Watch Mark Andrews’ jaw-dropping attack: NXT UK highlights, July 17, 2019



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    In the latest episode of NXT UK, Mark Andrews overcame Kassius Ohno, Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner of Imperium took down Saxon Huxley & Tyson T-Bone, Jinny stole a victory from Xia Brookside, and an NXT UK Women’s Title Match between Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray was made for NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff.
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    1. Michael Noble

      Going to see this in Plymouth tomorrow evening 👌🏻

    2. Mitch Colburn

      Toni Storm is horrid on the mic.

    3. Norwall

      Crazy good job on these vidz. Can't wait to see more.

    4. A WrestlingFan

      Love Kay Lee Ray! She's a badass. Watch her work with ICW Insane Championship Wrestling for proof..

      1. Lau XI

        or even better, her work in SHIMMER.

    5. A WrestlingFan

      Toni Time!

    6. A WrestlingFan

      NXT & NXT UK putting on better shows than Raw/SD Live every week

    7. Devrajsingh Balyasra

      Fabian achner is the best wrestler in the world he is a everything wwe needs in a superstar just send him to smackdown

    8. The Legend

      Who is better Nxt , Nxt uk = Like Raw , SmackDown = Comment

      1. Lau XI

        get a job

    9. Giacomo Della Vecchia

      Imperium Vs Indisputed Era... As italian i support Fabian Aichner. GG WWE, you've signed a blue chip prospect for the future and put him in a faction that will improve NXT UK.

    10. Kuartangle

      i hope wwe youtube make 4 separate video for nxt uk every week and each video duration for 3 minutes and make end of the match. not like this only one video for nxt uk. too short. this is for wwe universe and nxt universe around the world. thanks.

    11. ShamsulMEMES

      Raw:getting better SD Live:getting better NXT:Better then both brand NXT UK:Still better 205Live:Great

    12. JRA Tu Amigo

      Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women's Championship at NXT UK Takeover Cardiff. It's official can't wait to see it.

    13. Soggy Bread

      Dead crowd for such a great show

    14. Babu Midinti

      Toni will you marry me please reply back

    15. MADBD619


    16. jrich$

      Ray Romano does commentary now?

    17. Bobby Farmer

      NXT uk is continue to be an amazing show and Toni storm rules

    18. Gamingwithblue _savage

      Wwe can u make a match of brock vs Orton for universal title?

      1. Bryann Beaudin

        Well if that happens then Orton is gonna lose if he's on the SmackDown roster LMAO

    19. mr Living

      i just love wwe period and other wrestling promotions

      1. mr Living

        wwe rocks

    20. WomensWrestlingFan889

      Omg Xia Brookside 💙💙💙💙💙💙

      1. OP Streamer

        I know Xia is so freakin Cute!!!

    21. Timothy Torres

      IMPACT vs ROH.

    22. Hey DENZKY

      Wwe can you please come back to Hamburg in Germany🙏

    23. Ron Linesting

      Hopefully Tegan Nox will be added to the Women’s match since she seems to be ready from what her social media leads to believe. Welsh girl added to their show in Wales makes the most sense.

      1. Lexington Deville84

        Ron Linesting Still needs to be medically cleared after a horrifying injury like that.

    24. Aaliyah Wisdom

      Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff will transform Raw and Smack Down as exciting and entertaining as NXT and NXT UK it as began already

      1. Aaliyah Wisdom

        @Ice_wallow _come me too I can not wait to see what they have in store

      2. Ice_wallow _come

        I can't wait to see what its going be like on the road to wrestlemania.

    25. Fred Buck$ WWE 2K Epic Gameplay

      Good highlights should do this with the other shows too

    26. Jalen Payton

      RAW: Boring SD Live: Good NXT UK: Great


        Nxt-NEXT LEVEL

      2. meemay.

        I liked Bray Wyatt

      3. Ramon Molina

        For me bro is SD live:great Nxt:good 205 live: ok Nxt UK:alright RAW:boring

      4. garygibbs92

        You forgot about 205 Live

    27. Sawa Games

      Почему блять такие дебильный ракурсы камеры?

    28. Wrestling TV

      Please want to support my kampi

    29. Tulley Novielli


    30. Brandin Stephens

      Brandin Stephens marry Xia Brookside!!!!!

    31. Brandin Stephens

      Brandin Stephens marry Xia Brookside!!!!

      1. Ron Linesting

        kundan kumar Actually they are well into the double digits as Brandin has whored himself out to many other women from other promotions. Tessa Blanchard, Madison Rayne, Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace, Scarlett Bordeaux, Mandy Leon, Kelly Klein, Tenille Dashwood, Shotzi Blackheart... I could go on.

      2. kundan kumar

        It's ur 2nd marriage after tessa blanchard

    32. Kevin Huber

      As a german Wrestlign fan I support NXT UK

    33. Jamal 1

      You wanna wait basically 2 month's for a UK Women's title match.... Why?!

      1. Ron Linesting

        It makes sense from KLR’s perspective. Why outshine her on a random episode of NXT UK when she can do it on one of NXT UK’s biggest shows to date? She also has time to play mind games and be a general bother to Toni in the build-up.

      2. Jamal 1

        @Lexington Deville84 Oh for real then I guess there's no problem with that

      3. Lexington Deville84

        Jamal 1 It’ll be worth the wait - NXT and NXT UK always play a patient game.

      4. Jamal 1

        @Lexington Deville84 Exactly!

      5. Lexington Deville84

        Jamal 1 And rush it like Raw and Smackdown?

    34. xSMOKExEMxALLx

      That's Jaw-dropping? -_-

    35. Eagle D. Kōzui

      *Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm* I will love to see this match. P.S: Mark Andrews should have another feud with Dennis again. Their work in *PROGRESS* was excellent.

      1. Eagle D. Kōzui

        @Lexington Deville84 Oh good. Maybe the next option is for them to be a team again. 😁

      2. Lexington Deville84

        Eagle D. Cross Kōzui Dennis will probably be back around October.

    36. All Mighty

      NXT has come to save the week

    37. Martel Renteria

      Toni could be in the main roster she is a great wrestler

    38. Reginald Williams

      Where’s the attack

    39. Chaos S4RW4R

      NXT and NXT UK vs Raw and Smackdown Which Is Better

      1. GamingZack

        NXT & NXT UK

      2. Eagle D. Kōzui

        *NXT/NXT UK*

    40. spider man

      Hii wwe

      1. spider man

        Hello wwe

    41. Randy Orton

      NXT UK is more and more Awesome

    42. راندي اورتن


    43. Logan Hurley

      Why does NXT and NXT UK have better matches then Raw and Smackdown


        because wrestlers are given more freedom to showcase their wrestling skills

      2. pisto30

        @Jonathan Moses It's still WWE though. That's the funny part.

      3. Ty Cobb

        @Nick C yep

      4. Logan Hurley

        Of course

      5. Jonathan Moses

        Because Vince isn't in charge of NXT. HHH is. He knows how to book matches.

    44. Dae’ana Goree

      Omg hi

    45. Mason MM


    46. Buğra Kartal


    47. Shannon Martin

      Congrats on 46million subs

      1. Basit Khan

        Hello! Dear how are you?

    48. Fumani Baloyi


    49. Kenni YT

      Я первый Русский!!!

      1. Денис

        Я тоже