We Trained Like The Avengers Cast For 30 Days



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    "No poisonous spiders! We're just hitting the gym for 30 days."
    Special thanks to Rashawn Smith and Equinox for the amazing training! Check them out here ⇩
    ➡ RASHAWN's INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/fit.2.win/
    ➡ PERSONAL TRAINING: www.equinox.com/personaltraining
    ➡ ASHLEY: instagram.com/ashleymcgetrick/
    ➡ INGA: instagram.com/ingatylam/
    ➡ HAL: instagram.com/halrhorer/
    ➡ ADE: instagram.com/ade_tv/
    Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/80885
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    1. Ashley McGetrick

      YAY ITS UP! Thanks for watching everybody!! Hope you liked this video!! 😄💥💪🏻 I think i'm going to post the outtakes from this on my channel because there are so many and i could not stop laughing while i was editing this lol 😂

      1. mikedfelix

        You're so sexy Ashley

      2. Shloeb

        You look like Pam from office

      3. Nivedita Chandrani

        I luv into the Spiderverse

      4. Viper5781 YT

        Lol you lost 3 pounds

      5. Iréne Mari

        I really want to see it

    2. m online

      i dont even like Marvel movies but i wanted to see how Scarlett Johansson trained for a body like that :/

    3. CMichelle

      These people put in 30 days each to train like a celebrity, and we get a short video. It really short changes their accomplishments to not show their individual journeys, and turns it into some lame gimmicky ad for teamwork. Weak AF.

    4. Annalee White

      You guys are so awesome!!

    5. Popoy TheGreatOne

      Imagine if they worked out for a year, for 2 years.. the progress and transformation will be surely amazing.

    6. EA

      This videos has all the fan stereotypes. The white guy wants to be thor, the black wants to be black panther, the girl tom Holland and the strong girl wants to be the feminist icon bre Larson. lolll.

    7. Brittany Rea

      Who the one that trained for Thor

    8. Xxpotato ._

      Ashley: 145 pounds Me: 116 pounds at 10 years old

    9. mikedfelix

      Ashley's hot

    10. 83Jude

      And in typical fashion Inga of course didn't share her weight LOL

    11. Imti Imchen

      Inga sounds like vanellope

    12. What Have I Done? yt

      I sat through this video thinking about how motivating it was and how I wanted to start exercising again. My reality check was me reaching back into my bag of rice cakes to eat yet another rice cake.

    13. Dash WNGB

      You can’t be Spider-Man your a woman hence the name spiderman

    14. Wayne Jamel

      This is sad. This video is the opposite of inspiring.

    15. MrSincerity88

      Ade is fine

    16. Daisy_Plays _

      You think it’s expensive being healthy??? Try being gluten and lactose intolerant 😂

    17. Nails4 Life

      Guys, if anybody knows how much it would cost to go and train like em with professionals, or where you go to do it, please share, I’m soo desperate

    18. nycbklynrmp

      4:20 what step is that?

    19. nycbklynrmp

      what is that step at 08:44?

    20. Thorpes Atkins

      Buzzfeed we already know you recycle your actors and lie about their professions, are these even real people

    21. Farooq Baqer

      The results were so bad I could have done so better

    22. cheeto puff

      no one did thanos. damn


      Mean while Alvin’s just at tasty eating a 20 pound burger

    24. Jarreau Amann

      Awesome Video yes i been weight lifting build strong shoulders and arms i feel super good about it I love the avengers so much Excellent Video

    25. Eudane Rennix

      I wish Alvin did this also

    26. Jack Wrightson

      I’m sorry to tell you there’s no f#$king difference

    27. Hammerhead 23

      Lmao the black dude looked basically exactly the same lol

    28. Paula Martinas

      You are awesome guys, cheers to you!

    29. Harry James Potter

      Yeah I wanna training like Peter Parker

    30. Detgtyha 73

      This video is so awesome.

    31. Charles Crabtree

      I wanna train like thanos

    32. Lucas

      Captain mravel is the strongest character seen on screen Hulk - am I a joke to you

      1. Lucas

        Meant marvel

    33. Quekaer Caca

      They all look exactly the same

    34. adswire

      But Thor in endgame is *THICC*

    35. _http.Jungkookie

      You should try to do Deku's workout from _My Hero Academia!_

    36. i am Shakuri

      Ade says is name so wrong. Any Naija's understand wat i mean?

    37. Vincent Comments!

      psh why not just get some super serum smh. 😒 This is a joke..

    38. FazeTrash_TM

      haha i dont think thor worked out

    39. Salvador Maestro

      I know people said this earlier but i am gonna say it again. ... I was disappointed seeing no one choose black widow and captain america

    40. J WS

      The worst results of all these BuzzFeed challenges.

    41. Dontworryits ABSTRACT

      3:33 *misses high five*

    42. 伦格

      My favorite avengers are Loki, Dr Strange XD I also love Deadpool but sadly I'm a girl so it's impossible to follow theirs work out lol

    43. Swgirlies

      I would definitely choose captain marvel!

    44. Annie van der Heide

      Does anyone know if the workout regimen is a real thing

    45. Emmee Animooshons

      7:48 has smellivision been invented cause I sweat I could smell his sweat

    46. lay ziii

      Captain America and Natasha???? Come on

    47. Neal Rao

      Captain marvel is not the strongest

    48. Nicholas Schuyler Gregory

      9:29 are the results

    49. Jessica Rawlins

      If you’re working out to the point you are throwing up or dry heaving then you are doing too much, listen to your body... I would have thought the trainer would know that, it’s not healthy and it definitely wasn’t just because she didn’t eat

    50. Jamie M

      Just from this video alone; I could totally see Inga sporting a Spidey themed suit (like Spider-Gwen, maybe), and totally being the 'positive spirit' of the team all the time. And not even being annoying being so positive for the team. 10/10 would let her try out for my team of heroes. The rest, not so sure.

    51. Yasmine Ridi

      Is it just me or does inga kinda sound like Timmy from fairly odd parents

    52. Annis Hess

      If he wants to be like Thor he has to drink a lot of beer


      wtf Hal should've eaten like an animal for 30 days to bulk up but he dropped 2 lbs? lmfao

    54. TeKNapp Gaming


    55. forlorn

      The thumb nail just showed her boobs getting smaller

    56. Borkvenger

      I'm mashing up captain marvel and Spiderman and created a routine and I'm d e a d

    57. LordWhis

      What I really want to see is Henry Cavill’s workout regimen. FFMI of 27. If he has achieved that without steroids he is Mr. Olympia material. (if he begins to take steroids of course !)

    58. joseph eapen

      funny that i didn't train like avengers but doped to 18% bodyfat from 22 in 30 days by just eatting right and training regullarly. I am sure there were a lot of cheat meals inbetween this video for their bodyfat to not drop more than it did.

    59. luis campuz

      If that guy is trying to look like Chris(Thor) he should download the app he made

    60. Charles Bogert

      Lowkey makes me mad that they stop working out like this after seeing the results

    61. Babes Tango

      If only I knew Inga was there I would have pressed on the video sooner.

    62. Vinh Nguyen

      The girl in the thumbnail Legit looks exactly the same

    63. Jack Welp

      The first guy just put on a different shirt

    64. Lozza O'Neill

      ADE- I don’t want to workout like the Black Panther, I want to BE the Black Panther. ME-I don’t want to workout. Full stop.

    65. Radio THH

      Wow they do all this just to eat all the foods that would ruin it all 🙄smh

    66. 傅帝澤

      Am I the only one who couldn't tell the differences?

    67. Random shEEt

      "sooooooo.... i choose natasha romanoff, just because.... that b*tch is that b*tch

    68. Bruno dos Reis

      But did you also eat like the avengers?

    69. Madi Bootsman

      Spider-Man for me I just saw Spider-Man far from home

    70. Alexa Cipaianu

      The girls right arm in the after picture is way bigger than the other (in the thumbnail)😂😂