We Tried Everything In 7-Eleven Japan



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    Kelsey puts Japan's popular convenience store chain to the test.
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    Fortune Global Forum - Day 1
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    Steven Kanter
    Jared Lucas
    Kelsey Darragh

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    1. ねえちゃんどすこい

      ahhh I'm studying in austria right now and i can't go back to japan for a year i really miss 7-eleven back in japan

    2. Football/Soccer Fan

      0:15 There's a flag of Spain at the left

    3. Predator

      What an annoying head

    4. Alejandro Ramirez

      Looks like BUZZFEED paid for a food and sexcation!

    5. Roxa S

      Can you do the chicken sandwich comparison-- chick fil a vs popeyes chicken sandwich

    6. Roxa S

      AAAAHAHAHAHA. You guys are so funny 🤣. I like the "kimchi ho" dance. I watch Mike Chen and The Try Channel. This is my first time watching this channel. I gonna start watchin' . You guys are cool.

    7. AJ Green

      I feel like Keith should be in this video

    8. Диана Кин

      Omg Kelseys boyfriends laugh is so funny

    9. Allan Lacuna


    10. Michael Hwang

      Is it me or Kelsey looks a bit different?

    11. Ili Shazana

      Why does the buzzfeed team keep going to japan? There other countries you can try interesting things at you knowww

    12. Philip Yean

      Kimchi is Korean. Not Japanese.

    13. Jericca Young


    14. Aiimaaa Here

      Jared : * Japan* whispers

    15. Maria Ermides

      Well I just swallowed my chewing gum laughing at the density comment, worth it but.

    16. あやのちゃろ

      日本人向けに味付けされているから気に入らないものもあるかも…😢 気に入ってくれたらいいな

    17. あやのちゃろ


    18. try batman

      I thought they were gonna show the inside of the store

    19. Gio The Short

      RIP Indonesia 7 eleven

    20. Mr A Team 604

      They didn't even show the inside of the store lol what losers

    21. Kate Chan

      should have tried family mart instead of 7-11

    22. Melinda Wei

      I went to Japan and their seven eleven is sooooo good

    23. Sarah Mitchell

      I saw this and yelled YESSSSSSS 100% delicious I want to go back to simply eat there again whatttt

    24. Sanpey

      Melon Pan is soo good

    25. Shintaro tamai

      Japanese conbini always having seasonal item so it’s hard to eat them all lol

    26. Macmittens411

      I ate a crapload of Japanese Lawson, Family Mart and 7-Eleven foods and didnt gain any weight. It's crazy

    27. 123JAPAN!

      I love 7-Eleven so much because their desserts are so tasty🍩💛

    28. Miilt_ みー

      Nice Video!!!👍☺️🇯🇵

    29. chioma oji

      Love the way her bf says Japan! 😂

    30. Hbfjkx Jnfnf

      Did u eat the Asian doritos

    31. Emily Pennock

      7-Eleven THAILAND

    32. Cecile Ward

      cringe lmao,

    33. Cecile Ward

      Nope, they’re definitely not cheap and the packaging isn’t “dope”, they use an excessive amount of plastic. Japan is so overrated lmao.

    34. Ella Maclean

      Buying that amount of plastic and showcasing it on television seems really irresponsible...

    35. naruto goku

      White people: omg this is so good Locals: ewwwww

    36. S Bains

      I love Japanese 7/11 it was amazing Try the whipped cream fruit sandwich 😍

    37. theTruth

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what’s wrong with her face

    38. Slob On Thy Knob

      I'm sorry but be more original, this is like the x1,000,000 video for 7 eleven in Japan.

    39. tim

      yo kelsey looks like Sherlock Holmes wtf

    40. Cecile Ward

      lmao I can imagine the millions of Japanese ppl staring at this lady

    41. Caitriona Walsh

      I feel like they’d make a cute couple

    42. nemu ritai

      トルティーヤ大好き餃子は 少し長めにレンチンしないとパサつ冷凍食品コーナーは優秀サンドウィッチはハムとレタスとチーズ

    43. DeAndre Holland

      I'm convinced America is boring compared to other countries

    44. Jenna Loo Hoo

      Nose job??

    45. Naomi Torres

      why she look like that

    46. KBGlll

      Why u guys still have a great body?? U guys are supposed to be getting fat after this video!

    47. Adam Stehley

      not real soba

    48. sushi white


    49. Sasha Ann

      i wish we had a 7-11 in general in alaska :(

    50. ムニエル吉田

      I am a Japanese audience. 日本の紹介ありがとう!

    51. Anonymous Unknown

      Is this what buzzfeeds come to? Disgusting. No, I'm not talking about the food.

    52. Ciara Bennett

      1:49 u güd bro?

    53. Cameron

      Wow if 711 was like this in America I might actually visit one.

    54. Wutipear Srichuangchot

      Try 7-11 in thailand

    55. Witch Witch Bitch

      Kelsey: fluffy but chewy! Me(an intellectual): It’s Mochi-Mochi!

    56. 陈fendy

      I hope never seen these ppl again. Lol

    57. kari jones

      Go to south korea

    58. Jesse Stovall

      the best is actually lawson’s sorry

    59. TRUESEPH

      Oh no. Did Kelsey get a bunch of Botox/whatever done? Her face was perfect already.

    60. samsara713

      ki-yo-to (cringe)

    61. tedlovejesus

      Kelsey’s energy is delightful 👏🏻🤩

    62. jljljjljlj

      Is she drunk in this video, like before they started filming drunk? Also please give some descriptions of the food. And the sound quality sucks. What is wrong with you people.

    63. Castorm 2140

      the real answer is that everyones taste is off... there is no good one

    64. majooismajor

      Kelly looks like she has had work done on her face ...... possibly fillers and botox

    65. Tater Totinski

      She’s scary

    66. マーシャルジェームス

      Family mart has the best Egg salad sandwich

    67. Hvanlal Duhomi

      They are entertaining

    68. Danielle Hollis

      Literally just came from Mikey Chen's most recent to here. Kudos to Mike!

    69. Sitanan N

      Please consider Thailand 😂

    70. changbooger J

      kelsey has a BF? okay fine i hope u have a nice life