Updated House Tour! Being SINGLE and Quarantined



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    Today I'm showing what's changed and new in the Jeffree Star Pomeranian Palace! Hi house tour update, how are ya? What changes have I made since moving in?? I haven't left the house in over a week and I thought it was a good time to also sit down and give you all a life update, ALL things personal. It's hard being open and vulnerable but I'm trying. 2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster. Please respect me in this time, I thank you all for your love and continued support always!
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    1. Sarah Chandler

      love your hair

    2. Rocio Gomez

      You have wonderful taste me and my husband are planning to buy a new house and if I could I would totally asked you to help me style it because my husband has no taste I love him and all but yeah no thank you anyway love your videos by far can’t wait to see more

    3. Eve Wainwright

      Wow that is one big ass bed

    4. Michelle Vásquez

      The 15:06 shows the real Jeffree. I LOVE when he said make somebody else smile

    5. Gutiera Grigaityte

      jeffree lowkey said BYE BITCH to the pink and said HI HOW ARE YA to the gold and black

    6. Rawr Rawr

      It feels like he's having a Mall tour

    7. jessie tejidor

      frenchfries yummy love love love cute dogs everywhere love it

    8. Bex_0711

      I love how yt translation translated orgies into allergies

    9. Hanna Dela Torre

      Jefreestar has been at his house for 7 days straight Me:4 months home straight

    10. Karla Sam Pang

      I appreciate you very much! I am sending you tons of warm hugs!

    11. Eva Robertson-watts

      Jeffree bed is bigger than my apartment

    12. Carmen-Andreea Lozba

      The min. 11:44 Isn't that spray toxic for the organism. I mean, is chemical, what are you doing? You avoid coronavirus, but eat toxic chemicals? How is that? Are those fries good after spraying them like that? The taste and the toxicity of that spray I mean.

    13. Towa Le


    14. ävëry

      I could litterly live with them, and they wouldn't know-

    15. Brittany Murray

      If I had one wish, it would be to hang out at your crib for an entire day and get a makeover from you. I lost my job due to COVID-19, I have been depressed and now I'm fat, feel so ugly, and so down. Watching you is the highlight of my day. Can you please teach me how to be great like you??

    16. Alex dobre


    17. Alex dobre


    18. Eleanor Wong

      Jeffree: We just love chilling on the staircase,the Louis Vuitton bench.... Me: There are so many seats to chill on in his house than in a auditorium 🤣

    19. Florence Tierney

      Jeffree: complaining about being quarantined for days whilst everyone in Britain is starting up month three of lockdown

    20. Pick Tok

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    21. alessandra mietto

      girl you are a queen and we all know you're gonna get through it stronger than before

    22. Dark moon

      That is a beautiful home, well done Jeffrey

    23. No Name

      I like his dressing style a lot!

    24. Dove3310

      ;-; dam now i now im poor as heck ;-;

    25. Liliana Marie Escamilla

      I LIVE for you Jeffree!!!!!!! WE LOVE U!!!!!

    26. Crystal Mitchell richardson

      Omg six feet away stay back stay back omg he is so funny lol

    27. Imogen Logan

      How is he still alive with all the Lysol on his drink and food I mean no hate but like how?? Isn’t it poisonous

    28. Dayana Dayana

      but he is alone in this big house......

    29. Ykar Tordecilla

      Love watching jeffreestars video 👍🥰 hope he can watch mine too🤣😂

    30. kyowt potato

      i find it cute when jefreestar gets distracted because of his dogs

    31. Jay-vin Garcia

      You are so honest, kind hearted human being. I'm so amazed by your personality and you deserve all the happiness in the world. Ps. Thank you for taking care of your team. It is such a wonderful act of kindness.

    32. Angela Torres

      Beautiful Babies Beautiful Home Thank You Beautiful For Sharing You And Your Family Be Safe 🥰❤️

    33. Emily Thompson

      I love your new home! It’s so YOU! Stay safe. 💕

    34. Amy Santos

      We care abt the cars 💕💕💕💕 show is more

    35. Justin Lapan

      Did he just spray that french frie with fuckin Lysol? 😧

    36. Zachary Okayli Masaryk

      can you believe that this is half the size of Gigi and Bella Hadid's childhood home

    37. Katelyn Tran

      Omg your so rich even the bed room is more expensive then my living room

    38. i’m confused

      jeffree’s whole room is the size of my house..

    39. Kayla Leyva

      Can i live with you

    40. Rose Finneran

      The fact I have the same face mask as Jeffree and the fact that it cost £1 confuses me. I thought he’d have a bedazzled one

    41. UnsaidWords

      Self note 17:57

    42. Derek Loyd

      His bed is bigger than my house.😮

    43. Lisa Also

      She OPENS the redbull, THEN sprays it with Lysol!! What?? It would have gone INSIDE the redbull!! Ahhh, geez!!

    44. Adopt me Siân 278 Drama

      Yass red bull queen 👑

    45. lurin laksana

      Jefri aku boleh berkunjung kerumahmu ?

    46. Naomi Javier

      i love how jeffree is using his large following and platform for spreading positivity

    47. Belen Almoguera

      That's a whole mall

    48. Sofia Rose

      Lysol on a French fri? Ok sis slay, he really started a new trend 💀

    49. Lauren needs caffeine

      Jeffree: **eating a cookie** guys don’t eat unhealthy like me Me: **eating a whole box of macarons** -I

    50. Shannon Lim

      Referencing the car situation, made you look mad fake. You need to Stop

    51. Natalie Kaplan

      Jeffree could buy the whole Gucci store 😂🤣😂🤣

    52. Indie ify

      Absolutely love velvet. Just be careful with spraying the Lysol on drinks and around food. ❤

    53. Jasmine Gower

      u need the whole state to feel like that house is full

    54. Skye Roberts

      Jeffree your amazing I always look up to you!

    55. Aleksandra Svetlichnaya

      Anyone saw his bong in the theater 😂 i love Jeffree Star and really proud of his success ❤️

    56. hinata Naruto

      Pretty without makeup and with makeup just like an anime character 🥰

    57. Katherine Miller

      Lol it didnt happen in Tennessee

    58. Donna Flowers

      Its hard watching these tours of his house. I live in an extended stay 😭😭😭 Good for you Jeffree. Proud of you for coming from nothing and rising to royalty. Youre a fucking Phoenix

    59. Road to 100k subs with no videos challenge Preston

      Jefree star:6 feet guys 6 feet Me:confused about the cameraman not being 6 feet Uhhmmmmm

    60. S B

      When he sprayed that fucking French fry!!!😭😭💀🍟

    61. Alexa Hughes

      Can you do an update on all of your dogs!?!?!?

    62. Paras Turakhia

      Her dogs are so cute omg 0:51 so cute and funny

    63. GUIGU32

      Did she spray lisol after she opened the can? WTF

    64. Marshmallowdy Pink

      Hi, I’m new to your channel and I just wondered why you have guards?

    65. yhoalibeth.

      Barbie can not compare her house to Jeffrey's house PERIODT.

    66. bebby 213

      I knew I always fucked with you.. cause you started from shit nothing & worked your ass up & been selfless & that's what's up. Many Blessings my darling

    67. Rosegold

      13:11 it looks like Christian greys playroom

    68. TOP CHOICE

      id fuck the fuck out of @jeffree star

    69. Ashish Salhotra

      I wanna get that in 15 years

    70. Veterans Cannabis Advocacy Group

      ⚡️🌳 Absolutely Creative brilliant & Stylish 🌹