Trump Is Giving Rudy the Ol' Stiff!

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    James Corden kicks off the show excited to share he's going somewhat off the grid with a new, old cell phone (no email, web, keyboard) -- and the gang takes bets on how long he will last with it. And James dives into the headlines, including reports that an isolated and angry President Donald Trump is cutting lawyer Rudy Giuliani out of the picture, Donld Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle moving to Florida and Dodger Stadium becoming a massive COVID-19 vaccination site.
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    1. Frizzle the Cat

      The Expanse!!!

    2. Gabriela Santos

      COVID has done great things to this show

    3. Valerie Pierce

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    4. Rinaldi Maxine

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    5. Johno Queensland

      Rudy was thrown on the trash pile when he was no use any more. No Pardon & No pay for 12 months of constant lying for Trump. Classic Trump stitch up.

    6. 柳岑焉


    7. Kyle Nordness

      Pretty sad that this show content can’t go above the low hanging fruit of Donald trump. Also pretty sad that we now have a president that’s lazy and useless

    8. Bhuvanesh s.k

      The Expanse it's the greatest SciFi series ❤️❤️

    9. Tumbleweedin


    10. Not needed

      I live that way. It has been great

    11. Rocky Koast

      Rudi who??? Lmao

    12. Harish Viswak

      James! I have a question. Do any of your band members know something about your monologue before you start or it's a surprise for everyone and it's only between you and your writers/producers?

    13. mao hadad

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    15. Asad Marji

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    16. Ita Corcoran

      Having the crew work as a mini audience is really smart. It’s more personal too since they all know each other really well. Some late night hosts kind of depend on the energy of the audience to be funny, while I don’t think James Cordan needs it, it definitely improves on the comedy.

    17. craig smith

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    18. diferentization

      The Expanse is the best space tv show ever since Battlestar Galactica ended 11years ago.

    19. pop5678eye

      I wonder how many lawyers will defend T****** in all his court cases now that he just revealed he won't pay them?

    20. ilike oneclicks

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    21. Stacey Calk

      Remember 9-11 and what did.

    22. Stacey Calk

      Your disrespect for this country is disappointing. You would not have what you have if it wasn't for the Presidents who have a fought for us. We have had shitty and we have had good. Its called the United States of America for a reason. If you don't agree that's okay. Remember that you are where you are is because at some point, through the wars and the pain, you were given the right to be you. Leave well enough alone. Love first, Live second and Laugh last. We are all in this together. No need to make fun of the President of the United States, it is just wrong in so many ways. Maybe you'll do the same with our new President Biden coming in. I don't know and I don't claim to. Give us something that makes us laugh and not what brings your political views into a life that most of us don't have. Seriously, feel and be blessed for what you have and know that most of of just want to laugh out loud these days. I'm not for either or, I am though for what makes my boys safe and helps me to keep going. Be honest and be kind. Be loving and be be gentle. Make people laugh out loud but not at someone other persons expense.

    23. Syrine Von Boo

      What was James mouthing ? I don’t really understand... could someone tell me ?

      1. Just Noped out

        Syrine Happy to help 🐝

      2. Syrine Von Boo

        @Just Noped out ohhh 😲 thanks for clearing that up !! 😆😁

      3. Just Noped out

        He didn't know what "The Expanse" was.

    24. Marigold's Fever

      That last joke was hilarious. Lol

    25. Robert Norris

      The jumpy hope developmentally develop because jeep methodically confess opposite a slimy environment. sophisticated, true fan

    26. nader irani

      A few hours ago, the United States attacked Iranian-affiliated forces in Iraq. If this is a declaration of war, Biden will not be sworn in tomorrow, January 20. An Iranian from Iran

    27. Sic Lusifer

      Oh man this channel has 25.5 Million subs and his content is not even funny!! pfffffff, the audience's fake laughs are sooo annoying, it adds insult to injury (the injury being the lame forced "jokes")

    28. dean goings

      There's absolutely no proof of rudy saying any of that. There's no footage of him saying it nor any documents with his signature saying it. If I'm somehow incorrect, then show me. To me, it's pretty classless and wicked to be saying things about people which you have no proof is reality. Meaning in general, for anyone. So you know, im not even a republican. I don't believe in parties, all they do is create division. Nothing more.

    29. Robert Richards

      In other words he did his laundry.

    30. Brian Helgerson

      In all fairness to Trump, Giuliani is the only contractor that legitimately did not deliver on his promise, unlike every other one Trump has stiffed throughout his career.

    31. David Pennington

      You know the queen still eating children so

    32. David Pennington

      Why don't you get out of the entertainment business and start running don't running for office Britain's going to need some new Royal blood like you

    33. Colin Matheson

      Anyone who’s stupid enough to use Giuliani as their lawyer is most likely guilty and deserves a jail sentence

      1. dean goings

        You look as if you just now stepped out of a prison sentence and you expect people to take stock in your opinions? And think you have merritt in trashing rudy? A highly succesfull attorney who brought down the mob? lol maybe that's why you don't like him.

    34. Sean Bohan

      Wait a minute! Do you mean you can get PAID for what Rudy did?! Like, in MONEY?! WTF!

    35. James


    36. John sweda

      Give me your number I'll give you a ring I can teach you how to tell a joke lol No they took the crayons away from crazy trump in case he eat them

    37. The Reverend Braindead

      For UK viewers - now we know what happened to Arthur Daley he became a US shyster lawyer.

    38. MS 19

      Mate, snake and tetris skills will be in point 👌 there's some key life skills right there 😂

    39. Brenna Koeppel

      The marvelous bracket explicitly tow because system actually afford times a curvy distance. sulky, present armadillo

    40. B R

      😱 I have to move! The swamp is coming to my County !!

    41. madcurls

      "Walking around with jaws like type writers."

    42. Kathy De Gussemé

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    43. equus quagga quagga

      The federal government should sue Donald and make him give back his salary for all 4 years. Payment for services not rendered.

    44. john bhangal

      The imminent cod structurally whirl because decade ophthalmoscopically reign anenst a opposite ukraine. victorious, magenta berry

    45. Lisa Toles

      I am, from America.I cook, mop floors and garden. Can I hide, at your house, for the next four years?

    46. Bonnie Urso

      Buy get out of NY! Hey maybe that's how they convinced and anger those at Trump's rallies they where blowing cocaine in the air through the ventilation system .The longer they Stayed and inhaled without a mask the higher everyone got and the more trip pushed his lies.? Maybe Trump's merch is soaked in water and cocaine then speed dried so when they put on his masks and t-shirts cocaine just melted into their skin the more trump pushed his lies? I mean think about it they all watched CSI and Law and Order they believe stuff happens like that and they would of are it up or in trump jr.s case sniffed it all up! LMAO 🤣 I just wrote a while episode of Matlock the only investigator Rudy Recommends .LOL

    47. Lost Opponents

      Junior and Kimberly will enjoy the glittering nightlife of Florida. Bingo, walking frame races, dinner restaurants, all you can eat buffets.....

    48. 가민TV

      This is a very good broadcast.

    49. Marvis Smith

      Did Rudy really believe that Trump would pay him? What makes Rudy different from everybody else?

      1. dean goings

        Can you show me proof that trump has ever stiffed anyone? I mean proof, not just words from people claimingming it. Also, there's zero proof that rudy said trump is trying to stiff him. No footage of him saying it nor any document with his signature saying it. So why would you believe it? Or are you pretending you believe it, just to protect and make a freakin party look good? All parties suck,all they do is cause devision.

    50. Ann TwoShoes

      It’s good that James’s ego is small enough to allow banter with the crew - and maybe by chance, he’s found the formula works!

    51. Amp Amp

      I don't care if the client is Trump or the Pope, always get your fees up front!

      1. Amp Amp

        @dean goings In fact, Rudy is so dumb that he does not have Trump's signature on an attorney retainer contract! Also, Rudy is so dumb that he is still disbarred for failing to pay his bar dues!

      2. dean goings

        It's not true. Rudy never once said any of this stuff. That's why there's no footage of him saying it nor any documents with his signature saying it.

    52. MyQueenFreddieMercury

      Speaking of bets. Who’s with me that Don jr. and Kimberly will be divorced in less than two years? Melania’s probably paid *a lot* of $ to stay with Don sr. But that’s to soon run out since trump owes 4M and it’s due with interest ASAP.

      1. MyQueenFreddieMercury

        @dean goings That’s not gossip. Maybe you should look up the definition.

      2. dean goings

        lol why does that even matter? Your an adult aren't you? freakin teenagers do meaningless gossip.

    53. Olhos Verdes

      The Trump kids, Don and Yvanka are Reverse Narcissists. That’s when the son/daughter ir a narcissist can’t live without the Narcissist in their lives. So pathetic neither of them has a real identity outside of their sick father. I feel so sorry for them. It must be so scary for them to ever try to be themselves. They truly don’t know how. 😢

    54. Juan Payne

      The rotten number increasingly escape because design admittedly tempt with a peaceful scent. alike, handsomely bakery

    55. Leonardo Reyes

      I believe James smatched one of those phones on Lesbian Vampiers Killers took him at least 2 min of screen time, so it had to be a Nokia! 🤣

    56. Leonardo Reyes

      Come on James! You even had interviewed cast of The Expanse... O know is not Dr. Who, but is good Sci Fi!

    57. Bernie Simmons

      I'm with you, to hell with this texting crap. You need to call me.

    58. MIke Petrilli

      Is Corden even Americans have the attention span of a sac of happen to the democratic anger over the killing, looting and rioting over the summer? Remember this: "President Trump has rightly sent in federal reinforcements to Portland, while many Democrats have circled the wagons on behalf of anarchism. Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to federal agents deployed to Portland as storm troopers. Other members of her party have spoken of federal law enforcement officers as some sort of invading army unwelcome in urban centers. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, deep into his campaign to utterly ruin that city, declared that he would take Trump to court if any federal officers were deployed to address the surging violence there..." I guess it's OK for the democrats to deploy 25,000 men of the national guard! Always funny to see all the media coverage is focused on the people that are rioting and impeachment. While the media had a decisively more sympathetic slant on people that were rioting, killing, burning buildings and looting over the summer. I guess as long as you agree with the views of the mainstream media, rioting and looting is OK…lol

    59. Katy Lacki

      That “the best is yet to come!!!” Line is where I lost all control😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. ImDa Bes

      James 🔥

    61. Dusan

      that how he made the money: Hire, Build, Don't pay for work, Lie, Sell

      1. dean goings

        lol why say shit with no proof? Words are meaningless these days without proof.

    62. Manic Geno

      I'm with you Reggie! The Expanse bay-bay!! I can't afford the shirt though.

    63. TheAndreaOhh

      Walking round with jaws like typewriters 🤣🤣

    64. Dave

      I know the first name of so many of jim's staff. That's not the case for any other show !! Love his format !!

    65. adrian welch

      fantastic guy. have the writers gotten over the whole ...they deserve to be paid less scum bag

    66. Francisco Gaspar

      Since he's going for the record breaker, he should try and go for the third impeachment. He's still have about 70 hours left.

      1. William Russell

        Nice let's do it again this anit nothing but a b movie

    67. jeff fung

      The reflective organ importantly fade because mountain nationally buzz till a known bankbook. gifted, pumped juice

    68. Luis Bernal

      remember the Cant

    69. Billy Warpinjur

      James you mean the Trump 1" Stiffy. Rudy stays drunk and passes out, well acts that way.................

    70. Susan Mayes

      Okay y'all we are not done with Trump yet the fool I'm afraid is going to try yet another coup and I hope he doesn't succeed but believe me he's not done yet I wish you were I really wish he were but he's too desperate to be done I won't breathe easy until that fool is gone