Troy Aikman and Joe Buck BUSTED on HOT MIC SLAMMING Military Flyover | Woke NFL continues!

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    Troy Aikman and Joe Buck BUSTED on HOT MIC SLAMMING Military Flyover | Woke NFL continues!
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    1. Black and White Sports

      Join us and become a channel member today as we fight against Woke sports. Click the JOIN button or the link in the description and support us. Just starts at $4.99 per month and cancel anytime

      1. Jonathan Perry

        This just isn't about politics or economics. Military Pilots are required to have a certain amount of hours flown per month to stay in good standing and this is one of the tools that use if they were not flying over the stadium they be flying somewhere else. It's also good for training these guys aren't in Afghanistan right now but they have to keep their skills up. It's not like every football stadium has a jet Squadron that is assigned to it. Also I wonder how much fuel Troy Aikman eats flying from game to game every week maybe you should start paying that out of pocket instead of having the NFL pay for it maybe the tickets will get cheap enough to afford to go to a game.

      2. Richard Hincemon

        Chep pallets lives matter

      3. Michael Joyner

        Troy and Joe jerks!

      4. Ricky Ricardo

        Hey bro I am embarrassed by the white role model men. You and all veterans and serving members of police should be honored and celebrated!!!! The disrespect of these people is enough to make even the other countries sick!!! Thank you and all for your service!!!! I am 54 year old white male saying to you Thank you and all who served and serve!!! we love all of you for what you have done and do!!!!

      5. Green Man

        How is it none of you reporting this caught that he said: "Kamala-Biden Ticket"? The person running for President is supposed to be named first. PS...they knew they were on.

    2. Youtube OG Since 06'

      The Government controls the media. That's why this isn't being talked about. NFL already has low ratings. This is really really bad. NFL is shaking in their boots

    3. S B

      These fly overs are used for training purposes

    4. a a

      Why care about what they say. Their egos carry them. I personally think they suck!

    5. Diane Pietrzak

      How dare they! Stop watching NFL.

    6. Dan Murphy

      These sports types are sniveling punks! They live in a country that is free because of the sacrifices of vets like us, which allowed them the opportunity to make millions of dollars a year to throw a ball, and they don't appreciate squat! I too served in the Vietnam era and endured all kinds of crap from these types of punks. All I can say is, I'll help you pack and then give you the swift kick your daddy neglected to give you. I quit watching sports except for auto racing four years ago when these spoiled punks started this stuff. P.S. Military pilots need to log so many hours behind the stick every month. If they want to log hours doing flyovers for those of us who appreciate them, so be it. Maybe they should make the next NFL flyover with a full load of ordinance? Oops, wrong button! just a thought? I wonder if super-wealthy Troy Apeman has his own jet. What a waste of jet fuel that would be! These arrogant rich types who see the rest of us as the little people make me sick!

    7. Brody Brown

      Lmao idk what is offensive here?..

    8. Ron O

      The privileged think they are it. Screw the NFL. I was a huge Cowboys longer!

    9. steve cornelia

      That's why I will never watch it again! Total DISRESPECT! Loyal Americans must send a message and never watch it again!

    10. RobTheNotary

      Dolman and Buck Need to spend some time in Boot Camp and then maybe they’ll have a little respect for those who provide them with their freedom and protect their jobs that they can make their money so maybe these two need to shut the hell up and make some military base visits that is it if the military really wants their stupid asses there

    11. Patrick Purser

      You know another big waste of money is, PAYING YOU TWO!!!!

    12. Douglas Acker

      Why don’t they comment on why taxpayers build stadiums?!? Talk about a waste of money!!

    13. sleightofhand22

      Thank you for your service, sir.

    14. Dana Brinkmeier

      Aikman just showed us his patriotism !...and lost my viewership ! Dana....Vn Era disabled Veteran...combat corpsman/surgery tech, first army MEDDAC. Lifetime DAV member and Adjutant, American Legion member. Medically trained at Ft. Sam Houston Tx...and most texans are very patriotic !

    15. Jeff Silverberg

      And you all keep giving these traitors your money and listening to their platform. 🤦‍♂️

    16. scott88876

      I am disappointed with the disrespect of the military shown by Aikman and Buck. I used to be a big fan of the NFL. I can hardly even get myself to look at highlight videos of a game on DE-news. Sports used to be a place of unity where people of different creeds and cultures could come together and enjoy something together. A former co-worker of mine used to get together with me each and every Superbowl. But after their extreme stupidity of supporting a Marxist organization, which political and economic system has destroyed so many countries and ended tens of millions of lives and destroyed many more lives, I haven't been able to freely watch sports anymore, knowing that I am watching people who can't tell the difference between a Joseph Stalin and an Abraham Lincoln.

    17. Michael Neely

      I never realized that Troy Aikman was a left-wing liberal loon. He must be fired. End of discussion.

    18. Ed Loksa

      This is why I don’t watch sports.

    19. Jonathan Perry

      Also how much fuel does Troy Aikman burn flying from game to game week-to-week? Maybe he should pay for that for himself instead of the NFL if it's so wasteful. He could announce over zoom and maybe NFL tickets would be cheaper

    20. Jonathan Perry

      Sports are supposed to be a break from everyday BS we have to deal with. Get politics out of our Sports.

    21. Sean Jones

      Trump knows more about flyovers than Abraham Lincoln!

    22. Rockstar Fishing

      please fire these unpatriotic buttheads

    23. tammy V

      Is time for America to turn on the NFL and all sports not support any sports anymore take away their paychecks and they'll cry like babies

    24. Hillbilly Jim

      "The alphabet people". Priceless

    25. Barney Acre

      What a complete waste is all of these knuckleheads that play a "game" for a living and making the money that they do. Sure, it's entertainment, but there isn't anyone on the face of this big ball of mud that "deserves" that kind of money to "PLAY A GAME".

    26. czar6127

      I missed it only because I have tuned out the NFL years ago. But this only further illustrates the complete disdain that is held by the NFL and broadcast networks for the military not to mention anything with a conservative value.

    27. Jose Montemayor

      Bro there's really no reason for it... I am an army veteran and he's got a point. It's all propaganda

      1. Jose Montemayor

        All sports are idolatry. You have idolized these people and now you know they don't actually care about you. I have boycotted sports since learning the truth about idolatry. I would rather spend time working to better myself than waste my breath or money on any sports

    28. BlakeWoitel

      Kind of ironic they bash the use tax dollars going to the military when their political agenda involves raising taxes on Americans

    29. Lukas Garage

      When you got so much money you don't give a fuck what you say/action.

    30. Greg Williams

      I'm sorry, but Troy & Joe need to lose their jobs & asses...

    31. Tom Wyllie

      Because some people are sick of trillions of dollars going to these endless wars that have killed millions ,created tens of millions of refugees and have left three utterly destroyed countries in their wake does not mean they are in American. It doesn’t mean someone is

    32. Jerry Davis

      Aikmen,buck,youtube and ESPN are all liars and suck!!!

    33. Dan Willis

      The hell with College and pro sports. I’m boycotting until they are bankrupt

    34. u2mister1

      We do not have Democrats in this Country. Remember when Hillary stepped through the White House door the first time and told everyone there that no more military uniform soldiers at the WH? A staff person was caught on a microphone telling Hillary it was their Military now. JFK was the last Democrat and LBJ and his Communist handlers planted him.

    35. Richard Rodriguez

      First off, thanks for your service brother, I’m retired military myself. Now, those two ass clowns need to be fired for their comments especially on national tv. An apology will not do. Not this time

    36. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

      I think we need to reconsider sentiments on this one. Troy Aikman is confirmed a conservative as corroborated by his Instagram and a couple of close friends to him. They were just caught saying stuff that have been taken out of context. They were in fact mocking the Biden and Harris campaign as heard from the video.

    37. Robert Walker


    38. Anthony Aguilar

      Both of them are idiots 💩💩

    39. B Miller

      Oh my! People quite being offend so easy! Give me a break! People should be able to say stuff! I heard a sarcastic remark! Big deal they have the right to their options what ever it was without all this blowback. It wasn’t meant to be broadcast. All these offended people say stupid stuff all the time.

    40. Murano Two

      Poor Aikman. All those head injuries. I wonder if he can still tie his own shoes.

    41. Redd Bunny420

      Airman and buck slammed wasteful gubmint spending - not the military. Slamming the military would be something like calling them “suckers” and “losers” - especially the ones who get captured.

    42. Devildog

      A lot of military fly overs are pilots from surrounding bases. Every month each pilot has to have a certain amount of logged time behind the stick flying. So what happens is they will detour off their flight path and do the fly over. They then return to current flight path and carry on with the remainder of their training day! So to these to woke ass moron athletes. There's no extra cost. Just patriotic pilots logging monthly flight hours. Go piss down someone else's back Aikman and Buck!

    43. Cheryl Easton

      Remember 911? No planes in the skies for 3 days. I live near military bases and that was an eerie feeling. Those planes mean freedom and what was said by these two men was horrible shame on you both

    44. Bill Hudson

      Dumb asses. They dont know that these planes are going to be flying anyway. Pilots going to get their flight hours/training. So might as well use that fuel to do something folks can see instead of over an ocean or desert. 🇺🇸 USS CORAL SEA, CV-43, air dept, v-2 div. 1976-80 🇺🇸

    45. John B

      Aikman and Buck are terrible play by play announcers!

    46. Steve Sims

      Eh, this is a rough moment, but I can't be too hard on them personally. We have very few conservative voices out there in the sports world, so I will let their counterparts beat them up, but I can just toss this one aside as a bad moment and move on. I like both of them.

    47. Andrew Veitch

      Military should bomb the nfl stadium’s

    48. Gregg Mhire

      Well Troy- Joe... hell boys, ya’ll done screwed the pooch hain’t ya?! Just damn stoopid!

    49. Robert V

      Just when I thought the NFL learned a lesson from the trash NBA, going to have to boycott NFL too!

    50. Chris Monroe

      Why is Joe Buck getting a pass?

    51. SLY SPY

      Shame on them wow . the pride of America

    52. Emma Hembree

      Why apologies when they don't mean it

    53. Joe Alexander

      Your comments are spot on. These two commentators are the ones who are out of step and out of touch with most Americans beliefs and what we hold dear. I strongly believe most clear thinking people are not bent on shoving our beliefs down others throats and forcing them to believe as we do. Freedom of belief and speech cannot and must be shut down. However, when we can't enjoy sports as a release and diversion from Covid19 and life's many other challenges and pressures without having cancel culture political statements forced on us at every turn watching sports ceases to be a source of enjoyment. ESPN, pro basketball, baseball and football all lost me with political statements, stances and commentary. This is all very misplaced. I don't need to be shamed, "woke" or berated when I attempt to relax and enjoy sports. The loss of enjoyment equals the loss of a large segment of viewership.

    54. tdkman28

      What athletes have disrespected the military? For the last fucking time, it has nothing to do with disrespect for the military, has everything to do with injustice. Good fucking lord people like to pick out things that only pertain to them and are blind to the bigger picture. I appreciate your service and respect you for it. I would never kneel for the anthem because it means something different to me than others that feel injustice.

    55. Lonnie Osbourne

      Trump haters plain & simple

    56. Nathan Walsh

      Here we go again as a country grinding and focusing on some stupid comment that in one month people will forget about.

    57. Ian Stradian

      If the NFL were shuttered and done tomorrow morning I would only be concerned about the people who are employed by the stadiums as security, food services, maintenance and such losing their jobs. The rest of these overpaid asshats can kiss my ass.

    58. Big bob


    59. Greg Steele

      Never could stand watching a game when these two Clowns are commentating.

      1. Greg Steele

        couple a homers

    60. Henry Watts

      Some of you folks take this ish too serious. All of you are PC, left AND right end of the day.

    61. Richie O

      Thank you for putting up these videos. These things are very informative and trust me, they are very much appreciated.

    62. Clemente and garcia

      Irresponsible statements which some could view as grounds for termination. Troy: It is quite apparent that you football expertise far outweighs your political knowledge. Do yourself and your job a favor: Concentrate on sports.

    63. George Southwick

      If they had made favorable comments about Trump, they would have been fired.

    64. mrseverok

      Who is Aikman and Buck, they should be treated like everyone else, FIRED!!!

    65. Teutonic Nobility

      They should both be fired. The military flyovers are part of routine training missions for pilots, if they did not fly over NFL stadiums, they would fly over something else. Time in the air is what keeps military pilots operationally capable.

    66. 1gallimaufry

      Two morons pissing and moaning about wasting tax money on fuel for a flyover. What about all the tax money wasted on statiums built so these two get payed outrageous amounts of money to play a game.

    67. steph

      Cancel culture can cut both ways, Cancelled!!!

    68. James Morales

      That's happens all the time no matter who's present!!! 2 Dummies !!!!

    69. Caliper Jones

      Notice how Troy says “Kamal/Biden” ticket. Since when is the name of the person running for Vice President used first??? Hmmm 🤔

    70. citygreek1

      Aikman & Buck can "eat shit and bark at the moon" from that moment forward.......screw them !!!!