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    Am Vor 15 Tage


    1. LARRAY

      I’m scared

      1. Shannon Michelle

        LARRAY sameeeee

      2. Keont'a Legree


      3. Uggg : jk

        Hey LARRAY if you see this please respond I need to know what video editor you use

      4. Depressed Shit

        Same 😂😂

      5. Larri Llamas

        LARRAY same

    2. Eden Emmanuel

      3:38 wait was she really crying it looks so real xD

    3. Claudiababe13

      I need more videos of the 4 of your Oml I haven’t laughed in so long till I saw this video

    4. Sarit Arraiz

      Lmao the sister squad looks different 😂

    5. *SunnyAbbie*

      lol to me Grayson looks like Thomas Petrouv LMAO

    6. bcvbb hyui

      Grayson: Does pushups Larray: twerks Me: Y’all got the energy for that

    7. Lillie Singleton

      Addison’s laugh😂

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Hey where’s my L A RR I that’s me That’s my jam🙁

    8. L Fox

      Larray was hurt when he said i wear those

    9. schaima elbachir

      Where the fuck did u get that one direction picture thing I NEED IT🤤

    10. Mochii Heartz M

      My birthday is July 26th lol

    11. Ruby Taylor

      No one: Addison:CaN I HavE a AvocADo

    12. Sharllean Gaoat

      It funny hahaha

    13. Maisie Anderson

      I’m inlove with this friendship

    14. Nehcopee Fatormah

      No one: Not a single being: Larri: wHaT iN CaUcAsItY?!

    15. Ahmed Djulic

      im not really a Dolan twins fan or anything, but I seems like they genuinely are having fun with Larry and Addison compared to when they hung out with James :)

    16. Shifter Combat

      I Like Doggies They Fluffy and Cutiee

    17. Shaista Barati

      I need a bad b???? Uha Addison Rae

      1. Shifter Combat

        Where’s my marial

    18. Isabel Napier


      1. Shifter Combat

        Cause they need to acknowledge it

    19. Jordan Anderson

      The Hurt in his voice when he Said I Wear those Omg my heart

    20. JoJo Collins

      Me Wanting to be a teen and grown up me not :(

    21. 《Emman 》

      The fact that my favorite DE-newsr ever is born on the same date as me is crazy

    22. Kelsey Brennan

      Grayson has gotten a surprise.On a old DE-news vid Ethan made Grayson fall in a ditch and poured stuff on him in the cold

    23. kylie west

      Hey where’s my L A RR I that’s me That’s my jam🙁

    24. NotxSean

      Emma and James looks rrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy different here

    25. itskxmmy

      *larray: plays with addisons hair the whole time* 😂

    26. zoey moats

      Larray: “my biggest fear is drowning.” Me: “almost drowns 307437315953645475 times”

    27. abigail jackson

      is it just me or does James and Emma look different

    28. Sunshine Nursery:Sophia

      Larray my birthday is July 27th😎

    29. Ezra Shirshac

      nobody Addison: *fake laugh*

    30. Alexa Mejia

      Larray: who are you Ethan: I aM BoSS baBy

    31. Ava GARCIA

      I am dieing and u don’t care I literally just choked on water 🤮🥺🥺

    32. Avery Lockwood

      squad g o a l s

    33. Annoying Apple

      16:02 same here buddy 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    34. Darling Charming

      sister squad looks different here

    35. brissia palencia

      Funny how I got an ad of Addison while watching

    36. kylie hammond


    37. kylie hammond


    38. Monse Castro

      Addisons laugh is uglyyy

    39. Kelly Hernandez

      Next video u guys should go to Vegas lmao 😬😂

    40. Alysia Johnson

      Ok um is it just me Or does the sound keep going out a few times

      1. Bella


    41. ISupermann 007

      sister squad 2.0

    42. Kylee Taylor

      lol i found my fav vid

    43. StaarFromTheClouds

      Those 5.6k dislikes are from the people that wore the “inspiration from bacteria outfits” 😂 (I’m not funny) :,)

    44. Ivy nguyen

      6:33 is it just me or is parts mute

      1. Katie

        Yea mine was too I was so confused

    45. Tia Ross

      no one: literally no one: larray and addison being the best friendship I have ever seen and being so obsessed wif eachother🥰

    46. brad roers

      when the dolan twins find a new squad

    47. jvicekth

      bruh at 2:23 i flinched omfg

    48. _____Stich_____ Stuffix

      “Get the girl a damn avocado” 🥺

    49. Alyanna Pelayo

      omg i just realized that grayson kinda looks like thomas 🤭😂

    50. Alyanna Pelayo

      bruh, its obvious that grayson likes laRrY

    51. Lumen The Protogen

      did anyone else have the audio cut out at points?

      1. Lololololol Baby

        For copyright

    52. Dumb._. Lily

      When Addison was twerking it made me wonder how they act irl..

    53. Samy GH

      addison:WTF!!!IS GOING ON?!

    54. Kensington Mao

      Is it just me or do thy remind you of the sister squad

      1. Lololololol Baby

        Dont ruin them like we did the sister squad

    55. Shirley Carter

      When Addison said I don’t like being alone me girllllllllllll I’m the same thing!!!!

    56. strxwberrymilkkk

      i -want- *NEED* addison and larray’s friendship

    57. Scorps Lov

      3:22 that was sooo cute lmao Addison: really 🥺🥰 Grayson: yeah😋😄🥺

    58. faerieCymone

      peak entertainment . 🥰🥰

    59. TokyoSakura

      Tmw you try watching the video but the audio cuts out at like the best moments

    60. i post random songs and videos

      6:31 i love how this part is muted but yes queen ethan ur speech is the bomb

    61. Jordan Barker

      The fact someone is gay but acts like a girl

      1. Lololololol Baby


    62. Satans Favorite child: Me, King Suga

      I legit was so confused on what they were saying when I noticed my speed was 1.25x and I was mad because I could've noticed it earlier but No- I had to notice at the end of the video-

    63. Phunk

      Why did i accidentally hit the dislike

    64. Mayra Villegas

      Lol larry has the same birthday as me jully 22

    65. ice coffee

      nobody: kids being petty when they lose in a game: 5:48

    66. DoomDuck01


    67. Liv C

      Do you want gum Grayson: I’d love to have a slice

    68. Natalee

      Grayson+Addison=Gaddison Ethan+Emma=Ethma AND THAT'S ON PERIODT

    69. Natalee

      this is the future sister squad

    70. Lacey Crouch

      17:35 can we talk about how Grayson hugged Larry?

      1. Lololololol Baby

        He felt bad bc he was yelling at larray for almost loosing the footage