TWIN TELEPATHY CHALLENGE! Who Knows Me Better RZ Twin or Best Friend? (Game Master Battle Royale)

Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

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    Rebecca Zamolo uses Twin Telepathy to see who knows her better in a who knows me better battle royale!
    #twintelepathy #bestfriend #rebeccazamolo
    After Rebecca found a hidden treasure chest at the bottom of the lake worth $10,000 there was a mystery item inside the box. Rebecca revealed a magnetic key card that might be able to open the right door. Once we rescue Daniel Alice won't let us leave. RZ Twin arrives and it quickly turns into a battle royale between my twin and best fried. Rebecca decides they need to get back to the safe house for a twin telepathy challenge. Before they start and see who they can trust Daniel shows Rebecca his secret barcode. Did he have cerebral analysis or does he have a clone? The first round is about Rebeccas favorites and pregnancy. Neither girl wants to reveal if Rebecca is pregnant. RZ twin says the game master is real and Alice thinks the GM is fake. Next they draw ninja spy gadgets and Alice starts to glitch. When they start the twin telepathy rounds Alice starts to become suspicious. Alice reveals what the mirror initiative is then is no longer in the game. Why did she leave and can they tell if she is a liar? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos in 2019!
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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

      Do you trust RZ Twin or Alice in this TWIN TELEPATHY CHALLENGE & what do you think happened to Alice after this? LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE IN MY NOTIFICATION SQUAD!! XOXO

      1. Joanne Mainville


      2. Drinel Du Plessis


      3. Alisson uceda

        I don't know? Who you trust

      4. Layla Tarletonhojdvjf h

        I trust rz twin love you Rebecca

      5. Brenda Iman

        @Diane Harrison ok

    2. lets draw


    3. Thess Libang

      RZ Twin

    4. Baby kiran

      Please don't trust alice she is using you for the gmi you should trust rz twin not alice she is not your best friend she is only using you for the GMI

    5. khairul azmil mohamad fuad

      i trust rz twin

    6. Anna Marya


    7. nabila sultana

      Alice got controled by the GMI you shouled trust her

    8. Aubri RawlinsPlaysGames

      No. (4)

    9. Aubri RawlinsPlaysGames

      No (3)

    10. SKGamers _

      Black light

    11. Aubri RawlinsPlaysGames

      PINK ABD TEAL(2)

    12. SKGamers _

      I don’t no

    13. SKGamers _


    14. SKGamers _


    15. Elmihner John Sopepa

      Tell Matt.

    16. Jivas Family

      Don't trust Alice she works for the GMI🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

      1. Jivas Family


    17. Ray Ray

      Do you still in live in la

    18. little prince

      rz twin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Pamela Downey


    20. Judith Tordillos


    21. Sara Young

      I trust RZ twin more than Rebecca’s best friend Alice! This is the best channel ever! Thumbs up if you do to.

    22. Celeste Figueroa


    23. Celeste Figueroa


    24. Celeste Figueroa


    25. Celeste Figueroa


    26. Sam Parks

      Yes they are lying to you matt and I love you guys a lot

    27. Abdon santacruz

      👩‍🦰👗👠👑 👨‍🦰👔👖👞matt and redeca

    28. Danielle Mendez


    29. o Katie Estrella

      Play telepathy challenge

    30. Darden218

      I think the gym I said Alice was back in a game I don’t know what game though

    31. Saretta Dickson


    32. Saretta Dickson


    33. Saretta Dickson


    34. Saretta Dickson


    35. Saretta Dickson


    36. Saretta Dickson

      Can you has a barcode on his back

    37. Saretta Dickson


    38. William Curtis


    39. William Curtis


    40. William Curtis


    41. William Curtis


    42. Rosmari Alejo

      Rz twin

    43. William Curtis


    44. Wilma Badger

      RZ ring

    45. Linda Lancaster

      I trust Rz twin-like Alice-comment

    46. Linda Lancaster


    47. Linda Lancaster


    48. Linda Lancaster

      2 or 3 twins

    49. Linda Lancaster


    50. Bella Pizza

      I trust RZ TWIN

    51. Rosi Olivos


    52. Bella Pizza


    53. Rosi Olivos

      Trust Alice

    54. Aliyah vazquez

      What happened with that when she said that are the rz twin is Rebecca's Mirror she turned in to a robot

    55. Laura Marshall

      Twin telepree challenge

      1. Laura Marshall


    56. Glenda Poindexter

      Tuin Tulefsint Chaling

    57. Ally Berberich


    58. Ally Berberich


    59. Ally Berberich


    60. Ally Berberich


    61. Ahmed Harooon

      team rz twin

    62. Erika Saldana

      Twin tulepthee Chalinj

    63. Brace Victoria

      She got deactivated from the game so I think Rebecca is getting a new best friend. Like if u agree.

    64. Xdriftwrld and Lil rocket

      R.Z not acile

    65. Nathan Hampton

      Twin telepathy challenge

    66. Kawaeko_Kitten


    67. Cookie Master


    68. Cookie Master


    69. Unicorn -COS