Ultimate Brent Rivera Funny Videos Compilation 2020 | All Brent Rivera Funny TikTok Compilation



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    Ultimate Brent Rivera Funny Videos Compilation 2020 | All Brent Rivera Funny TikTok Compilation
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    1. Aysha Iqbal


    2. HeyItsAccelerate

      You said a bad thing

    3. Danielle Gray

      Ha ha🤣😂😅😎

    4. Zay Playz for Dayz

      Brent says bad words now

    5. Pulseyz

      3:03 : I can’t breathe Me obviously your going under water you can’t breathe under water your not a fish

    6. Leigh Robstad

      its sooooooooo ron

    7. Ella Mingo

      They are so funny

    8. rafael fernandez

      I hate you Brent

    9. Charlene Wade

      Am I the only one who saw hart instead of heart

    10. Abigail Harris

      I’m fine with the wrong but not the kit kat

    11. molly love tinnk

      Kit Kat was the hardest

    12. cassandraroxas delacruz

      I hate this video because the sound are not the one that Brent was using 😒😒

    13. Lauren Gurnett

      But my friend thinks that Andrew is hotter

    14. Lauren Gurnett

      Brett is so hot

    15. Alvaro Mejia Ramos


    16. Alvaro Mejia Ramos


    17. MD Haliff

      Wow Brent is having fun when I’m depressed

    18. kotvtvko

      Too funny

    19. MrEricspig

      Lexi's nickname for Brent is Brentuh.

    20. Jeff C

      This is the worst 🤫🤫

    21. Bella Jackson

      Mini tune should watch this

    22. Nat Alie

      Lexis better than brent

    23. Lauren W.

      Man you made me cringe when you opened the chips from the bottom! WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!??????

    24. abdi Farah


    25. R Morrison

      hubba buba

    26. 4Real

      12:05 song??

    27. Daniel Ghebrial

      LOL, THis Was So Funny

    28. Adam Panayides

      Brent so annoying

    29. Shalone Burns


    30. Sarah Talj

      12:7 you guys are so cute

    31. Colin Son

      Huge fan

    32. Kelly Ruiz

      Brent why are you so mean to your friends

    33. Rahman Mohammad

      I hate Ben

    34. Norah Zimmerman

      It's just plain old sad get a girlfriend

    35. Carina Gazzard

      It was funny when Lexi and Brent hinted them

    36. Felicia


    37. pritzee11


    38. TheGamingBeast G

      Can I date ur sis I’m 24

      1. TheGamingBeast G

        No I’m kidding lol

    39. Onyebuchi Anosike


    40. Shani Pitzer


    41. MiddleChild TV

      brent so lonely 😢

    42. Nanaabbes2018 Nana

      5:19 LOL

    43. Ähhh Gäääh

      at 0:14 siblings be like:

    44. Ionut Ciprian

      im like brent.....single

    45. Aubree Wagner

      At the girl with the curly hair the wind from the song 2012?

    46. Shiann Jackson


    47. peterrey empeynado

      Sorry my brother ded it 😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇😇😇😇im girl 20 years old

    48. peterrey empeynado

      Im not stupide 😠😠😠😠😲😲😲

    49. Rosie L


    50. Star Girl

      5:24 me and my brother 🤣😂

    51. Matias Cabrera

      I love thise

    52. James Ogle

      When he was eating those foods the one that Most annoyed me was the bubblegum and the Kitcat

      1. rafael fernandez

        Really Brent

    53. Mr B

      Brents mum also known as *The Master*

    54. Jessa Perry

      shorturl.ca/lovesex400fasmr ඔහුට කතා කරලා බලන්න බිල් ඔබ

    55. Niki Harris


    56. Eliane Aciole

      Hahahahahahhaha. Now. I. See. Why. Your. With. Eva. Alot

    57. Katja Mukaetova 100 subs with no videos

      4:21 that sounds like the game emily wants to play when you open the doors

    58. Laila Feras Alajalani ICSBR1

      aaaaaahhhhhh i love ur vids

    59. Haley Abreu

      Am I the only one who saw in Nobody breaks my sisters heart it was hart

      1. Kirsty baker

        Your not the only one

    60. Claire Pickersgill

      So funny 😂friend 🙂

    61. Melody Lusher

      my mom works at mens wear house

    62. Eason Chong


    63. Eshal Naveed7

      Brent didn't even pour sauce in lexi's cup at 2:10

    64. Cesar Gariando

      hahahah you kissing the pizza haahahahahah

    65. Bernhard Meidl

      Is Brent and Eva together 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    66. Tameka Thomas

      The gum one is the hardest to watch

    67. Ari Sastradi

      The hamburger bun didn’t hit Ben in the first place XD

    68. Taniquea Reid

      LOL 😂🤣😆

    69. brooklyn

      uhh just want to let you know i really like avas dress :/ its so pretty 🤩🤩

    70. Kevin Luo

      ben we like your video😃😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄