We Helped Someone Who Was Homeless



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    We wanted to help spread kindness for Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation's #BeKind21 Challenge with this story. If you want to help people who are experiencing homelessness in your communities, visit www.dosomething.org/ and www.volunteermatch.org/ for more information. Always try to pay it forward!
    To join the #BeKind21 challenge, visit secure.bornthisway.foundation/page/12260/petition/1
    During the winter, Maddie and her boyfriend took a trip to Walgreens to get some basic essentials - snacks, chips, drinks, etc. - when they spotted a man sitting outside the store. He looked like he was in his 50's, he had a long grey beard, and he had tattered clothes. The man looked like he could really using a helping hand, so Maddie's boyfriend decided to approach him and learn more about his story.
    After her boyfriend gave her a look and signaled for her to come over, Maddie decided to join in on the conversation.
    After talking to the man, Maddie and her boyfriend learned that the man was experiencing homelessness. He had traveled all the way from Texas and was trying to find his way back home, but he ran into many obstacles along the way. He shared all the struggles he had experienced throughout his life - all of the hardships he had to face - and Maddie and her boyfriend decided they needed to do something to help. They walked back into Walgreens and bought the man some essentials - food, water, bread, etc.
    When they walked back out of the store and approached the man, he refused their kindness, at first. But after Maddie and her boyfriend insisted, he couldn't be happier - he felt so grateful to meet such kind, caring people who wanted to help him. Maddie decided she wanted to do more for him, so she ran to her car to grab him a blanket she had in her trunk. When she gave the man her blanket, his face completely lit up.
    After that day, Maddie hasn't seen the man around her town. She hopes that he was able to make his way back to Texas and that he's able to watch this video - maybe through social media. When she looks back, she can proudly say to herself, "We helped someone who was homeless." And, she wants everyone to know how big of an impact you can have on someone's life if you do the same.
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    1. Josue Jimenez

      This is very nice of her

    2. Galaxy Rainfall

      My mom contsantly drives past homeless ppl with broken legs, tattered clothes, etc. I really want to give them things but my mom just says no...

    3. Jenny Hernandez Cardoza

      awww god bless him ❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜🤝🤝🤝🤝

    4. Marilyn Byrd

      Poor homeless guy ☹️

    5. charlotte the cow

      i remember going to costco and there was this homeless guy with a leg problem. it was all swelled up and he was limping. so me and my whole family went and bought him a bottle of water and a slice of pizza, and the look on this poor man's face was just heartbreaking. it made me so happy to see him happy.

    6. Achara Tepi Khun

      You are so kind I wish I would help homeless people too but my family drive past them and sometimes my mom gave money to the homeless people and sometimes my grandma also gave money to them and I feel bad for them

    7. cooldjplan9

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    8. gacha_ crystal12

      We need people like these

    9. Marco Escobedo

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    10. Alecia Weaver

      I’m not being rude but everyone now a days is saying “I helped a homeless person” I’m not trying to be a jerk please don’t hate :( but still be careful people can lie about being homeless but keep doing videos! (I’m being rude aren’t I -_-)

    11. Gloria Hamilton

      Everytime I see a homeless person , i give them money

    12. BounceWave the Fire Boy

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    13. C A


    14. Tep

      When am a teacher i will present this to my students

    15. Dakota Hersh

      That's really nice of you guys you guys are the nicest people I've ever heard of and I never had my heart melted from happiness cacao nice that was like I think a lot are you guys a nice people praise the Lord for these two they are Legend

    16. WiamAndYazeed quran

      Fuck you bitch

      1. -

        Uhh ok?

    17. WiamAndYazeed quran


    18. Midnight_Gacha Fox YT

      I remember that when me and my family were going back home we saw a homeless woman and we all had popcorn.I didn't really want it so I asked my parents if I could give her my popcorn.They said yes so I gave it to her and she was happy!Ik it's not much but I at least gave her something.

    19. megido c:

      i always tell myself to bring some money with me when i go out with my parents (i dont buy stuff for myself anyway) just in case i can help a homeless person but then i always fORGET

    20. couch potato:\/

      I honestly love talking to homeless people most of them are pretty cool and interesting to talk to

    21. Maureen Storey

      But what if one of the Homeless are smoking and they kidnap you 💓💓(I don't know why they kidnap for a Reson even though I don't know the Reson)

    22. Anonymous Person


    23. Hanin Plays Roblox

      This is why Muslims fast

    24. eugenia pioquinto


    25. Lorien Summer Treviño

      I have a similar story, except it was during the summer. My mom ordered some pizza, and I went with her. When we got out of the pizza shop I saw a elderly man and he was homeless. I felt really bad. So, I whispered to my mom,because I didn't want him to get excited,I said, " Can we give him a slice just one?" My mom agreed. She gave me a slice and said," Go give it to him." I walked toward him and his face lit up when he saw the pizza. At first he wouldn't accept it but I told him to eat it. He said his thanks and god bless us! I felt really amazing that day!! I hope he's ok! I want everyone to do the same thing if they see anyone in need!!

    26. Kalyani Pillai

      I have also helped a homeless man. My brother and dad saw him sitting in the bushes. They told me and my mom. We got food and blankets for the man, and he thanked us. It was one of the best things I've ever seen.

    27. Lallie Xiong

      Give kindess to people

    28. val and her cookies

      Storybooth: I helped a homeless man. Other stories : I ate a blanket and I had a baby with french fries! REALLY !!!

    29. David Beltran

      Your boyfriend is a badass

    30. ItzSam zz

      This Should Have More Views 🥺

    31. Rita Baires

      Me to

    32. Sarah c

      Nowadays I never know whether to trust homeless people in my area because alot of people just pretend to be homeless for money.

    33. That Filipino guy ate food.

      *no knife?*

    34. Tropical Kitty

      What you did was really nice. 😇

    35. XxCinnamon The wolfiexX

      Not all homeless drink sometime they lost there job they couldn’t make enough money to pay the rent an other stuff don’t think they smoked drink an go crack head they might have another reason that they are homeless

    36. Flaminq Clovds

      I remember when I was 9 I was in the backseat of my dads car while he was driving, he saw a old homeless man who was selling bread trying to shout “bread for sale” but he couldn’t because his voice was like not loud because he’s dehydrated and stuff, my dad felt bad so he stopped at the side of the road, told me and my sister to stay in the car and I stared at the window and saw him buying all the bread he was selling.from the old homeless man and he payed more than enough 🥺


      I LOVE your videos so much your all stars 🤩

    38. Sofi _ Lofi

      I know this is an old video but I’m really glad you helped him because it always pains me to see when people don’t help others and it just hurts.

    39. TEAM ExtensionX

      In expectation on internet. We say we can take care of homeless people. But the reality world: We may have some bad experience not helping the homeless if theres a chances. Mostly it will be.

    40. Hey, did you forget I existed again?

      (I know the ain’t original but) Story Booth: cute, pure, real stories. Some channel: My dad is my sister and my dog and step brother got me pregnant at the same time and my best friend died! Love the stories btw❤️❤️❤️

    41. TimothyTheSparklyMango

      In Baltimore there’s homeless people but you don’t really find anyone worth giving money too since most did drugs.... :(

    42. GamingWithDušan 23

      They wouldn't be saying that today cause of corona

    43. Zoey Ames

      정말 좋습니다! 한국에는 노숙자가 많지 않습니다.

    44. Tiffany TEN HAAF

      My dad got scammed by a fake 'homeless person'

    45. Ultimate Senpai

      Storybooth: real stories~ Other story channels: My mom is actually my dad!

    46. • mmmeh •

      I would really love to help homeless people, but... as other people have mentioned, its hard to tell if the homeless people are like, actually homeless or they’re just faking it so they can get more money and stuff.

    47. Abe Ragoonanan

      Omg I cry😢

    48. • Gøtcha Panda •

      That was so kind of you to help him I hope you guys and that homeless man is having a good life ❤️ god bless you guys.

    49. Daysy Ferreira

      Storybooth:I helped a homeless man My story animated:my mom is a piece of bacon and my dad ate her (REAL STORY)

    50. Niranjana Kundalia

      Good video

    51. Eli Riedel

      i help a guy i got him water and bread and he was happy

    52. Julianna grace stories

      my parents in sfo go every sundy and give breakfast to people, and in winter we give them blankets, socks, hats, ear muffs, and we also give them some chapstick, toothpaste, brush;.

    53. Milka E

      You guys are so nice 😌🥰😁🙂😄

    54. skye bob

      Omg I love homeless and want to help them all the time

    55. Canucks Fan


    56. {Mimi Mole}

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    58. Not You

      I feel so bad for all the homeless people right now with COVID-19

    59. PinPanPoyJr

      The Josie with her voice is laggy and bad AF

    60. PinPanPoyJr

      The Josie with her voice is laggy and bad AF

    61. Christina Maclachlan

      You Garys are so sweet

    62. Michael Sager

      1:23 not being rude but it better be the strawberry instead the crappy blueberry

    63. Miss Kitty

      I don’t like that people treat homeless people as if they’re trash and just straight up ignore them. It’s sad because anybody can be homeless. So glad these people helped him ♥️

    64. Ann D.

      I’m Canadian 🇨🇦 so I only went Walgreens once and that was 2:30-3:00 am don’t ask the plane trip was 7 hours long ok

    65. Miss Gacha UwU

      I hope he’s okay now, safe from the coronavirus in the comfort of his very home.

    66. Gissele Sanchez


    67. Kid Budi

      Me n my bro was chillin and we bought some shitty ass dominos pizza n the homless guy asked us if we gonna eat that...without hesitation I gave it to him.I forgot how the conversation started but he told us how he became homeless... full blown crack addiction btw. He told us he stabbed n robbed somebody before just for a few dollars n me n my bro just like "damn thats wild". I asked him if he still addicted he said "I use it from time to time". He ask me for cash ofc I lie to him n book it after that.....shiiiih. I know what happens downtown this ain the hood I wanna die in.

    68. Possessed Frisk

      I am literally crying of sympathy and happiness!😂

    69. mich8185 mich8185

      At least this is a *r e a l* story animation company