We Trained Like The Avengers Cast For 30 Days



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    "No poisonous spiders! We're just hitting the gym for 30 days."
    Special thanks to Rashawn Smith and Equinox for the amazing training! Check them out here ⇩
    ➡ RASHAWN's INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/fit.2.win/
    ➡ PERSONAL TRAINING: www.equinox.com/personaltraining
    ➡ ASHLEY: instagram.com/ashleymcgetrick/
    ➡ INGA: instagram.com/ingatylam/
    ➡ HAL: instagram.com/halrhorer/
    ➡ ADE: instagram.com/ade_tv/
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    1. Ashley McGetrick

      YAY ITS UP! Thanks for watching everybody!! Hope you liked this video!! 😄💥💪🏻 I think i'm going to post the outtakes from this on my channel because there are so many and i could not stop laughing while i was editing this lol 😂

      1. Jonathan Ross

        Great Job!

      2. Samantha K

        Your transformation was definitely the best Ashley! You did great girl!

      3. Benjamin Connell

        I'd love to see a One Year Later video to see where you guys are at 12 months on.

      4. Jake4595

        Youre so hot

      5. mikedfelix

        You're so sexy Ashley

    2. Sian Thomson

      My mood. Maybe sometimes you’ll see me in Asgard. You know?

    3. neil murphy

      I would assume the food played a big impact on their mood, possibly more than the exercise. Fun to watch.

    4. Night Blood

      Are T'challa and C.Marvel really Avengers? Thor was one of the OG and Spider-Man was named one by Tony in Infinity war. Marvel tho... correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't her name just the inspiration for the Avengers. And T'challa is an ally of the Avengers (publicly to Tony's faction and secretly to Steve's), but isn't an outright member of the group.

    5. puffin tuff

      They made this as cringe as the possibly could didn't they?

    6. XxsniperXx God

      So no one likes Bucky aka winter soilder okay😂


      Asoan chick is hot

    8. AXL stryker

      The thumbnail looked like she grew a belly button🤣

    9. Emma G.

      I WANT TO BE INGA’S FRIEND! We are literally the same person I don’t understand.

    10. Chiara Patarnello

      look at their happy faces at the end🥺

    11. Sayori chan

      Did anyone notice they didn't add Inga weight. She probably didn't want to share and i totally understand tooo

    12. Ace Baker

      Yeah trainers can make a difference. Ive been trying to get stronger and lose weight for over a year and these guys made more progress in 30 days.

    13. MyChilepepper

      quit blabbering just get on with it b

    14. Labhansh Naik

      I train everyday like the most powerful avenger Me: Fat thor

    15. ßcreaming ßiren666

      Anyone else literally eating froot loops while watching this?

    16. Jess Paterson

      don't say it is more expensive to eat healthy when all you do is go out to eat.. make it at home and it won't be nearly as expensive

    17. sheila lopez

      i used this machine to tone up at the @t thank me later

    18. Twila Jones

      4 minutes of talking, finally get to the workouts and zero instructions and cut-away clips...thanks...

    19. Påstelle Łevi

      I wanna run liek black panther :"(

    20. Andy

      Before workout: no belly button After workout: belly button appears now that’s some gains 💪💪🏾💪🏽💪🏿💪🏼💪🏻

    21. methos1999

      Post a link to the actual workout/eating schedules you found!

    22. Alessandra Dalmas

      "the hard part is.. my mom's also in town" - yas that be us asians tryin to workout

    23. Weiss Schnee

      If the Avengers aren't actually real people then how do you train like them? Now to train as if you are preparing to do a very active role I understand but I know you nerds need something to cling to so I'll let you have it.

    24. Hatori Ibuki

      I love you both female

    25. thefriendly aspie

      she needs to train for 6 months at least, and stop being cringe

    26. Mar

      Wow the numbers changed a lot but they look literally exactly the same

    27. Sebastian Squires


    28. S. Y.

      Can't do a single push up, shaking like hell

    29. Clouty Beats

      She looks the same lol

    30. Raffie

      Very underwhelming results

    31. Brady Gorham

      Not to be mean

    32. Brady Gorham

      Is hal dating a boy

    33. Mf Garnet

      aaannd..I threw up Felt that

    34. ajre82

      It's easy to work out and eat like this when you're getting paid millions.

    35. Emma M

      This is a whole new level of cosplay. “I didn’t want to look like black panther. I wanted to be him”. I know a nerd when I see one

    36. Kyle Zheng

      So nobody gonna talk about the guy being 265 pounds at 6'1"??? 2:46

    37. Lee재히

      What if there was an actual avenger where she would just eat/sleep and sometimes workout LMAO

    38. Anna Robertson

      I got the Chris hemsworth’s ad for his exercise app twice during this video

    39. Romee Adema

      It's not expensive to eat healthy. It's called cooking and no takeaways that charge dubble the price.

    40. macoediv

      Did any of y'all work out in a fasted state? When HGH is higher.

    41. Madeleine Weiss

      i would PAY for a part 2 of this video

    42. Melissa H

      Is it just me or is black panther dude already super muscular

    43. Selina ANITIPA SALAINA

      3:32 I feel you girl in black

    44. Haven Grace

      Uh it's actually @tomholland2013 not just @tomholland *fAKe FaNs*

    45. Lishh naw

      If my comment got 50+ likes. I will start work outing for 30 days for 6-10 minutes a day lol.

    46. Lishh naw

      If my comment got 50+ likes. I will start work outing for 30 days for 6-10 minutes a day lol.

    47. ry

      inga gives me big cindy moon vibes

    48. J M

      Am I the only one that noticed How come ingas weight wasn’t there like the rest??? I know she was building muscle but why not just put it ??

    49. Bucky's Switchblade


    50. Eeman Suhail

      The way Stan Lee created spiderman. lets just say he made him look hot. and the mask too...

    51. badreligion1231

      "Captain Marvel is the strongest character seen on screen" wrong, Scarlet Witch is.

    52. Tea Cup

      I feel like I've seen you guys... Didn't you come to the hotel of 'The View' ? I think we talked in the elevator.

    53. Issac Newton

      1 like=1day of me working out. Oh yeah. I go 3 times a week anyway. What could happen?

    54. Aman Smith-martin

      9:24 The trainer looks like the guy who played luke cage.

    55. Courteney Perry

      If I’d be doing this type of video I’ll choose either Black Widow or Spider Man or even Super Woman.

    56. Ryan Tom Sementela

      I know it's really late especially being a year later but now I feel like one person should've said AVENGERS! Alone and Hal, Ashley and Inga should say ASSEMBLE!

    57. Sugar Brownie


    58. Nashmeira

      We need a black widow one!

    59. Alosa C

      inga is so adorablee

    60. Gabe Jansen

      She grew a bellybutton, that’s some mad gains.

    61. Lol878787567 Bon

      So are we just gunna ignore the fact that the girl on the far right missed the high five😭 3:32

    62. Lili Cake

      Who doesn't want to be Black Panther ?

    63. •Chelsea •

      I got an add about the Thor actor and how they exercise 😂😂😂😂

    64. Sans _Playz

      Inga:I wasn’t eating very well and threw up which is something I’m not going to do anymore Ade: *my butt literally hurt*

    65. britta julstrom

      My sisters name is Inga.

    66. Luke Wu

      I still feel like training with Steve Zim’s results were better

    67. 羅曼迪克

      I love inga's voice! She sounds so cute

    68. J REE

      The thing is they already skinny

    69. smileandlaughs

      Y'all doing it wrong. A whole 30 days, you should be spiking up on the newbie gains.

      1. *Tess *

        @smileandlaughs hmm okay, leg day tomorrow and all machines i use are close to eachother and usually free (except for ad/abducor), so i'll try that :)

      2. smileandlaughs

        @*Tess * I did not meant no resting but rather minimize resting. If your muscles is sore jump on the next machine and then resume after. What that will do is build up stamina and help you burn fat.

      3. *Tess *

        @smileandlaughs yes, they do have a circuit. Though i prefer the brand of machines they have outside of there, i tend to feel the excercise more with those. The circuit my gym has also misses out on a lot of muscles and only has two leg machines (and a squat machine that's too big for me and feels really weird to use, so i ignore that one) . I still do arm day there sometimes, but for legs i go to the other place. Did i understand correctly that you'd advice against resting between sets/excercises? How about when you reach failure, no rest and just move to another machine? (come back later?) Thanks for your help so far, really aprecciate it. The one buff dude i've talked to was indeed very nice, and i had some less buffed dudes laugh at me for using the supported pullup machine with a lot of support. (trying to figure out where i was at). So you might be right.

      4. smileandlaughs

        @*Tess * if your gym have a room call circuit weight training it's a good place to train for reducing body fat ratio. Just use the most weight you can handle aand continue following the timer. It helps keep you on track so you'd minimize down time. Don't feel hesitate to ask the buff guys for help around the gym. A lot of them are really nice. My personal experience is they are actually nicer than the ones that's out of shape😊.

      5. *Tess *

        @smileandlaughs mostly weight lifting with machines. I'm female and feel nervous picking up the smallest free weights and standing between buff dudes haha. I use a weight that i can do between 5-15 reps with, do that until either failure (accidentially) or 1-2 before failure if i notice in time. And then do that 3x with each machine. Upper body 2x a week, same with lower. I'm eating more than enough proteïn, but am eating a little under the amount of calories i burn because i have a little fat i'd like to lose (not overweight but my fat percentage is too high). I'd be open for any suggestions, i did some online research but don't really know what i'm doing haha.

    70. haiii chew

      Inga's look didn't change that much but i would say that her strength and muscle went up a lot! she barely could do proper push ups before and now she can do pull ups!! 👏