We Build The First Stick Shift Huracan In The World!! (Yes It's Gated)

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode were installing an Audi R8 Gated shifter into our Huracan to make it the first manual stick shift huracan in the world.
    Huge thanks to www.ecstuning.com/ for the help with those tough to find parts, if you need parts or maintenance supplies for your german car, hit them up!
    And a big thanks to Mullins Auto for the hospitality on our trip out there and our shift knob of course :p find them here
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    1. MA_DD

      Excuse me but doesn't the huracan have 7 gears?

    2. Rizwan Rana

      This series should have been named 'B is for Built by Oscar !'

    3. Mohamed Mohamed

      Do the paddle shifters still work

    4. Dillon Muehlher

      Saint Louis my home town!

    5. Felix Drifts

      Oh shit you were like 20 mins from me in illinois

    6. Ethan

      the coat hangers are like that so people don't hang themselves

    7. RubCuber

      I actually really want a huracan since it has a manual :O

    8. lightning9

      Next project should be installing a DCT into an Aventador SVJ...

    9. ToonNut1 ToonNut007

      You need to make a playlist that's in order I'm struggling to watch your videos in order

    10. lennart krischik

      Save the manual! That is amazing man...

    11. Nesta M

      Did he order that shifter from the lambo v10 volvo guy?

    12. Adam Wilken

      I'm from St. Louis. Glad you enjoyed our city. ✌

    13. Lenny Gerardy

      totally great car just never ever shunt it because you just cut a hole into your monocoque 😅

    14. Erik Baldwin

      Anti suicide coat hooks in an airport bathroom? WTF? Or maybe is an anti auto erotic asphyxiation coat hook. Either way, what does that say about St. Louis?

    15. Yash Srivastava

      You all are insane💥🔥

    16. Robert Tiffany

      Looking good so far! I just found your videos and channel a couple days ago and then find this episode where you come to St. Louis/Illinois. That spot where you were playing beer pong in Ball Park Village is 50 ft from where I spend most of my time working during baseball season! Small world!!

    17. wayneuk

      leave that shif gate exposed

    18. High Frequency

      I wish i knew what he knows on how to work on cars thats insane

    19. Jack Lyster

      Wild that you guys had to go on a cross country trip to find a Jetta shift knob and boot. What a pain lol

    20. Shifty

      What about Samsonas gearbox tho

    21. aaron

      One it’s called a gear stick and why have you used a Audi gear stick ? Madness

    22. 123abc

      You should try FCP Euro first to see if you can get it there and get their lifetime warranty on parts. I was thinking some of those parts like the shift gate could be 3D printed, maybe you can get a metal 3D printer.

    23. Roman Dunka

      I LOVE IT AMAZING !!! 😍😍😍😍

    24. Mathijs Vogelezang

      Make a shifter knob in Honda Civic Type R style, would look absolutely awesome

    25. Casa Rendon Roca

      Mega monster build for me the best

    26. oppo h

      How can anyone be this smart

    27. Steven Cox

      I say have a gated insert CNC'd to fit the trim of the gear selector from the Huracan you trimmed

    28. larry baker

      I would love to see the new C8 with Audi trans (stick)

    29. Nirupama Gottumukkala

      What about the clutch pedal

    30. rain madhack

      If hard to find, cam manufacture it using cnc machine. What era are you living?

    31. Daniele Lombardo

      the 7 gear?

    32. Daniele Lombardo


    33. Julien play

      Obviously it's the same leather and colour.... Lamborghini is part of VW group just like Audi

    34. RyuAlejo

      is possible on GTR R35?

    35. J Law

      liked it because u made me laugh :)

    36. dv tz

      Dat shift knob tho, why

    37. Nick DiNunzio

      Why even get a gate if you don't leave it exposed? I feel like making a custom console/housing to keep it exposed isn't outside the realm of possibility

    38. Cognitive Dissonance

      Title edit: We build the slowest Hurrican in the world.

      1. Cognitive Dissonance

        @Mike W now that is a title i can agree with 👍

      2. Mike W

        Title edit: We build the coolest Hurrican in the world.

      3. Itt52702

        Cognitive Dissonance not with that Texas speed engine

    39. PC naga boy

      No more parking handbrake !!

    40. Doney Jose

      Very simple


      Later..... We've stick shifted a Bugatti Chiron....😂

    42. Zoua Vang

      It's only official if you got everything completed and on the road

    43. VIBY ClipZ

      Sucks that I’ve had mine for 3 hearts 😂

    44. Conor Haines

      Thats gonna be nutsssssssss

    45. Mr Bass

      Bruh there a one on sale in Denmark

    46. Colton Dery

      I’ve been waiting for this since the huracan came out. Thank you

    47. Charbel

      Imagine that one Lamborghini engineer watching that wanted to make a limited production manual Huracan but got his idea shut down. He will be proud lol

      1. Mike W

        What's the engineer's name? I would like to learn more.

    48. BlackDragon

      Party in The Lou!

    49. Carholic

      Why not a shift knob from a R8 ??

    50. Jet Black

      cool and creative, but that shifter and that boot 🤦‍♂️

    51. 1crazyoutlaw

      How come no dummy clutch pedal?

    52. 1crazyoutlaw

      Can you guys build a transparent interior for us to see please.

    53. sparrow

      2:27 Darito engine much look it it

    54. sparrow

      Get rid of that garbage man it's a Lamborghini nobody wants that a viper is better

    55. OfficialLiL Charles

      How to make your life (Good to Bad)

    56. Erik Sørensen

      I honestly don’t understand why they don’t offer the Huracan with a manual, it’s a high revving, track focused supercar goddam it

      1. Depay

        Erik Sørensen less maintaining i guess

    57. Satisfying Therapy

      Create a big hole in main frame. Interesting.

    58. Ayo B

      I don't think people understand how challenging that was

    59. in tro vert

      Thankyou for doing this we love manual

    60. kasey p

      Not for me sure it's more fun but the cost is way too much I'd rather have the faster dual clutch

    61. Tiger Brown

      Wait how about clutch wait no clutch

    62. Erencan996

      Do a C63s AMG Stick Shift mod

    63. Adrian Trd

      Stick 😂😂😂😂manual transmission what the heck it's rong with you people 😂😂👍

    64. johnDomain

      *Wasting Time and Money at its best....*

    65. Diesel Core Buyer

      All that work for the car to shift slower wow

    66. Numbahclaud

      Guess who lost their warrantee 😂

    67. Bv V


    68. ıllı Sρlιηтεя ıllı

      My initial question is WHY!!!!!

    69. djolebl3

      Gear Stick from GOLF IV you must put a better stick omg


      Semi Auto shift stick.