Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    Seth takes a closer look at President Trump freaking out about the Democrats running for president.
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    Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    1. Cesar Pena

      He's old and stupid... Why do we have to listen to him like he's patently dumb😔😳

    2. Laurie Huntley

      Modern day Slavery, it’s 2019 and TRUMPS Keeping Children in cages. F**king Hypocrite 🇺🇸

    3. tigress63

      Being a Canadian, watching this you think how FUBAR'd is the US that they have political debates and commentaries about what should be a basic human right in an industrialized country.

    4. R Zambory

      trump is a punk. robertson is _____________. You don't need health care when you are RICH fool.

    5. David Smith

      How to dress if you want to blend into a marsh.......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Susan Hoffa

      Chump remember your own words were born free and we will stay free.muchon my ass u chump bsll licker is that why your mouth never closez

    7. Susan Hoffa

      This phuck chump he is so ignorant he thinks his words are so you know the best words

    8. Stanley Klein

      Jesus -- he/it is repulsive in both personality and physically. What a combo.

    9. Stanley Klein

      "our people is" Soaring words from the great admirer of the Prince of Whales.

    10. Tcadiz Wald

      I love it when there are several pictures of #45 and you see so many shades of orange between his hair and face. Crayola there are shades not named yet!!! Opportunities galore.

    11. Penny Sturgill

      However I do believe in better healthcare because life is a human born givin right

    12. Penny Sturgill

      Okay but it's there wealth why should you punish someone because there rich it sounds like to me your just pissed because someone ain't whipping your ass for you listen nothings free in life not even freedom someone has to pay for it someone has to earn it

    13. Terry Sutherland

      Seth, look... I'm a born-again, Holy Spirit-filled, praise Jesus, Bible thumping kind of Christian. However, most of us are not like Phil. He has a valid point about eternal life with God, for believers, but we understand the right now body needs doctors. I just mean to say that we aren't all radical, weirdo, aimless ranting, swamp beard, simple-minded, narrow-focus, sciencedeniers who go "off road" every time the evil media asks us a question we can't bend toward the Gospel. The problem facing a lot of Christians interviewed on TV is that they mix their good intentions to witness or minister with the answers to a reasonable, direct question. I point to Pete Butigieg as a great example of a reasonable Christian who refuses to compromise his faith, but still responds with intelligence. Please believe that we are not all "swamp things" for Jesus. Also, you should have a spin-off show, called "A Closer Look". Look into Christianity as a subculture, and expose the real people who believe Jesus is God. I think it will be a pleasant surprise. It may simultaneously be a disturbing revelation (clever, right?).

    14. 666rune4 PV

      8:10 FOX NEWS hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    15. Dulles Perez

      Waooooo.this dutch has the vocabulary of a 10 year old

    16. Breighe Brown

      I live in Scotland with NHS. I have never had to pay for a thing medical related. We even have nhs dental where you pay minimum prices. We also have free higher education (uni) and tax free income of £12500. If you want to call it socialism then fair enough but why do you care?!!

    17. Tom White

      We have allot of jobs but they don't pay enough to have an American Life.

    18. Tom White

      Make corporationism illegal and and we wouldn't need socialism.

    19. Tom White

      Republicans came along and we can't get laid off of Craigslist.

    20. Shawn McManus

      Hey old people! Be afraid of the internet LOL.

    21. Martha Hopkins


    22. Paul horneto

      This is a perfect example why most people regard the u.s. as a joke. This idiot wouldn't get airtime on local radio anywhere else in the world.

    23. Zoe Du Jour

      Mnuchin looks like a creepy Rick Morranis... "Honey, I Shrank the Constitution".

    24. Marti

      Damn. I know he said insane rant but I was not ready for the afterlife premium

    25. Nicholas Donges

      The bloke's a liar and a crook …. Bankrupt …. A zero credit rating ….. A guy with a small nudger, and a hair cut, styled by Shredded Wheat ….

    26. Vasco Joao

      this is not LSD25, it must be something stronger

    27. Sarah Green

      “Well ya look great” 😂😂😂I died!

    28. Sarah Green

      I love how he gets so angry so easily. Doesn’t take much for that man. His blood pressure must be through the roof.

    29. albert ashworth

      People should learn from Seth he make a good point he a very smart man. THE MISSISSIPPI MAN. F--K RED

    30. Gary Wilson

      And what is wrong with a "socialist takeover of healthcare" exactly? Does he not want everyone to have access to medication and healthcare and the chance to live *NOT* based on how much money you have? These despots and psychopaths do not want other people to live, *unless* they have money. If you don't have money then you do not deserve to live, according to them. The NHS in Britain is a perfect example of how free healthcare works, it may have its flaws, but at least everyone has the chance to LIVE not based on how much they earn.

    31. Gary Wilson

      We *want* socialism, it is the only way that everyone can live fairly, with equality and protection from corporate autocrats and despots such as trump. There is NOTHING wrong with free universal healthcare, free education and not being exploited by greedy, destructive corporations. Why is that so bad? People have been brainwashed by the right to believe that universal equality is a bad thing, because those at the top are psychopaths and do not want others to be equal. They want power over others and will trample over our rights to get it.

    32. Starman Dx

      Next time on Deathmatch: Slenderman vs Socialism, whoever wins the fear is still fake.

    33. Josiffrank

      I was talking with an American neighbour and to have a blanket coverage all over the US isn't simple. He explained to me a lot of health care is financed state by state and the high taxing states like Massachusetts and California have very good health care but some southern states are really bad the states just haven't got the revenue. Providing health care for 300 million people would be expensive and when you add the biggest army or Defense how you Americans call it you need to double your budget and as far as I know, the US has a debt problem now what is growing.

    34. Volvican

      I will continue to say this until I am blue in the face - but AMERICA HAS THE HIGHEST PER CAPITA PUBLIC SPENDING ON HEALTHCARE THAN ANY OTHER NATION!!!!!. You already have socialised healthcare in many forms. This is not some great boogey man that you have no familiarity with.

    35. Satevo

      I still can't believe this guy is our president. What the hell happened to us??? Oh yea, Fox News...

    36. TNzi nabi

      If you keep making fun of Bernie he may win as you winded trump to run for presidency in the first place. But the difference would be. This time someone genuine might win. Keep it up seth.

    37. Kendu

      You elected it!

    38. Random Stuff

      I love Seth but please get off Obama's dick, he was another democrat with republican tendencies, so please spare us the BS.

    39. Flummoxed Marmoset

      Calvin. Saint Jerome. Saint Paul. Luther. Arminius. The Greats of Christian Thought and Dissertation. Oh! . . . .and, uh, Duck Dynasty dude Phil Robertson.

    40. Sean B

      God bless Donald Trump and Phil Robertson! MAGA!!! Keep pissing off those liberals. What's funny is they are only hurting themselves by reacting with hypersensitivity and they don't even realize it 😂

      1. Sean B

        @V. Gorski As a bowl of Jello I have one question. What exactly has Trump done to you that hinders your freedoms in any way?

      2. V. Gorski

        Sean B ----- no Sean, what is funny is that the crockpot has talked a group of naive people into believing his fast talking salesman’s lies and bigotry. Take a look at some books about history. Read about Mussolini and Hitler and Stalin and the fascists who turned their countries into prisons with out freedom of the press. And after you read those you can look into your OWN ancestry, and unless you are a Native American Indian, YOUR family came to the US as immigrants. Give us an occasional liberal rather than a gullible conservative buddy who KNOWS as much as a bowl of jello.

    41. Sheik Yo Booty

      DONTHECON IS RUNNING THE CON OF HIS LIFE ON AMERICA Impeach the mother fker asap America

    42. Mario Capistran

      Why are poor people booing sociism while sucking a billionaires dick????

    43. Laeiryn

      Billionaires shouldn't exist at all. A million inches is about 15 miles; a billion inches is halfway around the world.

    44. M S

      MY LIKE IS FOR THE HAVE IT JOKE.... nailed it

    45. juan carlos coral

      AOC is great.

    46. Alan Roberts

      You got to love the way the audience Boos on cue with Trump. There must be a sign that lights up and says " boo " or "clap" or scream? This way the stupids in the audience know what to do. It's frightening that this kind of stupidity and ignorance exist in this country today. people that would even believe one word out of that f*****s mouth must have serious IQ deficiency. Poor people who vote for a 1percenter??? Must be profoundly angry and blind to the scam artist trump.

    47. Alan Roberts

      Boo that president.

    48. Patricia M

      Trump supports "socialism" for the 1%.

    49. Eric

      What a boring monotone voice Trump has.

    50. Curseius

      8:16 no you have the best healthcare money can buy cuz you are a fuckin millionaire........

    51. Professor Liberal Avenger

      Socialism? Is that like paying farmers when tariffs destroy farming? Maga Maggot is the worst. AMERICA DESERVES A LEGITIMATE ELECTION AND A LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT.

    52. Dennis Jasperse

      Our first lady is.a prostitute a mail order bride. A modern-day sex slave to Donald Trump

    53. Ziggy Ustar

      Does anyone realize pensions are socialism? Don't you just hate socialism? how stupid can U be???????????? money for You in finale years is never will never be a bad thing/ cheating people out of those things worked for that's crime not paying your workers is how trump rolls

      1. Ziggy Ustar

        I can't believe how stupid so many are to follow a huckster because of his religion he hasn't read one iota of Genesis thru Revelation & if you follow blindly you will be one of those who prays for mountains to fall on you for being so wrong/

    54. Todd Wambach

      Two of the phonoiest celebrities we have forrest trump and phil Robertson

    55. tom schmitz

      i bet at least HALF of those repubs in the senate themselves do NOT KNOW what socialism is! at best perhaps book smart but nothing more idiots and the other half are unethical immoral capitalists who don't care who they screw over.....

    56. mike.yy.y MENDOZA

      Broooo I watched a couple of these closer look videos and barely noticed...does Seth Meyers have a large forehead or just no eyebrows? It's only fucking up my attention in this video so idk lol

    57. Justin Mevee

      THE art of the SCAM!!!!!

    58. Alexa president of the Lorraine Bobbit fan club

      Yeah the really really bad thing the internet did ..was to make that fool our president .makes me want to break my smart phone over the heads of the idiots who voted for him .let's hunt them down . .And at least Jack them ..Cause they definetely owe the rwst of this for thus mess .And you know, we are going to be bankrupt later ,so may as get while the getting is still available

    59. Robin D. Phillips


    60. Robert Iturriaga

      This is one of the funniest A Closer Look episode. I had to watch again because it's so hilarious.

    61. Jason Street

      We are a social republic.. a country that collects taxes and uses them for the benefit of the people.. you know, like police, fire, roads and bridges? ever heard of the "MILITARY?" Republicans are so fucking stupid they dont even know what form of government we have, or what it even does...

    62. Peter Ford

      Omg, the bearded one is sitting on 15 million? And he's bitchin about a poor schmuck getting health care

      1. Peter Ford

        @tom schmitz Well didn't you remember one of Trump s promises? Hiring the BEST, people for the job. Obviously the best in his eyes are people that think just like him,,, not at all. Plus, if a person is decent and smart enough to OJT, while in the position,, I wouldn't mind lack of experience. I mean hardly anyone comes out of private life able to understand how working in such a large field can be. But common sense and decency is a must,, and his pic's obviously don't have either. With as many comments that come in unhappy with Trump,, we should be able to dump his ass in 2020. We just need to get a superb team to talk to the American people with a show of better things to come with Trump gone. Like a humane government again, and not this, one man, no brain, autocratic nightmare we have now. Problem is, we need to get rid of the choke hold nut bags in the Senate. McConnell, Graham, and the like. They use their status to headlock the Senate. Threatening and using scare tactics to keep any that have other ideas, in line. They need voted out. There really need to be a revolution type organization in those states to oust those Trump loving losers. We can only hope and keep talking with intelligence against the liars. Showing the truth. 👍

      2. tom schmitz

        @Peter Ford true, i was being generous.. like brain surgeon (and dumber then a pile of rocks everywhere else, a perfect epitome of book smart but dumb in every other aspect of life!) carson in charge of hud, rick perry, another idiot in charge of energy, and it goes on and on.. at least have some experience in the actual area that your in charge of! instead? like devos, NONE OF THESE PEOPLE have a single ounce of integrity or shame.. they are NOT like normal everyday americans with morals and integrity, because ANYONE AND EVERYONE ELSE would not even THINK to take a job that they have NO experience in and that more importantly AFFECTS THE LIVES OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE! these people are beyond narcissism and ego, but are also mentally ill and/or literally insidious...

      3. Peter Ford

        @tom schmitz Now you're mistaken. It's not 9 outta 10,,,I doubt there's anyone in the administration truly qualified to actually be in their position. To be so you have to take an oath to abide by the constitution of the United States of America,, and I don't think one of them have done so completely. When you follow Trump, nothing true matters.

      4. tom schmitz

        @Peter Ford never mind, the fact that DEVOS is UTTERLY unqualified (as are 9 out of 10 of this president's administration) for the job and doesn't have a single shred of decency, integrity, conscience or shame to either realize it and not have accepted the position and defer to others more qualified and who have earned it OR knows this and doesn't give a crap! NOW THAT IS SOME SCARY CAN'T BELIEVE PEOPLE LIKE THIS EXIST AND WALK AROUND ON THE STREETS MINDSET!...

      5. Peter Ford

        @tom schmitz OH heck,, sure, not everyone's the same. I didn't mean to generalize the point. I know when I am doing better, I am more apt to give more. But that's me. And I've worked for some very generous wealthy folks. But on the flip side,, worked for some penny pinching wealthy people too. Let's take the wonderful Betsy Devoes, whatever. Our wonderful education wizard. Like Seth said,,, how many yachts does a person need? Obviously enough to have a yacht manager. Yet she's willing to deprive poor kids a decent education, by cutting funds to any bit of help she can. It's disgusting. As for the bearded one. Maybe he's been a skunk forever. But he's obviously one now.

    63. boston babe

      He wants to shut down the internet. 606. When we go to war he will enact it. This is what he's been up to.

    64. Jon Snor

      Phil must be right he looks like dumbledore or a wise wizard XD

    65. Jeremy Calnan

      And the paparazzi he buys a piezoelectric clock but that last statement was just an insane rant

    66. Jeremy Calnan

      No but that media is the mafia and I don't know if those are really blanks

    67. Jeremy Calnan


    68. Jeremy Calnan


    69. Jeremy Calnan

      Bama slangwege

    70. Jeremy Calnan

      Sothern drawl

    71. Jeremy Calnan

      Media I'm off yah....ohhh

    72. Jeremy Calnan

      Why do we celebrate Halloween?? I know left

    73. Jeremy Calnan

      Take that how ever you want

    74. Jeremy Calnan

      No but you should have access to a mill to make the bread

    75. Jeremy Calnan

      With like tint on the windowa

    76. Jeremy Calnan

      I have seen none of that except like the school bus and stuff

    77. DeTorrian Peterson

      Lol ❤❤

    78. whats in a name?

      You cheer for AOC and the group. They will make US like Venezuela. I do agree that there should be some decent healthcare framework; not doubts. But these crazy newbies will run the country down.

    79. Robert Mueller

      When he freezes I check my internet connection

    80. Nazario G.

      Duck dynasty guy is a fucking moron!!! He should stick to what he does best which is pretty much nothing!!!

    81. Marc Avon Evans

      'But, people get sick on Earth in human form...' LMAO

    82. David Brandenburg

      man it scares the hell out of me every time our president opens his mouth, there used to be a limit how much insanity congress would let come out of a presidents mouth. but now it seems half the congress is just as mad as our carrot top president. no offense to the real carrot top!.

    83. Aneese Hamudi

      Bernie might save this country. Everyone hates socialism while collecting SOCIAL security and foodstamps.

    84. illegitimo888

      The average American is president...schemers are unhappy...who benefits?

    85. Wesley Wright

      Socialism Murdered 100 Million; If you not worried about it... Your not paying attention.

    86. Kahldria Leighsun

      So you DON'T want free healthcare, free food, and basic living wage??? Can we just give people who opt out of democratic socialism Florida? I mean, a wall would ironically be really easy, and climate change would sink it under water before the hell waste they would create down there got too bad. You can not reason with people who think like that duck dynasty guy. He absolutely does not care if people suffer. He got his. If you don't want others to get access to care, you should go to New Florida. Have fun with that.

    87. fuckfannyfiddlefart

      I love how millionaires con stupid people into having no healthcare, really voters are so stupid that the are killing themselves.

    88. Obi Wan Kenobi

      It is flabbergasting how you Americans think socialism is a good idea. Maybe you Democrats should visit a school again and learn about Eastern Germany (GDR). It is hilarious how you leftie TV hosts defend one of the most inhumane systems (after Communism) and make fun of Trump who has record numbers in the economy. But obviously you suffer from TDS. Btw. I am NOT a US citizen.

    89. CPoppaB1tch

      The duck dynasty guy trying to sound like chuck manson

    90. Yusuf Seedat

      And there's Americans that want this man is for a second term. Do they not respect themselves?

    91. legendary soldier

      a guy that lives back n the woods away from civilization.worried about socialism.r u serious?

    92. Mark Soquet, Jr


    93. Ramondo Stallings

      Trump is such an idiot!!

    94. Zed Cartwright

      Put Robertson's beard and bandana on Trump and they look like the same guy. Probably have the same mentality . Robertson sucks crawfish heads. Trumps sucks the brains out of his walking dead.

    95. Zed Cartwright

      Too bad Robertson did not freak out about preaching to marry 14 or 15 year old girls in order to get a submissive virgin.

    96. nathan nomad

      I've got some years on me, have been all around 49 of the 50 states, traveled to 20 countries with extended time in some of them, got a degree in one of the best schools in the country; but during all that I can't remember running across anyone as moronic as rumpty dumpty! Where has he and his team of idiot assholes been hiding all of this time?

    97. Eli Hovland

      Socialism is little more than a series of pathetically right wing economic policies that make capitalism sustainable. And yet it is the most "radical" proposal that the Democrats can muster. More evidence that a different political institution is desperately needed.

    98. Frank Crossword

      What a *strange* country America is, The happy-clappy yeehah gullible dupes ACTUALLY shout their approval to be excluded from a National Health Service. The corporate parasitical con artists, with the conivence of the bejeeebus mongers, have subjugated the trumpfodder to the level of bleating sheep.

    99. Frank Crossword

      As an outsider looking in at this farce....... Whoever writes the scripts for your Chief Spokesman on the teleprompter isn't aware of his inadequate abilities. Even though he knows words.!!!!

    100. Epic Dyslexic

      I swear to god, if dyslexia was a person it would be Trump.