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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Mix Breed Kayla

      How much are the 10pc spicy chicken nuggets? And do they have a 20pc spicy chicken nugget?

    2. Emma Black

      kinda confused about her username

    3. Born Yesterday

      Fat pig

    4. Ryn Boelter

      JSYK: Diet Coke is worse for you than regular Coke...

    5. Sonia Manso

      They brought them because of you!

    6. King_ Aries87

      I'm a manager at Wendy's and my god this things are annoying 🤣🤣🤣

    7. Ms Obeyy

      The fries looked better for me then again I do like anything with potato soo lmao

    8. AnnaSophia777

      Tricia, thanks for sharing. Looks so yummy. BTW I read that diet pop is the worst for you. They wrote that aspartame causes diabetes, obesity and another 89 side effects. Google sweet poison.

    9. H.Y H.Y

      I’m getting mom vibes from here idk why But I like it

    10. AdeenPE

      McDonalds has had a spicy chicken sandwhich for years.... I literally ate 2 last night, it's call0e00d a hot and spicy

    11. Nat Alie


    12. Mitch Conner

      7:31 i'm happy as a clam

    13. Isabella Merza

      Your makeup looks so great 😍😍

    14. xayebri

      idk why but she looks like a mom here

    15. Rin- the one

      If there the regular chicken nuggets I got a sauce. But if they r spicy I don't like any sauce

    16. JRobinZon

      My friends: Who is your favorite youtuber? Me: It's complicated-

    17. Melanie Donovan

      I don't think there low -fat lol

    18. Rose Petals ASMR

      Trish I love your makeup

    19. Sady Sparks

      Dude what? Why are you eating tortured animal body parts? Loved your vegan video. You radiated compassion. Please don't promote violence towards animals on your channel.

    20. ALYNA ROSE

      So frikken BEAUTIFUL!

    21. Evelyn Ramirez

      Love you gorgeous!!

    22. Tiaan Burger

      She's so pretty

    23. ay yuh

      Girl you look gorgeous in this video💕

    24. dina!

      shes so cute tho

    25. Allie Beth

      You are AMAZING. I LOVE you 💕❤️😘

    26. Kaytlyn Prats

      Takes a bite "mm" takes another bite talks takes bite "MM"

    27. Erica Riot

      LMAO! I was waiting for this video!😂

    28. saud badran

      This is why I was born.

    29. Manuel Sanchez


    30. drakesthong

      trish is always so sweet to the drive thru people it literally makes my day

    31. Imagine Wagons

      Here comes my broken monorail down the track every morning

    32. Jasneet Kaur

      omg has she lost weight xx

    33. Madison Harria

      I have never seen nobody was when excited for chicken nuggets *sips tea wtf sis*

    34. Emily Bohmann

      Oh my god Trisha! Your looking soooo good! Love you

    35. Angela Mullins

      Girl went thru Wendy’s and didn’t get no frosty 🤔😤😭‼️‼️

    36. Rose Velez

      So pretty!❤️ when i saw wendys had the nuggets back i thought of trish right away lol cause she was always mentioning them on her other videos lol!

    37. loveangel132

      Anyone know who her wallet key thing is from?

    38. Baylee Maskil

      Paused watching so I could go get spicy nuggets

    39. Eve Theo

      Lips are still uneven bae. Your right side. lower lip. Looks like it’s drooping down like a seizure.

    40. PgirlRangerz

      For some reason, like rn, when I get fast food, I like to go to her videos where shes trying fast food and just eat together lol

    41. Stephanie Papaleo

      🐔 Nugget 👑 you look cuuute

    42. Aaronwhodis

      Barbra Jean is shook

    43. Lauren Smith

      You. Look. SO. Good!!! Your lips are SO amazing since you’re seein your new chick! ♥️♥️♥️

    44. Writer Grl72

      Trisha" Im eating healthy" I had a diet coke & didnt eat sauce with my "nutritious" chicken nuggets🤣🤣🤣

    45. Kryestoral

      Trish, you’re looking bomb af in this video! Yas mukbang queen! 🔥

    46. Thoughtful Vlogger

      You're so pretty 😊💗

    47. Mandeep Bassi

      Wears regular t-shirt by tries to pull it off as a off shoulder t-shirt. Only Trisha.

    48. Jen KM

      Her fast food knowledge is on point. Always.

    49. sunshine

      this is the kind of content i need

    50. Ashley

      Trish looks like a pageant mom here

    51. Lena Smith

      I’m watching this at 9am and I’m now I’m hungry, thanks Trisha 😂

    52. annabanana

      okay but i've been living for trisha's makeup and hair here recently

      1. sweet tea

        ikr, adam SNAPPED

    53. Hailey Nesta

      Love the makeup and hair , you look great !

    54. Renee Lonon

      her adjusting the camera gave me anxiety

    55. Reese James

      Trish looks like she’s doing really well. Good job

    56. TheOfficialAnna

      southern momma who

    57. dani edwards

      Omg. When I found out they came back I thought of you😍

    58. Angie S

      I love how she is just so unapologetically herself 💕💕

    59. Silvia Flores

      Lookin beautiful Trish 😘😘

    60. Olivia Kimble

      I would come up to you and say hi straight up I love you Trisha

    61. All about Paulina

      No sauce 😷 I cannot

    62. All about Paulina

      How is your hair so perfect, kinda obsessed 🤩🤩🤩

    63. Marissa Gurlll

      I should send Trisha a car garbage LMAO

    64. Gina Rossetti

      I love them !!!

    65. Megan Trumann

      dude your makeup is looking bomb as fuck lately

    66. Georgia Conway

      Check my my travel vlog #eurotrip! 💗🥂

    67. Madison Metcalf


    68. Ella-Louise

      Real life just eating Taco Bell in my car rn after a bad day watching your vids - thanks Trish for helping bring my mood up ☺️☺️

    69. Jenny Pople

      Trish eating spicy nuggets is giving me life

    70. Asiya Bahnke

      my mom wonders why I’m hungry all the time 😂 this is why

      1. Alyssa Nanorini

        Asiya Bahnke same. I literally am eating just potato chips rn as I watch this and it’s fucking miserable and I’m fucking mad that I’m not eating Wendy’s rn she makes me crave it