Type S Returns! - 2021 Acura TLX Type S First Look (Up-Close Details)



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    Full story here: www.motor1.com/news/425816/2021-acura-tlx-debut-review/
    The #TypeS is back! #Acura is reviving the performance trim for the 2021 #TLX. In addition to the new range-topping Type S, the standard TLX gets a full makeover with a fantastic new design language and a much-improved tech suite. Here's a very early first look at the new TLX.

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    1. JAKE Y

      Lol stop showing cars with limo tint on the windshield. It’s stupid/ not practical..

    2. H2V PRO Eternal

      This TLX Type S seems very promising 🙏🙏🙏

    3. Chocolate Lab Bros

      Wow that Type S is sexxxxxyyyy 😍

    4. omwtfyb

      holy fuck 270 hp standard?? Thats so much better than how they usually offer that damn 200 hp base

    5. SC Guy

      Caprie pants.


      Took them 16 years to get rid of the fucking beak They'll get 50 thousand extra sales from that alone Far and away the best looking car in its class

    7. Toni J

      I have 2003 TL so i might trade it for this one!! 🤔 if i get a good deal on trade.😁

    8. Toni J


    9. DC 5

      Wheres the manual Type S is only manual wtf!!!! Looks like a auto 🤢🤮

    10. A Seeds

      If it is 50k, not sure how much brand is put into play against other aspects but if they can manage to pull a 500 whip type s (maximizing turbo in their v6) I think they would be in a very good place.

    11. Peacetoself

      no manual ? no thanks

    12. Paul Singh

      Finally Acura... Finally !!!!!!!!!

    13. Kevin White

      This is great info - and this is gonna sound weird - but the lip smacking is annoying lol

    14. Gen Gen

      Wish the accord had those taillights. Hate these lobster claws. I hope this is the direction that future accords will follow after. Honda for life.

    15. Zef Pepaj

      FINALLY SOMEONE REVIEWS AN ACURA. Thank you so much for this video. ITS SUCH AN AMAZING CAR. My 2007 RL still gives all these modern poopy cars a run for their money on the streetz. And i have literally only been doing regular maintenance.

    16. Skyhawks245

      So it is a Honda Accord touring with different interior.

    17. Rickey Bell

      Yeah I’m trading in my Wrx for this baby. I need that type S in my life 🤤

    18. GSPA100

      Its nice but i hope they stay in line with the current acura price, or even lower. Maximize sales.

    19. Tee.M 2019

      Need more horsepower for the S

    20. P.J

      My last (and 2nd) Type S was a 2001 RSX Satin Pearl.. same color as this TLX Type S. Maybe it's a sign that I should stop driving a SUV...

    21. junior_est94

      6:17 you’re welcome

    22. Thebrothaisback

      Those female clothes...

    23. morrij01

      Without a manual transmission it is not a true Type S. Unfortunately, it looks to be nothing more than a performance sedan, not a sport sedan. I'm an Acura fan, I own two of them, but this doesn't really do it for me.

    24. JT J

      Needs a limited edition manual transmission version

    25. Just Machine

      No manual???

    26. Alexander Spencer

      Looks like a 4 door mustang oh I long for Acura’s glory days and don’t even get me started on the hideous Lexus grill what happened?? Sure the quality is still above par but Kia is on fire and Hyundai isn’t playing either that g 80 is like whoa


      Thanks for the review. I have purchased 3 Acura's and if they want me to be a 4 peat than they need to produce a 2 door type s coupe for me...ugggh geez it's like pulling teeth, fo real...

    28. Zachary Zarko

      You can dim the ambient lights at night with the little thumb wheel on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel. The navigation system also has a night mode.

    29. Artkidtek

      i dont need the type s i just want a V6 LTX 2021!!!!!!!

    30. EL Juice Man

      Is it rwd

    31. Dilip Kumar

      Type S killed it man

    32. Tesheng Liao

      tlx depreciate fast after 5 years it'll drop like a stone and cars with turbo charged engines depreciate even faster wait 5 years and a high mileage type s will go for under 10 grand guaranteed

    33. mikebrown25

      I’m an Acura fan all the way. I’m glad they’re back! And yes for the Type-S jump point!

    34. Jessica Mathews

      I’m more into the Acura RSX hatchback. I wish they come back with the RSX and the Type S.

    35. freedom for all wakeup

      Love it

    36. Ludmila Fascia

      The only thing I hate about Honda/Acura is the buttons for switching gears.

    37. 4 Love

      I love it 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    38. Emmanuel Chukwunonye

      Dude, you know how to make videos. This is so far the best video I've watched about Acura. Very clear and detailed. Anyone will fall in love with the car.

      1. MOTOR1

        Thanks for the compliment!

    39. Gowdaflow

      Hopefully lots of great cars to choose from in 2021.. the new TLX, the new IS and the new STI! Competition is good!

    40. It can't rain all the time

      Thanks for the 2.5 seconds of interior shots. But hey, at least we got a real solid look at the wheels.

    41. Mitchell Murphy

      I dislike touchpad personally.

    42. Mattaron Taylor

      So a Genesis G70 is better?

    43. Omair Sheikh

      So cool to see Lance Bass branching out and reviewing cars now. Great job!

      1. MOTOR1

        Eh, we’ve heard better.

    44. Jonnieinthe256 !

      Am I the only one who actually like the regular tlx design better than the type s? Maybe it’s bc I just like fog lights on a car?!🤷🏻‍♂️

    45. Vick S.

      stunning! -but change the font type for A, needs to be bolder like the L in Lexus

    46. Ironik

      Those exhaust openings look too big

      1. Zachary Zarko

        I like the TLX-S quad exhaust. It looks just right to me. I'm tired of all the fake exhaust tips on Audis, Mercedes, etc.

    47. Will Sowles

      Love how they kept the red sash side lines for the type s, like the old red gauge rings for the old TL s

    48. Will Sowles

      I drive an 08 type s :))

    49. Tony Dinh

      I'm trading in 2017 Accord for the Type-S. Acura is back baby!I use own the 2001 Type-S and loved it! This is a big jump!

    50. PR Rosemberg

      This model alone is the reason why Infiniti is no longer nor was it ever in the race!

    51. Retired Early 53

      The rear end looks just like my Grandpa's 2015 Buick Verano !!!!!!! That's COOL !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Zachary Zarko

        Yes, it has tail lights, a trunk, and exhaust - so it's the same. In fact, the Buick also has an engine, tires, and a windshield too. It's essentially the exact same car as the TLX. (sarcasm)

    52. GTSR Garret

      This is the most beautiful car design i have ever seen on a sedan ...i just hope that v6 would have the power to match ..Acura please give us 390-400HP 🙏 and a quick shifting transmission and i will be the first one to buy this car

    53. none none

      Was wanting to buy this car when seeing the concept, but why do they have to fuck up the rear for the production model? So fucking disappointed! They just couldn't resist the itch to fuck up a good concept design.

    54. Mors Abedin

      Ugly alien spaceship looking dash

      1. Ronmake

        Look like 2011 interior

    55. Driko99

      Oh boy. If the type s has good power and a decent price I’ll probably get this!

    56. jay ly

      This TLX typeS make it 2 doors hard T-Top will be look sick.

    57. Mel Xo

      It’s really disappointing that Acura took so long to update their interior design. Recent models have a stunning body but the interior is such a let down. This new design is beautiful though 👍🏽 Glad it’s better than never.

    58. Jonathan Maldonado

      Wondering what’s a good down payment for this beauty of a Type-S 🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔

    59. franceso32

      type s looks like a super car

      1. Retired Early 53

        The rear end looks just like my Grandpa's 2015 Buick Verano !!!!!!!!!!! That's COOL !!!!!!!!

    60. Ashine JowReal

      Love everything about the tlx type S but damn wish they would make a standard option too

      1. GokuWinsAgain

        Well, they did make the RSX Type-S Standard only. Must have been a lesson learned. Idk. honestly maybe they cant fit the manual transmission inside the engine bay? I too would love the standard option but honestly outside of tuners and gearhedz, who buys a standard car anymore? not soccer moms, and not businessmen. so.... we might be screwed. lol

      2. Juan Carlos Vargas

        Definitely screams manual hope we get an option but I doubt it

    61. whiteliketar

      Please Acura - put in a beautiful hand held gear selector . - you are so close to hitting it our of the park with the interior - and you gave us this lame wheel type thingee - come on man ! You are so close

    62. Twistex

      Starting a new career and ima grind my ass off to save up for a big down payment on that type S

      1. Gengar Phantom

        I am thinking about doing that too. So far I have save up money enough to buy a 30k $ car upfront but I want to be on the safe side and make 25k more to have more room

      2. Frank L

        Twistex Cool. What’s the new career change and what did you used to do?

      3. Anton Dorsey

        Same, and good luck to you! I'm gonna grind so I can buy it flat out. No more car payments ever! lol

      4. Frank L

        Cool. What’s the new career change and what did you used to do?

      5. Jesus Martinez

        I'm right there with you.

    63. I Like Watching Anime

      I am rooting for the 2021 type S to beat the new 2021 Lexus IS NOW!👍

    64. Ray Redford

      Interior design is not the finest esthetically . U shape in central console, bad idea!

    65. CHELSKI9

      About time Acura.

    66. AJeight3

      0-60 in 4.3 or less and skid pad at 1g with a price tag of no more than 52k and the type a should sell very well. Other things like reclaiming Honda reliability of old and a sub 7m45s ring lap time should bring back old Acura owners that jumped ship and steal Infiniti owners that want a more refined q50 400. Would be rad if they brought back Comptech so that they car could be improved in every way and the warranty not voided.

    67. Sergio Marron

      No manual and 10 years too late. Acura, Good luck selling a sedan in this recession. Enjoy your bankruptcy....

      1. Perk Here

        And enjoy your 2001 mercedes while crying in your trailer park

    68. SkyStudios

      0:14 I miss the luxury days of acura... rip 2004-2017 acura.. you will be missed by very little people... but know im here for you, good old luxury acura...

    69. eJacob Cornelius

      Any color but white, please.

    70. Tony Dinh

      Oh damn, I'm going to have get a Type S!!!!!