Velveteen Dream vs. Roderick Strong - NXT North American Title Match: WWE NXT, Sept. 18, 2019



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    Velveteen Dream attempts to derail The Undisputed ERA’s golden prophecy and defend the NXT North American Title against Roderick Strong.
    #NorthAmericanTitle #WWENXT
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    1. مهدي 333


    2. Deathwish Gamer

      They love them them and they hate them

    3. shoneyman12

      Rip dream back

    4. shoneyman12

      I wash wash this

    5. 2UNO evaner esteban monroy

      El año pasado fue el año en el que Roderick strong se convertía en campeón norteamericano venciendo a velveteen dream

    6. Moonbyul_kyo

      Who's here after velveteen dream return?

    7. Emilio Pena

      Undisputed Era vs. The Shield 4 on 3 handicap match

    8. Bad Taste

      These wrestlers look like they spend 20min in the gym and than go home and play Nintendo Switch

    9. jole' Mays

      And this is the last match we'll see of the velveteen dream 😢😢

      1. jole' Mays

        @Little Boy he got written off tv to heal his back

      2. Little Boy


    10. Undisputed Era Rocks

      Roderick strong joined the undsiptuted era and became 2 time NXT tag team champion ,1 year later ,he is the north American champion,talk about redefining your career

    11. Cortezzo Productions

      He-..He...He Hurt My Dream...

    12. Hexal _YT

      My fav NXT Superstars are Velveteen Dream and Leo Rush.

    13. Army Man

      Adam cole baby

    14. Aiden Taylor

      They need shanya bazlar and angel garza To have all the nxt gold

    15. Aby Brooks

      Undisputed era sucks

      1. Flynn Mccann

        Aby Brooks no

    16. erik jordan turner

      he better forever owe adam cole & his ability to super kick in skinny jeans.

    17. TheB DubsClub


    18. the Common gamer defender

      Try and count how many times she shouts COME ON

    19. Reyler Gutiérrez

      la era indisputable amos y señores de NXT

    20. Reyler Gutiérrez

      la era indisputable amos y señores de NXT

    21. Reyler Gutiérrez

      la era indisputable amos y señores de NXT

    22. Reyler Gutiérrez

      la era indisputable amos y señores de NXT

    23. Jimins Long Lost Jams

      if only there was a woman literally every title belonged to them

    24. Junior Yanez

      I like Valentine dream and Bobby fish

    25. DZ Walker

      I keep getting confused. Is Roderick Strong in the undisputed era

      1. Flynn Mccann

        DZ Walker yes how do u not know

    26. Malcolm Doherty

      This is better than raw and smack down

    27. Xavier Perez

      Love how they all celebrate

    28. John Jingleheimersmit

      God nxt is great

    29. PortableChad

      Mom: You can't have ice cream 3 yr old you: 2:00

    30. Okwir Allan

      cheap cheats. that's all what the undisputed era is all about but Cole shall loose against riddle and shall be the one without the gold in the team

    31. Sebastian Solano

      What an incredible match

    32. Charles williams

      Great match.

    33. Olek

      Velveteen Dream is a future Intercontinental Champ.

    34. Elegant Toilet

      ref was way out of position for that bump

    35. David Meza

      It’s okay the dream will regain

    36. Ananta Bijay

      Damn!! I love this!!

    37. Nero Azmi

      NXT never cease to amaze me

    38. All Might

      Looks like the dream is over for the dream

    39. Christopher Williams

      Sucks that Velveteen loss but seeing the Undisputed Era’s Golden Prophecy fulfilled is tight

    40. LOVELL

      Rodrick strong g look like detective Lance from arrow

    41. Crimson Heart


    42. Phoenix Rises_2014

      1. The announcers screaming "Not this way" trying to push TUE as pure evil like Evolution as the crowd is cheering to this. 2. Notice of the all the members that actually factored into the win, Adam Cole was the main reason Roddy ended up putting him down for good. Nice little storytelling that the leader helped the one that appears to have signs of maybe breaking off from them get the belt.

    43. King kev

      This is what they need to do with sasha banks and Beautiful and dangerous With some Addition

    44. King kev

      From these clips It was a great show

    45. Boku No Raymond

      Its kinda ironic since Dream lossed and adam coles dream was accomplished

    46. myron4178

      Dream over

    47. Trey

      NXT coming to TV* *-1 of 2hrs... Wwe- Got em!

    48. Ashwin Bhartia

      This match, this show, this faction!!! So so awesome!! If had to rank all shows:- NXT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 NXTUK🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 SDL🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 205🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Raw🔥🔥🔥

    49. lol

      And the prophecy is true,my friends

    50. Aniket Rathod

      All the undisputed are are the championship now and that's real undisputed

    51. Electro Baz

      NXT was the f0cking best this week🔥🔥

    52. Olerilwe Ntsie

      1:58 that reaction made the match even good

    53. Tester von Niemand Kanal

      Ger wells soon Velveeten Dream

    54. Lucifer Morningstar

      Beth Phoenix is a good commentator who can become really great if groomed well by an experienced professional like Mauro. Also, all 4 of the UDE are worth their weight in Gold. Such great talents.

    55. cooldaddyslick

      So the ref got knocked out cause the guys hand slapped across his chest???

    56. Dylan Parker

      there wasn't any prophecy. turns out, roddy just needed to believe in himself

    57. Aaron Joe

      Keep Mauro Ranallo ; )

    58. Chris Foster

      The prophecy has been fulfilled!all gold goes to undisputed era! Boom!

    59. Ryan Kelepi

      Y'all know what they say ADAM COLE BAY BAY they will not leave any doubt in your mind this is the moment they waited to have they knock you with punch or kick or a little bit of both combo or with a jab yeah I'm Roddy with flow I'm Bobby when I'm bold I'm O Reilly with the gold every title we hold yeah our era this our time you better recognize my lyric brings house that where the record lies I keep moving I keep proving let me show you how I do can't refuse it I ain't losing this flow is UNDISPUTED BOOM JWILL Wrestle Flow Flow Flow yeah

    60. diana ramos

      Congratulated but they need a girl (rhea Ripley)

    61. Jaleesa Greene

      Adam Cole piece of advice maybe let you teammates win on their own instead of interfering and painting a bigger target on your back

    62. DBK Games

      The referee got knocked out by a ghost

    63. Mr. Spade

      Finally..Roderick Strong underrated af

    64. Ccubed92

      How does strong get up from velvateens finish two times in a row like nothing lol

    65. My Name Is Thamizh

      Velveteen Dream looks similar to Rocky Maivia

    66. Hối Ủy Quyền

      I know the current fans will hate the way I described it but Triple H has succeeded in making the next generation of Evolution.

    67. Anupam Mahato

      Imperium vs undisputed era all titles on the line, war games book it trips...please

    68. Iftii Alam

      Man. FINALLY Roderick Strong won an individual championship. That guy is severely underrated.. Love him💞💞

    69. Alonso Lupercio

      Finally we get to see a victory on their DE-news video

    70. R p

      Can anyone tell me that NXT is still a farm system for RAW and Smackdown or it is officially a third brand of WWE?