Turbo Swap & Tune! Making my R32 Skyline FASTER

Adam LZ

Adam LZ

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    I've been curious if going over to a bigger hot side would benefit my built RB25 setup... Seems like this should be a perfect upgrade! Shop banners available NOW at LZMFG.com

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    1. Jordan Scheurer

      Finally we know what those damn square spoons are for

    2. billy b

      I'm so confused, is Adam still in his actual shop or has there been a big split up?

    3. P Vendeloo

      tommeh the raccoon

    4. Rick Rothstein

      Bacon egg & cheese!!!

    5. Tom Burnet

      All the Skyline goodness needed for today :D

    6. all things possible video

      Is your car all wheel drive front wheel drive or back wheel drive your drift car I was always wondering what it was the one you are showing or turbo on it

    7. Jared Colbert

      His voice has bass

    8. Devin Whitlock

      Damn those dilated pupils

    9. joshua gardner

      Cans you please make Fives Guys merch please

    10. demone dillon

      you should go back to webesodes with bert cuz those were super great like dont get me wrong the car stuff is cool but you should take a break from it

    11. NWR32GTST

      That the adu7 or adu5 dash? Going to do the same in my 32 this winter

    12. Faze Ervin


    13. Nicholas Chapman

      12:20 should be Evo5s guys burgers n fries

    14. Trippykid 716

      Kudos on the new girl dog you every nigga needs a wifey

    15. ActionNickson

      Adam “sideburn” Lzed

    16. Michael Hernandez

      I got happy when he said “ my new girlfriend “ Adam deserves to be happy, happy for you bud

    17. Angry Beard Man

      I was sitting, on the edge of my seat, like "Is this dude really going to start this car without jiggling the shifter?"

    18. PlanesTrainsAutos

      In 2006, I made just over 500hp on a GT3076R .63 A/R in an SRT-4, and that was maxed out. You need a GT35R or similar lol.

    19. 7ERG 56

      Adam I will throw a flipping 26B at you

    20. Griffing Home Improvements

      How's the deli

    21. Will Lander

      Why don’t you try mountain biking?

    22. Seth Davis

      My cousin saw LZMFG and thought it was for Lazy MF God lmao 😭

    23. raytotheno

      Since when did Tom Segura work on cars

    24. Dylan Turner

      16:34 matt is that you

    25. Dylan Turner

      How many coffees today guy

    26. Matt Foster

      Did everyone just miss the fact he said he moved? Lol

    27. Francois Caudwell

      what kind of sheep wants a lzmfg banner, i cant hate the hustle haha but bruh whos that fan boy they want your name in acronyms everywhere? i feel if there was some cool art to do with cars or decent slogans with you name and or logo in the corner. i feel you would sell alot more then

    28. Kainen Dwigans

      Wow i found another dead channel

    29. x UNKNOWNx LOSTx

      O look it's the a****** who abandons his wife to work on his fucken car what the asshole you are God I am so fucken happy I never subscribed to this guy

    30. Alehandrosmith

      Why not go twin scroll? definitely would be a decent spool improvement! G25 - 660 .91 AR Twin scroll :D

    31. Soul Muntean

      Those banners are awesome.

    32. Underrated

      Lol my “new” girlfriend

    33. Noah Vierling

      I miss the old videos where Adam would just got to the track with the z or the 240 and just have fun with his friends I mean it is very cool that he does pro 2 now but it seems like he doesn’t drift as mich

    34. Dustin Swoboda

      delete that gasket, then it will stop blowing out. i have had the problem with the turbo gasket sometimes, and pretty much always with wastegates (before they pretty much all went v-band). solution was to just make sure surfaces are flat and bolt them down. save yourself 10bucks on a gasket by not buying one.

    35. Sam Kidder

      Look new.... things... For turbo😂

    36. IICaTz

      do a cleetus and run a car off a valve stem lmao

    37. Tyrone Tamakoue

      Do you still have the 1jz e36?

    38. Mads Hansen

      Who is Tommy :)

    39. F4k

      I have watched your videos since when you still had the interior in the cream s13

    40. KillerKat1177

      Go back to biking

    41. Streetboyz

      10:52 I’m definitely getting that! #yearofflex

    42. william holmes

      Check out my hot dancer Suh; de-news.net/online/video-cSNaJs5M6es.html

    43. Adrian Booker

      can u do a video talking about all the cars and what need to be done on them

    44. Johny Action

      Mmmmm bacon, egg and cheese :), hope you have it with BBQ sauce n a dash of black pepper ;).

    45. Datsun Racing

      Like for Adam and Bailey

    46. Daniel Brown

      More power is more heat. Yes back pressure will be down, but you'll still have an enormous heat soak (Cast steel housing) producing heat. Proper ventilation will do you more good, in terms of heat, than just the housing swap. Also, not sure if you're running hood risers in the back or not, but they're known to actually make more high pressure under the hood ie. hold in heat.

    47. j0m017

      The year of the flex banners are already sold out :(

    48. 05altimaser9

      Last bit was cringy

    49. Michael Fiorentino

      When are the backpacks coming out cause I really want it and schools about to start

    50. Marci K.

      Hey Adam! quick question, have you ever wanted to build a honda, and/or a drag build?

    51. Bleach Gaming

      Is it just me or does grant look like tfue but with a beard

    52. asvp berg

      Grant lookin good in that wifisfuneral half evil collab shirt

    53. wheels

      Glad to be called Henry

    54. Jon ZX


    55. Dr Droner

      It does sound healthier.. good move changing that out

    56. Fawnski

      You need a hair cut so no bad Adam still sexy though lol

    57. Paulo60

      18:20 oh yes

    58. FNOW Racer

      No one watches till the end bc theres no comments about bailey, congrats adam, year of the flex

    59. scoobygms210

      If anything that car needs less power it’s just gonna blow up again

    60. Will Couch

      Hey adam you should do another giveaway car sometime.. ;)

    61. canoedotexe

      I need a skyline in my life..

    62. James T

      Everyone always makes a big fuss about small turbos and spool and end up with poor performance due to heat from the the restriction, you end up pulling timing and running very rich to compensate for the high IATs and EGTs, should always try to pick a AR in the middle of the map or slightly larger than required.... performance is s always better and less heat management issues!

    63. Hey kid Wanna buy some lettuce

      16:02 is that Tfue's dad lmao

    64. ZODIAK BBX

      its official. tommys shop is now adams. adams moved in for good id say

    65. GeenIdee2

      I've got a Zircotec ceramic coating on my rx7 turbine and downpipe. Surface temp reduced by +/- 33%. Perhaps interesting to look at Adam

    66. pokythornes

      Yo!!! LZ let me get one of your old turbos bro .....

    67. RRtradestar

      When in doubt grow a porn stache and go to a kevin bacon lookalike competition

    68. Faisal Zaman

      adam when are you getting a fd?

    69. Jocah Xoxo

      Thank you for the initial D reference

    70. nik aziez

      Too much talking