾‍♂️

    12. Bahniman Deka

      How many litres of water did Dave drink before spitting like that. I pity the mic.

    13. Muhammad Rezaul Hasan

      Lame acting from both end

    14. joy saha

      This is fake

    15. Fearlessprice81

      It's like a woman you never know what the hell they want!

    16. Arick A4

      Can Hunter really hit Batista? I mean he absolutely invisible

    17. Darth Nihilus Tony machavelli

      To this day i hear dave is still shouting Give me what i want.

    18. jay jay

      "tear through the guardians of the independant scene". pfft.... more like jump out the ring and tear a quad.

    19. Emil Uzunov

      A no holds barred match sounds good but hell in a cell is even better

    20. Emil Uzunov

      this wrestlemania will defenetly be something can't wait

    21. darksideofthemoon

      Actors agree to pretend their not acting in future match lol

    22. milad d

      I used to think this was real smh

    23. milad d


    24. Sabita Nayak

      Batista ( drax) will win...... The MCU fans support Batista... Like here

    25. Dj mix Mix

      Lmao Batista's spit.

    26. Nomer C4U

      lol ... no holds bared... whenever tripleh cant handle someone he gets into the matches like that to beat them with hammer and chair and stuff.... then calls Batista a coward ... lol what a joke triple H!!!

    27. nOWaYOUT221

      Triple H is like kratos.

    28. Stanley Wan

      HHH was practicaly eating his mic

    29. AlbaLife

      Triple H gonna finish him.

    30. jUAN

      This is like two old guys that live next of each others and fighting of lawnmower

    31. Ajay Priyadharshan

      Batista looka like guardian of the galaxy drax

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    33. Tane

      Batista: I want you at wrestlemania Wrestlemania 21: Am I a joke to you?

    34. bobby boucher

      A train wreck like charlotte flaire lol outch well im not wathing wrestlemania :)

    35. KiLL DoZeR

      WWF used to be cool so lame now

    36. Aaron Oliva

      all i picture dave rn is Drax arguing with HHH😂😂

    37. Angel medrano

      Lmaoooo this is a terrible promo😂😂😂😂

    38. King Ijaz اعجاز

      March 19, 2019

    39. Philip Kälin

      What a stupid Crowd.

    40. Jermaine


    41. Afzaal Khan

      Just give him what he want

    42. Manurete TRVP

      Love this promo

    43. outlawz souljah

      Lmao these njggas are so old

    44. Bob Din

      So cringe

    45. Youremyproblem

      This was terrible, but I'm not sure what's worse, the storyline or the acting.

    46. Jamie Morgan

      This rivarly makes absolutely zero sense lmao

    47. Alexander Black

      I'll do you one better: Give me what I want!"

    48. Noon Smith

      can anyone dry the mic plz?

    49. Mefleh Flayo

      I want triple h to come wrestlemania cosplaying as kratos

    50. Strong Wrestling For Life

      0:31 "I Walk Alone" ?😂🤔

    51. Oscar Fiallo


    52. Vin Xxx

      Gay. Give Batista what he wants triple

    53. rehan khan

      Bad acting after all these years

    54. Rick Morty

      damn those are some really good actors

    55. Meelis Matt

      0:47 ''i walk alone!'' walks in with bunch of people...

    56. ram kumar

      theme song : i walk with security reality : walks alone

    57. Toby Cai

      wwe is dead. period.

    58. Bradyn Lyon

      Literally don’t care what he did. Batista returning was great

    59. Mega ManX

      Kimmi wot eye wont!!!

    60. Naqibullah Shojaei

      Me to my meat at 3 am

    61. XEVIOUS

      Careful...he is so still you can't even see him

    62. jironmeister

      I only see Triple H.

    63. Caleb Cloud

      Wwe Batista it wood be a good way to go out end the king triple h. One last time. I like Batista in this match because he everything that's triple h is it

    64. Abigail Isaacs

      Batista still alive? I swear he was dead yes.

    65. Richard Newborn

      Triple H a true OG

    66. Justin Mills

      1 like 1 rip - for Triple H hair

    67. Jay Carol

      Can`t wait to see his sweety dog tattoo on his thigh at wrestlemania

    68. Heff Harvey

      I LOVE THIS, but just goes to show how desperate the wwe is for views and a bigger fan base.

    69. Jalal Rizvi

      H winning the match would be no surprise!!

    70. the. Mr.m

      Ohh man , this just.. BAD thank god I stopped watching years ago

      1. Easy Lifts

        Lmfao ikr man this is trash asf I just randomly checked the channel to see what was happening. Tbh idek what Mania we’re on now lmfao

    71. scouserdan3


    72. qluxx Sean

      I walk alone theme, and then comes Bodyguards lol

    73. OXYMORON

      Give it to me give it to me give me what i want

    74. Rocky vlogs

      Just give him hhh 😂

    75. Vibolea Sovathpich

      The animal becomes the invisible.

    76. Nilesh Ghadge

      "Give it to me, yeah, give it to me!" That sounded so wrong.

    77. pankaj ranga

      Drax looks different now

    78. Samuel Woods

      No holds barred= you will definitely see me with a sledgehammer.

    79. Kevin Grenouiller

      He's invinsible

    80. Fuzzy Duo

      Uuuuuur H, my boy, didnt you try to be a Hollywood star? Its not his fault you suck.

    81. Charles Cooper

      This man Batista is always fresh af

    82. GaliXx Gali

      How old is HHH? 78 it looks like.....

    83. WoopAdooPdAnny Dee

      Snooze fest of a match Baptista sux

    84. Zach Dahl

      Triple H sounds the same every single promo. And didn’t Dwwayne just walk back in and get a main event wrestle mania that wasn’t earned? Bring back CM punk. The only dude who was authentic

    85. J-DubDMG

      No holds barred=triple h sledgehammer

    86. Bustin Jieber

      *_”GIMME WHAT I WANT”_*

    87. Rapid Revolt

      This match will do better than anyone expects. Everyone is assuming its going to be bad. Just wait and see what happens instead of assuming like always. Triple H usually delivers in his matches at Mania. So does Batista as well. It wont be a technical match and it doesnt need to be. Its going to be a ruthless match that will be a great story. Hope Batista has a great last match that he deserves

      1. adam pruitt

        I would like to see Batista do one more match after his match against Triple H at WM 35 and face Brock Maybe Have Brock vs Batista next year at WM 36

    88. Jin Dafeng

      The evolution of Batista: 2009 - YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE MY FRIEND!!! 2010 - I QUIT!!! 2014 - DEAL WITH IT!!! 2019 - GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! 2020 - INDUCT ME IN THE HOF!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!


      Poor acting by Batista

    90. CG

      wrong wrong wrong wrong people, do you know why batista lose so many reputation and fans? just because he ESCAPE A LOT OF HIS CARACTER ! now is "luxury caracter" if you know what i meant, he comes arena like if he comes to a party or something dave...that quit you the ANIMAL OF YOU WAS !! and ANOTHER THING QUIT THE ANIMAL YOU WAS, isnt because you losed muscular mass , course not, isnt because you are more older,course not, is just because you are not rutless like you was before, and you never never needed to hurt "people that you love" YOU DIRECTLY GO AND HURT HIM ! YOU GO AND DESTROY HIM! THAT IS THE BATISTA WE WANT!

    91. Md Asad

      In the middle of this, it felt like they're fighting like kids. Batista - I want that. Now gimme what I want. HHH - Yoy'll get the beating. Batista - No not that gimme what I want. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    92. kookie pop

      This is not the batista that i knew, he look coward know with the guradians of the indendent lol

    93. Adam Ahmed

      Literally acting(Drax is good Actor)

    94. 楊業

      Classic match

    95. Ahmed Hussein

      Give it to him your gun 😂👍🏼

    96. itsyair

      When your teasing your girl 😂😂😂😂

    97. Elegant Toilet

      lol they kinda just jumped into the wrestlemania match as being what Dave wanted all of a sudden, should have built the promo better.

    98. Kgs David Kenedy



      Austin=And that's the bottom line cause Stone cold said so Rocky= If ya smell what the rock is cooking Batista= GIVE ME WHAT I WANT YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE IT TO ME GIVE ME WHAT I WANT GIVE IT TO ME

    100. ddbot12

      That was acted veeeeeeeeeeeery poorly