We Helped Someone Who Was Homeless



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    We wanted to help spread kindness for Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation's #BeKind21 Challenge with this story. If you want to help people who are experiencing homelessness in your communities, visit www.dosomething.org/ and www.volunteermatch.org/ for more information. Always try to pay it forward!
    To join the #BeKind21 challenge, visit secure.bornthisway.foundation/page/12260/petition/1
    During the winter, Maddie and her boyfriend took a trip to Walgreens to get some basic essentials - snacks, chips, drinks, etc. - when they spotted a man sitting outside the store. He looked like he was in his 50's, he had a long grey beard, and he had tattered clothes. The man looked like he could really using a helping hand, so Maddie's boyfriend decided to approach him and learn more about his story.
    After her boyfriend gave her a look and signaled for her to come over, Maddie decided to join in on the conversation.
    After talking to the man, Maddie and her boyfriend learned that the man was experiencing homelessness. He had traveled all the way from Texas and was trying to find his way back home, but he ran into many obstacles along the way. He shared all the struggles he had experienced throughout his life - all of the hardships he had to face - and Maddie and her boyfriend decided they needed to do something to help. They walked back into Walgreens and bought the man some essentials - food, water, bread, etc.
    When they walked back out of the store and approached the man, he refused their kindness, at first. But after Maddie and her boyfriend insisted, he couldn't be happier - he felt so grateful to meet such kind, caring people who wanted to help him. Maddie decided she wanted to do more for him, so she ran to her car to grab him a blanket she had in her trunk. When she gave the man her blanket, his face completely lit up.
    After that day, Maddie hasn't seen the man around her town. She hopes that he was able to make his way back to Texas and that he's able to watch this video - maybe through social media. When she looks back, she can proudly say to herself, "We helped someone who was homeless." And, she wants everyone to know how big of an impact you can have on someone's life if you do the same.
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    2. Mia Khalifia

      This is AMAZING. Many people are scared of homeless people, they expect the worse of them. People assume they are homeless because of drugs or maybe they are criminals. But that's not always the case. Some people get kicked out of they're house or something because they might not be the wealthiest person. Everybody has a different story. Keep that in mind! Always help if you can!!!

    3. Person Person

      Why the fuck your helping him? Your not responsible for his problems you disgusting rats

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      The ones that disliked are the people who will be homeless in the future... In life we always think about ourselves and not other people even the ones that are struggling to survive Let's start changing our ways for the good of all people out there...

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