Ups & Downs From WWE Raw (Oct 19)

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    Our WWE Raw review as Simon Miller talks about the Premiere!
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    1. tinner013

      My hand is in the upward position! Simon is a Legend!

    2. Bats

      I loove NF as well mate, made me love you even more

    3. Dew York Citi

      I asked that question every week about THB being heels of face....I think the Titus beat down was just to let us know that THB are heels...idk

    4. Invincible Young Empire

      Knew Retribution wasn't going to be a major factor from the beginning. Truly love all the members but that Mustafa promo was brilliant. AJ Styles having Jordan reminds you of Jericho/Curtis Hughes. Poor Billie and Peyton. Wizard in the Sky: "I didn't do it. You think I would book that crap!?" LOL ELIAS!!, God bless OTIS! Who would've known all those times Rambling died, his wife was a widow.

    5. Igwe Bright

      Remember when the Miz said otis looked like he ate the lucha house party I lost it 😂😂😂💔

    6. shaolin1derpalm

      I was swigging beer lying on my back when you said "Otis was a newborn baby" I fint know beef could come out of the orifices they did.

    7. olbaze

      Wizard In The Sky is the best gimmick since The Undertaker.

    8. Gajanan Nigade

      Give me my Billie Kay on TV damn it!

    9. The Real Talk Show

      Only Simon can make Retribution sound so positive I want to give the an 84th chance to succeed.

    10. Joshua Carroll

      Simon!!!! Can you do a ups and downs of .... the undertakers wrestlemania matches

    11. William Zeilaa

      Retribution are pretty much the worst group 😂

    12. ThePhantomasian

      honestly orton needs to win then lose the belt straight away just for the record

    13. Steven Kasten

      I only watch smackdown. But I do watch videos like this for raw and the pay per views

    14. Conor Condon

      Loved Retribution getting buried

    15. Brandon Newby

      I thought you said you couldn't grow hair... 😁😁😁😁 You are indeed my only WWE

    16. Josh Jones

      I would be more concerned about Retribution getting the business on Monday...but it seems clear to me at this point they're a bunch of nobodies...they've kind of annoyed me for the weeks up to this point...and what the Fiend did to them was the most badass moment of the night.

    17. still standing

      this is why i quit watching like 8 months i check in once in awhile cause tbh i love wrestling but omg hate how they trash good ideas make wrestlers look like goofs

    18. Oh Shit

      Simon did you know Jax and Baszler are The Bar. Anyone who actually knows the Cesaro and Sheamus storyline to becoming the best tag team in the world knows why I'm calling Jax and Baszler the bar.

    19. St. Luca

      Surprised you didn't mention that Bray and Alexa is obviously the WWE's attempt to have Joker and Harley characters. This really doesn't make sense because in the comics Joker and Harley are not even together anymore.

    20. Paul Schmich

      The fact that you can giving anything a down while praising AEW is just insane

    21. Ronnie Bell

      Down. Brown down

    22. Luis Cisneros

      you're welcome 😻

    23. Kyle Ramjattan

      17:48 I AM SO DEADDDD LMAO

    24. Aaron Holman

      "You think I would book that crap?!"😂😂😂

    25. Ben Barnett

      10 ups, 5 downs yet the show gets a down? What a wanker

    26. Zeyn Sheik

      Braun Strowman should just be future endeavored, he is more suited for the Real Housewives of something ... coz all he is good for is walking around feeling entitled and screaming and talking much like the women do on those shows ... he just brings nothing to the table, he cant even run in the ring properly ... he just needs to go

    27. Knights Of Pluto

      How fucking tall is the bodyguard?

    28. Jeffrey Birman

      Thanks again, Simon, for watching the whole show so I don't have to. I watch Ups and Downs so I only watch the bits I'm interested in. Asuka, yes. Fiend/Bray, yes. Keith Lee losing to a Hogan Big Boot? No, no, 2020 is bad enough, I don't need to see that!

    29. TheEnrichment100

      Simon trippin! This episode was pretty lit 😃

    30. Captain J

      I want to see current heel randy Orton vs John Cena

    31. Ashur Valentine

      If the Wizard in the sky didn't book that crap, then who did??🤔

    32. Ashur Valentine

      "El Gran Grondo" lol

    33. EricTheRed444

      Sheamus and Kofi Kingston had a PPV match for free on TV

    34. Peter Rodriguez

      Not for nothing tho, Lacey and Peyton were hilarious together. I do want to see Peyton get her push tho.

    35. Robby Irwin

      Raw sucks nowadays

    36. Sunny M

      I actually thought RAW was good. I like AEW as well but its good to see real men fight rather than Skinny Boys jumping Round. Fiend is brilliant and give retribution time

    37. Realindie Music

      Raw was amazing actually

    38. Kerry Jobe

      The only reason I keep watching RAW and Smackdown is so I can be a well informed viewer of Ups and Downs with Simon.

    39. Hassan Nabih

      NF is far from basic

    40. frank unodostres

      I spat out my coffee when I read about this in the morning! they really let retribution lose (!!) their first match (!!!) clean (!!!!!) via submission (!!!!!) and then let 1 semi-main eventer destroy all 4 of them (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) jesus h. macy fucking christ wwe...

    41. Bhris Redfield

      Hey Simon. You are the effin best.

    42. vineel Krishnamsetty

      I bet it was demon from the hell Get it?

    43. Asasphinx

      The Miz kinda killed Otis to the point that regardless of the outcome of the match, Otis still lost.

    44. Shivam M. Salunkhe

      Now Randy Orton should win coz now it's too much , have built him very strongly 🙏🏻

    45. mastertimb

      I recently broke up with WWE again, so I really appreciate Ups & Downs. Thanks Simon!

    46. Kadematic Speed

      I don't have USA. I just have fox:/

    47. justa nime

      Randy vs Jeff hardy in hell in a cell..........thats all i got...the wizard in the sky ain't even touching that mess😂😂

    48. MoeCamera

      Simon is the biggest wwe apologist. He gives evething an UP. Smh this man is a joke

    49. Cloud Taste Network

      Omg. Simon, you need some sleep homeboy. You look like your working to hard. Hope your still wrestling my guy. You got talent. Would love to see you on AEW dark. Haha

    50. Jim Janssen

      The Fiend and Alexa are gold. Retribution vs Hurt Business makes zero sense. Heal faction vs heal faction. Dumb. Nia Jax is garbage and Shayna Bazler should be solo.

    51. christopher sheeran

      Just imagine Raw cutting out early, and then.... Boom! Mustafa ali and Retribution cut another promo. Ali tells us we don't deserve to see the end of Raw. I would have lost my mind.

    52. srihario7

      I actually only watch ups and downs.... Your welcome Simon

    53. Jaq Dax

      I don't have 3 hours to waste on raw, but I do love Ups and Downs

    54. Anthony Rivera

      The only reason I'm still subscribed to this channel: Simon

    55. Scott Latta

      Up & downs are more entertaining then raw or smackdown.

    56. Kaiju

      Breaking up Iiconics to then put Payton in a tag team immediately....BROWN DOWN

    57. K O

      I'm sorry but for me a wrestling show theme should get me pumped. After hearing this "song" for about 5 seconds, I fell asleep. You might like it, that's cool but this is not a wrestling show theme. It's slow and boring.

    58. MAsterr Serch

      10 ups,,5 downs,,but the show still gets A DOWN... The system is officially broken

    59. Jake Husdon

      Randy Orton was in a hell in a cell match it was Randy Orton and his dad cowboy Bob Orton versus The undertaker I forget what pay-per-view it was or what year it was I'm sorry

    60. Undisputed Penguin

      We love you Simon!

    61. Br0nze

      "Ah! Oh no!" 😂 An apt summation of Raw.

    62. Erich Schoenholtz

      No a fan of the Iconics...they are annoying, but it was pointless to break up that tag team.

    63. VanuttChan

      WWE guy “Let’s push Keith Lee.” Vince laughs WWE guy “What’s so funny?” Vince “You won’t get it.”

    64. James Hall

      Haven’t watched a full raw or Smackdown for years, I just watch Ups and Downs now 😂😂

    65. masta2k4

      How did the segment with Tucker and partner get an Up AND a Down?🙈

    66. Crispys Crafts

      This got WAY more ups than I was expecting....

    67. Connor Logan

      Retribution need to leave. Absolutely terrible

    68. JAsoldi3r

      but he beat randy...............

    69. MrVolcomclassic

      Matt Riddle should have stayed on nxt. Wwe burying him like a chump

    70. Random

      Alexa Bliss was like “😐” lol