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    We have a very special, very different video for you all today. This isn't a review of The Last of Us Part II. This is an understanding of The Last of Us Part II. #tlou2 #TheLastOfUs #NaughtyDog
    Special thanks to this talented man for his cover of Future Days by Pearl Jam. It's so beautiful: de-news.net/online/video-LWCnUuH0oK4.html
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    1. raffd0206

      Thank you....

    2. Alvin Mark

      Hey I am no hater to this game and no one is most of us are pissed off cauz of our father figure dying and you explained why which is only valid in a normal world cmon now its the apocalyptic world and he was a survivor saving his daughter, if you're that smart(actually you're not you're just over complicating the story to look smart) then why didn't you notice the BIGGEST mistake they did As you saw after the golf simulation that tommy is more concerned abt getting hit by hunters than planning to leave seattle Then WHY DID JOEL SAVED ABBY she could've been a hunter checking their hideouts planning their next ambush or something WTF I AM DONE WITH PEOPLE SUPPORTING THIS FILTHY SHIT OF A GAME JUST TO STAND OUT AND LOOK SMART ACTUALLY YOU'RE NOT!!🤬🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I am not begging for likes but please like this enough so they can see this every like counts for joel❣

      1. San Blindsnake

        "I am not begging for likes but please like this enough so they can see this every like counts for joel❣" I can explain the level is stupidity in this request... But I guess is in line with your (supporters) side... "Then WHY DID JOEL SAVED ABBY" I don't know... Let me think... Did you played the game? Or do you think is normal to let a young girl get killed by infected? Also, do you know how Jackson works and its politics to strangers and other communities? I would say I have a feeling but I just know you don´t know... "tommy is more concerned abt getting hit by hunters than planning to leave seattle" Let me guess... Single... You don't know how women's work? Maybe you should play the first game again to see how Maria acts and operates... "I am no hater to this game..." Of course you are... And you know it... LOL

    3. M 2020

      Sorry, but this is not an analysis. She is merely highlighting the good parts of The last of us 2, while ignoring/invalidating the criticism of the story.

      1. San Blindsnake

        @Jimmy Doyle You don't ask such question... It's just valid criticism... And then they will talk about how Joel dies and how they didn´t like to play as Abby, and that this game is about revenge but they didn´t get that revenge... You know... the valid criticism that relies solely on "tastes"....

      2. Jimmy Doyle

        Criticisms such as?

      3. Girlfriend Reviews

        "Literary analysis means closely studying a text, interpreting its meanings, and exploring why the author made certain choices."

    4. C Peterson

      I liked Abby more than Ellie in this game.

    5. SSGG Random

      This game is the perfect description of the phrase: ``an eye for an eye and the world will be blind`` - Mahatma Gandhi

    6. Naufal Khairullah

      this game is amazing for me. the story not in the direction that make me happy but, i love playing it

    7. Bruno Alves

      You guys here me out, there's a huge chance this game is gonna win game of the year. And for me, so far, it totally deserves it. We'll be talking about this gem for decades to come.

    8. WolfRathmA

      That was AM... WAIT FOR IT... AZING!!

    9. Rambo

      You have hit the nail on the head. I could see this when I played and felt most missed the point etc. This was a masterpiece but maybe one that people were just not willing to accept. As you say bravo. I loved it.

    10. Divinest Beats

      They make us play as Abby more than we played as Ellie. That's what pissed me off. Playing as characters I don't care about. I only know Ellie, Joel and Tommy. And joel is dead. They barely showed Tommy and Ellie is only in half of the whole game plus she turned to a psycho killer

      1. San Blindsnake

        @LemonMurder People tend to forget the most important subliminal message of this game... are you good enough at heart to at very least pity a destroyed person as Abby?

      2. LemonMurder

        you dont have to care about her, you have to understand her. I loved this game but really hated the idea of playing abby on my first play through. I didn't care about her really until she was descending through the tower with Lev. when we came to that, I couldnt help but empathise with this girl who just wants to redeem herself for the actions and life choices that she knew were wrong. So for a good 25% of the game i absolutely hated it because I just wanted to get back to Ellie but started to love it again when I understood her motivations. You aren't supposed to care about Abby immediately but you are supposed to understand her eventually

    11. Justin Newman

      This analysis is excellent. Couldn’t have said it better myself. This game made me realize things about myself and that is what good storytelling is supposed to do. It’s too bad, yet unsurprising, that people see the narrative as a political agenda.

    12. Art

      I like this game and I like the story

    13. Henryque Cabral

      HOW DARE THE BOTH OF YOU, you made me cry ;-;

    14. Saúl Fernández

      Probably this comment will be lost and never reach you Girlfriend Reviews, since the video was released 1 month ago, but I just finished the game and I needed to write this. I've been watching, reading and thinking about the reviews of my favorite content creators for the past 2 hours and... I think I've found the best one in this video. The video is short but dense. I've rewatched it already like 3 times, and in each one you guys pointed at something that snapped in my mind and got me like "Wow, that's right, they did that and I felt that". So, congratulations on the review guys! I love this "more serious, game-journalist-like" vids, I encourage you to do more, and if possible, 15-20 min length for this format I think it would be appreciated. Nevertheless, you're hilarious, keep also the other comedy format :)

    15. David Kwon

      Instead of participating and fanning the flames of hyper negativity or hyper positivity, which is sadly rampant (e.g. 10s and 0s on Metacritic), people should realize there is such a thing as a spectrum and that ones viewpoint can land somewhere in the middle. There is nothing wrong with that. A game doesn't have to be a masterpiece, or a piece of trash. It can be decent, or good. Be willing to evaluate a game for it's obvious strengths and weaknesses, and realize there is a reason the game is so divisive. When you take a game such as this and declare it as an irrefutable masterpiece or as the worst game ever, that's where the floodgates of accusations and hate on BOTH sides ensue.

    16. PsychCutioner

      Finally someone! Thank you for this video, everyone should see it.

    17. Yashovardhan Utpat

      Now thats what i call a review. BRAVO.

    18. Christoph

      Powerful connection with Ellie? Mad, sick, heartbroken? Sure ... then at least give me the option to kill the *§$" who killed my father (like the first game gave me the option to sacrifice Ellie) and don't force the ending YOU like down my throat. If you don't see this, you choose to be blind.

      1. Narrativamente

        The first one didn't give the option.

    19. Adrian Dima

      imagine being such a simpleton, not understanding the complexity of this game thru emotions, feelings and just judging it by: joel dead, game bad herp derp derp

    20. SUPER GAME

      Man, I love you guys. Finally someone is thinking as I am.

    21. Little Slimy

      I listened, and I am not convinced.

    22. Andre Laguna

      I sincerely hope that Neil Druckman and his team can, someday, watch this sincere and beautiful interpretation that you guys wrote for them.

      1. Andre Laguna

        @Girlfriend Reviews This is incredible! It is not only an honor to be acknowledged by Druckman, Kojima and so many other talented artists... This is also a mutual reward for both sides. I bet that these guys feel delighted with your videos, probably thinking "finally somebody understood what I meant and resepected my work as it is, not as it should have been". Shelby and Matt, you guys are a breath of fresh air to the review genre. Well deserved!

      2. Girlfriend Reviews

        Neil Druckman retweeted it.

    23. Ultimate Nintendo Ninja

      Is anyone else scrolling through the comments, trying to find the death threats she mentioned in her other review?

    24. Boba Phet

      Just got a bit teary. Great analysis.

    25. Pouya cooper

      at first i wrote a negative comment but then i saw that matt editing video and putting ellie and abby's experiences together and then ashley talked about it and...... it made sanse thank you guys for putting this video. but there is the other part of my brain speaks that the way they killed off joel was wrong.they killed him before the tutorial of the game ended.he deserved better. maybe if we played the flash backs of abby all at first and connected with her before hating her and through her journey she met ellie and they became friends and at near end of the game she found out that ellie's step dad is joel and then she killed him...maybe the game made sense

    26. JuggaloDav

      Girlfriend Reviews did as good of a job on this review as Naughty Dog did on The Last Of Us 2! Bravo you guys!!!♡♡♡

      1. jojo198ful

        @JuggaloDav ok

      2. JuggaloDav

        @jojo198ful quite the opposite :)

      3. jojo198ful

        So it was Bad?

    27. Telum-X

      🤯 Let me just say: In a world where people would rather play a video game that teaches HARD ASS life lessons, (death of ego) over a game filled with leisurely fun, it's very easy to see the victory for Naughty Dog here. 🙏🏼

      1. Telum-X

        Also, the girl that made this video is incredibly talented, and her portrayal of this game is spot on. 👌🏼

    28. Ferris Blusa Beats

      Bravo spot on!

    29. agentaxe

      Game of the decade! Wait can't even remember what was last decade's best game!

    30. Helen Zouth

      Wow i didn't realize that Ellies' Days in Seattle and Abby's Days had so many similar details

    31. Sean Sheridan

      I'm always amazed at how some people miss the points of media. People who wish Ellie got revenge on Abby are the same people who watch things like the Wolf of Wall Street and think Jordan Belfort is someone to admire.

      1. Sean Sheridan

        @Blue Lions TV - A Chelsea Channel Exactly. It's the type of people who didn't even play the game and judged the game off the leaks who annoy me the most, they're not even giving the game a shot to tell it's story

      2. Blue Lions TV - A Chelsea Channel

        Thank you. This game highlighted how skewered gaming DE-news really is. It’s fully of these incel, neckbeard characters who do have plenty of time on there hands too upload consistently. Unfortunately these voices are so prevalent on this platform. It’s why we get so much nonsense drama over anything and everything because of them.

    32. Sean Sheridan

      You're not supposed to agree with Abby and her friends. You're meant to understand why they did it, I don't like that they killed Joel but at this point, after what he did, it was inevitable. He killed so many, and doomed so many more, that eventually someone was gonna find him

    33. wowathena

      sequel feels like someone took Count of Monte Cristo (journey of revenge), Pulp Fiction (non consistent plot narration), the Departed (sudden death of main protagonist),Mad Max 2: the road warrior(brutal war between 2 groups), Face Off (good guy/bad guy switch) and World War Z(zombie apocalypse), placed them all into a blender and made a smoothie.

      1. Narrativamente


    34. Lucas Nikodemus

      Omg, Dave Chapelle❤️❤️❤️

    35. Nathan H

      Just finished the game. Thank you for putting this into words what I have been feeling.

    36. Troy Weatherford

      The hate isn't directed at y'all, just this disappointing social experiment of a game

    37. sonic the hedgehog

      2:46 What the song in the background I have heard it,but I don't the name Can anyone tell me

    38. pica power

      Look I understand that you understand but please understand, I appreciate naughty dog trying to elevate the medium by being thought provocative and innovative in cross story telling but tbh videogames are played for fun and going through this soul torturing admist the real world crisis that is going perhaps may have been too much for people looking for an escape. This was a creative choice by the people who chose to put this out there to purposely cause questioning. I don't think the backlash would have been so severe if people know upfront what they are signing on to experience. A little transperancy might have gone a long way. Like you said videogames are videogames so why not let videogames be videogames and leave out the turmoil. I play videogames for fun not to question my moral integrity but alas maybe some people enjoy this and need to be stimulated.

      1. San Blindsnake

        "I play videogames for fun not to question my moral integrity but alas maybe some people enjoy this and need to be stimulated." I play them for escapism and to feel something. The definition of art in a way... Maybe I´m getting old, but most games are boring to me, this one was fantastic...

      2. pica power

        @Philip aw don't be like that. It's just that I don't disagree with you at all. There really isn't anything I differ from your outlook on the subject. I feel that as much as I try to disect this game as much as possible. I arrive at the same conclusion that it was not necessary to do. I just think perhaps the delivery wasn't executed properly. The general consensus is the game is not liked by what direction it went to. That's gotta tell you something right? It's not do much direction but if your running the risk of pissing people off then at least do it better imo. All I'm saying if I'm saying anything at all is that ghost of Tsushima is AWESOME and it help alleviate the sour grapes I was eating from tlou2

      3. Philip

        @pica power I see trying to have a good conversation apparantly doesn't work. Ayt.

      4. pica power

        @Philip ok

      5. Philip

        I mean, video games can be a good medium to say something controversial or divisive. Everything you said about letting games be games can be said the same thing about movies. Why not just let every movie be about action and heroes beating up villains? Movies are also for fun, but there are movies that exist to challenge or provoke thought; Joker is the most recent example I can think of. These ARTISTIC mediums are filled with ARTISTS with ideas and visions. Not every game has to be mindless shooty shoot shoot action, just like every movie can't just be comic book Disney adventures. There's going to be games like TLOU2 and movies like Joker that will be made and you can't really stop that from happening. If you want every game to be just mindless, ubiquitous fun, Ubisoft and Activision have you covered. I say let Naughty Dog do their own thing, regardless of whether or not people like it.

    39. Adam Nienke

      I cannot understand the absolute hate this game has received, Im so happy to see other people who enjoyed it as much as I did.

    40. Gabriel Campos

      Anyone knows the name of the score that starts at 2:50?

    41. ponchoskunk420

      I 100% agree with what you were talking about. After completing the game, my biggest complaint is the pacing of the story. It felt so SLOW at points, particularly the flash backs.

    42. Hatem Kamel

      I now realized that maybe, if ellie killed abby, then LEV, would return and kill ellie, hence “revenge is a fool’s game”.

    43. Sev3617

      Matt you’re such a kickass editor. :)

    44. Paul Martin

      I couldn’t agree more. It was a great story, and a work of art. I’ve been gaming for over 40 years (started with Pong, Atari 2600, Sega Master System, et al) and this game is phenomenal. I also play it while my girlfriend (wife) watches. Love you guys.

    45. Echost Studio

      Game of Thrones season 8 The Last Jedi and the Gulf of Us Part II Star Trek Picard are all the same subverted expectations

    46. chocobo child

      She realizes killing Abby won’t make her feel better

    47. goldforpewter

      This is the best comment section ever for Tlou 2 lovers to come

    48. Jimmy DeCourcy

      And this is why I love this channel! You guys don't give in to all the bs around a game whether its from gamers or devs you stay true.

    49. Rafael Guimarães

      the last of us II is probably the best game i’ve ever played (yes sue me). i’ve never cried so hard with ANY media like i cried with this game. it’s truly an emotional journey and a pure stroke of genius from naughty dog. i feel like the debate is just the last jedi’s debate all over again (more of the “noo [beloved character] can’t die, this is disgraceful SJW trash!!!!” nonsense). in a couple of years this game will get more of the praise it deserves.

    50. Paul Gerardo

      Great video

    51. LateNightRewrites

      It'd be one thing if naughty dog didn't purposefully misrepresent the story by changing Joel's character models into the older one (not to mention replacing Jesse with Joel) just to make it seem like he'd be in the game. I think they new that angry Ellie doesn't hold a candle to Joel who, while angry himself, is so incredibly more nuanced than her character. Plus Abby is comically jacked and honestly can't tell if she's meant to be transitioned.

    52. Chris C.

      I'm glad video games are catching up to the rest of artistic expression (sculpture, painting, books, movies). Too bad the children who review-bomb don't understand or appreciate it.

    53. LuLu Okaruto

      I agree with everything that you say, but it still hurts so much. I still feel conflicted. I still am angry with Abbey, and I still wish things could have been different. But I also wanna accept the fact and the truth you speak. It hurts to loose someone or something that we have spent time,love, and care into. Even the directories TLOU said it was the hardest thing he could do. But am I not allowed to feel sad? Or hurt? Or upset that Joel died? Am I not allowed to feel how Ellie feels throughout and after the game, even though I’m aware of Abbeys perspective?

    54. Gibblybones

      This is the best review of this game, I have seen. Thank you

    55. Freek

      i liked the last of us

    56. klovasoszenovka

      "we've been shown irrefutable proof that abby is the protagonist" She litterally told her dad "I'd be okay if you sacrificed my life for a chance at the cure, so obviously its okay to kill this girl without her or her guardians consent" - that's not protagonist, that's 100% the villain. If they wanted us to sympathize with Abby, they should have tried a lot harder.. maybe make her unaware at what her dad was doing or something, so that she comes to realize she made a mistake killing Joel and is sorry for what happened. But no, she isn't the protagonist... never was.

      1. JL-CptAtom

        Abby is a co-protagonist.

      2. TheMarsCydonia

        You really should look up the definition of protagonist.

      3. Virtuoso80

        Did they say Abby was the protagonist? They said "...irrefutable proof that Abby is the hero of her own story."

    57. Royal gaming 5484

      What a review!! You made me believe how beautiful this game is. You made my 60$ on this game worth it. Thanks a lot. This should be most liked video on DE-news.

      1. David Dodek

        Check ou Nathan Zed video

    58. Matt Skinner

      I'm so thankful for this video. It's hard to talk about the brilliance of this game to people who don't like it without sounding somewhat pretentious. People who don't like the game generally seem to be very attached to the conventional rules of storytelling that it breaks. I would even consider "fun/entertaining" to be one of those rules. There are parts of this game that were legitimately a slog on my first playthrough (particularly during the beginning of Abby's section, as well as towards the end of the game), but I forgave ALL OF THAT by the end and continue to appreciate it. The last cutscene with Joel is so ridiculously MOVING and puts the entire game in a new context. It landed for me. This game is making a serious comment on perspective and even reality itself, hence the ego death effect. It is similar to a PSYCHEDELIC TRIP. Having your ego and biases called into question is usually unpleasant, initially, but the insight and peace that result are so worth it. This is why The Last of Us Part II is a legitimate masterpiece, imo

    59. Ben Lindsay

      I couldn't have said it better myself. I finished playing through this game about an hour ago and I am still speechless. Games like The Last of Us series remind me why video games are one of the greatest art forms on earth. Thank you Girlfriend Reviews, and thank you Naughty Dog.

    60. Anonymous226

      You know your game was gonna suck when 70% of your development team quits.

      1. JL-CptAtom

        14-70% of the no longer at the studio and Straly lefts well

      2. David Dodek

        San Blindsnake 😂true

      3. San Blindsnake

        @David Dodek Trust me... the moron doesn´t care about facts... He already has his mind set up...

      4. David Dodek

        14 people left out of 20 out of 300

    61. Jerome Christian

      I promised to check this review after finishing the game. Boy this commentary made me cry for the second time.

    62. Marcelo Rodrigo Riffo Sanhueza

      Finally someone with an open mind to at least try to understand what the creators riskly made. Really glad I watched this video. The actual pandemic is the intolerance and laziness as consumers/human beings.

    63. Jeff Chavez

      Yes, thank you! I love your review and appreciate your understanding of this work of art and emotion

    64. Wardemonxi

      Amazing review. When I think about it......its not a big surprise that seemingly most people simply couldn't get passed their hate for Abby and their desire for revenge (some people even wanted revenge on the actors/writers and company that made Abby do it) In the game world even Abby couldn't get past her desire for revenge and people like Ellie who eventually could are rare.

    65. Marvelous Meh

      This is why I can't take any who said "The story is trash" seriously. Because it's not.

    66. thetrib1

      Why haven't I seen this channel!!! had to subscribe immediately!

    67. El Inextricable

      We are used to games/movies trying to makes us emphatize with psychopaths because they usually have some redeeming qualities. Abby doesnt have that. Abby do not show remorse or mercy, she has no internal conflict of any kind, and she is not even aware that shes lacking that. So she is not self-aware. So the game must use some cheap trickery to make players care about her (like when she plays with dogs). And if thats enoght to make you care for her... well, thats scary. That level of manipulation should not be achieved so easily...

      1. San Blindsnake

        @El Inextricable "There is no character arc, because she finishes her adventure thinking exactly the same like at the beginning..." So... you were sleeping when the kids save her? And how she starts caring for them (the enemy), and how she gets attached to them putting her own morality and group in the line... You also didn+t saw her avoiding a fight with Ellie. And... Damn, why do I bother... You don't care about what happened... You just want your hate rhetoric to make sense... "pathological psycos have a very straight foward mentality: they thrive on others loss." I indulge you to play the game again, now with a open mind but most importantly with the eyes open... if something the game shows you is that, no one thrive on others loss... no one... "They have so much in common right? " I don't know... Let me think... Both "fathers" are dead, both take a path of self destruction, both lose the empathy with the world, both lose everything, but both achieve a bit of humanity in the end... Abby first, Ellie later... No, nothing in common... :) "You thought you knew Ellie from the first game, but no..." To me Ellie is exactly the same volatile kid who wants to fit in the world... I don´t need to play this game to know that she is fearless (see her dialogues with David), sarcastic (see the whole game), volatile (see most first encounters with other people), and full of determination and cold blood (see Left behind dlc and when Joel is wounded)... "thats why the story has no actual pay off or poetic justice of any kind" What are you talking about... Both girls achieving a bit of the light in all the darkness of TLOU world is a great payoff.... And poetic justice? You want more poetic justice that all the suffering that both of them suffered under the guidance of revenge... "on the other hand, of course, Abby got away with everything so what she did was right." You can squeeze, you can scream, and you can be pissed... but at the end of both journeys Abby lost and suffered way more than Ellie. We, as players suffer more with Ellie, but that´s a very different topic... "Its a shame that exist so many gamers like you willing to extend their hands for the ride." It is obvious that both our experiences are different... But, you are using lies and wrong information, destroying facts to adapt into your rhetoric... and that´s sad...

      2. El Inextricable

        ​@San Blindsnake The morality from Abby's perspective was never challenged through the story. There is no character arc, because she finishes her adventure thinking exactly the same like at the beginning, which makes sense because she is a psychopath. And the game put us in the flesh of a psychopath expecting for us to understand her. But there is nothing to understand here because pathological psycos have a very straight foward mentality: they thrive on others loss. The writers wanted to make something like a mirror story: on one side Ellie and on the other Abby. They have so much in common right? "You thought you knew Ellie from the first game, but no! she's actually no better than a psycho". Thats what the writers want us to believe. They are the same... thats why the story has no actual pay off or poetic justice of any kind because they wanted us to realise that "the morality of a person emotionally challenged is the same than a psychopath, so it should lead to the same misery. But on the Ellie's side she ends up with PTS, mutilated, alone and broken. While on the other hand, of course, Abby got away with everything so what she did was right. She lost some friends? Phycos dont have friends, they have tools.This is a fictional story, so what you get from it is what humans usually internalize as right (what we call it "moral of the story"). Thats a huge problem. Meanwhile the developers thinking "You didnt see that coming because youre not cynical enough and because we are awesome writers." What a first class onanists they are, its disgusting. Its a shame that exist so many gamers like you willing to extend their hands for the ride.

      3. San Blindsnake

        @El Inextricable "The message is corrupt, not you." I told you the message... Still waiting for the corruption part on it... ""You can empathize a sociopath"" I can empathise with a person whose life is filled with pain and loss... I never liked Abby, but I pity her... And her transition into a better person is interesting at my eyes... Still in the early stages of it, but with plenty of options ahead...

      4. El Inextricable

        @San Blindsnake The message is corrupt, not you. I think you're the victim here. Its not your fault being a gullible person that get easily manipulated.... The message Im referring to is "You can empathize a sociopath". Which It went completely over your head, apparently. Yes, vengeance is bad. I dont need a videogame to teach me that and I dont have a conflict with that message, but that has nothing to do with what Im saying....

      5. San Blindsnake

        @El Inextricable "But it makes me feel really uneasy that exist people praising a game that brings to the table a corrupt message that can be dangeous for the general public" Corrupt message: Vengeance and pure hate only leads to destruction of others and yourself... Forgiveness is the light that can lead humanity into a new beginning... Damn... I must be corrupt, because I really like this message...

    68. allrequiredfields

      05:12 I just want to thank you guys for not saying ' *an* historic'.

    69. Bailey Lee

      You describe everything so well and OMWGHEUOHEA THAT SCENE with Abby and DIna had me screaming

    70. the whole lot

      Such a good review.