We Took KaterTot Drag Racing and it Was an EPIC FAIL!!! (last thing we saw coming...)



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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Fasterproms

      Hey Guys sorry for the lack of uploads recently and I was wrong about the "build in 16 min Video". We've had a number of holdups and things from getting back to the swing of things but we will be back at it strong! Thank you for your support! So looking to getting some clean passes outta our cars! We just got the Miata cleaned up and brakes on and the S10 WILL BE BACK SOON! You guys are the best!

      1. BlighBorn 87

        Please put a firewall in. Racing before that os just stupid AF. Not worth it if the beard gets singed.

      2. Smoker Green

        Better late than never like the content keep on going. Greats from The Netherlands

      3. Walter Cobb

        It ok stuffed happened too all of us at 1 point in time

      4. GordoWG1 WG1

        @Duncan Donovan Agreed, a low infection rate doesn't mean no infection rate and, without everyone being tested WITH TESTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY ACCURATE - it can be passed through 3, or even 4, levels of infections before symptoms, if any, are evident in the first person. That testing bit is critical, as it will give a much more accurate assessment of infection and mortality rates - of the CONFIRMED infections, chances of being killed seem to rank from a little over 1% to close to 20%, depending on the region strain and medical resources available. Sure, the odds are still low but can't help feeling, sometimes, if all the YTers I follow are still going to be around in a year.

      5. GordoWG1 WG1

        @The Architect Sounds like someone is a bit jealous - work hard and smart and you'll get your own some day. Not my sort of car, though, even if it does actually go round corners and stop better than almost anything else around - there was a Senna for sale locally I looked at, but... If I were the 720 owner I'd be - that's cool* - now lets drive them both to [local circuit race track that isn't a straight line] and compare them there. *And it is, but a really dumb comparison!

    2. Boyd Phelps

      Love the S10 and KSmart. But please get a better mic for your in car view. 🖤

    3. Cnoevo Auto Adventures

      hahhaha thats awesome , almost like freddy breaking things as fast as you get them hahaha

    4. tyler brown

      Check your ur vss sensor and make sure it’s not direct shorting on one of the gears. I had one do that and it took me months to find it. Had to put 2 washers on it to shim it. And when it did it it for sure killed ecu power

    5. t rob

      wa wa wa better luck

    6. Raymond Pietri

      Good to see the George got a new super clean hat from all that stuff you guys got

    7. Patrick Baitman

      Honda life!

    8. Jared THISDELLE


    9. cleric670

      You need to get some shielded wire, properly drained to ground, with a supplementary grounding electrode conductor to bond the dyno rack to earth, and a ground check on the receptacle from the computer receptacle back to the service. I've never seen a dyno drop out so much in my life.

    10. Pinda Nymus

      Looks to very horrible to drive.With that very short wheelbase. When you think that funnycars and top feul cars or what is it called have a very very very long wheelbase to handle the car better and go faster, i think. So the el camino rocket car from Cleetus. That had a longwheel base now doesn't. Was better with it to go fast with a longwheelbased car

    11. Mike Carter

      Hey guys, I GOT MY KATERTOT SHIRT YESTERDAY!! awesome quality and an awesome shirt, thanks guys

    12. Thats Life

      Is a Smart Car still considered a smart car, if you look like a moron driving it?

    13. whale oil beef hooked

      Most of the video is way too dark. Should brighten it in post

    14. Sombrero

      Aren't you putting strain on the firewall and the firewall tries to cut the strap when you're turning with this towing configuration....

    15. Jerry Danny

      And the call me " Tator Salad!"

    16. Chris March

      Whats wrong with carbs? all ya need is a timing light and vacuum gauge.

    17. Brian O'Dell

      Holy jowls Batman!!!!

    18. moedigzz

      Over 500whp on a stock ls7 is sweet!. A Chevelle with a LS7 swap is so cool! Is it a dry sump LS7 or is it converted to a normal wet sump style oil system? The oem titanium connecting rods work really well and are super light.

    19. Kevin Christensen

      Dude Shane Lawmasters IROC WAS OFF THE CHAIN

    20. Kevin Christensen

      When you know that K TOT sh*t and get

    21. Sam Williams

      Fire your tuner

    22. Pink Freddy Productions

      Linus needs a bfd cam in case you don’t know that stands for big foots dick.

    23. Just Me & Amy Previously -Beau_T_Me_Amy123

      Want to see tater tot next week!!!

    24. Dan K

      Seems a waste to put an e30 in a straight line, they are best in the corners and not so good at standing starts due to suspension geometry when they dig.... I totally thought it was an electrical thing with the katertot, the way it cut out, hope you sort it easy enough, that thing is a beast 👍

    25. Denzel Walls

      4:27 left lane

    26. cornspace

      I can't subscribe any harder

    27. giovanhagar

      I like my carburetor.

    28. mork orson

      Looks like you got the Kyle curse, breaking Honda's at the track.

    29. chuck lyons

      when shit breaks it makes for good future content

    30. Chris Holloway

      Jeremy, you have the best crew ever. I love watching you guys.

    31. Blwn6Gen

      I truly appreciate how you are willing to dive into tuning issues and actually explain how you are fixing it 😎👍

    32. 8SecSleeper

      When he said no rear brakes on a rear heavy car, my heart skipped a beat. Please tell me you mean you have a line lock setup. If not your gonna end up wrecking sooner then later.

    33. Daniel Jackson

      I heard you tuned a car for a florida man

    34. fordfourx4

      Great fuckin song!

    35. flamingogaming 45

      4:55 Prom:88 for the mph not bad Doc brown:88mph is a thing of the past For any younger people watch back to the future 👌

    36. Bobby McCraw

      I blew a fuse in my d16 swapped smart after a hard launch ended up being fuel pump wire got thrown back under the seat rail

    37. Bobby McCraw

      We put a vortec blower on my old boss's Denali just to pull his boat. Funny thing is he got better gas mileage lol.

    38. Ryder Kahler

      I'd say the auto truck will take it... Sorry Ben!

    39. Concept Productions

      best dog ending yet ... not including the new born puppies

    40. classmaster 3000

      so what even happen to kator tot?

    41. billy fender

      Shit happens. New builds Always have bugs to work out. Keep up the good work boys

    42. Savage GTI

      Love the gauges on the chevelle still looks old school but has digital speedometer

    43. Alex Morris

      The faster Jeremy goes the more he look like he is about to sneeze

    44. Uralla Prado Adventures

      171,000 views and counting Fasterproms the world! Awesome to see the channel grow and grow.

    45. Mike G

      watching the initial build on this car was fun, but now it's just getting to be a snooze fest. seems to be the way on youtube these days.

    46. David Hale

      Should of had a v8

    47. Eric Kleven

      Black Shirts + Golden Retreiver Hair = Hope you cleaned out that Chevelle real good after. :D

    48. Michael Wynne

      I was laughing to my self when Jeremy said 10.30 then I remembered it's 1/8 mile.

    49. jason birch

      Those chrome wheels on the Chevelle are a crime. I don't mind big, but chrome look so cheesy. Even dark centers and chrome lips would be fine. All chrome. Negative ghost Rider.

    50. jeremy hennessey

      Love your channel

    51. Daddyp1mp

      If you took a 4 cylinder car & a v6, v8 etc, that both make 500bhp at perfect air fuel & both ran a 10 second dead pass....... does the larger air pump use more fuel??

    52. Charles Donley

      Jeremy thank you for the chevelle update. If your not breaking, your not racing!

    53. Adrian Ryan

      I'll go Ben, purely on the weight of his ride, towards George's truck...

    54. MrVaderturbo

      Specs on the e30?

    55. emill151

      You never said what that "last thing we saw coming" was... ? Or did I miss it somehow? I scanned all over the video but nothing that mentions it?

    56. firestormer

      why would they need to take your temperature everyone is outside,it is a invasion of your body

    57. Blender Rookie

      Taking a person's temp as a mechanism of detecting covid is about like hiding under a desk to protect yourself from a nuke. Placebo at best.

    58. Anders Christian Jensen

      Is that mercedes 190 rearlights on the bmw?

    59. Cole and Neale's channel

      I keep saying this the smart car needs a proper quaife sequential built transmission like Kyle from BoostedBoiz has in the mr2

    60. TPV Productions

      Man that hurt 😥 my carburetor gets pretty good drivability even with a 8" converter. I like them all FI and Carbs

    61. greg pepple

      Jeremy when do you plan on getting more faster proms flag bill hats in stock ? I need 2 for family in the service 🤠🇺🇸 Thanks for your time sir

    62. Brian Ragland Sr.

      Great Video man, have you guy thought about investing into a Lab scope to help diagnose some of them ignition problems! It could really save a lot of time.

    63. Timothy Moreno

      Let’s gooo get Laz down the track so stoked !! Love that super clean hat George 👍🏽 you’ll be back next week Jeremy!

    64. Rj Hennis


    65. blueeyedevil

      Haha Laz shooting high on that number 🤣

    66. Blake Burns

      Georgie is gonna take him!!

    67. Phil B

      Couldn't Kater Tot fit in the back of the truck !? :P hahaha

    68. Nathan Panter

      Lazs face when he saw his slip is outstanding. He knew it would be slow, heavy, and take off like a dog but he still had fun. I absolutely understand man! My LJ is a slow pos, but it’s one of the most fun,slow, and go where I want pos. Can’t wait to see it supercharged brother!

    69. Mark C

      No matter what you guys have fun and that is cool, I have to ask are you still going to work on your crown vic or is it gone?

    70. overbuilt automotive

      carbs i use EFI on a ferd 400m yes the 400m microsquirt and fuel injector weld in bungs in the aluminium intake edis ford coils etc......lol you car like my chevy 4x4 1994 truck it needs better gears i guess i know mine has 334 i hate them to tall