UFC Fighters Predict - Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Justin Gaethje!

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    UFC today, we have UFC fighters predicting UFC 254: Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Justin Gaethje! This #UFC video includes UFC fighters Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier and more MMA fighters predict Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Gaethje! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!
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    1. Watch MMA

      Who will win, Khabib or Justin Gaethje? Let us know⬇️

      1. H K

        I have a feeling Khabib is going to win 2nd round triangle and will sleep Justin while hes trying to tap

      2. bobby donzz

        I hope this xbox tings for real

      3. MTI 013

        @TrickBag nice prediction 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      4. That Brown Imposter

        Khabib will choke him out

      5. marcus Nottzz

        Khabib secret power but yooo G were is mein xbox one let me know

    2. Qumadna Qumadna

      Cornor your a bot so don't even think you are better then khabib he made you like a chiken

    3. vares STL

      One thing I didn't realize-it wasn't hard for fighters to take gaethje down. It was hard to keep him down. It was much harder for khabib to take Conor down in the beginning and the middle of the fight but Conor couldn't get back up up and that's when I should've realized gaethje was in serious trouble from the get go cuz khabib don't let go

    4. bobby donzz

      Xbox i need tht

    5. Libra66

      A drunk clown said Khabib will lose and learn a lesson from that words never trust a drunk clown words.

    6. Hashim khabib


    7. hafiz muhammad mursalin

      Jusstin gaethje punching speed is amazing respect from Pakistan. how khabib did he do it triangle i dont know why khabib finish quickly may be he wants more play with justin but.... no can someone say his thought n what game plan

    8. ali bawazir


    9. Otomen Tererr Bro J

      Hey chicken.. why u talk, u are chicken weak

    10. Cutest video

      Alhamdullilah Khabib won the fight

    11. junirox1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Everyone has a punch until they get planned in the face of a punch" Tight python

    12. Belayneshi Ashenafi


    13. Hari Supriyanto

      Everyone have a plan until they forgot what was the plan - Asep Suherman, pak RT Tegal Laras

    14. Rob Austin

      I was surprised people were talking about how hard it was going to be for Khabib to take Justin down. There is a huge difference between a decent college wrestler and a world class wrestler like Khabib

    15. Sulaiman Thawoos

      "Well matched elite talents" The predictions vs the results speak volumes about how far Khabib is above his oppenents.

    16. umaid manzoor


    17. Ron Thompson

      anyone that would not pick Khabib to win doesnt know the depth of this man. Honoring his Father he will not lose now or ever

    18. Tyrone Khan

      Eat your own words

    19. cnpankey1983

      It was rigged and Justin didn't even fight plus he was winded after one round and he didn't even wrestle in the first round total garbage

      1. Marife Salih

        Did it really hurt that bad?

    20. Rob Austin

      Khabib is definitely the goat. He didn’t want to hurt him in front of his parents so he submits with a triangle. He stood for a round with Justin to show he could .groud a nd pound is what makes him the goat but he’s still really tough standing up

    21. Ahmadi Hameed

      Well khabib choked him out.

    22. Lesley Burnett

      Xbox Xbox Xbox

    23. muqqamul _

      buuu ... khabib winn

    24. soiung toiue

      In the end of this fight... They both made their parents proud, Men in their 30s doing things for their parents is very motivational

    25. Jasmany Loja

      Khabib isn’t human

    26. Clarence Pratt

      And thats why dan goofy looking hardy is where he is now. Couldnt win

      1. soiung toiue

        ez prediction khabib. the others have 0 ground game. It's like US vs Sweden in hockey. It's like US vs. Germany playing soccer.

    27. Michael Stigman

      Too bad he's retiring

    28. ashutosh sharma

      X box

    29. chiko Oun

      You're the Best bro 🤙

    30. Calla CTM

      Mcchicken is suicidal

    31. Jeremiah Woschniak

      I think Khabib will win in round 2 via triangle choke. Believe me..

    32. mjaylanipjok binsus

      u know what as a fighter in lightweight most of guy have good looking also :)

    33. Donald Diamond

      He took everything Justin had and walked right through it dude. This is a hate video against a Khabib if I’ve ever seen

    34. Donald Diamond

      This video is garbage

    35. Donald Diamond

      Beaten on the scoreboards? 🤣🤣🤣 You mean killed!

    36. Donald Diamond

      Depends who you are if you think it could go either way lol. Hatin ass mf’ers man. Go keep hating on Rogan

    37. Brad B

      Oh wow I definitely want an Xbox one bruh

    38. RHD G

      Total domination by Khabib

    39. Tony Lum

      Khabib retires. Conor:Alhamdulilahi

    40. Elvin Humbetov

      Garabagh is Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇹🇷🇹🇷🇵🇰🇵🇰

    41. Targaryen King

      ez prediction khabib. the others have 0 ground game. It's like US vs Sweden in hockey. It's like US vs. Germany playing soccer.

    42. Craig chivers

      New kabib would win

    43. Double AA

      Khabib is my Dawg he made me so much money from his haters😂😂 You can’t stop him even tho you know exactly what he’s gonna do people just don’t understand he was 27-0 for a reason, I mean 28-0🙂

    44. Nur Azizi Abdul Aziz

      Alhamdulillah Khabib has won over justine, Khabib is undefeated 29-0, Alhamdulillah, ALLAHU AKBAR !!!

    45. Robert Bordevik

      Khabib got two things going for him. His grappling/wrestling is among the very best in the world. But his ultimate weapon is his mentality which is 10 times bigger than Conor McGregor’s ego, and more bulletproof than Donald Trump’s Presidential car.

    46. Vasile Nan

      Habib is the best

    47. A.H. Mehedi

      LoL! I'm coming here after the fight!!

    48. dedi luswanto


    49. Sakir Wahid

      Who is here after Khabib retires?

    50. Antonio Lopez


    51. Shakir Baig


    52. Fun Junkies

      Everyone know what Khabib gonna do and that is that he will win lol.

    53. Fun Junkies

      Khabib lost lol

    54. Dramih


    55. Billy Carey

      I want that Xbox!

    56. Balian Rompies


    57. vbddfy euuyt

      Conor broke his TV, and then saying Mae,Mae,Mae,Mae,Mae😁

    58. badass bobbyjohnson

      He is on a whole nother level than Justin now we Are waiting for khamzat to destroy these bitches

    59. Otto -

      Khabib ended conors career.

    60. Shahwazir khan Poswal

      Khabib Win the fight 💞💞💞💞

    61. BB daGreat XVI

      am right khabib won! 💪🏼

    62. zi225

      Khabib is the best, no doubt, sorry to hear about his father and his retirement, WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM FIGHT GREAT FIGHTERS LIKE MCGREGOR AGAIN AND AGAIN AND WINNING. So far the best all around fighter of all times KHABIB! RESPECT

    63. سکندر شاہین

      Today khabib won😍😍😍

    64. Doug Carter

      The man to take the vacated Khabibs crown is not mouthMacgregor its mr Gaethje.....

    65. sTrAiN XomBie

      Everyone is a gansta untill they meet khabib inside the ring

    66. Tai FuaMatu Ma'Fala

      Thank you keeping updated with all the content. I dig it! Informative and to the point🤙🏾

    67. ImOnlySpectating

      Kaboob Nermasumnsumn wins by eye gouge!!! Yea for rules and good sportsmanship!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. VideoGabPhy-咖比飛

      Where are all the "28-1" comment gone?

      1. VideoGabPhy-咖比飛

        @Theodore Bagwell 😂😂 i was really trying hard to find the "28-1" comment which i saw many before the fight, but after fight it's all gone.

      2. Theodore Bagwell

        They are now Khabib fans

    69. Divyansh Jorwal

      Who else is here after khabib destroyed gaethje?

    70. Lyla N

      i m pro khabib but can’t help love justin personality too