UNDISPUTED | Michael Irvin shocked Cleveland Browns big loss to Pittsburgh Steelers

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    UNDISPUTED | Michael Irvin shocked Cleveland Browns big loss to Pittsburgh Steelers
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    1. Arthur Thomas

      Shocked about what the browns are always gonna be the browns, stepchild to the daddy steelers ..

    2. James Savik

      Pittsburgh and Cleveland have a big brother/little brother thing. It's psychological. The Browns expect to lose to the Steelers and, like the little brother that has never beaten his big brother at chess, it happens. Do take note: the Browns are better now than they've been in years.

    3. Wooly Da 5th Sir Fifthington The Great

      The thumb now and caption was misleading

    4. Bearrilla92

      8:05 is when they cover the steelers game

    5. johnnie neal

      Steelers nation kicking ass

    6. Mike G

      Michael Irvin? I didn't see him in the segment at all.

    7. Dimer dannyleee

      Shocked why should they be shocked it’s the browns we are talking about

    8. Raul Vito

      Maple Tron looking like an OR, Big Ben looking like an MVP, Dupre looking like the Real Deal and I can’t help to dare to hope on SB


      Steelers slapped them back into the same old Browns lol

    10. Shark's Breath

      I loved Snell's reaction after his TD, it's like he was disgusted at how easy it was. 10:00

    11. Words of Wizdom

      Tennesee next week boys. They have scored 42 two weeks in a row. Then baltimore after that

    12. Tainopisno1

      AFC championship game is gonna involve these 4 teams steelers, chiefs, ravens, and titans.

    13. UBQ TV

      NFL Probowl idea: after Super Bowl! ....make it 8 teams. Each team is a top performer or all star of a division like (AFC North, NFC North). And they play each other. Each AFC division All Pro team will plays the NFC team. Winning of the game gets a point for each Side.....AFC south vs NFC South = +1 for AFC or NFC.

    14. jordan whitehead

      am i the only one who heard someone call tj watt jj watt

    15. David Duffy

      Browns are totally leaderless . Coaches have no idea what they are doing. Defense is a MESS

    16. Bill Megatron

      First time a Wookiee scores 2 touchdowns..... historic

    17. LLP PICS

      Whoever made the nfl schedule must have hated the Texans. They have faced the chiefs, ravens, Steelers and titans. Can’t think of a more difficult schedule.

      1. Adam Rhodes

        Lol and they get Green Bay next week after a tough loss to Tampa. Keeping Texans Fans in my prayers.

    18. A S

      Credit to the Steelers for taking this games seriously, because the Browns sure acted like they didn't. Baker gets s small pass for him playing hurt, but Stefanski should never have let him play today. The O-line did their best impersnation of human turnstiling which stifled Hunt and Mayfield. The Def. Coordinator has the excuse that many guy are banged up, but he needs to fix his schemes. And what is up with the tackling? Did they all forget how that works today? The team collectively showed to day that they are just not good enough yet. Their focus needs to be on earning a respectable record this year and beefing up the roster in the off-season. I just don't see them going to the playoffs, barring an extreme change of fortune.

    19. Occams OX

      Chase the Wookie.

    20. Noah Hoder

      At 8:35 he days jj watt 😂

    21. - monstermayhem436 -

      This dude just called TJ, JJ

    22. Sarin VX

      Baker Mayfield is really inconsistent

    23. Davina Yoon

      Ok so..steelers beat eagles, y'all said barely won, shoulda been easy game. Titans won today in ot. So titans sucks too? Lol stupid a s s haters

    24. mr head

      I wasn't shocked

    25. Ricky Campos

      Your daddy #7 is back Cleveland 😈

      1. Whistle Teets


    26. Spirit Guns

      These titals cracked me up

      1. Jace Beckner

        Right? Lmao always throwing words that have nothing to do with the person talking or how they are. “SHOCKED” or “OUTRAGED”

    27. DeeAndre Rice

      Steelers most complete team in football

    28. Broseph H

      Ryan Tannehill’s resurgence should speak volumes on how god awful Adam Gase is as a coach. Mr. “Offensive Guru” Sam Darnold’s career is ruined up to this point because of bad coaching and even worse ownership

    29. Salty 76 Lax

      Everyone was hating on my lifelong favorite team the Pittsburgh Steelers and I’m sure they’ll make up more excuses but the fact is we beat the brakes off of the Browns although we got to be praying for Devon bush with his torn ACL and CJ Board on the Giants that might be paralyzed God bless y’all and if you could be praying for my friends dad that was in a motorcycle accident and shattered his hip and I think his elbow maybe.

      1. Lagarius Talbert

        Prays for yo friends dad.

      2. Walter Paddick

        Haters gonna hate, Steelers win. I`m fine with that.

    30. LuisTheSteel Gonzalez

      Browns fans stop making excuses,just take your L. Don’t worry you guys can beat up on Bengals next week

      1. Keeganracer 8

        I'm not making excuses you guys beat us fair and square

    31. Day’Sean Matthews

      Wait did Myles garret even play today?😂

      1. Day’Sean Matthews

        @C Longo oh Ok that was a smart move.

    32. cxbain

      Let the man baker heal

    33. Matthew Hauserman

      That wasn't even the Browns playing. That was the Clowns. They need to rebound back to Browns the rest of the season.

    34. xThEGr3aTeSTx

      Shocked the browns loss? They have been and always will be 🗑

    35. Gideon Wilson

      Browns knee went down out of bounds before his other foot touched in bounds. Bad call. No touchdown

      1. Zack Amig

        @Gideon Wilson yes it was lol

      2. Gideon Wilson

        @Zack Amig the evidence is irrefutable tho. It wasn't reviewed tho

      3. Zack Amig

        @RPFMax what? They are talking about the titans game

      4. RPFMax

        31-7 then. Still a blowout

      5. Zack Amig

        It's because they called it a touchdown first. Evidence has to be 100% irrefutable to overturn it

    36. Vivek Gupta

      mans really said wookie

    37. Sean

      Devin Bush out for the season! :( Breaks my heart! Love watching him play. Just hope he heals and comes back stronger! STEELER NATION!

      1. D O Double G

        @Words of Wizdom he sure did...dude can hit!!

      2. Words of Wizdom

        Spillane looked good though. Think he had a sack and 5 tackles

      3. Christopher Lawrence

        That hurts... his presence will need to be replaced strategically. I'm thinking they give the play calling responsibilities to Williams & replace Bush by committee; LB's & S's. Trading for someone or bringing in someone could be in play as well. Hope this loss doesn't derail us 😔

      4. Michael Maddha

        Spillane did a good job yesterday

      5. D O Double G

        Same here, so sad...Thoughts & prayers DB!!! 😇🙏

    38. Conan The Barbarian

      Big Ben owns the Browns!!!

    39. anthony bernabei

      c'mon mike. no suprise! browns win 4 games because they played 4 bad teams. 2 losses came from far superior teams!🙂

      1. anthony bernabei

        @Perry Saunders easy to score on a bad team! but ya browns are the awesome. enjoy another losing season.

      2. Perry Saunders

        Those Bad teams scored more points than Cleveland though. Houston almost beat Tenn and Philly almost beat Baltimore. Houston mad it to the AFC Divisional Playoffs last year.🤣🤷

      3. mrpoloplaya1

        They were really high rolling off that Colts win.. but the colts are truly a average team compared to playoff contenders

      4. anthony bernabei

        @Walter Paddick people like me? i look forward to the Clowns losing every week.! the only reason i watch football is to root against them. . people like me know that beating cincy Washington colts and the other 0 for or 1 win team means nothing. . in Cleveland it means Superbowl. dumbest fans in the world. Steelers are a quality franchise top to bottom. full respect!

      5. Walter Paddick

        Remember last week, when people like you told us the same story and about the magic Browns and their upcoming victory? "Best run offense" they say, "beat the Colts defense; "Odell Beckham, Landry and the D is fine" - "Steelers have noch chance, Ben is done".... And after the Browns loss the same old story, about easy wins against bad teams. Steelers beat the upcoming opponent, week by week, like every NFL Team. But haters gonna hate and Steelers win.

    40. Henry Thomas

      the browns got flush down the TOILET !!!!!!!!!! DON'T SLEEP ON THE STEELERS

      1. Tazz EightSixFour

        @Power House And??

      2. Armand Garcia

        Amen my brother

      3. pgh Steelers

        We already a contender

      4. Chad

        @Power House If they can beat the titans, ima be convinced we are super bowl contenders this year. Can’t wait to see how our d line holds up against Henry

      5. Power House

        Facts they got da titans next week

    41. Rusty B.

      #7 23-2-1 in his career against the brownies 😂🤣😂🤣. N they could of drafted Ben. An Ohio native born n raised n they pass on him for Kellen winslow jr. N we all know how that worked out. Still to this day I can't believe the browns passed him up n let their biggest rival IMO snatch him right up. N not saying Steelers haven't made draft mistakes they have for sure but to me this is cleveland's biggest draft gaffe in their history.

      1. Jeff Smart

        Steelers biggest draft goof was passing on home town boy D. Marino! Had they not trusted T. Bradshaw and got Marino we would have 10 Superbowls at least!

      2. Arthur Thomas

        The reason ben was passe I've by the browns and so.e others was because he didn't play at a big time college football conference, they don't look at small conference players much but there are lots of great playing that's why so many teams miss out ,because they think players are better just because they play in so called power 5 conferences..

      3. Rashaad Horne

        But it worked out for him & the steelers.. Let's go get 7!🔥💯💯

      4. Rashaad Horne

        Yeah steelers did the same with Marino

      5. Donnie Duncan

        Yes sir my browns stunk up Heinz Field today just like the last 16 times but will see you guys on down the road go browns

    42. veronica vanessa vasquez urra

      why don't we

    43. iNNa STR8jACKiTT

      Baker cant read a defense to save his life.

      1. Donnie Duncan

        @Arthur Thomas yeah he can he'll get his shit together browns nation is still behind him Go BROWNS beat them Bengals !! I think van pelt n coach Kev should use more shotgun and the chief's formations they work with pat small size!!

      2. Arthur Thomas

        Baker can do some good commercials,

      3. Donnie Duncan

        No he needs platform cletes can't see in pocket play action where's he's best and that's the truth been with my browns xsnice 78

      4. vegastjg

        he's can't even see the d when he's in the pocket

      5. iNNa STR8jACKiTT

        @Heir To The Throne Facts

    44. steeleru7 Burgh

      The Eagles are better than what they are on paper.

      1. Deplorable B.R.

        You are what your record says you are.

      2. poopmannelson1

        @Rondo Ricch for real. Sanders is a problem. He needs to get more touches.

      3. Marty Elder


      4. Demeal Broomfield

        they trash

      5. Joshua Exposito

        They are actually not that good lmao. They made those games against the ravens and Steelers closer than what the full game actually looked. They can’t compete against elite teams like that and hell they tied the fucking bengals. Trash team In a trash division😆

    45. Stephen Urso

      The browns were beat down big time!

      1. Power House

        I knew that b4 it happen I knew Pittsburgh was going to beat da shit out of da browns

    46. Sam Z

      Put your money where your mouth is or go talk to management