We Try Styling School Uniforms As Clothes



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    "I hate this f**king skirt"
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    schoolboy writing math formula on blackboard
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    Walking to School
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    Jazzmyne Robbins

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    1. Bupe BesaH

      They should have gotten people who wore school uniforms in school, I’m sure they would have been more creative.

    2. I Don’t Know

      So in our school we have like a cultured outfit and we have to wear like a thigh length top with collars and like super saggy pants like thing. with an extra fabric around our neck kind of like a scarf. even in summers.

    3. Natasha Klapwijk

      I swear lindsay can make ANYTHING look pretty

    4. i took doms yorkshire tea bags

      my school uniform is okay. most people wear a black skirt, maroon jumper, white fully done up shirt, tie, smart black shoes and black tights. well i wear my black skirt tight and kinda short, my jumper oversized, my shirt with the top button undone, showing my necklace, my tie loose, black tights and doc marten boots (i'm trying my best here)

    5. bea. tles_

      The pants at 9:00 look so good! Does anyone know where they are from?

    6. Leah Gordon

      My school has uniforms but their the shirts and have our school logo

    7. lilruthd

      Jazys second outfit looked very gossip girl

    8. Melissa Towey

      If my mom let me join this group I would pick u guys cause I’m only 8 I have NO. Money.

    9. Haley Wandling

      Who else LOVES "To all the boys I've before" and "To all the boys P.S. I still love you"

    10. Olivia Steventon

      My school uniform included a pleated skirt that went down to your ankles and red berets!

    11. COFFEE

      O h m y f u c k i n g g o d thats the uniform I had to wear my 7th grade year

    12. Idiot_does_gacha YT

      Try styling the Trimulia, Or Mitra Kasih uniforms! (Basically, try styling Asian uniforms)

    13. Rgan Girl

      Lindsay was obviously someone's favorite

    14. syamsul a

      I went to Islamic private school during my middle school and high school and yes I've made my pants very skinny and cut off my long sleeve into short sleeve

    15. Saucy Doggo

      I have that skirt for my school uniform but I’m blue and red from the same website

    16. Pixel Pudding

      Anime girls: Step aside fuckers

    17. Umu

      I'd ask when Buzzfeed plans to stop torturing their employees, but they're getting paid for this soooo ...

    18. Dana Goodlett

      “I don’t hate it... no, I hate it” lol

    19. Caitlyn

      My School Says Your Skirt Has To 5 fingers away from your knee

    20. Caitlyn

      Lucky Nina Never Wore A School Uniform! Comment What Colour Your Uniform Is! Or If you don’t wear school uniform!

    21. _.youtube_is_dying._

      Is it bad that when I heard them say night look I though of sleeping

    22. schanna muliyil

      lindsay could have worn black boots with the dress and blazer

    23. Shenary Tater

      It’s so unfair, that I go to a public school and still have to wear uniform :(

    24. Magnolia Milagros Rodríguez Rocha

      In Mexico's public schools we have uniformsssss

    25. Katie Ann King

      OMG NINA I really love your eyeliner! I have never seen it done that way but it’s gorgeous and your outfits i love all of them loved the leopard too!

    26. Kacey Vivona

      literally all my uniforms come from landsend 😭

    27. Gracie Sibley

      I am legit in the middle of putting on my school uniform

    28. Sylvia Dotzour

      8:27 me: sees Jazz's look me: YAAAASSSSSSS

    29. NarutoBaby94

      Lindsey’s day look is very punk and I love it 💖 The night looks were very well done

    30. luca_draws

      My school has us girls wear KILTS. Like, at least make a decent skirt.

    31. Kathryn Anne

      I have both the gray and black skirts for school 🤣🤣🤣

    32. nanna0100 0

      Jazzmynes makeup for the skirt look was so pretty

    33. Nina Xie

      I go to a school in Australia and we wear a uniform I WISH we had skirts but we have dresses🇦🇺😢😊

    34. toamouse

      Where I live uniforms are the standard. Now I'm an adult I'm completely against them. It's like you're never allowed to express yourself because once you're an adult you need to think about staying employed. That kind of limits your options for self-expression.

    35. Charlie Palm

      okay literally Jazz and her partner are soooooo cute

    36. Hilary Alimojane

      I hate nina's outfit of choice.

    37. Mary Magdalene

      Our navy polo shirts and khaki boy shorts uniform is QUAKING

    38. Meredi Keshishzadeh

      I loooooved lindsey‘s night outfit 😍😍😍😍🥺

    39. Caitlan Shannon

      I go to an Anglican school and we have to wear uniform. I laugh when people say "aw our skirts cant be 2 inches above the knee" because we have to have our skirts no shorter than the knee. i hate it lol.

    40. Luv BTS A.R.M.Y


    41. Ashleigh Spence

      I actually liked the first night outfit for Lindsay

    42. Emily Fazzie

      I never had to wear uniform because I go to public school.

    43. ann woostock

      Nina looks like a nineteen year old

    44. Aisha Becnel

      At mt school the skirts can be above the knee

    45. Into the Gachaverce

      For the blazer I would wear the blazer with nothin under it and a booty shorts maybe black idk

    46. Buffykitty 27

      Nina: is it stupid yes, do I care no. Me: ok then

    47. Unicorn Gamer

      Try styling black shoes, navy short socks, green navy blue and purple shirts with school logo and white stripes and navy blue skort

    48. Sydney Wolfrom

      Love ninas makeup!

    49. Kate Stimpfle

      Lindsay: you are supposed to wear a uniform you are wearing a outfit Me: it is an outfit if you can wear it

    50. AsHaNtI223 avakin

      I love how jazz is not scared to embrace her curves

    51. Queen of Queens

      I love that film "to all the boys i've loved before"♥️♥️grart video

    52. Haleema Syed

      Lands end gives me nightmare

    53. Charley Devaynes

      It’s Nike not Nikeeee

    54. •someone passing by •

      *Anime girls have entered to the chat*

    55. Victoria Rivas

      Just wanted to let people know that wearing a few black pieces of clothing DOES NOT make you goth

    56. ella

      “I feel like non of those things will look good on me” welcome to the world of unflattering uniforms

    57. GOLDEN 69

      im just like linsay colorful and bright

    58. musical theater nerd

      I wore uniform for 8 years when I got into high school I finally didn't have to wear uniform

    59. Strawberry ScorpioXOX

      So at my school we wear blue shirts and khaki bottoms and the other day I paired one of my blue shirts with a pink pleated skirt for one of my outfits and it looked absolutely adorable so yeah

    60. Bri Cheese

      You guys have amazing wardrobes and awesome senses of style!!!

    61. Amelia_7065

      I go to public school but at my job we had such a strict dress code/uniform (polo, kakis, shirt tucked, belt, white shoes) and it SUCKED working 4-5 days a week in the 90 degree sun over the summer and having to rotate the same 2 old polo shirts and pairs of khaki shorts every day but not worrying about what I had to wear that day was pretty nice

    62. MarsTheHuman

      Jazz can make anything look good

    63. Nour Turki

      Lindsay is wearing j-hopes earings

    64. potatosy

      Jazz has such bad style i’m sorry.. she’s just all over the place ┐(´д`)┌

    65. Savannah Barbosa

      I have to wear a uniform, but I just go to catholic school so I have to wear kaki pants and a rugby shirt😭

    66. Jose Rodriguez

      I dont like nina

    67. bl0ss0m

      How do Jazz and Nina make everything look good?

    68. Joseph Aranas-Cebula

      I want them to dress up as caos characters

    69. Freeshavaqia -

      All throughout school i had to wear a uniform

    70. Olivia Schmidt

      Jazz already did this during the “we wore school uniforms”