Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    Seth takes a closer look at President Trump freaking out about the Democrats running for president.
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    Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    1. Timothy 1:1

      AOC lol. She needs blonde hair!

    2. Uaine Diabhal


    3. Syrie Caestar

      You know the Trump impression is VERY therapeutic

    4. Traci Sims

      You know, I came back to this and listened to Trump's speech and was struck by the words "government coercion" and how that isn't American. Trump, let's talk about the California wildfires and how you continuously refuse to give necessary aid. You use government to try and coerce a state to do what you want. It's not socialism, yes, but it's actually something worse--Despotism. I really loathe this man and his horrible, anti-humanitarian administration. I keep trying to find something good in them and I realize I'm wasting my time.

    5. tk

      medicare and social security are the only two buckets of money that has not been pillaged because they are well run "socialist" programs. as if gigantic lifelong tax cuts are not enough now they are making a grab for these solvent programs and i am sick of it.

    6. spaghettGREATJOB

      Any reference to Statler and Waldorf is worth some internet applause.

    7. Sophie

      Fox News is a joke as are the anchors. The fact that people watch it for actual news is kinda funny to me.

    8. Maddie Vega

      Never discuss your good idea in front of him, he will take your idea and said is his.

    9. Melodie Hale

      What is that animal on top of his head? At least way back when kids wore raccoon hats they left the tail on. I’m not for wearing animals on people’s heads, but just saying. It looks like a baby fox pelt that he kicked the crap out of, probably in frustration. He’s got the worst comb over I’ve ever seen! I’ve always said you can’t trust a guy with a comb over. Who do they think they are kidding? People like that are blatantly trying to fool people while thinking nobody is smart enough to figure it out. Has anybody noticed how much he’s aged since taking office? He’s aged more in the two years he’s been so called president than any other president that I can think of who’ve served 4 or 8 years. Obama looks pretty good for a guy who was President for 8 years! For trump I think he’s stressing over all the lies he’s told & the fact that his popularity is sinking faster than the Titanic! Not to mention his guilty conscience, if he has one! Thank you, Seth Meyers, for your hilarious ‘A Closer Look’!

    10. fix Emmett

      The funny thing is it doesn't matter

    11. yasir malik

      Ducks 🦆 on Fox News seriously health care

    12. The Ultimate Reductionist

      We're talking economic laws, not hard quantifiable provable testable physical science. Communism & socialism are such broad meaningless words that they could mean infinitely many combinations of truly fair moral ethical laws or unfair evil laws. Free market anarchy, capitalism means no laws at all.

    13. The Ultimate Reductionist

      If you're not a socialist then you're an anarchist, and therefore you got NO right to complain about ANYONE breaking the law, and therefore NO right to complain if a climate activist were to shoot & kill the president as well as all republicans & then to bomb all prisons to free all prisoners and then blame it / frame it on a retarded flat-earther or antivaxxer or 911 troofer.

    14. Jane A

      Lol #breadicare

    15. thebread9

      idk why but this guy is super annoying

    16. CNN News ToDay

      I don't think 80% of the US population know what the definition of socialism is lol

    17. Alex Hennigh

      I think the most miraculous part of this whole presidency is that it hasn't been ended with a bullet. Blows my mind we live in a world where Kennedy, MLKJR, RFK and many others get cut down in their prime yet this small lobed, pea faced, monkey brained homunculi continues to live, well into his 70s no less.

    18. megahappy2beme

      The right said that about socialism and the evils of it when Medicare under LBJ was up for a vote in the 60s . Oh Medicare is socialized medicine and evil, blah, blah, blah the right blathered on about in the 60s.

    19. Goodwins all access Media service provider

      What we have now with a lying cheating crooked seemingly traitorous corrupt racist propagandist illegitimate president Trump leading a criminal enterprise administration with a complicit republican GOP swamp is way worse than any possible B S threat from socialism

    20. L. Faraday

      I always find it hilarious when people from the US freak out about single payer health care. Why are they shooting themselves in the feet over it? 😂😂

    21. Roberta Hubert

      He probably hasn't seen bath water for 50 years either

    22. Alec Galpert

      Puff puff Pass

    23. Jeroen Geurtsen

      Let’s block the Internet. Censorship China-style.

    24. Coletha Albert

      This scoerge .....SMH...

    25. Micheal Lucas

      A government of the people, by the people, for the people. I can't think of a more socialist ideal.

    26. samus1421

      wtf is wrong w/ republicunts? how is this still a thing?

    27. Eazy Street


    28. Rainbow Room

      Those duck dynasty weirdos are brain damaged.


      Let people that want to pay for health care pay for it. The rest of us have a better idea !

    30. Emily Fisher

      I wonder if the temporary reprieve is worth it when your family is in need of that ever so important temporary reprieve when in need of a Surgical Cleft Palate Repair?!?! Or something of importance of the sorts?!?!

    31. Grant Tobgo

      Bernie/Tulsi 2020

    32. Steven Rodriguez

      You have the funniest writers

    33. Richard Garner

      Breadicare for all !

    34. Doug Robbins

      Socialism for the big banks is fine, but they don't want poor people to have healthcare, that would be wrong.

    35. I Gregory

      Robertson's words brought laughter from those who missed his point but for those who can hear, that which is natural [positive wellbeing] is worth re-membering and experiencing NOW.

    36. smokeyfgg

      its slander. Seth should be jailed for creating a divide

    37. Sanctum Sanctorum

      Please understand that democratic socialism is a completely different thing! They are worlds apart & since it is important to know, I would hope everyone would at least take a couple minutes to go & find out!!! #knowthedifference Mfer swore to his voters that he wouldn’t touch Medicare or Medicaid and now says he wants to cut $996 billion!! That’s a TRILLION dollars people!! Just say it with me... A TRILLION DOLLARS!! $1,000,000,000,000 So do what with? Who cares!!!!!! He wants people to DIE in this country and he probably gets a bonus from putin for everyone he kills!!! Sleep well tonight grandma cause you have friends in high places!!! Ruck Fussia !!!!

    38. Sanctum Sanctorum

      What I wonder is if in his mind he thinks he is better than Obama? His voice is actually a brutal experience even without the lies. If he didn’t have any his platform I would choose to NEVER listen to his voice again for the rest of my life!! 🍊🤡💩4️⃣🧠🧠

    39. Nick In the real world

      The republicans do everything that they can too distort socialism, most people would love it. Fox News and it cronies try to make it sound like communism is terrible, but it’s not.

      1. Sanctum Sanctorum

        Nick In the real world Democratic socialism is a world apart from straight up socialism! Worlds apart!! #knowthedifference

      2. Nick In the real world

        I miss typed it should have said Fox News tries to make it sound like it is communism, and it is not

    40. FurballGamer

      Socialist in the US: we want socialism like they have in pretty much every other developed country. FOX News: so you want to turn this country into Venezuela.

    41. Stefan Petrescu

      The bearded guy is not from this solar system

    42. Simply the best


    43. Simply the best

      Hell yeah

    44. Richard Mays

      Cavuto the OJ ambulance chaser.

    45. warrior Dog

      Education, education, when choosing a person to be the President of the United States of America, you would hope that he be at least an educated man, in the Trump case, most of his follower are exactly who their leader is...a D average crowd ...we are in situation critical, I hope we do better in 2020....

    46. mugogrog

      GOP claims socialism is bad, you bring up scandinavia, they say scandinavia is capitalist. The GOP claims Bernie Sanders is socialist, you bring up the fact that Bernie Sanders is striving for the scandinavian model. See, you can't eat the cake and have it too. Either Bernie isn't a socialist, or scandinavia isn't capitalist, you can't have em both.

    47. Golden State Warriors

      Ok Fox News is one thing a so is Trump. But there are plenty of actual paid reasons why a lot of these things are socialism or are bad. There are many but I dont have the time or energy to list all so I will list the main one, it uses so much taxpayer money and its not really free. Yes people should have opportunities for healthcare but that doesn't mean private insurance should be gone. Private companies are much more reliable than the government also. Having the government do everything creates dependency on the government, which is not good, and THAT leads to socialism. The policies created by the Democrats aren't socialism but they lead to things that cause socialism.

      1. Sanctum Sanctorum

        Please understand that democratic socialism is a completely different thing! They are worlds apart & since it is important to know, I would hope everyone would at least take a couple minutes to go & find out!!! #knowthedifference Mfer swore to his voters that he wouldn’t touch Medicare or Medicaid and now says he wants to cut $996 billion!! That’s a TRILLION dollars people!! Just say it with me... A TRILLION DOLLARS!! $1,000,000,000,000 So do what with? Who cares!!!!!! He wants people to DIE in this country and he probably gets a bonus from putin for everyone he kills!!! Ruck Fussia !!!!

    48. Mark xkx

      Your opinion should be immediately dismissed, if you mention, even once, Jesus or the bible. If you believe that any of that nonsense is true, then I don't care what you think, on any given subject

    49. churblieballoon

      People get sick, on earth, in human form.

    50. Anonymous Sources

      Phil Robertson is a bird brain-i bet he answers his own bird callls

    51. Johanna Jacob

      Be my swamp bride!!

    52. Duane Grendell

      How would he tweet

    53. Julie W.

      What's hilarious, is that the large majority of people, if not all, of the people in Trump's rally booing for socialized healthcare, are the ones who would greatly benefit from it. What idiots.

    54. Julie W.

      "I didn't have healthcare for 50 years." Insinuating that he does have it now. What a surprising Christian hypocrite. No, actually it wasn't surprising at all. Meanwhile that nut on Fox is a millionaire, so since he's going to be fine in Heaven, I guess he doesn't mind donating all of his money to pay for other people's healthcare? No? I didn't think so. Also, Trump FOR YEARS said he supported socialized healthcare. For years! Until he sold his soul (what there was of it) out to the highest bidder, in the form of the Republican base. But like I said, there wasn't much there to sell. And you ALREADY HAVE social programs, you idiots (talking about ADOPTING SOCIALISM - SMH)!!!!

    55. Julie W.

      The GOP opposing socialism, does that mean they won't accept Social Security payments? Medicare? Unemployment payments if they need them? They'll say they won't accept them... until they need them of course. Or will the various GOP members across the country send all their children to private school? Some will (and they STILL want tax money to go to private schools), but I'm guessing a number of them use public school. Will they insist on paying the fire department out of pocket when they save your house? I loved When Donald Trump said, they're trying to take money from Medicare for socialism, lol. It was fucking hilarious.

    56. driver3596

      Every great country on Earth is a combination of capitalism and socialism, and that includes the United States. The problem here in the US is that we currently have too much unbridled capitalism and too little socialism. It's waaaay past time to remedy that.

    57. Mark Harrison

      Trump tries to act so sincere and caring and he’s nothing but a phoney and a liar.

    58. Lord Dracotaur

      You don't have to be a dick to phil.

    59. Ms Winters

      Duck Dynasty typical Trump Supporter …..

    60. Crypto Gypsy

      Internet bad because ( freedom to access facts) your Bullshit flights are a lot shorter, eh? How stupid do Greed mongering businessman pols think we are,eh?

    61. Jeanne 54

      HOW does Fox play this Hillbilly Brain for a news segment? No shame at all!

    62. Stefan B.

      Booo the Internet! This Internet is not I grew up with. When I wanted to see celebrity fake nudes I had to warn the household that the phone line will be unavailable for the following three hours. Hooking up to that 56k modem and downloading a handful of pictures was a risky business. What if you didn't like them? And that is how low res thumbnails were born. Of course, you liked all boobs, but it was porn that was behind (some pun intended) some of the great technologies we use today.

    63. Josh J

      hilarious how they hate socialism but are ok with socialism building trumps golf courses, their football stadiums, etc...

      1. driver3596

        and the Department of Defense, which is the largest socialist organization in the world.

    64. Cosimo Kramarawicz

      I am working on a Piniata in the shape of Trumps head. I need more orange paint.

    65. Eric Rodriguez

      "Brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes."

    66. J W

      3:43 yikes is that a nose joke

    67. Horace Sullivan III

      Seth... as a military service member serving under the current administration... I fucking love you but for professional reasons will claim neutrality

    68. bluejayfett fan

      Breadicare..I love it

    69. BradiKal61

      Fox News seems to subsist on weirdos

    70. J.V.R.

      How can any sane person listen to Trump and not cramp up? I mute everytime he opens his hole.

    71. j g

      Great to watch stupid Americans demanding more stupidity. Dumbest clucks on the planet, and that's just your leaders.

    72. Jacquelyn Hancock

      Tim Berners Lee (Lee is me)!

    73. Damion Copeland

      Trump is biggest stupid buffoon

    74. Laura Parks

      look at all those idiots smiling and clapping!!!

    75. Hamed Anwarzai

      Im curious, how much does a cardiologist in Canada make versus in America. Its about $400k/year in the US. I assume its much less in Canada. Someone correct me if im wrong. If there is a huge difference then the talent goes where the money is. So what is the quality of healthcare, where its free, vs the US? If quality is the same then something is definitely wrong here.

    76. Alan Martinez

      Breadicare was fake laughs. Supporting laughs for you in support of you but yeah not funny joke

    77. Pat Kenealy

      Say what you want about trump... but y’all are blind. Have you heard from Isis since he became president? Was more or less money taken from your paycheck? Unemployment up or down? He set out to help the people of America who contribute. Not the free loading whiners, people who wish bad on Trump wish bad on America. Open your eyes people. These “comedians” are all biased.

    78. Sb Raj

      I am surprised Venezuela is being used as a failure of socialism. In fact it is a failure of capitalism, the ruling party and it's cronies have stolen all the wealth of the country and many disappeared to other countries, leaving Venezuela broke and the resulting suffering of the people, Socialism is ideological and is a concept and non existent. This is also the same with communism as in the current communism, there are still two sets of people, the rich powerful political leaders and the poor community. Also there is no true democracy because elections are rigged, voters prevented from voting. Democratic socialism is more practical as it retains capitalism and at the same time look after the common public. If poverty is eliminated there will be less trouble and the rich can live peacefully. The rich and the companies get their money from the poor and less rich who are the customers.

    79. Killerkitty

      To be fair to Phil he is only saying what a faithful Christian would say. God has a plan, a plan that includes killing babies with cancer, having toddlers in the US getting a hold of a gun, and mass shooters.

    80. theswayzeexpress1

      I'm feeling the grove that Seth Meyers is putting out there ! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    81. Jesus Castanares


    82. Ana Maldonado

      Seth I like you, you are the only one with some sense, of course you are around my age, not so old not so young, with more knowledge of these stubborn senile individuals. Perhaps Kimmel thinks like you too.

    83. Ana Maldonado

      There is something with this guy and being smart. How stupid he must be. I knew a guy like that (unfortunately) talked like that and his brain hard as wood.

    84. toney ingram

      Phil Robertson another racist motherfuker try to say he live for God and hate black people

    85. toney ingram

      America was found on damn lies hate racist rape and murder that satan people celebrate

    86. Kiara Feliciano

      Lmao “Well ya look great...”

    87. doobiewah357

      Not many people know Seth was accused of sexual assault while a frat boy at Northwestern.

    88. bob green

      If it Quacks , it's a Duck!!

    89. VKC N

      lizard man accused Dems as socialists ... That's hatred

    90. Rosemary Williams

      England is Cracking Up at Us From Afar!

    91. Elio Lopez

      Having this low IQ redneck on Fux is in keeping with their low IQ audience

    92. Elio Lopez

      Chump is freaking out because we're going to take out the trash in 2020

    93. bwsup yours

      Ahhh the eternal Healthcare system!lol

    94. Kemoshea

      Bernie 2020!!! We can make all the jokes we like, but it doesn’t make him any less awesome. 💚💜💚


      "Well you look great!" I love Seth.

    96. Pretty Bad At Everything

      God bless the closed captioning person who typed "'skorj'".

    97. Benjamin Schubach

      Phil robertson needs medical attention

    98. AmirGTR

      There is a distinction between democratic socialism and just socialism. Socialism can be under a dictatorship, and that's usually why it fails eventually. Ghadafi and Saddam Hussein were both socialist dictators. The democratic aspect is what the European and Japanese socialist systems have in common. Democracy makes a big difference.

    99. 5cloudwalker

      What Republicans are defending are protecting health care insurers to make money... in Canada our taxes pay for health care and if we want healthcare plus we can go get the extras there by paying...I had a hernia it was diagnosed and operated on in 30 days (there was a cancelation) I am now healing from the surgery with not paying thousands of dollars for the operation. Millionaires and politicians in the US have the best health care paid by the Gov’t the only difference is I’m not a millionaire.

    100. Martin Pêcheur