We Build The First Stick Shift Huracan In The World!! (Yes It's Gated)

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode were installing an Audi R8 Gated shifter into our Huracan to make it the first manual stick shift huracan in the world.
    Huge thanks to www.ecstuning.com/ for the help with those tough to find parts, if you need parts or maintenance supplies for your german car, hit them up!
    And a big thanks to Mullins Auto for the hospitality on our trip out there and our shift knob of course :p find them here
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    1. Jimmy Law

      liked it because u made me laugh :)

    2. dv tz

      Dat shift knob tho, why

    3. Nick DiNunzio

      Why even get a gate if you don't leave it exposed? I feel like making a custom console/housing to keep it exposed isn't outside the realm of possibility

    4. Cognitive Dissonance

      Title edit: We build the slowest Hurrican in the world.

    5. pepe chirhah

      No more parking handbrake !!

    6. Doney Jose

      Very simple


      Later..... We've stick shifted a Bugatti Chiron....😂

    8. Zoua Vang

      It's only official if you got everything completed and on the road

    9. VIBY ClipZ

      Sucks that I’ve had mine for 3 hearts 😂

    10. Conor Haines

      Thats gonna be nutsssssssss

    11. Busch DK

      Bruh there a one on sale in Denmark

    12. Cole D

      I’ve been waiting for this since the huracan came out. Thank you

    13. Charbel z

      Imagine that one Lamborghini engineer watching that wanted to make a limited production manual Huracan but got his idea shut down. He will be proud lol

    14. BLBlackDragon

      Party in The Lou!

    15. Carholic

      Why not a shift knob from a R8 ??

    16. Jet Black

      cool and creative, but that shifter and that boot 🤦‍♂️

    17. 1crazyoutlaw

      How come no dummy clutch pedal?

    18. 1crazyoutlaw

      Can you guys build a transparent interior for us to see please.

    19. sparrow

      2:27 Darito engine much look it it

    20. sparrow

      Get rid of that garbage man it's a Lamborghini nobody wants that a viper is better

    21. OfficialLiL Charles

      How to make your life (Good to Bad)

    22. Erik Sørensen

      I honestly don’t understand why they don’t offer the Huracan with a manual, it’s a high revving, track focused supercar goddam it

      1. YOUNG LION

        Erik Sørensen less maintaining i guess

    23. Olif Noer Kholifah

      Create a big hole in main frame. Interesting.

    24. Ayo B

      I don't think people understand how challenging that was

    25. in tro vert

      Thankyou for doing this we love manual

    26. kasey p

      Not for me sure it's more fun but the cost is way too much I'd rather have the faster dual clutch

    27. Tiger Brown

      Wait how about clutch wait no clutch

    28. General Son Goku

      Do a C63s AMG Stick Shift mod

    29. Adrian Transilvania

      Stick 😂😂😂😂manual transmission what the heck it's rong with you people 😂😂👍

    30. johnDomain

      *Wasting Time and Money at its best....*

    31. Diesel Core Buyer

      All that work for the car to shift slower wow

    32. Numbahclaud

      Guess who lost their warrantee 😂

    33. Bv V


    34. ıllı Sρlιηтεя ıllı

      My initial question is WHY!!!!!

    35. djolebl3

      Gear Stick from GOLF IV you must put a better stick omg


      Semi Auto shift stick.

    37. ben matyas

      nope.. not first in the world. Kobe Bryant got one converted for his wife🙃

    38. Ali

      We need a 2020 Supra

    39. Chin O

      You guys are AMAZING!!!!

    40. Diogo_Costa

      Congrats for that bro rly rly awesome what u guys Just did there :D

    41. Chip

      First video I’ve watched from you guys. This car is going to be epic

    42. Yaseen Ali

      Yeah a stick huracan but with a v8😩

    43. BillyBallsack

      The coat hook flicked down so if someone put something really heavy on it, it would not break

    44. kyle simsiman

      song please? 3:33

    45. jared p

      yea definitly ditch the leather boot and jus leave the gate exposed

    46. Sean Smile

      Hell yea

    47. Jose Salicrup

      I also agree with others. Shifter is WAY too far back. Why do you put a jack on the QuickJack??

    48. Quentin Freeman

      I wonder how hard it would be to manual swap a W204 C63.

    49. Randolph Lemon

      Amazing job first stick shift in a hurricane Lamborghini can’t wait to see it drive

    50. Jacob Fraley

      Is anyone else annoyed as much as I am with this guys breathing......

    51. Mexican Panda

      15:48 the guy in the back of the shift knob 😂😂😂💀

    52. Bender

      15:49 the guy behind the shifter :D

    53. Komalpreet Pawar

      Boss ass things

    54. 4200time B

      Woooo so your not leaving the gate visible? Naaa cant be course your leaving it exposed haha man i got flush for a sec allmost passed out.

    55. Aziz HACHIMI

      Bless you guys for swapping in a Stick Shift Transmission! Bless the car manufactrers who keep MT like Pagani, Porsche and VAG! Shame on you Ferrari, Lamborghini....Nothing is worth a proper 6-7 MT....NOTHING!

    56. 501 N 503

      Whether this works or you Flinstone this Lamborghini can’t wait to see it on the streets.

    57. Dino AMG

      KEEP THE EXPOSED GATED MANUAL SHIFTER! It's a Lamborghini tradition. You guys did all that work just to hide it :(

    58. Low_Life_ Carz

      Rwb kit on it first Manuel stick shift hurrican and a rwb

    59. ThaRealJules

      Basically If You Miss Shifts Its Broke 😭

    60. Jpk516

      Ok dude how the hell did I not run into you??? Come back to the Lou sometime, man!

    61. Tony Montana

      Amazing work Guys ! ECS tuning are a pretty good mob too.

    62. 123456789a

      how can you make sure that those bolts for the "shifter holder" won't come loose with vibrations when driving the car in the long run??

    63. Maxei Vlogs

      Actually ppl gated their Lamborghinis to have a manual they actually sell conversions kits

    64. Stanley Jayalie

      Would have left the gate shifter exposed because it looks nicer

    65. RollBOYS

      I'm here since the beginning and I've to say that You're a legend my friend! All the best from Romania

    66. Temppy-

      Keep it gated remove the boot it looks wack

    67. Temppy-

      Should that actually raise or decrease the value of the lambo

    68. VanillaBassBoost

      Just saying, Peter Björk was first! de-news.net/online/video-GY-hFXEvmC8.html

    69. Joshua Jordan

      Anyone know that is playing in this video?!

    70. Truly Fyee