Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV



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    CNN's Nick Valencia reports live from inside the CNN Center in Atlanta where demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd have turned violent.
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    1. Electriccompany

      These covidiots will all be dead from the deadly deadly virus lol.

    2. M Ppp

      Chief MEDARIA ARRADONDO needs to resign. His administration of the Minneapolis Police Department is appalling and inept. How he ever did rise to that station in the Minneapolis Police Department is a testament to the unprofessional conduct of the department in general and the criminal conduct of the officer in question and the officers present during the murder of Mr. Floyd. Chief Arradondo''s lack of action while Minneapolis burned and suffered looting further shows the chiefs lack of ability to hold that office and signals a complete investigation and reorganization of that entire police department.

    3. Scott Galyen

      All this is doing is making cops not want to go in to these hell holes called liberal cities!

    4. Matthew Barnett

      Where this white guy with the skateboard is standing

    5. Deano Da

      Why would police stop demolition of fake media?

    6. K-Y K-Y

      I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh but Nick is sooooo dramatic! Anyone would think he's reporting in Baghdad! 😂😂😂

    7. Andre Wynn

      Pussy - plies voice

    8. William Kraus

      This is no way Just about Floyd only. This is about everything.

    9. Devon Wilson

      Now the protesters are in the right place🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. 苟梁忠

      CNN , everybody know CNN is white news . They are more racist than anyone

    11. Django357m Django357m

      I Am sorry for saying this but way would a human being put their one and only life at a life or death situation WAY would you risk it all like this WAY?

    12. Jake McCandliss

      God those police phalanxes are so beautiful. you can hear Chris Cuomo's hard on

    13. Pedro Torres

      These people look stupid going after CNN. If they're so against racism they should've gone to the Fox news building. Smh.

    14. James Maher

      CNN people hate you, just stop airing things

    15. dan marshall

      GUILTY of association. ALL SHOULD BE CHARGED!! cops got away with it for so many years. its crazy. we get charged first shot matter if we got family's to feed or not. OR our over charged rental housing fee's or struggles food or do without 1 or the other. I bet it be hard decision. if u put a rich man in your shoe"s...but easy for us lower lvl income groups tho. they don't know the real truth of being poor..welcome to the RESERVATION. ya give us blanket with a disease or choke us on the ground for the world to see..the cops WILL lose this one for sure. democracy said so.

    16. 브리아나

      George Floyd's death was terrible, and there's no excuse for what happened to him, but listen... These people causing destruction to these businesses need to STOP. Using violence to stop violence never works and WILL NEVER work. What in the world does a public store have to do with an innocent man dying? It almost seems to me like some of these people are using his death as an excuse to break into places to STEAL and VANDALIZE. Just that alone shows they're no better than these violent police officers. This re-established the stereotype of blacks being violent, stealing criminals. If they want their community to look better, they've got to BE better.

    17. Aleksandr Markov

      In an ironic twist of fate, CNN HQ is being attacked by the very riots they promoted as noble & just

    18. Lady Lovely

      Honestly! since the police was arrested the ppl need to calm down a bit! now they should only make their voices heard through peaceful protesting.

    19. Crusty The Oz

      Now y’all don’t wanna use force? When there’s too many for y’all too handle. Smh cowards, every racist pig should be scared for their lives. Shit will turn very violent if you keep thinking these killings will continue to get swept under the rug.

    20. S.W. Warbirds

      CNN still calling them " Demonstrators " idiots !

    21. Ed Seda

      Isn't this what Don Limon was inciting.

    22. Joyce Koch

    23. DJ Timmie Dee

      @6:44 Everybody gangsta until they get painted with them *red dots*

    24. F165

      4:10 black cops are walking around without shields because they don’t need them.

    25. clive Lee

      We know who CNN works for

    26. Bounty By Observation

      So what you get CNN for all your fake news.. there's any place that needs to be burnt to the ground is CNN headquarters. Treasonous anti-American no soul having journalist.

    27. Ndubuisi Mbano

      I hope they loot more.

    28. pedroSilesia

      "trying to tell the truth" hahahahahahahahahhahaha poor cnn

    29. oscar A

      Why didn't they go at Fox news instead

    30. Imaminimonstertruck

      It's funny that they're so concerned about a white guy with a skateboard then a mob of angry black people behind him throwing rocks and glass bottles.

    31. ŁØBx Death

      CNN false news 🤣 😂 😆

    32. Scott Galyen

      Lol cnn calls them demonstrators when they attack there studio even after being so bias with there liberal lies in favor of there violent criminals!!! Karma is a bbbbbb bbbbbb !!!!!

    33. Big Lou

      I’m not stupid at all if me and my 3 friends wanted to do something we will make it happen but all these people and nothing happening looks like crisis actors to me. He asked him why did you come here he should of replied I came here to get paid by Soros I applied for the acting job

    34. Nicely Done

      Why not let them in? Lol why are you hiding behind the police

    35. TailorHawking

      Destroy CNN!

    36. Andrii

      I believe that at first the protests were justified but now it just lost the meaning people are taking advantage of the situation and not peacefully protesting the injustice

    37. eigo bike

      Hotlanta is burning again. Civil War revisited.

    38. Babsa Sanyang

      We will some day hold all USA embassies staff in hostage in Africa

    39. Kyle Berns

      Demonstrator? How about correctly describing them as criminals...

    40. RB

      Martin Luther King said it best. "Riots are the language of the unheard ".... 🎯 😔

    41. OTT2OWN

      I actually thought that young black man who was detained handled himself well and he made great points! "There needs to be change, Our country is not black/white, officers need better training" I couldn't agree more and he's probably one of the last people that should of been arrested, arrest the thugs throwing rocks and firecrackers at the cops instead of that wonderful young man!

    42. Mauricio Lopez

      After this over officers better do there jobs more carefully and be held more accountable if they committed a injustice now that they know people won’t stand for it

    43. TundrazZ R

      That police line would be a good opportunity to lob a couple Molotov cocktails.

    44. q fiver

      It looks like trump's tactic is trying to shift the anger on the police to CNN.

    45. CFB Highlights

      If you heard Chris voice is cracking stay safe Chris and all of you

    46. Rofhiwa Tshikonelo

      Protestor: throws water bottle Reporter: another projectile fired

    47. hansel dominguez

      Till they realize for this capitalist countries government "no lives matter"

    48. kristina choate

      Nick pull back !!!!

    49. Aurora Borealis

      Those people must be really sick of fake news!

    50. Terrence Johnson

      Yall gon stop killing us, one way or another

    51. Kool Beanz

      Everyone hates CNN

    52. DETROIT Famous

      Military vs civilians. will Trump do to Americans what Obama did to Gaza?

    53. phanders

      Protest with words, virtual meetings. Protest on social media all you want. But don't destroy other peoples things. I am against unnecessary police brutality, but I am also against the extreme left using violence to scare old people and kids. All in the name of "justice"

    54. My dick may be small, but

      The joker would be proud

    55. John Smith

      Erase them from our culture!

    56. Sandra Martin

      So they can’t get out until the windows broken, and all of a sudden a white guy shows up to break the window, please that guys been sent there probably by the cops.. He’s no protester..

    57. laud.stoner

      Shouldn't attack CNN.. y'all folly

    58. Regina McGuffey

      Truth from CNN??? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    59. Thomas Patterson

      PROTESTING is PROTESTING. Not Burning and looting

    60. Jake McCandliss

      beautiful, y'all can use some of that advertising money to pay for those front doors lmao. Fake Media, just like all large media "right" or "left" today.

    61. Lil thirteen

      State of nature why all bcs racist this is what the police want then we will give them the same..... this is wha the government want then this will have and more this is just the beginning of the new era......

    62. Neil P71

      It is time we the people hold everyone responsible for hiring rouge criminal cops and allowing them to serve our communities across our nation. Those on top include Mayor's, chiefs of police and high ranking police officials who are in charge of hiring rogue cops. They all need fired for allowing criminal cops work our streets and cover for them when they have long history of abuse and brutality. This is the first step to help identify expose fire and prosecute every rogue out of control criminal cops hiding behind their uniforms. Every rogue cop should pose a liability to every hard working honest police officer from top to bottom. When good cops realize they will be held responsible for not exposing and firing rogue cops hiding amongst them, we will start to regain trust. To all hardworking honest cops out their it's is your duty to stop the killers amongst you. We the people cannot expose those rogue cops and that's why we lost trust and faith in you all. It is your duty to do what is right start by firing any rogue cop with a history of abuse of power before they will get you all involved in their criminal behavior. RIP Mr. Floyd.

    63. Crossmoor Mafia

      "he said that police can do better." no, he said police need to be TRAINED better aka the problem is with the system, not with individual racist cops!

    64. Telesto Infinity

      Like this is going to change anything lol

    65. Randy Kirkland

      Reap what you sow

    66. Charles Kelly


    67. Andrew Morin

      CNN sounds pro cop all of a sudden. Hope you are reap what you sow

    68. Patrick Joos

      this is a riot, not a demonstration.

    69. 최성빈


    70. timothy sullivan