WHAT A $3,000 ECU TUNE DOES TO A LAMBORGHINI ... (holy s**t.)



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    1. Damon Fryer

      Too good for Dave! 😂

      1. Zeebo 152

        Damon buy this rx7 lol

      2. Myles Alfama


      3. Zeebo 152

        Wanna let you guys know that theres a rx7 for sale in New York

      4. Chris Harris

        Another DDE thumbnail with Dave looking like he wants a dick in his mouth. Can you guys PLEASE stop these cock sucking thumbs? There's no surprise to what you're doing, we all know you're ordering and getting what you want. The wide mouth's waiting for someone to suck a dick in it number in the hundreds now for DDE! Dave with his finger over (insert car) wide mouth with fake surprise waiting to (insert juicy cock spurting into his mouth because the thumbnails are of the same style that 56,252 other DE-newsrs have used on top of the 3218 times DDE has). New DDE post means same style (dick stuck in mouth with a finger pointing at (insert car))

      5. 98LSxS10

        @DailyDrivenExotics I just realized that Damon and Dave's cars are wrapped the same colours as the Dumb and Dumber suits from the first movie

    2. Noah Gartshore


    3. Buddy Vision

      Killin it fellas. I can’t think of much else to say. I’ve ran out of comments now that I’m like over a thousand videos in. Watching liking and commenting on every video in upload order for 2020 quarantine.

    4. DarkNinja 213

      I have that Logitech wireless keyboard

    5. Lego City

      Damon: This is a 5.2 liter V10 Dave: Hell ya 1:26

    6. John Walls

      enough of the 14 year old bs and can we get back to car stuff?

    7. Justin Luna


    8. Justin Luna


    9. enriko Dunev

      When you drive a lambo and don't know what direct injection is LOL

    10. Christopher Bassit

      They both have fuel injection

    11. Saleh Ismail Al-Attas

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    12. Saleh Ismail Al-Attas

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    13. MR. SNOWMAN

      Try Not to Laugh or Grin | FUNNY EPIC RANT OF THE YEAR!! de-news.net/online/video-AdWPK0JG-hc.html

    14. Slopoke

      nice commercial...

    15. ctd0007

      Lol! Even though Dave lost the bet he still won with 15 more HP

    16. Trainsallday

      so is the exhaust stock or aftermarket??

    17. Harvester_0f Sorrow

      Different dyno machines will give out different hp numbers. I imagine that's why they are seeing 5 extra hp lol

    18. Mario Bulte

      Y’all have all this money help me out, my w204 is sitting in my backyard :(

    19. Tyler Jacobson

      Dave stop 🙈 you sound so ignorant on cars

    20. Lil Fask

      audi logo on exhaust 10:30

    21. ShinViews

      His names Nick?

    22. Analog Digital

      The indian is a good stort teller

    23. Get It Right Media

      *Its nicely made exhaust* lol.. This guy from VF is great. Can listen to him talk all day about cars

    24. Wildboyxless

      U guys act like little kids that hate to clean the house

    25. Suvra Bhattacharjee

      Is Nick indian candian ? He looks like us 😏😁😁😁

    26. XO Trayvon Vert

      Imagine knowing little to nothing about the collectors car you bought

    27. Jaybruhh

      *_Wait a second… so instead of 200 the new Supra has 300 HP?!_*

    28. TheLenki4

      Isn't the gallardo engine a 90° v10 compared to the huracan which is a 75°?

    29. Soles Market

      This channel is going downhill. Just bombarded with merch that no one wants

    30. Magic Gnome

      the 570 is from the PS not the HP and PS uses meters instead of yards for conversion so they are close numbers

    31. brayden Bratcher

      Something sounds like a jet engine from gta

    32. Panji 95

      You guys were stu***,but has the money,you will ruin your supercar,the tech guy has brain but dont have the money....damn it

    33. Dark Vulcan

      Wait why don't car manufacturers send the hp through the drivetrain, why lie and bump the number up to borderline LIE about the car? the engine does indeed make that much, but the user isn't going to get that much out of it because th epower has to be sent through the rest of the car to the wheels, so why not be honest?? WHY HAS NOBODY SUED OVER THIS?

    34. azezal pvm

      aftermarket for sure my guys

    35. Coop er

      How does someone like me, who has nothing, get to where you are owning multiple luxury cars?

    36. Thomas Cram

      i think this is a very informative video that Nick guy knows his stuff and it show's PLS give us more with him

    37. Vengeance Man

      Insaniquarium coin collection sounds haha.

    38. Qwalay

      Damn dudes head flat af

    39. V8ter Gt

      Only talking about average hp, because it didnt make more peak power, lol, I would ask for my money back. You wont even feel 15hp

    40. K Club


    41. Andrew Foster

      If y’all weren’t so gay y’all would actually know stuff about cars

    42. mike van norman

      You guys are as funny as they come. Definitely more witty than you look.

    43. Tim Monaco

      The reason why most of the cars have more hp than stated is because for example in other countries it’s way hotter than for example in the U.S. or in Europe + some countries also don’t have great petrol. The cars should still reach the hp as advertised no matter what the circumstances are.

    44. Milad Fakhari

      Why are they putting the fans in front of the car where their is no engine

    45. ZR1 LT5 Chris

      Damn guys. Sold out of the black shirts. Order more!

    46. Weeb Nation

      what's the software for that car thing?

    47. Gaming Rivels

      Hey, Dave can I have such a Lamborghini from DDE . Its sick. What an exhaust with great graphics in blue DDE. Love it.............DDE ....😲😵🤘🏻

    48. Chauncey Chauncey

      Nicely done bro

    49. JettingSpeed87

      I thought huracans had a 5.4 V10?

    50. john schultz

      Damon y’all need to come to mt no nighttime heat

    51. Jordan Price

      10:30 it has an Audi emblem on it...9the exhaust)

    52. Coastal Auto Reaction C.A.R.

      That exhaust is aftermarket 👍

    53. TwinTurboBiz


    54. Jimi. Mancilla

      You're both right lol it comes stock with that exhaust but is also an aftermarket that the factory gets put on it

    55. Jon Focker

      my little gay Mazda 3 hatchback can't seem to get fixed. I changed the MAF sensor, soldered the wiring harness (not hard to do), and engine light is back. the whole time i had the car it felt under powered. like a plastic bag is over the air filter. i guess oxygen sensor is next. diagnostic is not conclusive.

    56. Myles Alfama

      v10 sounds LIT

    57. Max Pettinati

      Its the same engine as the audi S6 n S8 u can do the same thing its all unlocking the power

    58. Cavan Trent

      pay him the 1000 bucks buddy

    59. SENNE MLG

      Sweeping in a workshop That Tiny isnt That bad i work at a workshop with 12 carbridges and i NEED to sweep it every day if i work and on saturdays i NEED to clean it with soap and stuf to (That not alone)

    60. David Rigg

      At 14:32, Damon almost says sheepe instead of bf engineering lol

    61. That one bruh moment

      Subscribe to him so he can hit 2mil subs then the money he makes can be donated to #teamtrees

    62. Joe Edmondson

      You guys need to remember that drivetrain loss is an ESTIMATION, it’s not exact. The 25% is estimated, so it might have more or it might have less, meaning it might have 580 or 570. It’s not 575 for sure.

    63. Tshepo Mabuya

      Where is the hummer

    64. ART_Lewiss_MK4

      Please race on the Netflix show fastest car

    65. Logan Book


    66. Jolly Sandhu

      So exhaust was OEM or After Market ?

    67. sylenceexposed

      So $3k for: - 15 horsepower - 25 torque That’s money not well spent.

      1. sylenceexposed

        If it’s free for exposure then hell yea +15hp is better than nothing but to pay for it especially that much would be nonsense.

      2. ohZyki

        @sylenceexposed i agree actually. They didnt pay for the tune they get it for free but in return make videos about the tuning company to give it exposure and more business

      3. sylenceexposed

        But that’s my point it’s never worth paying $3k for such small gains. Better off saving the money towards a mod that will get you more gains than the time on its own would. Why wouldn’t they wait to tune it after the exhaust is put on anyways

      4. ohZyki

        thats the type of gains you get from naturally aspirated engine tunes unfortunately

    68. AlexSerban

      3000 dollar TUNE MY ASS! its a FLSH TUNE its more 200 500 dollar TUNE ! this is the stuff that makes me not like this channel

    69. unkown- xXx-

      You should pro charge the lamb pro chargers are literally the same thing as a turbo exept it is belt drivin and their for more reactive with the motor

    70. B L

      So did u guys actually spend $200k or did u lease for $2k a month?