Watch Duke, Zion Williamson advance past NDSU (Extended highlights)

NCAA March Madness

NCAA March Madness

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    Duke rolled past North Dakota State with Zion Williamson scoring 25 points and RJ Barrett dropping 26 points with 14 rebounds to advance in the NCAA tournament.
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    2. Richard Graham

      Darts fixtures

    3. LyricalMurderer1

      Sad part is Google made more $ off this video than Zion did playing the game...

    4. Moneymoefamous

      Zion if this was nba 2k19 he would be a post Score slasher

    5. Johnny CA

      Shawn kemp

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    7. D Me

      Ex-Duke players & students call themselves 'Dukies', which sounds like something nasty in a toddler's diaper. Grow up, & at least call yourselves 'Dukers'.

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      I wonder what it’s like to raise a kid that ends up being 6’7 at 18 years old. I’ve seen tall kids but they end up skinny and look sick at the height because their body is somewhat deformed do to the growth factors but this kid is solid. He’s fast, agile, a power house. He’s going straight to the top.

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    22. Don Bo

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      Duke aint winning the chip...i can tell now

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      Zion dishes the fastest assist I've seen ever as a basketball player period.

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    42. Petter Drahun

      Saying this rn, Zion is gonna have 1 of the biggest shoe deals ever in the future

    43. The Trey King Show

      Who remembers when DUKE had Grant Hill back in the day?🤔

    44. Garry Wu


    45. Auston Smith

      Z. Williamson must develop an outside game that's nearly unstoppable if he wants to compete in the NBA at an all star level. He's not going to get these garbage buckets ... Thinking he can just outrun or out jump opps. Most guys don't want to put in all that work, rely on natural abilities, and stop developing, ultimately retiring their NBA career in their mid 20s. When the great players that do all the winning are nearly obsessed with personal training.

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      I swear Zion practices and-ones, not just regular layups

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